Day 1 – Our Lady of Lourdes Novena 2019

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Our Lady of Lourdes Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray for my son and his girlfriend and their baby Mara. Medical and psychological conditions are interfering with their family life. Our Lady of Lourdes please have mercy on this young family and bring this prayer to our Lord Jesus. Amen

  2. I ask for prayer for my 3 adult children
    Eldest child (son). Prayer for employment or new clients as he has recently started a realtor position. Been unemployed for a couple of years and puts a tremendous strain on his dad for financial dependence every month.
    Middle child( son) thanksgiving for his
    Christian wife and 3 little girls and for their continued good health and successful job.
    Youngest (daughter) thanksful for her new job which she really enjoys. She ended a 6 year relationship with her boyfriend, recently and we are asking our Lord, Jesus Christ to bring the young man that He has created to be her spouse and companion, if it is His will. She is 35 and so desiring a Christian man and future children, but feels pressured with her age. Our Lady of Lourdes pleas hear my prayer and present them before Our Lord Jesus Christ for me.

  3. Dear Lady,Please pray for my grandson and my granddaughter who are severely depressed. And also please pray for their parents so they can figure out the best way to help them.

    Please ask you dear Son, Jesus, to heal them. Thank you, Dear Lady.

  4. I pray dear lady of Lourdes that you would walk throughout my work place and remove all the evil influences. Remove and and and and Lord Jesus I am praying for your saving grace for our organisation.

  5. Blessed mother I pray for financial deliverance today. I pray for money to meet my financial obligations. I pray for my marriage and my family

  6. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Guide and protect me and my family. Give me, my family and friends our hearts desires. Give us healing, good health, long life and prosperity. Amen

  7. Dearest Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us, my husband myself and my daughter, son and daughter in law. Please do pray for my sickness that I will be healed. I trust that i’m healed and sometimes I get doubt. Please do pray for me for that sin. Always trust our Lord Jesus. Thank you.

  8. Dear Mother Mary:
    Please help me to completely heal from the terrible cancer treatment. Help my husband to let go of his extreme sensitivity. Help my oldest son to discern the priesthood. Help my 2nd son to always be a part of the Catholic church. Help my 3rd son to have a successful summer internship. Help my 4th son to make the right decision about college. Help my 5th child to reach her developmental milestones.
    I love you.

  9. I pray that my brother will get into a certain high school and that my mama will be less stressed and my sister will be nice and loving to all. I also oray that my grandpa will get better and live a lot longer i pray that my grandma also smwill be less stressed and i pray that i will be a better person for all to see. One of the that things i will pray for is all the sick for that Jesus will heal them and make them better thank you. Amen.

  10. Mother Mary Mother of God please help me to accept that my late grandma is now one of God’s angels and will forever be her loved ones guardian angel. May her spirit , grandfather and uncle spirits rest in perfect peace .

    Ask your son Jesus Christ to Heal my mom as she is suffering from cancer, condition is deteriorating daily we still need her let her healing be a gift for us.Amen

  11. Please help us financially. I pray we are more responsible with money and finances. I am so grateful for the financial blessings that God provides us yet we continue overspending. Please help us and relieve us of the desire for unnecessary spending. Please help. I am praying for a solution.

  12. Our Lady of Lourdes, I pray to you to help my family to love one anther. Help me to have financial freedom and free of debts. this I pray have mercy on us. Please hear our prayers. Amen.

  13. Oh Mother Mary, I come before you today with great sorrow in my heart. My intention is that you please give my friend the strength to watch her beautiful daughter suffer with a spinal tumour. The operation took place yesterday and by your grace and asking your beloved son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, may Caprice be healed and pain free, she has suffered so long. Please help the family at this time, as their strength is fragile and they are exhausted. No one knows more than you what it is like to watch your child suffer. I pray this in Jesus name, your beloved son. Amen 🙏🏻

  14. Holy Mary, Mother of the incarnate Savior of the world, I come to you with petitions for my mother as she cares for my father with his disabilities of aging.
    The emotional anxiety is wearing her down to tears and she needs your strength to help her through each day. My father does not want an outside caregiver but rather wants just her to help him and his confusion and demands are wearing down her emotional strength. She wants to just be his loving wife.
    You know, Mother Mary, the strength needed to care for those in need and them love them with your whole heart. Please help your daughter, my mom, to model your loving and caring nature.
    I pray with my whole heart, in the name of your Son our Savior, Amen.

  15. Asking for a covering of prayer for my husband Patrick who he is working through a condition in his throat. Praying for perfect healing and recovery.

    In Jesus name we pray, amen. Thank you.

  16. Feb 2, 2019 NY
    Dear Our Lady of Lourdes & St Bernadette.
    Please pray for my son Anthony Peter who
    has cancer. I pray that he will be healed,
    and always be clean of cancer.
    Thank you. Amen

  17. Our Lady Of Lourdes,
    Help me to pass my IELTS on March 1-2, 2019.. i hope i could achieve higher than the requirements needed for my application in NMCI. Hoping to pass my employer’s interview this Feb 4, 2019.. Please help me, to achieve my dreams this year.

  18. Holy Mother help David and Trevor as they battle cancer and give Geraldine and Mavis strength. In the name of the father.Amen.

  19. lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner – lord Jesus knock the chip off the braggarts shoulders – psalm 35 – thank you – your child

  20. Please help and intercede to save our marriage. Help our hearts heal and our love strengthen. Please help restore my family and help my children with all the pain they have endured during our separation.

  21. Our Lady of Lourdes, please help a family friend who is suffering from a disease. Please grant him knowledge, and wisdom in his researching purposes. Help him be happy and content with all the work he has put in to help his children not get the disease he has. Amen

  22. Hail Mary pray my nephew and his wife will actively return to the Catholic Church, with a stronger faith and dedication than ever. Bless them with a beautiful healthy, normal, strong child who will grow to love you; conceived easily, with a smooth pregnancy; safe, quick, and uncomplicated delivery. Keep them both safe, healthy and happy.
    Hail Mary pray for Jerry and me to find the right contractor, at the right time and the right for our new addition to our home.

    Hail Mary Full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed are thou Among Women and Blessed is the Fruit of thy Womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, PRAY FOR US SINNERS, now and at the hour of our death.