Day 1 – Novena for Marriage & Family 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Novena for Marriage & Family!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray for me and my husband. Please Lord soften his heart and Mary please help lead him back home. He is struggling after leaving a long career with the military. We have grown apart over the last few years and he has resentment built up towards me. Please soften his heart and flood him with the memories of what we were and what we could be. Soften his heart not just towards me but towards his parents and his maker. Bring us back to a life of faith, love and happiness. Thank you for loving me and letting me call out to you. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  2. Please pray for my son and his wife that they may be find their love for eachother and repair their marriage .


  4. Please pray for my marriage. My husband has moved out. He is not completely settled and is going through something I just don’t know. Please restore our love and connection and bring him home where he belongs. 15 year old marriage. We need him, not financially, just to make us complete

  5. Please pray for my marriage ŕestoration we have been thorough alot my husband is having an affair with another woman, no itimancy, silent treatment and no financial support.

  6. Please pray for restoration of communication, love and intimacy in my marriage to LM. Married 11 years with no physical intimacy and no children. We have a lot of financial debt which is a cause of stress, worry, frustration and anger . Attempted counseling years ago which was abandoned. I have returned to faith and have been a devout Catholic for a year and a half and she is not. Please pray that L returns to faith and is healed and we are both open to God’s blessings in the name of Jesus! Pray for us St. Jude, miracle worker of impossible situations!

  7. Please pray for my daughter Ashley and her husband Mike that their current marital problems will be resolved and their marriage will become stronger.

  8. Please pray for my marriage and our healing. My husband GA has fallen into pornography and alcohol and it has affected us greatly. I now have high anxiety which is making things difficult as well. Please pray that he works to regain my trust and our bond. Please pray that we can come together again in true love and compassion and lead our family in faith and love. Thank you immensely for your prayers. SP

  9. Please pray for me and my husband to help save my marriage and bring husband home and his love for me be stronger .. amen

  10. Please pray for my friend, George, and his wife and daughter. He is considering ending his relationship with his wife after 20 years of marriage. Please pray the marriage may be reconciled for their sake and the sake of their daughter.

  11. Please pray for marriage to be restored. My husband has left my daughter and me. He is involved with another woman and his family is supporting the relationship. He is filled with negativity towards me and says he will never return. Please pray for a miracle. Thank you all and I pray for all of you.

  12. Please pray for us as we are now 10 years married but have no children. We want this blessing through Mother Mary and her son Jesus.

  13. Please pray for my daughter Michelle & her fiancee Dominic for their upcoming wedding civil ceremony on September 3 & their upcoming church wedding on September 9 that God will bless their marriage with Love, Hope Faith through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Jesus name, Amen.
    Thank you for praying with me & for Michelle and Dominic.

  14. Please pray for my son Russell and his wife Julee, they are having some hard times in there marrage right now, Please please pray they stay together and work it out. Please pray they love one another and there young son Russell. And have a good life. Please don’t let them split up. Let them work it out. thank you c

  15. I would like for you to pray for me sisters daughter her name is g she wants to be married but they are a lot of things in her way she would love if things could start going write for her and she would be able to get married for Christmas at the moment her and her fiance is not seeing eye to eye We Are From A travelling community and finances are not very good at the moment for her so we would love if you could pray for her that everything will go her way and she will be able to get married for Christmas at the moment her father’s business is not doing very good so please pray for he business to start picking up as well thank you very much

  16. Please pray for me. I am confuse , a relationship i have being for long ,my boyfriend just told me that we can’t get married because i am not an igbo girl his dad said he won’t accept. I pray for mother mary to intercede on my behalf

  17. I am praying for peace in my home. Restore love and good relationship between my husband and myself. My husband is being influenced by outside forces and wants to kick me out. He’s had an adulterous relationship and it has messed up his mind. Pray for us.

  18. Am praying for renew and restore our love with my husband Isaiah

    I pray through saint Rita

  19. Please help me pray for the restoration of our marriage. I pray for a change for myself and for my husband to see the light and end the adulterous relationship with another woman. I pray for strength, faith and hope. I put all my trust in You Father Almighty. I praying for Mother Mary to intercede on my family.
    All of these In the Mighty Name of Jesus

  20. Please pray for me and my wife and kids. We are going through a terrible time and need prayers to make it through this. Thank you all so much.

  21. February 28, 2018

    My husband is secretly living with another woman for months now. This is very painful and i dont know what i am going to do because we have two kids. I dony know how to handle this kind of problem. Please pray for my family and my husband to come back. Thank yoi so much

  22. Dear Father in heaven. Through this intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I pray that my husband will come back to me and our children. Our marriage of 19 years has been destroyed by negative influences . Please show him the way back into our lives and restore the love and respect we had for each other. My love for him is still as strong as it was in the beginning, please bring him back where he belongs. Lord Jesus . Pray for us. Amen

  23. Please pray for me I am in a confused and dishonest relationship my heart doesn’t know what to believe and where to focus.Pray that we may be able to forgive and understand each other with the father of my two daughters and eventually settle properly for our good and the good of our children.

  24. Please pray with me so that i am able to get married and start a family. I believe God knows when all this will happen and he is watching over me. I pray that i am able to conceive as well so that i am able to start a wonderful family. amen

    • Please pray that this 10 oct 2017 my husband will be back in my arms again and will have a happy family again. That the Holy Spirit will guide us on our marriage. Amen

  25. Thank you for your prayers though this Novena. My husband Carlos came back home and we are going to go to counseling to improve and save our marriage. Thank you with all my heart!!! Thank you God!!! for answering my prayers ♥♥♥

  26. Pleas pray for all young families and for my daughter marriage and family : Johanna Kristina and Toni Markus, thank You very much! Lets pray for all marriages ! And ecpecially for youth who destroy themself in open relationships , escpecially for my 17 years daughter Triinu Helena ! Thank You !

  27. Please pray for my spouse conversion. God have mercy on him, bring him back to catholic faith. Pray also God will restore my family. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen

  28. Father in Heaven, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I pray that my husband and I will continue to be understanding of each other, sincere, honest and faithful to each other. I pray for our family to always have peace and deeper faith in You. And most of all I pray for physical healing for my Dad, that he will be healed of his cancer and become healthy again. All these I pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  29. Dear Holy Mother, please pray for me and my husband. Please pray for my sons and their wives. And for all my grandchildren, young and old both. I pray that they all come to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him. Amen. JESUS AND MARY I LOVE YOU, PLEASE SAVE SOULS…

  30. For God to bring my husband back to the Catholic faith. And for God to intercede in my sisters marriages, to grant them peace and understanding and to grant the also that which they will use to care for their God’s given children. Amen

  31. Please pray that my son ‘s marriage will be fixed . That my son will stop drinking due to stress with his wife. That they will treat one another with love and respect. That they will be as loving and sweet as before and be one again as couple.

  32. Please pray for my daughter going through a confused, troubled time. May she get the counseling needed to give her peace. Pray for my son in law that he may have forgiveness and understanding. That their love and marriage be healed and their children not be severed by divorce.

  33. I am praying for a job closer to home that will provide for the needs for my family, but reduce the amount of time I spend on my commute. I love my family and want to have time to spend with them.

  34. For my husband’s conversion so that we can be strong together in following the faith and leading our children to heaven.

  35. Please pray and intercede for my family and marriage. That we may put God first and our Blessed mother first above all. I also ask if you pray for all marriages that are going through a hard time and have lost hope. May God with his infinite grace and mercy have pity on us Amen
    For my parents marriage

  36. Dear Mother Mary
    I kindly request you to intercede to your son Jesus Christ that my family will have peace and love God above all things.Amen

  37. To Our Heavenly Mother & Father,
    With the help of all the saints in Heaven and all our family members who have gone before us. Pray for Peace & Mercy with my 3 sons, Pray that they trust in You and become holier. Pray that my 2 college sons are keeping faith and trust in You. Pray that they are safe with Your loving arms around them as You walk this journey with them!

    I also pray with my whole heart and soul that my son Sean returns home to me, I pray that he returns to the church and prays more, in seeking Your help Lord Jesus. He has left my home saying all I do is argue with him on all counts. He is disrespectful with his words and actions, I pray he honors Your commandments of both Mother and Father. I pray that you give me the words and guidance that he will listen with an open heart and mind. I pray with all my heart that You hear my prayers and help me help him. He’ll be a senior in High School and I want to cherish this last year with him around. Help him find his way.

    I love all my children, and although I am divorced from their father, I pray for the family, all of us to feel like ONE FAMILY TWO HOMES! Pray that my former husband speaks kind of me and let Sean know it’s important to share time with your Mom. With Your help Lord I believe and Trust in Your will…AMEN

    Thank-you for all that I am blessed with my Home, Jobs, and Health! I pray for all the families in Texas that they find Hope, Peace and Love in all things through this terrible tragedy.

    • I can feel your pain dear. I join my faith with yours, believing God who is the owner of all hearts will answer our prayers. Amen. Cheers. You are blessed sis!

  38. Please Mother Mary help to bring dbp to my life as a husband and please ask your son Jesus to always keep my two sons safe. Amen

  39. I lift my children up in prayer and pray for deep conversion in their lives. I pray that Daniel will meet a special Catholic girl and that Phillip and Kathryn will be blessed with children very soon, if it be your holy will, Lord. Thank you JESUS & mother Mary. I love you.

  40. I pray for a stronger, happier and holier marriage. Please cure my husband and help him get rid of all his bad habits (alcoholism, lies, dishonesty etc.) completely. May our faith in this marriage be restored. May we cultivate love and friendship again in this relationship. Please help my Husband, please make him a pure and divine person. Please help him get rid of all the bad ppl and defects.

  41. Mother Mary please intercede on my behalf to Your ever loving Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ and our Lord, our Heavenly Father to please bless me with abundance, discernment of His Will; and, the sacrament of holy marriage to a loving, compassionate, honorable man Our Heavenly Father has personally chosen for me.

    I trust in my Lord God to charge St. Raphael with leading me to my chosen husband as he led and blessed Tobias to Sara. I shall honor my Lord, my Savior, and the Holy Spirit all the days of my life.

    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

  42. Hail Mary mother of God, I pray that you intercede for me that my relationship with Alton be restored and that we be blessed with the sacrament of Holy matrimony. If there are any spirits in my family that are blocking my marriage and if there ares spells that have been placed in my name that are stopping me from getting married I rebuke them in the name of Jesus and place them under His feet. I pray to be freed from all spiritual bondages in Jesus name Amen

  43. I pray for my son and his wife. I pray that my son will go to rehab for drugs, alcoholism, and mental illness. I pray that my daughter in law get counseling for multiple personalities, follows through with RCIA, gets the 5 year birth control out of her arm, and takes NFP. I pray for them to have a healthy marriage, make a marriage encounter weekend, and have healthy children. Help them not to put money and jobs first. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

  44. Please pray that I will find a good Catholic man to marry. If I have already found him, pray to bless our relationship and for discernment.

    For the conversion of my family and close friends. For my daughter’s marriage. For my son’s courtship. For wisdom concerning a friend.

  45. Most pure and inviolate Mary, I pray that you may hide and shelter me within your shroud so that I may feel the loving embrace of a mother at my hour of great suffering. Help me to regain dignity and chastity as it has been ripped away, and allow the healing grace of your Son to encourage my heart to not be hardened or embittered by wrongs done to me. I pray also, that you would take a special interest in moving the heart of the one that committed these acts out of selfishness and prompting from the serpent, for through Divine Love the serpent’s head shall be crushed once more. Mary, full of grace…pray for us.

  46. Dearest Mother Mary,I pray for my family’s health & financial problems.. .Pray for my eldest sister J in her painful legs to be cured.Enable her to walk easily…Thank you

  47. prayers for – NICK – caring for a verbally abusive drug addict wife – lord have mercy and pity – this abuse is causing health problems for NICK – thank you – your child – diane/nj/usa

  48. I pray that through the recitation of this novena with faith, trust, hope and confidence, our Mother Mary will interfere for me to our Lord and bless my family with a baby boy, a son to the glory of husband amen..

    • I pray that through the recitation of this novena with faith, trust, hope and confidence, our Mother Mary will interced for me to our Lord and bless my family with a baby boy, a son to the glory of His name amen..

  49. I pray for the restoration of my marriage. I pray for my husband’s heart of stone to be replaced with one of flesh -full of tenderness and love. I pray that his desires to separate and to be with other women end and that he turns to Christ and accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I pray that our children not feel the pain of separation or divorce and that we can restore our marriage before it comes to this. Holy Mother, I pray for the woman who is in his life who is influencing him negatively – I pray for revelation and understanding and for her to leave my husband and return to her own. Holy Mother, please intercede on our behalf for the restoration of our marriage and our family and the renewal of faith, hope, and love between my husband and I and within our household.

    In Jesus’ name,


  50. I pray for this divorce battle to be resolved sooner than later, most specifically the financial strain on myself, since I am the physical and emotional caretaker of the children. Guide me, Lord, so I can continue to do your will as the Christian that I am.

  51. Please help me with coping with old husband’s disposition. Make my family more aware that l need help and that l am able to cope better. In the name of the father.