Day 1 – Pentecost Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 1 of The Pentecost Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Praying for God to heal my mother with stage 4 breast cancer. I pray that the Lord will give strength and power to the treatments she is receiving so that they can put the cancer into remission. I am also praying that the next round of tests will have good results. I pray that they will not show anything new on the negative side, but will instead show improvements. I ask this in Jesus’ name.

  2. Holy Spirit

    I pray to find companionship, a special someone that I can love and who would love and appreciate me, my children and my grandson as you do. I pray for a companionship special someone who I can share this earthly journey with. I pray that as you are preparing me for that special someone that you are also working in their life preparing him for me.
    I pray for financial stability
    I pray I complete my dissertation
    I pray I can pay off my doctorate degree balance so I can graduate.
    I pray for my children to do well in school as they make the transition to the next level in their education.
    Grant me, children and grandson strength. What’s happening to us is happening for us.
    I pray that my business is successful. To make a difference in people’s lives.

  3. Come Holy Spirit i humbly pray for the fruit of my womb as i am taking the medication be my healer O’ heavenly father may you heal me and may i sing songs of praise like Hannah, Elizabeth and Sarah. Lord I place my financial needs into your hands whatever am going through lord help me to persevere and may your will be done to my life Thank you Jesus.

  4. Please pray for our home. We are going through forclosure and need prayers to save our home.
    May God bless you

  5. I pray for the Holy Spirit to put the love and faith in our home, I pray for the spiritual, physical and emotional healing of my oldest son Chris.
    I pray that he always continue to live in virtue, faith, obedience to his parents. Holy Spirit help my boys stay away of any bad influence that might take them to the wrong direction. I pray that the Spirit helps us with our family decision and high school decision. Amen

  6. My intentions for this novena is for me to find a better job with better pay/benefits and supervisors. I started looking for a job and I hope I get at Kaiser in God’s will. Amen

  7. I pray for the Holy spirit to navigate our home and help us to get rid of all bad influences around us. For my husband mind and body to heal from bitter resentments, anger, jealousy and frustration accumulated over the years. For my sons and family to find peace @ heart and under your protection at all times. Guide and protect us. For the physical and mental wounds of Paula so she can find a cure for her limbs. Bless us my siblings. Amen

  8. Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful. Holy Spirit of the Trinity I humble myself before You. I pray asking for forgiveness for the many times I’ve offended You. Please grant me what I seek to go and be with my husband and also prepare a good and peaceful job for. Grant my mother good health and long life and also protect my family from untimely death. Please help us to seek you always in our daily lives. Grant me all the beautiful things in marriage and help me be a good wife and a good mother. Grant my husband a good job and help me draw him close to you. Please grant S and A good jobs and God fearing husbands. J and A also God fearing wives. I ask all these through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

  9. Healing for my daughter emotionally physically and spiritually. May the Holy Spirit power upon her and make her a woman full of faith and filled with the Holy Spirit.

  10. Holy Spirit,

    Please help my daughter find the right mate. Her friends are all getting married and she is still single.
    Holy Spirit,
    Please heal my dad of Alzeheimers disease and watch over my mom and sister. Amen

  11. Come Holy Spirit.
    Guide my husband Paul in becoming the leader of our family and not to follow selfishness. Our family loves him and needs him for the strength to navigate this fallen world. I ask for your intercession Holy Spirit to bring Paul back to the church and back home. Please come to our aid and deliver us from this separate situation and provide us with forgiveness, understanding, and strength to overcome attacks of the enemy. I know our loving, caring family can be an example to others of what Holy Spirit can restore and resurrect. Jesus I Trust in You!!

  12. I ask for prayer of spiritual and physical healing for my husband Joshua. I pray his health be restored and his soul to be healed from all pain. That he may finally accept Jesus in his life.

  13. Oh Holy Spirit, I pray for a worthwhile vocation & a place of my own to set up roots & prosper. Thank you. Come Holy Spirit!

  14. O Holy Spirit, when I first began saying Novenas, I began with a Novena to The Holy Spirit with intentions that I pray more deeply. I continue with this request, that You, with Your powerful counsel, may fill my heart and help me to pray more deeply.
    I also pray for all of my family, for their greatest growth to learn and believe in the omnipotent power of prayer and the strength of the Holy Trinity.
    Prayer intentions also for all the families of all those sharing prayers of this Novena.
    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

  15. Loving Holy Spirit, I ardently pray for a miracle of a job/ employment, and in particular, to be successful in the interview that I have on Tuesday 16th. Fill my heart, body and soul with you fire, wisdom and knowledge so that, I will receive the Father’s glory as I continue praising him for ever and ever. AMEN

  16. I throw myself and my hearts desires at the Mercy of God ,Son,and Holy Spirit
    Oh Holy Spirit I seek You to awaken the Spirit and bring our daughter Monika to deep conversation with return to Sacraments in Our Holy Catholic Church &Jesus
    Deepen Carolina’s faith and bring her to close relationship with Jesus
    Bring Roberto,myself and our daughters under protective Mantle of Our Blessed Mother
    Bring physical and emotional healing to us
    Remove generational spirits.God’s will I our family .Bring Deep Conversation & Healing.?I pray that our family trea will come to conversion and belief in Jesus and His Grace.

  17. Dear Holy Spirit, enkindle in the hearts of my children the desire to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ,and watch over them so they choose god-fearing friends.please heal relationships in our family and in the whole paternal and maternal clan, to lead into reconciliation.
    Please enlighten our relatives to do what is just and charitable. Please help find suitable legal counsel for resolution of family issues. Please guide me in discerning God’s will while making decisions.pls make a way for those causing complications to stop and do what is just and fair to bring peace.i ask in the name of Jesus, our Lord.amen.

  18. For my son to seek God s will for his life now b that he was is graduating from college. For my husband to stop drinking and to go to confession.

  19. Holy Spirit I pray and lift up to you my family jacdm and ask humbly and with humility a beggar’s heart for forgiveness, I ask for conversion of jacdm, please cover my family jacdm body and soul with your the fire of you love. I lift up to you my husband John, please protect from all evils especially his boss i pray for his success at work, I pray for his protection during formation as this year will be challenging, keep him strong so as to complete his practicum, allow John to use your words and thoughts and not his own while preparing his assignments, I pray for protection the upcoming ordination. Please heal John of all his anxieties and help him have restful sleeps. Please help me to complete my resume and find a full time job with benefits also I pray for conversion jacdm.
    lead cdm to a state of life that will keep them closest to you and if they are called to marriage lead them to the person whom will keep them closest to you. Holy Spirit I pray get the attention of c if it is not your will, Holy Spirit cover jacdm with your love heal jacdm I pray heal my children’s bodies physically and mentally, heal m of endometriosis and d of cyst in his testcal, heal me of food addiction and my children of alcohol and substance abuse. Holy Spirit drape my family jacdm body’s and soul’s with the fire of your love heal us of anger, hatred, bad thoughts, resentment, grant us family unity, love and respect for one another, forgive one another bless us with the gift family unity, love, honour and respect one another.

    I pray for a physical and mental healing for my brother S and sister-in-law,i pray for their finances allow S to earn enough to pay the mtg and sustain a household, i pray for family unity, respect and forgiveness, heal them of all anger, resentment, bad thoughts, hatred fill they house with love and peace for ssadaj one another, heal the family members of all alcohol and substance additiction, also i pray all the adaj have full time jobs with benefits enough to have a house to live in and to sustain a family, pray for their conversion ssadaj also adaj lead them to a state of life that will keep them closest to you and if they are called to marriage lead them to the person whom will keep them closest to you.

    I pray for my brother-in-law D and sister-in-law C Holy Spirit heal them of mental, addictions and physical illness.Holy Spirit I pray for conversion and you get the attention of a if it is not your will, Holy Spirit cover with your love heal them of anger, hatred, bad thoughts, and resentment with the fire of your love Holy Spirit fill dcaj with your love, unify the family, pray they love honour and respect one another.
    I pray for my sister n heal her of food addiction, Holy Spirit i pray for her conversion, protect her of all evil give her the strength, heal N give her the state of life to be close to you.

    Holy Spirit I pray for my Bother D and sister-in-law L and their sons ms Heal them of all illness both physical and mental i lift them in a state
    of life that will bring them closest to you Holy Spirit I pray for conversion and you get the attention of a if it is not your will, Holy Spirit cover with your love heal them of anger, hatred, bad thoughts, and resentment with the fire of your love Holy Spirit fill dcaj with your love, unify the family, pray they love honour and respect one another i pray ms find full time jobs to sustain a house and family and lead them to a state of life that will keep them closest to you and if they are called to marriage lead them to the person whom will keep them closest to you
    I pray for my sister m and brother-in-law t and their children mm Heal them of all illness both physical and mental
    Holy Spirit I pray for conversion, Holy Spirit cover them with your love heal them of anger, hatred, bad thoughts, and resentment with the fire of your love Holy Spirit fill tmmm with your love, unify the family, pray they love honour and respect one another i pray mm find/retain full time jobs to sustain a house and family and lead them to a state of life that will keep them closest to you and if they are called to marriage lead them to the person whom will keep them closest to you.
    i pray for all may bother, sisters, nieces and nephews , i pray for their conversion and lead them to a state of life that will bring them closest to you, Holy Spirit heal them and cover them with the fire of your love of anger, resentment,hatred, jealousy bad thoughts, fill their words and thoughts of your words and thoughts.
    Holy Spirit wherever their is a Holy Mass being said or offered all over the world, I place all I have requested above on your Alter Lord as the priest performs consecration and Lifts up the Bread and Wine to become your and Blood Lord.

  20. Please pray for my family for restoration of relationships and healing of minds .
    Thank you God bless you all

  21. Come Holy Spirit, I invite you to be with me and speak within me to fulfill the calls you have planned for me in this world. I ask you Holy Spirit to give me the strength, wisdom, and particularly the knowledge and skills to speak and write academically in English.

  22. Please pray for p.j. who had a serious car accident and is seriously injured in hospital, also for his parents who are distraught with worry at this time, thank you and God bless.

  23. Praying that we (my husband and I) sell our house and property. That we may be able to move closer to our children. So that my husband doesn’t have to work so hard to make a living for us as a family.

  24. Holy Spirit, I thank You for all of my blessings. I ask that You find me another job that will decrease my stress level and validate me in my talents. In Your Holy Name. Please grant me this request. Amen

  25. My intentions are that my husband may, as he was just confirmed on 5/8, become the true disciple and soldier for Christ, which he so desires to be; this, also for my father-in-law who, as a cradle Catholic, is now rediscovering his Faith. For All of my Parish, especially my spiritual leaders, the Fathers and Deacons, as well as my ACTS family, my Sisters and Brothers in Christ, my husband’s sponsor and my own sponsor and her husband, I pray that they, too, may be encouraged and fortified in their discipleship and ministry to Our Lord, and may commit daily to being a Soldier of God. May the fire of the love of the Holy Spirit inflame each of these people with His gifts, and may they remember always to put on the Armour of God as they go in His Service. I pray, too, that all mankind, will have open hearts and may be drawn to God.

  26. Come Holy Spirit.
    Guide my son in a positive direction. He needs Your power to find the strength to finally find his way, to realize his potential, and come back to the Church. I ask for graces with dealing with my mother’s affairs and the difficult people in my family. I as for strength where I am weak.
    Jesus I Trust in You!!

  27. May the Holy Spirit be with my sister Julie preparing her soul for the Miracle God has chosen for her this day. May Our Blessed Mother surround her and our family now and at the hour of our death, taking us to the deepest chambers of our Her beloved son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

  28. Holy Spirit come and fill me with your love so that I overflow. Help me to grow and be faithful. Holy Spirit by your power keep away the evil one. Come Holy Spirit come and make me anew. I’m Jesus name Amen ?

  29. I pray this novena for help for myself to be able to take care of my family. Right now I am.not working and cannot provide for my family and pay my bills. I praye that God opens a way for me . Amen

  30. Please pray for our son Jake that we will release our control to God of the situation, that we will have faith that God will follow the plan that is best for our whole family and please help us restore our relationship with each other!

  31. Dear Holy Spirit.
    Please fill the minds and hearts of our young generations who are so deceived by the enemy . I pray for my granddaughters who need healing and conversion. For my husband who is ill.

  32. Dear Holy Spirit, please be with my children and please guide them into a loving and understanding relationship with the Holy Trinity. Help them happily focus on their studies and do well in their classes and on their exams and surround them with Godly friends who know and love Christ. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  33. I am praying for my sons – that they are both successful in their academic pursuits, put their priorities in order, make the right choices for their future, and are the type of men that God would be proud of.

  34. I pray Dear Holly Spirit that 2 people I know will find housing very, very soon. Thank you and I trust in you. SA.

  35. I pray that our move back to IL will be successful and that we will find a place to live so we can continue to do good works for others in Jesus name. Amen.

  36. Holy Spirit I want to say thank you for all you have done for me thus far.
    My reason for this novena is to ask the Holy Spirit for clarity in areas of uncertainty in my life. My marriage has taken a turn for the worst not sure as to what I should do as my husband is currently in a relationship but Denies it. I’m very hurt seeing him with someone and finding very difficult to deal with on my own strength. So I’m asking the Holy Spirit To help me make a decision . I also pray this novena for protection on my kids with good health, long life. I pray for my mom and sister for good health also and happiness. I pray for all my friends blessings on them and their family. I also pray for a breakthrough in my finances so that I would start a project in helping women and children in abusive homes. I pray for the spirit of discernment with regards to the people I have around me. I pray so that I grow stronger in faith and discover my destiny. Amen

  37. For my daughter’s spiritual, mental and physical health; that she will clearly be able to discern God’s Will for her life and to have the grace to act upon it. That all my family and friends return to the Faith, lead holy lives pleasing to God and obtain Eternal Life.

  38. For the healing of my whole family especially the relationahip of my mom and my grandmother. May GOD guide us in all our decisions.

  39. Holy Spirit, I pray this novena with a grateful heart and thank you for blessings you have blessed me and my family. I pray this novena asking the Holy Spirit to continue blessing my family with excellent health and continued safety and protectection

  40. I am in the process of seeking and finding a new job so that I can take care of my family. I am praying that the Lord will guide me and lead me to find the right job soon. I trust that the Lord will take care of me, but right now, I am praying for patient and more faith that the Lord will lead my way and fight my battle.

  41. Dear Holy Spirit,
    Please fill all our hearts and minds with your Holy Spirit! Give our loved ones eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts and minds to understand and believe!
    Please shower my daughter with your graces, heal her in body, mind and spirit, and bring her to conversion!
    With the intercession of dear Saints Monica, Jude, Padre Pio, Dymphna, Rita, Cyril of Jerusalem, and John Baptist de la Salle, together with the intercession of our Blessed Mother, please hear our prayers for my dear daughter who is being deceived by the enemy! St. Michael the Archangel defend her from the wickedness and snares of the devil!
    Holy Spirit fill her heart and mind with inspiration and direction to her true identity as a child of God! Please make of her a great saint who will minister to others who have been deceived as she has been!
    Our Lady Undoer of Knots pray for her!
    Jesus I Trust in You!

  42. Holy Spirit, please shine your light on my family, you know our grave concerns. Help me to trust in your timing. And if your will, show that something else, he needs, to trust you.

    Most importantly, thank you for your eternal love and my faith in you.

  43. Gracious Lord, You know all things. No knowledge is hidden from you. By Your Power send us the knowledge and wisdom and all the instructions we need to swiftly advance IS4H for JM and the world you created. Let no country be left out that needs this enlightenment. Only, may it be in such a manner that only Your Holy Name is Glorified and no creation takes the credit. We ask this petition in the Name of Jesus Christ Your Beloved Son our Saviour and Lord. Amen+

  44. I pray for my daughter who needs direction in taking care of herself both physically and spiritually. Guide her in the right direction in finding a home and in taking care of her body and finances. Keep her always directed towards your glory!

  45. Glory be to God, I pray for my family’s reunion, my dad’s recovery and for my daughter to be transferred to me and lastly I pray for hope that this Month all shall be well..

  46. Lord I place my financial needs into your hands. I place my children into your hands and I pray that they would be successful with their exams and studies. I pray for my son and his wife and his marriage. Please bless and guide them.lord l pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school. And to met his other financial obligations. Jesus I trust in you.plras3 holy spirit intercede for me

  47. Dear Most Holy Trinity,
    Please bring my sons and their wives back to the Most Holy Eucharist and sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church. May they increase their Love and faith in you Lord Jesus Christ and bring their children in your faithful church. I trust in you and thank you for the blessings and grace of our lives.

  48. Praying for clarity as to my next step. I am in a transitional time of my life and open to guidance for my next steps – where to live and income opportunities – Open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as I step out in total faith. Thank you for all my blessings.

  49. I pray for my health to return to a place where i can do things on my own, you dear Lord, Advocate know what i need. I place in your hands.
    May His Peace be With You.

  50. Praying in Jesus name that the nodule discovered on A CT scan of my husband’s lungs be benign. Also praying he will quit smoking and God grant him the strength to overcome this addiction.

  51. Please pray for Katie’s brokenness and spiritual healing.Please drive out Satan and all of his works and bondage . Holy Spirit please touch her heart and soul.

  52. Holy Spirit please intercede to bring my son back to Jesus and our faith and for my son inlaw to open his heart to the faith to become closer to our Lord Jesus

  53. Holy Spirit fill me with your love to honor you through my voice, words thoughts and actions. Let our gifts be used to spread the word and to fulfill your Will.
    In Jesus name I pray.
    Amen. ♡

  54. I pray that my daughter’s husband will begin to be an equal partner managing life. That my daughter can enjoy her engagement while finishing grad school. I pray for my son that his health issues will be resolved so he can enjoy life.

  55. I pray for David my husband that you heeled him from cancer and you take away all his pain and fever and heel him please in the name Jesus be with us amen

  56. risen Lord Jesus – psalm 113.9 – even Job had restitution – my lord you have forsaken me – alone and barren in my old age – your child

  57. I am praying for a new job; with salary & benefits above & beyond all I could imagine. Hand picked by God; 8-4 or 9-5; Monday thru Friday; no evenings,weekends or holidays. That I can learn easily & excel. That will last for next 8 years until I retire. In Jesus’s name Amen!

  58. I pray in Thanksgiving for mine and my families health and welfare. I pray for employment that provides greater responsibility, authority, influence and prosperity. Amen

  59. I pray for my daughters today. They are doing exams and have difficulty. Please broaden their minds help them to sturdy the right things so they will be frustrated during the exams. In Jesus’s name I pray.

  60. Holy Spirit, inkindle in the hearts and minds of my son and daughter to come back to the Catholic faith! Help them to understand how much Jesus and Mary truly love them and wish to see them saved! I beseech You and thank You for hearing a Mother’s heartfelt petition. Amen.

  61. Please Holy Spirit, help my family out of the depression we are in. Help me find gainful employment ASAP so that we do not lose the everything. I thank you ahead of time for your Loving Assistance.

  62. Please pray that my immigration work that I have just started would attract a good amount of customers and that I may have a regular flow of nominal income now that I have retired. Also May our children be successful in life and that my son May get his visa to Canada for further studies.

  63. May the Holy Spirit protect my children in earthly living, maintain their optimal health, guide them to do God’s will for them, and increase their faith in our religion. May I stay true to my savior and follow him all my days. May his Mother keep me in her arms and fill me with her gentle and loving Grace.
    If my partner in life is looking for me, I am here, I give it to God.

  64. For Beth and her 14 yr old son Ethan. They are at war and he is failing in school. He is fatherless. I’m a friend of his godfather

  65. During this Novena, I sincerely pray for change in my heart to be more faithful to God to be more loving to all people and to be more charitable in all my doings.
    I also pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the conception of my daughter-in-law Susan and a healthy baby to my son Nicholas.
    I plead with the holy spirit for a job for my son-in-law Oliver and healthy baby and safe delivery to my daughter Njeri

    Lord Graciously hear me in these petitions

  66. Dear Holy Spirit. Fill me afresh with your power. Advocate for me in this turmoil that is ahead regarding my job. Come Holy Spirit!