Day 1 – Novena to the Holy Spirit 2019

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Novena to the Holy Spirit!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Come holy spirit fill our hearts with wisdom knowledge and strength to face the hurdles of life.I am longing for a good job for my son so that his family life may move on smoothly.I have put all my trust and faith in you.I am sure you will not forsake my heart felt request.I earnestly pray that my long standing wish may be granted.

  2. Come Holy Spirit – full us with peace and trust in God’s plan for us in our trials. Please pray for wellness for our son who battles medical issues. I pray for those in need of peace.

  3. I wish to pray for the intentions of having better bigger job projects, with clients that pay. I wish to pray for the intentions of good health. I wish to pray for the intentions of having a God sent loving husband. I ask God to bless me in all areas of my life, from today onwards that I may never lack. That my children will thrive in this world, have good spouses. And that goodness and mercy will follow them all the days of there lifes. Thank you Lord ,Amen

  4. Come Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of thy faithful.
    Please completely exonerate George Cardinal Pell. Let him be successful with his criminal appeal and be released from gaol as soon as possible. Give him the courage to continue the fight against the corruption within our Holy Mother Church.

  5. Come Holy Spirit, Come! Guide my families in a way that pleases God and Glorify His Mighty Name alone, above all protect my families from every kind of danger and bless us with all our heart desires. Amen

  6. Come Holy Spirit! Blessed my daughters with the gift of love, kindhearted and health of mind. Protect them from evil, and may Your present guide them through out life challenges moment. Amen.

  7. Come Holy Spirit! Guide and protect my spouse, children and grandchildren from all evil, anxieties and stress, especially Kirsten who needs you the most right now. Fill our hearts with your gifts so that we may love you more and more. Amen

  8. Please pray for my intentions for financial peace. Have several bills and car tags coming up just praying I will be blessed to do it.

  9. Prayers for finances to pay all debts while being able to maintain Bill’s and be able to save

    Prayers that our family grows in love and respect in imitation of the Holy Family🙏

  10. I pray that the Holy Spirit would draw my husband, Nicholas closer to God. That he would feel that burning desire to be closer to Christ and renew his relationship with Him. Also that by growing closer to God, we would grow closer to each other and strengthen our marriage with Christ as the foundation. I also pray for the conversion of my family. Specifically my mother. I know that if she were to come home to the Catholic Church, my father and many of my siblings would likely follow. They are searching for something more, bouncing from church to church. May God give me the wisdom to show them the way and open their hearts to see the TRUTH! Come Holy Spirit!

  11. I pray for the love,passion,joy and comfort between Edgar and myself to grow and be strengthened more each passing day.Grant us more time together to be in each others arms. I pray thank you.

  12. Please Holy Spirit – Help My Dear Friend –
    Sister Cecilia Rodriguez Sscj on her journey as she embraces the cross that will lead to You – Come Holy Spirit Come. 😇❤️🙏👍
    God Bless You Sr. Cecilia –
    I miss our texting ❤️U…

  13. O Holy Spirit, create a clean heart in each member of my family especially in my daughter’s heart. Grant her more wisdom & strength to have less time socialising with friends & more time serving God especially in our current parish. Thank You Holy Spirit! in Jesus’s name, & in the glory of God the Father! Amen!

  14. Holy Spirit, fill me with you power and grace. Bestow on me your gifts of discernment and prophecy that I may serve my lord as He directs. Guide me in His ways to make me a better instrument of peace and love. Help me witness to the miraculous mercy and love of our Lord Jesus. Thank you for hearing my prayer.

  15. Dear Holy Spirit,
    Please fill me and all my family members with your gifts.
    Transform me into a neat, organized person who keeps the house tidy and immaculate.
    Help Michael follow good health habits and to regain his strength.
    Help us get the roof fixed properly.
    Help us get all the repairs done and the termites removed.
    Help my dog, Freeway, to feel good.

    Many thanks, dear Holy Spirit!

  16. Holy Spirit I ask you to:
    Guide and protect my family from evil, fear, anxiety and stress. Keep them and the children close to God.
    Heal the sick especially those with terminal and serious illness in the family and among friends.
    Bless our church and all leaders of the world.
    Protect and give job security to our children.
    Thank you for your ever loving protection.

  17. I pray that there shall be loss in my family, friends and well wishers,As i seek for employment i pray that God’s well be done and that every plan i make come to pass concerning my employment, I pray that chigo ll settle down in marriage before the end of this year,i pray for all families were there is no unity that God should resort the peace of such families..Amen

  18. I pray that the Holy Spirit will protect my children and grandchildren.I lift my husband up in prayer, that Jesus will fill his nets with fish just like the apostles. May Jesus heal in his name all those that are sick, sad and depressed. I pray for a miracle of my niece that she will be healed of her seizures and grow in her speech development. I pray for the healing of broken families. I pray for healing of my parents health. I pray in Jesus’ name Amen.

  19. Holy Spirit I praise you I glorify you I give you Thanks for your great Glory, I pray please fill my families hearts and minds with your love. I pray for conversion of my children and my husband and I. Holy spirit heal us of all anger, pride and ways of the world. I pray do not allow my family to be broken please heal my husband of his anger, pride and not have eyes for other women. Come Holy Spirit of good Council surround John with People of your council who will lead him back home please do not allow my home to be broken. I pray for family unity Come Holy Spirit enkindle in us the fire of your love. Also heal my daughter of her endometriosis and keep her safe as she is studying abroad please protect her. Give my son direction as he is looking for work in a different field that is 9-5 and steady work. Heal my oldest daughter who is caught up in the ways of the world. Holy Spirit shower my family, our home with the fire of Your Love, send forth your Spirit ! Save us Jesus. Protect my
    family from all that is bad and evil . Save us Jesus we Love you Jesus

  20. For my mom that she able to keep the houses on Morrison and Perelli; and that she’s able to get them fixed and repaired.

  21. For God protection over my family and my besuness also with my dream plan over my life and God intentions to me

  22. Holy Spirit I need you right now in my life fill me up and change me renew me and create a new clean heart in me help me to serve and love and to forgive and to pray and be a true love and follower of Jesus
    Help me to have a deep and close relationship with God I want to have that relationship the Lord only with your help Holy Spirit I can do this Amen

  23. Please join me in praying for my relationship. I have suffered several breakups and I’m 29 this year. If my guy and I are mearnt for each other the holy spirit should direct him on the right path for me so that together we can build a strong relationship leading to marriage. Prayers needed please. Amen

  24. Dear Holy Spirit.
    Please work within my children’s hearts and lives to bring them back to praising and loving God. And please move In my Daughter in law’s life and heart that she might become baptized as soon as possible.
    I ask this because I know your power in the work that I have done most of my life.
    Thank you Holy Spirit.

  25. Holy Spirit , thank you for coming and to hear me and others with our concerns.
    Come Holt Spirit come,…
    Come to the aid of our young children whom don’t believe or go to church.
    Please Holy Spirit help us parents with our children.
    And I ask please,..
    Bring peace to the middle east
    End the hatred and despair in our hearts and minds.
    Bring peace to the world and in this country.
    Help our president to do what is right for this country.
    I believe that his is doing Very well, but he needs help and guidance, and protection.
    Hear us Holy Spirit , .
    Thank you John Paul and Annie for this Novena

  26. O fount most precious, inundate our beings with the love and mercy God our Creator has instill in us so that we may be conduits of Jesus’ hands and feet. May we ferociously pray as if our prayers have already been answered and may we experience our prayers as if they have already come to fructition. Because even when we don’t feel you, you’re working. Even when we don’t see you, you’re working. You never stop working. Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness. My God, that is what you are.

  27. That my son & daughter will both find jobs that will bring them a sense of joy and purpose while buidling their relationship with You.

  28. Come Holy Spirit to the hearts of Your children. Kindle in them the
    fire of Your Love. Send forth your Spirit ! Save us Jesus. Protect my
    family from all that is bad or evil . Save us Jesus, I beg. emel

  29. Holy Spirit. Enlighten the minds and hearts of my dear sons. The one who is isolated searching and losing hope and the one who no longer believes in you. Fill them with your presence and your spiritual gifts, your love and guidance. Renew them in spirit and heal all that keeps them from your peace. I ask this with great confidence in your love and and you infinite mercy Amen.

  30. Heavenly Father thank you for answering my prayers. Glory to God ! I now ask the Holy Spirit to protect and guide my children , their spouses and grandchildren.HolySprit protect my pregnant daughter and her unborn baby.Bring her to a safe delivery. I also ask for good health for me , my sibling sand their spouses.. Holy Spirit I trust in you.

  31. return to church of brother who is a Jehovah Witness and my two nieces and their families. My heart value will remain strong and I will get my blood pressure and swelling in my leg under control. For all people suffering from tragedies.

  32. I pray for my unborn child whom I expect to receive Soon, who is being attacked by enemies, who is rejected by the biological father to arrive safe. I pray for myself for financial breakthrough after delivery to support my child by providing food, clothes, shelter and all that a parent can do to her child for a better living. I pray for peace in my life and entire family. I need God in my life to help me overcome the past and forgive those who wronged me. I pray to get back to school for a futher study. Lord may you hear me may you answer my prayer. AMEN.

  33. Daisy I am asking the holy spirit will heal you.RA I asking the holy spirit to heal your sister Eva.TC I praying the holy spirit’s will help your husband’s..Daryl I agree with you .Maxine I praying that you family will find forgiveness and be blessed .Holy spirit bless EA . God the Father and God the son and Holy spirit’s
    Please bless every one in this novena. Forgive us all of our sin and may we forgive each other. Jesus is Lord! Jesus is the lamb of God who take away our sins.God bless you all….

  34. Holy Spirit,

    I pray that my will be YOUR WILL in my desires for my health issues & living conditions.

    To God be the Glory.


  35. Oh, gracious and Divine Holy Spirit, please bring my children and grandchildren back to the Catholic Church. Give them each guidance so that they may find their way Home. For all the intentions being offered through this novena we ask that you answer them according to the salvation of each. Holy Spirit, I trust in you. Amen

  36. O Life-giving Spirit heal my sister Eva of cancer. Infuse in her new life that she can continue to serve You and those in need. Holy Spirit I trust in You. Amen

  37. My intention for this novena is:-
    1. Thanking God fro blessing me witha very good job
    2. Thanking God for blessing me with a wife Terry and my first born Baby Kesley.
    3. Thanking God for the gift of good health and a stable life.
    4. Ask holy spirit to intervene in the proposed upcoming permanent employment at work.
    5. Ask holy spirit to guide me become a good husband and a good dad who leads the family to knowing God better

  38. My intention is for happy and peaceful death for my 95 year old mother.
    Conversion for my children and siblings and friends and their families and for my continued conversion.
    For an end to abortion and our president, nation, world.

  39. Holy Spirit watch over my family, friends and especially my husband who has a poor heart. We need his heart to get stronger and to give him the strength, courage to keep living and believing in our Lord Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit watch over the Aborted, newly born children of the world. Save the children from abuse, starvation. Help the people in Purgatory for the grace from God. Blessings for all those who keep with us.

  40. The Holy Spirit come down Apond the USA for a new Pentecost upon the American people so that Love will rude there hearts. And the Holy Spirit to send my family and set their hearts on fire for God.

  41. Come Holy Spirit come,Come Holy Spirit cine,Come Holy Spirit come. Please hear this mother’s plea for my family. Please stop the fighting among them help my granddaughter who has cause so much drama help her find her way back to you Lord. Remove all angry and frustrated from around my family. Help us to stand on your Word I pray for peace,love and forgiveness in Jesus name Amen.

  42. Holy Spirit, we ask the you will sell our park model at a campground. as It has become too difficult , due to our health, too travel on weekends to enjoy it after 17 years. We are grateful for the years and memories we have enjoyed over the years.

  43. Praying that my wife will experience a full recovery from the surgery on Tuesday 5/26/19 to remove all but 4” of her large intestine/colon and that this may also reduce her overall fibromyalgia condition and improve her quality of life to enjoy more experiences with our daughter thru her last few years of high school. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN

  44. Lord I pray for the conversion of my children’s heart to love and RECEIVE your peace love and joy in Harmony. Lord I pray for our upcoming day trip, prepare our hearts to see you with the eyes of our hearts Lortd., and for our newest grandbaby. In Jesus name I pray.

  45. For me to remain in God’s Grace
    For God’s Blessings and protection on my family
    For me to be accepted to go back to school to finish my degree

    • Holy Spirit, Bless EA to be accepted to go back to school to finish degree. Bless this favor soon. Amen

  46. Holy Spirit I humbly pray for the following intentions
    That I may get a job soon that is meaningful where I can contribute my talents. I pray that the opportunity at the,School may come through for me.

    Holy Spirit I humbly pray for my health , that I may get a true ease from my bowel issues.

    Holy Spirit I humbly lift up my family, that you may guide them where you need them to be.

  47. Peace in my life
    Financial breakthrough
    Help my husband to stop insulting me en making noise to me hence not living in peace.