Day 1 – Our Lady of Lourdes Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Our Lady of Lourdes Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Most Holy Mother, I humbly ask you to bring my prayer before your son. My last ct scan showed something potentially worrisome in my lung, and after four surgeries related to pancreatic cancer over the last three and a half years, I am so concerned that this will also be something related to the cancer. Please Mary, pray for me that my next scan is clear. That there is no sign of disease. That I can resume my life as a mother of two young kids and a wife of a husband who is so worried, without having to struggle with the anxiety this disease has brought. There have been many blessings I have counted since being diagnosed, but I pray that I can continue to be healthy so that I can somehow listen more closely to God and act on the desires to help others that He has placed on my heart.
    In your blessed name I pray. Amen.

  2. I pray that our lady who interceded for her children at d wedding in Cana in Galilee should equally intervene by healing my mum of an arthritis she has been suffering from for d past 12 years. I also pray that our lady intercede in my job applications and give me a befitting job as a graduate after having passed via various challenges these years without a good job. I also pray for more spiritual growth. For these and others I ask in d name of Jesus Christ our Lord…Amen.

  3. Our Lady of Lourdes,

    Please help my husband’s work to be successful. Please bless him with good news. We will not forget your kindness and generosity.

    We pray for you with trust and faith. Thank you !


  4. Our Lady of Lourdes, Please help me pray that the mortgage we applied for a house should be approved. Please also pray that I get a good paying job. Amen. Our God I pray also that you save my marriage and my husband.

  5. Our Lady Of Lourdes please ask God to save our marriage so that we can visit your Holy site in France together as a couple. Amen

  6. Our Lady of Lourdes, please intercede for me before your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, for fidelity & fortitude in finding devout faith in God. I beg this of you, O Mother, to not look down on my transgressions, but to help me obey God and accept his will.

  7. Our Lady of Lourdes,
    I confidently praying this novena to honor you and beg for your intercession that Your son Jesuy Christ will grant Mariane and Ian Comfort, Peace Healing ang Hope to get through their troubled relationship.
    May their separation give them space and time to sort out their own feelings and find forgiveness with one another.
    This I humbly ask you through the power of your miracle and love to your children here on earth.

  8. Blessed Mother,

    Thank you for being the loving mother that you are. I pray that you will ask your son to heal my mother VAS and restore her speech and body to good health. Lead us to find good care for her after her stay in hospital and please use the suffering she and we presently endure during her illness to bring about peace and goodness in our families. Amen

  9. My dear Lady of Lourdes, pls pray for me as I have been now unemployed for 5 months as it has been difficult to find a job. I just had a second interview for a very good job but I leave it in God and in your hands ” be your will and not mine “. In won’t give up! Also pls protect my daughters and help me continuing raising the best I can. Once day if it’s ok with you help me to find a good man. Thank you for everything. Amen

  10. My dear Mother Mary,
    I pray that my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren each get the help they need to lead healthy, happy and good Catholtc lives. Thank you Mother. I love you.

  11. Please Mother Mary, I come before you, to take notice of my mother who was widowed three years ago. Please show her her identity in the light of Christ so she can grow into who God is calling her to be. Show her the many blessings she has in her surrounding family, and help relieve her of feelings of jealousy, resentment, and anger.
    Please also come to the aid of my husband, who is struggling to be in this world but not of it, especially as a business owner. Please put people in his path that will help him and turn his gaze toward your Son.
    Furthermore, please intercede for my son, who I know has tremendous gifts to offer the Church, but struggles to know the heart of Jesus. Help him to grow in faith.

  12. Dear Mother Mary,

    I pray to you to help me forgive any wrong doings and let go of I’ll feelings, instead I pray for your help in that I start changing my thinking to a more open minded, relaxed and positive way of approaching life. I am grateful for my life and all that I have and ask for your help to improve myself for the sake of Miele’s well being, my own well being.

    I pray for my Miele and Chanel as well as my dear friends and family. Please watch over and protect them all. Keep them healthy and safe.

    Thank you

  13. Dear Mother,
    As many of us have started this novena, I pray that you heal all my family’s members from all kind of diseases. I also pray that you ask your son Our Lord Jesus to show me the right path in life. I pray for my family protection . I have apply in different schools and haven’t heard from them, please let hear from them and get an admission from the best of those schools. In your name we pray .amen

  14. My Lady of Lourder please help me . I ask my friend to go out in Valentine’s Day let him said yes to me l praying everyday for us back together again. Help me

  15. Our Lady of Lourdes, please pray for my mom, that she may be healed of her addiction and choose a life rooted in serving God and others. Please pray for my family, that we may show Christ’s love to her always.

  16. Our Lady Lourdes, please continue to protect and guide me and my kids in the right direction may you continue to clear my path for peace joy and ever lasting happiness, I am currently separate and not living at home with John , please pray that me and John reunite back together , that me and John can have an open communication with me and Precious his Daughter ,

  17. Our Dearest Mother.
    Please help us. My husband and I both suffer from debilitating diseases. We pray for our healing that you will go to your son Jesus to help us through this. I feel your cloak surrounding us and the blood of Jesus covering us. Please give us strength. Amen

  18. Our Lady of Lourdes, I pray that you intercede for me to your Son that I may be a good father to my two sons and that my youngest son be ride of his ADD/ADHD, if it is His will. Please grant me the patience and wisdom to help my son in the way your Son would want! Amen

  19. Our Lady of Lourdes, I beg you to help me pass my nursing license exam that I will be taking on Friday the 12th of this month. Please help me to do God’s will by helping me pass my exam so I may serve His people with healing and comfort as a nurse. In Jesus name I pray His will be done. Amen.

  20. As my mother and I start this novena to you our Mother, we ask for your daily guidance in all we do. Please hear the prayers we ask and bring them to your Son: for continued recovery by my mom from pneumonia and her heart issues; for the loneliness and depression she has felt since my dad passed away a year ago (61 yrs of marriage), for my husband to find a job that meets our family needs, my daughter’s schooling and relationships, my son’s schooling and relationships, safety and security within my own job. May we always hear God’s calling and live accordingly. For all the prayers being requested by others. Amen.

  21. Dear Lord Jesus, as i join thousands the world over to pray this beautiful novena to your mother and our mother – our Lady of Lourdes and our Lady of Immaculate conception, please hear my prayers and grant my intentions made in confidence to you.
    I pray that you will heal my mother Catherine Ezeh from the Sarcodoisis / lung disease and heart failure she is suffering from for the past 9 years and grant her good health. That she breath normally with oxygen concentrators and can walk and move again.
    I also pray for my sons to pass their common entrance examinations they write on the 6th and 13th of this month to Loyola Jesuit college Abuja and Jesuit Memorial college PortHarcourt.
    I also pray that O Lord you grant the intentions and requests of all joined in this novena.
    I make my prayers in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for

  22. Dear Mother Mary,
    As I start this beautiful Novena, please hear my prayers. As a mother all I want is that my children succeed in their lives. I pray for my senior high school daughter who is graduating this year. May our Lord open her eyes through the intercession of our Mother to show her the right path for her future? To lead her into a college or university where she finds the path that God created for her. Please Mother ask your Son to help her understand the importance of school and to lead her off temptation. I also pray for my sons that God may guide them and provide them with Success, Wisdom, Love and Understanding; In Jesus Name I ask, Amen.

  23. Please pray that my husband finds his way out of an abusive work environment and into a job that provides him the safety and respect he deserves ~

  24. for deep conversion and personal encounter with Our Lord for my husband and children.
    If it be God’s Will, please let NJ be accepted into the H School
    God’s will be done in new home situation for K and R
    for K and R’ s new baby — for protection and wonderful acceptance
    for K, J and N — for smooth and beautiful transition to married and family life

  25. Please pray for my Health Body , Mind , and Spirit
    Also for success in my Home Based Travel Business.
    Thank you.

  26. I pray that my son is at the top of his class in nursing school, and that he loves it and takes care of himself, that Archangel Raphael is by his side today and every day as he takes his tests andlearns the art of nursing , thank you for placing miracles in our lives sending the right people and opening the right doors I surrender to love ❤️ And I’m so grateful, I know a mothers love. And I have always felt you were around me supporting me and my family, thank you for helping us navigate through these tough times

  27. The link takes you to the St. Peregrine Novena instead of Our Lady of Lourdes.

    The video is OLL, but the text is St. Peregrine.


  28. I call for prayer through our Lady of Lourdes for a relation- a very senior army officer who for unjustifiable reason is about to be court marshalled. Lord please don’t let the action be taking because they are just persecuting him to relegate and punish him and spoil his impeccable career for not being corrupt like them.
    I also pray for my daughter who wants to take up a better course of study with her A level result but may be prevented because of an earlier admission to a course she doesn’t want. May her desire which she has nursed since she was a little girl be granted her through our Lady of Lourdes. (especially that she wants to be in the nearby university to take care of me her mother who is paraplegic). Amen!

  29. Our Lady of louders groto i request you to please pray for me to have a baby boy, and to see me through labour.I also request for love, peace, trust, togetherness and protection in my marriage, I pray for my parents and siblings most especially for my elder sister Rita to see her marriage partner this month in Jesus Name Amen.

  30. Mother Mary I request you to pray for my job, place to live and all immigration process go smooth to get work visa.
    As a faithful Catholic I trust in your prayers of success for needy fled to your feet

  31. My Mom’s name was Lourdelle Mary Bernadette! I pray for her soul, and for the soul of my girls, Rachael and Elizabeth. I pray Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette intercede to Jesus to give them grace, happiness, and success, but especially to bring them back to Jesus Christ.
    I pray for my Godmother, Lorraine, who is suffering. She no longer can sit upright or walk due to the problems with her spine. I ask them to intercede to Jesus so her suffering can be lifted.
    I pray for myself, of whom needs lots of help with my physical well being and mental well being.

  32. I ask you Mother Mary for your intercession. Please let these fertility treatments work so we can conceive and have another baby. I’m at peace with adopting but would love an infant to nurture and bring up in the faith. Thank you for all the graces your son has bestowed on us! Your will be done!!

  33. Please pray for us oh holy mother lourdes and st bernadette..for our debts and financial worries…please hear us to throw out stress and sleepless nights in our life..thank u

  34. To a miraculous cure/destroy the brain cancer in JM…please dear Lady..
    also for strength to follow in your ways Dear Mother…help find a “Joseph” to share my life…in your hands i trust…

  35. Please God hear my prayers. My mother is having knee replacement surgery this very early morning. May she not suffer or endure any pain. May she be healed and able to walk again God Bless her with good health. Also, please bless all those here and help with their requests. Thank you so much for your love.

  36. Mother help us through these times is worry of financial stress and stress of Daniels court hearing. Please pray for us that whatever the outcome we use this as our new beginning and go wherever your son leads is spiritually. In yours sons name I pray

  37. Lord, thank you for loving me. Lord, comfort all who are sick, homeless, fianancilly strained and the pastors who are there for them. Lord, I am so thankful for all that You have done for me and will continue to do. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  38. Please pray for my continued cancer treatment and cure of breast cancer and for my family who is feeling stressed emotionally and financially. Thank you, the Blessed Mother always takes perfect care!

  39. I am praying for a resolution to a family problem with my Brother and Sister that has caused a stressful situation. I also have been saying the rosary daily. Please pray for me.

  40. Hi,
    I don’t know how to say and what to tell.
    I logged into your website last year and prayed novenas to get back my husband. But nothing happened.
    I am into Hindu religion.. I worshipped Jesus too.. Begged him, apologize him, but that,night my husband behaved inhumanly.
    He sent me and our baby back.. He told ne ge cant able to gear baby crying voice. Used bad ward’s.. Losses hope trust in everything.
    But somehow i again logged into your website and started mother Mary novena from today. Its almost 1.6 years, that he dint contacted nor even he know , how our baby has grown…
    please pray for me….
    please pray for me…please.. I have to take further steps in my life by this month end.
    I need answer for my prayer.. Please pray for me.

    • Jeremiah 32:27, all you need do is hold on to God and in no distant time he will make all things new. We all are going through difficulties in one way or other. I will always remember you in my prayers.

    • S, My heart goes out to you. I have prayed for you and your family. May you experience the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with his divine love, joy and hope. May He grant you the peace that can only come from our Lord. Through the intercession of our Lady of Lourdes, in Christ’s name. Thank you Lord for all the wonderful things you have in store for S. Bless and praise your Holy Name

  41. Thank you Blessed Virgin.
    I come two you humbled asking for your forgiveness. May you forgive me as I forgive others like. I pray that you would guide me through with strength and passive in this new businesses whole housing & Augendae to be successful in Jesus name amen

  42. kindly join my intentions , with other for an employment.
    i am jobless with financial difficulties. please put this in mind.
    as i search, ask, seek i might find, at the end of this novenna.,
    best regards
    kedzi pascal