Day 1 – Pentecost Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Pentecost Novena to the Holy Spirit!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I want the Holy Spirit to touch me with healing touch to let me walk normal again. I have fractures on my ankle 3 months ago and my bones not healed yet. I want the Holy Spirit be with me and would miraculously let me walk normal again soon. I firmly believe that He will. Hopefully my next X-ray will be normal and my rehabilitation would go smoothly with no problem. I also want Holy Spirit to help me not to worry about anything coz there are times I feel depressed. Be always at my side Holy Spirit and help me not to commit sins. Help me to sleep peacefully at night and I want my appetite back.

    • Hello Araceli

      I see Jesus do a lot of miracle healings. I’m not sure where you live but I believe a Pentecostal Healing Room would be your best bet. If you let me know where you live I can try to find one for you.

      You can also skype Bethel Church, Redding CA – they have a famous healing room in the church and see hundreds of healings each week. They pray over skype each Saturday as well for the sick who can’t get there in person and Jesus works through that too. I think the number is limited to 40 each Saturday so register early if you’re interested. God bless you.

  2. Please send the Holy Spirit upon my husband and I. Open the doors for my husband to be successful in his interview and get the best position at his employment. Please open the doors for me to obtain a new employment with the State. Please heal my children. Open their hearts and minds. Help them to make better choices and Holy Spirit assist them on a daily basis in making their decisions.

  3. Lord Jesus,
    Come into my heart I will make you my Lord and Savior…as you have died for our sins, come with the Holy Spirit to fill my heart with my intentions.
    I pray for peace within my family, my 3 sons, are the most important in my life, there is a disconnect with some and it needs to be restored. Lord Jesus, I come to You with an open heart, not judging any of them but to be at peace and love to understand as to be understood for us all in this divorced family. It is never easy making that choice of dividing the family, however I worked hard on keeping the marriage together. It was unsuccessful now after 11 years my family of sons has been divided so much it breaks my heart. I would give my life for them as You have for me. Have Mercy on us lord, forgive us of our sins, restore the grace, love and peace between my children and I. I so desire the words of Your most highest Jesus Christ, fill me with the Holy Spirit as I desire Your true goodness in my relationships with my sons, the gift in which You have given me to be there Mom…I love them with my whole heart…Hear my prayers Oh Holy Lord, these are the desires of my heart…AMEN


  5. Please increase the spirit and action of charity in our hearts. And for miracles of health and joy for the Kellys. Amen

  6. Please pray for my daughter Mackenzie. That the Lord just restore her her mind And she have confidence in who she is and who she is created to be

  7. I pray for the guidance of knowing where to send our children to school. I pray for a new job after being let go from mine after 32 years. I pray for money to buy food and pay the bills. I especially pray for a friend of mine who is paralyzed after an accident.

  8. Hi,
    I am so happy to find you JPAnd A, and this novena community. I could very well relate to John-Paul. Thank you both and thanks be to God.
    I volunteered and will be living in a group for Lourdes on June 8, and then, go to Fatima, Compostela, and Barcelona. My husband was opposing it but I asked him to let me go as a 60th birthday gift on November. Few days after, he mentioned ” who would not want to go”, so, despite financial challenges, I bought ticket for my husband to follow me with the rest of the group who will leave on the 11th, but he is very upset and doesn’t want to go because he thinks those are for the rich and retired, and that big money is spent gaining only pictures. Those comments were followed up with blames and so forth. The ticket is not refundable. I ask for prayers that the Holy Spirit touch his heart and mind to understand, join, and go with us in this trip, and that he gets to know God,believe and trust in Him. Thank you all very much.
    God bless you all.

  9. Dear Lord,

    Keep me in your heart always. Help me to be stronger and fill my body, heart, and mind with your Divine love. Fill me with your Divine Joy. Bring forth a soul mate to become my husband within the next 6 months to have a lasting deeply loving relationship that uplifts me and my soulmate to new heights–physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. May we be faithful to you God and each other. May our love be a beautiful blessing to ourselves and others. MAY OUR LOVE BRING HEALING to ourselves and others in the name of Jesus. Thank you dear Lord.

  10. That my son’s mental illness be removed from his being and my other children be cleansed of the same condition. For my CHRP sisters and our upcoming retreat. That it will be everything and more, than the Holy Spirit wants it to be. That I may be granted the Wisdom to Lead this retreat. That I may completely empty myself of worldly desires of flesh, mind, or heart. That the Holy Spirit will completely engulf me with His presence and be always united in spirit. May I be given all gift of Spirit the Holy Spirit and the fruits as well. Especially the gift of tongues so I may have the perfect prayers to Heaven that it deserves. My words don’t completely praise God like I should. Only the Spirit united to the Holy Spirit can accomplish. Prophecy and interpretation as well. And continue gift of crying.

  11. For love and safety for all people especially the children and those held captive especially through mind control and for all Sage employees in the USA especially those about to lose their jobs. I pray for knowledge of God’s will and direction and especially his day to day guidence in all of our lives as we adjust our lives willingingly to follow your Divine Providence. I pray for this through Jesus Christ our Lord your son who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit One God forever and ever Amen. Blessed mother please perfect this prayer for presentation to our Lord who is unable to refuse you; his mother and our mother anything you ask in accordance with his holy will. Amen

  12. I pray the Holy Spirit provides me with a sign as to what I must do for the rest of my life in service to God and his Son. I pray that in the interim, I am given the tools to become perfect at my present job and to perform all my tasks with integrity and joy. I pray the Holy Spirit guides all my creative work and that my art can become a greater part of my life. I pray the Holy Spirit guides my friend Y, to a greater life and success in the changes she is making to her home life right now. I pray that I am awake to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and that I am, through these graces, led to the perfect dental practitioner. Grant these things to me if they be Your Will, dear Lord. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

  13. Come Holy Spirit. Bring your gifts to me and I pray to humbly accept these and change from being an anxious worrier too focused earthly and self concerns to a prayerful, trusting, faithful, willing and courageous servant with a spirit of hope and joy. Come Holy Spirit – Renew Me.

  14. Dear Holy Spirit my prayer request is that Donald Bedford become my husband and I become his wife Holy Spirit I pray for my sister Sophia that she will be with the family July 15th of this year holy spirit touch her heart her mind and her soul that she will be with the family Holy Spirit bless our family bless our home bless our jobs and also Holy Spirit give Donald Bedford a job and heal his body and I asked for all these prayers in Jesus name amen

  15. Dearest Father thru the intercession of the Holy Spirit I pray for guidance at this point in my life. Even tho I’m in my sunset years I feel God is calling me to work for Him in a special way. Enlighten me with your wisdom & show me His way. Also, I ask for a solution to my financial dilemma which I foolishly brought on myself. Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of your faithful & enkindle in them the fire if thy love.

  16. Holy Spirit fill my heart, help me be a patient, loving and compassionate mother and wife. Mom

    Holy Spirit help me be a helpful and loving sister, Julia

  17. Praying for the safe delivery of a healthy baby boy due June 5th. His name is Joshua, please keep us in your prayers.

  18. Holy Spirit, knower of all! I come to you as your humble servant, please help me with my tasks that you have placed before me! You know all that you are asking of me and I put all my trust in you and in you alone, that you will remove any doubt from me about why you have chosen me to serve you in this form. During this novena that I plan on praying with you, I pray that I will rely on you to give me all the gifts necessary to go out of my comfort zone and walk on water with you by my side! Give me your words, and teach me new skills!!! Amen

  19. I’m not very good with words but am very blessed to have prayed with you this evening…God bless you????

  20. Oh most Holy Spirit I come to you humble and as purse as i was born to ask for your holy will to come over my life. I pleas the blood of Jesus upon me and my children as i ask you to open doors of abundance. Bless me. I ask most Holy Spirit that you would open doors to provide a home of my own for me and my children in the area I choose to live in. I ask Holy Spirit that you will bless me financially so that i can do your will over my family as well as others. Holy Spirit you know that I’ve been truly alone since my divorce, bless me now with the soul mate that God has ordained for me. A man that is everything I wanted and more, but first let him be a God fearing man of God. Holy Spirit grant me peace. Answer my prays..

  21. Dear Holy Spirit please assist my daughters with a very important health issue and that there be a resolution to this problem as soon as possible. I also ask for health for the rest of my family, especially my son.

  22. Holy Spirit, Please be with us every moment of our lives. Be present to those who are suffering from cancer, their caregivers, and enlighten those in research so that this awful disease is eradicated. Be present to young parents as they raise their families, that all may lead each other to heaven. Help me to be a better daughter of the Most High God by being a better mother, grandmother, friend and neighbor. I thank you for your gifts and their fruits, and praise your Holy Trinity. Amen

  23. Holy Spirit,

    Please help me to increase in faith and replace my fears and doubts in myself and the Lord with peace and true hope in His goodness. Help me to see the path God intends for me and to believe in my heart that I am His beloved. Help me to focus on what I can do for others through Him, and stop being paralyzed and beaten by my own insecurities. Give me the grace to be filled with hope and love. Amen.

  24. My prayer is to be a help for husband who is 87 and I’ll. Help me to fulfill my marriage vow to aid him get to his eternal home in heaven. Help me Holy Spirit

  25. Dear Lord, I know you test your children who are closest to you. I know you are testing me with everything that has gone on in my life the past 2 years. I pray so hard that today will be the beginning of eternity for me with this novena. I put all my trust in you, although I may not understand at this moment why, I keep praying and ask for my brothers and sisters to pray for me too, that this will be the beginning of a new chapter in life.

  26. Holy Spirit, please help me trust in God. Dear God, please have mercy on me and my daughter. Please keep something I revealed in a conversation today from harming my daughter or her career.

  27. Dear Holy Spirit please fill me with your 7 fold gifts bless me to know your will for me as I face the loss of my job help me to trust that you will guide me and make clear to me your most holy will for my life. Please bless my son john that he will be healed thank you

  28. O Holy Spirit please guide us, help us, protect us and have God open the doors to His will for us. I pray for a job for my son, good health, mental, emotional and physical for both my son and my daughter. I pray for healing and for financial security for all my family members. Thank you God, forgive me and help me to forgive others. I ask also Lord that you find a good wife for my son and I pray for my daughter and her partner that, if it be your will, they find love, health and happiness together in marriage. Thank you God for all your many Blessings

  29. Praying for the healing of my second son . Praying for a job father. Please organise Your path for me and my family. Thank you Lord

    Ona Ndu

  30. Please God, may our lawsuit end soon & our house sold as well. Holy Spirit lead us to Godly choices and His will.

  31. For my husband and the husbands of the women in my parish moms’ group, that they will receive guidance from the Holy Spirit in order to lead their families.

  32. Praying to save my husband’s soul and our marriage. We are currently separated and he has no desire to stop his sinful ways and reconcile to God or me????????????

  33. It’s an answered prayer that my best friend found a part-time job! I know that it’s already a start. Thank You, my God.
    O Holy Spirit, please help my boyfriend find a new job soon and please help me overcome all adversities that come my way. Please help me in my goals at work. O Jesus, my Savior, please be with us all the time. Thank You for showering Your blessings upon us. Amen.

  34. Dear Pentecost Novena,
    Tomorrow my daughter A. will take a test. Help her Dear Pentecost Novena to have a safe round trip from home to the test center & upon finishing & passing her test back to our home. Please help my daughter be focused & confident during the time of taking that test. May the Holy Spirit Be with A. ,may A. will recall all the information she learned regarding the test questions she will have. May A. will check off the right answers & pass this very important test.
    Don’t grant the wicked & evil to temper with her computer & send wrong answers on my daughters ‘s behalf. Don’t let them interfere with my daughter ‘s scores.
    May my daughter pass her test in spite of the fact that evil & wicked will make a lot of attempts to create the obstacles for her. May You Dear Pentecost Novena, Lord Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ Holy Trinity will keep their eyes on my daughter A. & she will pass her test with the good passing score. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Name of the Holy Spirit, Amen!!!

  35. I pray for a financial miracle to set me free – I pray for a healing miracle for my husband -Jesus I surrender my life to you take care of everything – hear all my prayers that I hold in the silence of my heart – AMEN

  36. I commend to you my son, please bring him back to the faith along with his family. And I pray for a safe and joyfilled trip to see him and his family.

  37. Most Blessed Trinity, all the angles and Saints please hear my prayers for my niece, Veronica who suffering from mental health. Please let the Holy Spirit give her clarity of thought and action. ???? May the Holy Spirit heal her sad feelings of rejection from her sisters! Heal all misunderstandings towards Veronica and all those choices she made impulsively. HOLY SPIRIT PLACE A HEALING IN REGINA’S HEART FOR THE CHOICES SHE MADE IN HER LIFE WHICH CAUSED DIVISION BETWEEN HER AND VERONICA. ????

  38. Oh Holy Spirit of the living God, by your power, PLEASE, fulfill you word in Isaiah 45:3 in my life through the works of my hands. Through your holy annoting, cause the cup of my civil engineering career to over flow from generation to generation and from continent to continent, in the name of JESUS. Amen.

    I commit my mum optical surgery unto thee, oh Holy Spirit of the living God, by your help, May everything work out successfully including her legs, in JESUS name. Amen.

    By your help, grant us the grace to have her stay with us permanently with joy and gladness. Amen.

    I commit our desire of more children (a boy and a girl) unto thee this season in the name of JESUS. Amen.

    I commit my brothers and sisters and all you have blessed them with unto thee. That you will continue to be the source of our joy and strength all our days. Amen.

    Let your light of love over shadow the world and restore your peace to a wounded world. Amen!

  39. Holy Spirit with humility and trust in God’s will we pray to sell our vacant home and relieve our financial burden.

  40. Please Holy Spirit help me to accept Your will. I beg You that I may have a relationship with my 1st granddaughter who is unborn. I am 65 years old and my son is too busy to even make a 5 minute phone call. He lives out of state, too. The pregnancy is high risk due to my daughter in laws age. She is now 30 weeks pregnant. I pray many times daily for a healthy birth. I live alone and want a loving relationship with my grandchild before I die. If this is not Your will, then please give me the grace to accept. Thank you.

  41. I pray D and A grow more in love with each other more each day and that they not let anyone or anything come between them and their love.I pray A is granted the job she has applied for and pray they marry.

  42. I am asking for God to bring my husband, Breffny, back to his family by opening his heart back up to God, his children, and me. Please close his heart off to Satan and Tracy. Help him to see that his true happiness will come when he’s back with God and his family.

  43. For my children and grandchildren that they may be closer to God and the Church, especially Gabriel and Scarlett

  44. I am asking for help with Fred, Joanne, Jan, Gail and Steve who are battling cancer. Please continue to be with them in their fight against this dreadful disease. I know that prayers and positive thoughts are the best things during theses challenging times.
    Jesus,I thank you for all that you have given me and I too am seeking your help. Not quite sure what is going on but it’s getting more difficult everyday for me to walk. Although it may sound selfish but I need my strength to take care of my family and friends who are battling cancer and other debilitating diseases. If it’s your will please, please let me continue my work here on earth. JESUS, YOU ARE MY HERO, MY HEALER, MY HELPER AND GIVE ME HOPE BY FILING ME WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT everyday.

  45. I pray the women of OLQP
    Parish respond to
    the Holy Spirit’s call to attend the Renewal weekend on June 24 and 25. Amen

  46. Most Holy Trinity I pray for my friend Shelley to seek your Holy Will. May she renew her faith and find peace in her lifetime. May her life be whole again with a significant other who is strong in the Catholic Christian teachings. Come Holy Spirit come renew the face of the Earth.
    Praying for Wayne H to walk in the Lord and seek strength from the Holy Spirit. May Wayne be steadfast in his desire to stop Alcohol and continue AA meetings with Dave and Doug. Protect Angela from any negative forces in her environment. Guide Angela in all matters for a positive resolution in her daily concerns. Amen ???? ???? ????

  47. I pray for peace in the world; that we may learn to love one another as HE loves us.
    I pray for the health and safety of my family and friends; that we may become a closer unit, guided by God’s love for us.
    I pray for my children; that they may be successful in ALL their endeavours. I pray that my son can knows his worth and works to his full potential. That he knows that even though things are not the way he would like them, God is always at his side.
    I pray that God helps me to overcome the issues that I am currently struggling with: feeling insufficient, rejected and unnecessary.
    I pray that HE helps me find my place in this world, find the career path that HE would have me follow, find employment that will make me feel fulfilled and be sufficient to support my family independently.

  48. Through the Holy Spirit may I find my life partner that we may become a family and work for God and enjoy our earthly blessings, as I was born to nurture. May I be blessed to use my hard earned finances for my children and what is left for me, as my ex tries to get it, may his selfishness not reign.
    Amen ????

  49. I pray for financial blessings for myself and our nonprofit so that we may continue to do the good works of feeding the hungry and helping those in need. I ask for peace for a struggling friend, comfort for my brother, and guidance for me with issues I am struggling with. And I am thankful for the many blessings I have received.

  50. Come Holy Spirit come renew the hearts of my brothers Jimmie and Walter. May your Holy Spirit renew their love and respect towards one another. ????
    Heal their hearts from their losses in Jesus Holy name.????????????
    May this same Holy spirit touch Brenda’s heart in renewing our relationship of all misunderstandings. You know all Most heavenly host intercede for me a healing for my sister Brenda , her husband Joe and her children Ella, and Charlotte.
    Amen ???? ???? ????

  51. I prayer to Holy Trinity that my mother Rose who passed away on May 18, 2017 is at peace, in heaven with God. Prayer for peace , health and faith for my family and loved ones and for the world. I prayer always to do Gods well and to trust in God. I prayer that Blessed Mother Mary wrapp her arms around myself and my family to comfort us for the loss of are beloved mother Rose who passed. I know and prayer that are faith will get us through this difficult time. Thank you God for all are blessings and we ask this in Jesus name, Amen ???? ❤️????????????

  52. Please help all the people who write today. It’s so sad and I hope you all get your prayers answered. I wish I can help you all.

    Jesus please help my brother to return home to us very soon, healthy and unharmed.

    Through Christ our lord, Amen.


  53. I pray for the coversion of my husband and his return to the practice of his Catholic faith. I also pray for my daughter that she will remain faithful to the practice of her Catholic faith. I pray for my son–in-law’s conersion and that he will be brought into the fullness of the Catholic church. I pray that my daughter and son-in-law will teach my granddaughter the Catholic faith and bring her up in the Church.

  54. Please Holy Spirit send me a money miracle. I am desperate and have no one to help out now. Grant me full healing, cancer free status, stress and anxiety free, financial stability and a quick death at home and at the hour of my death call me. Keep all who live here health and financially sound.

  55. Praying for peace in the families and in the world. Especially to the families and friends that lost their love ones though the terrorists attack in Manchester. Watch over the souls of the youth to seeing out God’s teachings of the Catholic Faith and understanding in these difficult times. Guide all people to be strong in the faith to do God’s will. Come Holy Spirit come. ????Amen

  56. Lord Jesus I am praying for healing of my right foot and being able to walk properly and my foot to fit in a regular shoe. Also I am praying for a MAJOR SHIFT in writing and analysis of my research write up, for clarity in thought and the breakthrough I need in overcoming this unproductive dry period. For the Mack’s and Issac’s families in coping with this challenging period. For protection of all family members

  57. My prayer intention is for the Lord to provide more catechists, volunteers and core team members to our faith formation program. Amen!
    -Matthew 9:38

  58. I pray to be blessed with the Holy Spirit, to be closer to Jesus and to be more Christ like. I also ask for financial blessings; to be able to get caught up on all of my bills. I also pray for all Souls in Purgatory and all of my departed family and friends, that they may be forgiven all of their worldly sins and delivered into the arms of the Lord. Amen

  59. Dear Jesus, grant my family the gift of charity and love that we may always love everyone with no distinction. Send us your Holy Spirit to guide us that we may always know and follow your will, O Lord! I especially pray for the conversion of my husband, my sons, my daughter, her boyfriend and all those who are not in communion with You and Your Church. I pray that they will be in unity with You always. Speak to their hearts O Lord that they may know Your will for them. All these things I pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen????

  60. Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth. Come Holy Spirit and open the hearts of my family
    Come Holy Spirit, please heal my family. AMEN

  61. Lord jesus I place my financial needs into your hands. I place my son’s school fees into your hands. I pray that my children all be successful with their exams. Lord please bless me with financial blessings.

  62. I pray for my married, I pray that my children come back to the Lord. I pray for the Pope, the President and all in government. I pray for and end to abortion, peace in homes, in church that there be no more division. I pray for more vocations and that they all be holy vocations. I pray for myself asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten me more everyday that I may save many souls for God. I pray for all the souls in purgatory. I pray for all the children that are been abused and also the parents that are also been abused by their children. I pray for me for when I die hoping that I have said enough praying to save my soul.

  63. I pray for my sone and that they become closer to you lord and that they become free of their problems by knowing you and having you in their lives. Amen

  64. I am praying for the conversion of my parents and my friends, also to be able to do fruitful work, not succumbing to gluttony or sloth. I am praying for peace on earth, the doom of the wicked, and to receive the Holy Spirit always.

  65. Holy Spirit please help me with my depression. Life seems hopeless and humorless right now and I need a job but can’t find anyone who wants to hire me, plus I am looking back and seem to have only regrets about my past life. Nothing hopeful in the future, nothing good in the past, I need Your help!

  66. I pray for my family, peace conversion, inner healing, employment, right choices, help with their school work, and that we will all say yes to Jesus like Our Lady did and be on fire with the Holy Spirit.
    I pray for the Catholic Church will be on fire with the Holy Spirit and a good witness so that all make know the love of God.
    I pray for USA espically for the president and the government that they will work together and be open to the Holy Spirit.
    Peace in the world and end to terrorism.
    For all people who are being murdered for their faith may God grant them strength and courage.

  67. Praying for my son for employment, healing in his heart and soul that heals his family.
    Praying also that the Holy Spirit will direct my work.

  68. Come Holy Spirit come!
    I pray for the Baptism of The Holy Spirit and Fire for myself, my wife and children so that we may live the life that God created us to live.

    I pray for Peace
    I pray for Mercy
    I pray for Grace
    I pray for Discernment
    I pray for Spiritual vision
    I pray to learn how to completely surrender myself to God and completely trust Him.
    I pray for Wisdom
    I pray for my marriage to strengthen
    I pray for my children to come to really know God through Jesus and Mary and all the Saints and Holy Angels
    I pray for our financial situation
    I pray for my job challenges and obstacles.
    I pray for an end to abortion.
    I pray for all the souls in purgatory.
    I pray for everyone who is praying this Novena
    I pray for everyone reading this litany of intentions.
    Thanks be to God!
    Have a great day!

  69. Please pray for my family for health & happiness and for my son that feels like he is dieing inside please let him find happiness and love he want so bad to have a wife and children please please guide him he is struggling and he prays so hard please I beg of you help my son …..e

  70. lord help me with ALL the covetness that surrounds me – i am all alone – LORD HELP ME – the return of my mothers hat – lord you know who did this – psalm 35 – LORD PLEASE HELP ME – your child – diane/nj/usa

  71. holy spirit hear and answer my prayer request. help my daugther on her LVN board examination that she can get 85 correct answers during her test. help her to choose the best answer. im too desperate but i know you will hear my intention. holy spirit guide my daugther.

  72. Praying for protection & favor of God for my family. .favorable outcome for I & my children’s immigration statutes, ,,praying for all that have lost hope to remain strong & have faith, ,

  73. I pray for those suffering from cancer that the Holy Spirit will instill in them the spirit of hope that there will be cure for this desease.

  74. Please cover my family help us through the tribulations that I have placed them in. I’m sorry please forgive me.