Day 1 – Mary Undoer of Knots Novena 2020

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Mary Undoer of Knots Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, please intercede for me.
    We had to take away my moms car keys and having to fix her medicine in a pill box. Two medical doctors and a therapist working together came up with this plan. She is very, very angry. She has been independent since my dad passed away 8 years. I understand that she is upset. She feels my brother and I are taking away her freedom , but we are just doing what the medical professionals are telling us. She is more angry with me. She feels like I told the doctors to tell her this. She has told me several times that she feels that I am mean to her, and she does not want to have anything to do with me. She does not want me going to her house and her coming to mine. She is also telling her family and friends this. This is tearing my heart. I have always respected her and never was disrespectful to her. She is not treating my brother like this. Please help her to except this and stop being so ugly to me. I would love for her to apologize to me, but I don’t think she thinks she is doing anything wrong. I would still like to have a relationship with her for her remaining time of her life. I just want her to feel good and enjoy the rest of her life happy. Please untie these knot for us.
    Also far my family ( husband, children, in-laws, grandchildren)to have a stronger faith. Pull us closer to
    you and God. Also that we stay healthy, happy and strengthen our family’s relationship. It’s good now but make it stronger.
    For my youngest son who is a Senior. Help him to mature, grow up quick and be more responsible. Help him to take to us more instead of hanging out in his room. Help him to hang around the right people who stay out of trouble. Help him to make the right choices and do not cave into peer pressure. Help him in school and to pay attention and retain what the teacher is teaching. To care more about his studies and push himself more to do better. He is going to college next year. Please help us make the right choice on where he goes and please help him make the correct career choice that he will be happy with, and that he can live a good life . One that he can provide for a wife and children in the future. Also, for his future wife. That she is a good catholic with good morals and values and we would have a good relationship with.
    That they will have a strong marriage with god in the center.
    For my mother in law and father in law’s health
    For my godmothers health.
    I would like to thank you now for answered prayers. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, I just want to thank you for interceding & undoing permanently the Knots of cancer in Eucharia life; fear and worries in my Mum’s life, & guilt & worries in my life; we know our Lord Jesus never deny you any favor you ask of Him. Please, let Him know we are truly sorry for our sins, & we will try to avoid in the future.
    And tell Him we are very grateful for sparing our lives & giving us a brand new chance again.🙏☺

  3. Holy Mary under of knots please undo the knots of my unbearable fear and anxiety and insomnia. Please help me get through my medical issues. I love you Blessed Mother

  4. I pray that my granddaughters will eventually come to know me before I die. They don’t contact me often and I miss them.
    Their Mother, my daughter died three years ago and before that they didn’t come visit much and now they and their Dad don’t come at all. Thanks for your prayers.

  5. Holy Mary, Undoer of Knots,

    I pray that you see the knots that are keeping me back. The knot of unforgiveness, the knot that is keeping me from finding work that God is intending for me. I ask you to bring this to God, in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.


  6. Mary undoer of all knots , I bring to u today 3/5/2020 my family problems, I ask u my heavenly mother to come and bless myself and my wife wit children . Jesus , Mary and Joseph I put my family into ur hand I pray dis year will not pass us by wit out us have children of our own. Dis I asked in Jesus name . amen

  7. Mary undoer of all knots , I bring to u today 3/5/2020 my family problems, I ask u my heavenly mother to come and bless myself and my wife wit children . Jesus , Mary and Joseph I put my family into ur hand I pray dis year will not pass us by wit out us have children of our own. Dis I asked in Jesus name . amen

  8. I pray through Our Lady Undoer of Knots to untie the knot of Family Division, Lies, Misconceptions, Cold-Heartedness and Unforgiveness that has separated my sisters & their families from the rest of us. Also I pray for multigenerational healing of this family division knot. Amen

  9. Please pray for my friends and relatives who have cancer.
    My father-in-law who died of Covid-19 at 97.
    And all others struggling with this awful virus around the world.

  10. Mary, Undoer of Knots I entrust my dying cousin Henry to you. Please let him return to the sacraments & grant him a holy death. Have his sons return to Tacloban to spend time w/ him.

  11. I pray for our Holy Mother Church, that this pandemic may bring all Catholics back to our church stronger than ever – especially those who are farthest away from our Lord Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother. Amen!

  12. Dear Holy Mother,
    I seek your intervention to untie the knot I have with my estranged daughter Jennifer.

  13. Dear Holy Mary our Mother, please help me to untie the knot of anger and bitterness toward my husband leaving me after 20 years of marriage. He has moved on divorced me and found a new girlfriend and has deserted his two teenage children. MARY please help me to surrender this to our Lord and Savior as it may be His will not mine. This is so hard but I know with the guidance from You and the Holy Spirit it may be untied. In Jesus name I pray AMEN🙏🏽

  14. Dear Mother Mary, undoer of knots and Mother of all graces I seek your help for my sister Jo Jo who has pancreatitis. I thank you Mother Mary
    I love you.

  15. Our Lady of Undoer of Knots, I ask humbly for the undoing of the knots in my heart, mind, body, soul, relationships, all aspects of my life, and all spirits that are not from God. Undo all knots that prevent the flow of God’s bountiful love and mercy in all of Hod children. Break the “chains of viruses“ that permeate our lives and caused ALL types of destruction. Lives are entangled with deceit, fear, greed, lack of compassion, bitterness, pride, addiction. May God’s light shine through all darkness that have hardened hearts and caused entangled lives. Pray for us and bring us to Jesus. Amen

  16. Mother Mary Undoer of Knots, please take away this knot of anxiety I am feeling if it not God’s will that I experience it. Please help me to let go of my past as I know God has forgiven me. Thank you for bringing me home. I love you, I love you I will always love you.

  17. Mother Mary I thank you for interceding for my family , I pray u bring brotherly love back between me and my brother and sister DAT no one can separate. Bless us all and guide us . I pray for myself and my wife be wit us in all we do and bless us wit our own children both male and female. Lead us to d right part and forgive us all our sins. Bless our businesses and our going out and coming in . no evil eyes will see us and no evil will hold us down any more . we are coved with d blood of Jesus. Bless all we do and all d plans we have in Jesus name we pray .amen . Mother Mary answer our prayers.

  18. Thank you Jesus for ur grace upon my life and DAT of my family, sweet virgin Mary , Mother of d whole world pls remove dis virus DAT is killing ppl all over the world . amen . Mother Mary pls I beg of you to help me achieve all my dream , pls God bless d new business am about to open , help me get good workers and enough customers. Mary our mother pls bless my self and my wife wit children dis year. Protect us from all evil, protect us from wickedness of d world . amen . bless all we do in Jesus Name .Amen

  19. Dear Mother Mary Undoer of knots,.
    Thank you for hearing our prayers and concerns tonight.
    Help us all in this pandemic virus Mother . Please End this, please.
    Over 60 ,000 have died because of this dreadful virus.
    We pray for the poor,sick and the dying.
    We pray for the Elderly ones whom are suffering in these nursing homes.
    We pray for the dead.
    Our Beloved Mother, tomorrow I go to confession, it’s been since before Easter.
    Help me with my bitterness, anger
    Judging of others , and controling of my tongue.
    Help me with my confession tomorrow please.
    We pray to end ABORTIONS FOREVER
    Dementia, for the Elderly, free their heart from sadness and give them Joy .
    We ask to end the hatred around the world.
    Help this country from being devided….
    God Bless AMERICA
    God Bless President Donald Trump.
    Our children, military, our religious leaders. Bring our children back to the church.
    Bring us all back to the church once again. We ask this in your beloved son’s nameJesus, Amen

  20. Thank you for your beautiful words. I truly enjoy hearing you say the novena. It brings such peace.

  21. Dear Mary Undoer of Knots,
    Please lift my brother up to the everlasting arms of Jesus. Pray that my sisters and brothers may someday pray together at our parents’ grave as my brother did not come to Mom’s funeral. That we may leave our children a legacy of forgiveness and courage having our issues resolved. That we may all be shown the knots in our hearts.
    Dear Mother, our hearts are safe under your loving and prayerful gaze.

  22. Dearest Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots,

    Please come to my aid during this troubling time. ❤️🙏❤️
    I’m praying for my brother, Ronald, seems to misunderstand every word, and intention I expressed…It hurts me to see such anger and annoyance.

    I offer up all my hurts and sufferings for the souls in purgatory and in the world. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, save souls.
    Jesus, I Trust in You. ❤️🙏❤️

    I’m praying for your intercession, Mary, Undoer of Knots. You are our Spiritual Mother, and I would like to see peace in my brother’s life, and in all relationships.

    Mother Mary, Under of Knots, please pray that a healing for Ronald comes sooner than later. Undo all the knots that’s chocking my brother’s relationships and especially with his siblings….Also, heal Ronald’s memory, in Jesus’s Holy Name.
    May Ronald’s heart be renewed in forgiveness!

    Praying for everyone doing this Novena. Also, praying for peace, mind, body and spirit throughout the world, during these days.
    May many souls have a hunger for God, now!

    Praying for myself and my husband to live a healthy and faith filled marriage. Praying for the protection of Christian Marriages and Mother Church. Praying for Pope Francis, all Bishops, Priest, Deacons, Nuns and the Laity. I asked this in Jesus Holy Name.
    Jesus, I Trust in You.

  23. Dear Mary, Undoer of Knots, please watch over me. Was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer, had a total hysterectomy. Will require 5 weeks of radiation, then some additional scans, and surveillance. Please pray all will be well. Prayers that a vaccine and a treatment for Covid can be found.

  24. Mary Undoer of Knots, please pray for my son, Nicholas, who is in quarantine for almost 4 weeks now at the Naval boot camp at Great Lakes, IL. Nick and a multitude of recruits have had their training interrupted, and are in various stages of isolation despite having tested negative for coronavirus. They are confined to their sleeping quarters, and have no contact with the outside world aside from those assigned to check their temperatures or deliver meals, etc. They may receive letters through US mail (much delayed) and perhaps an unscheduled 3-minute phone call every 2-3 weeks with a loved one. They are not permitted tv or radio, physical exercise, or even adequate meals – only turkey sandwiches and a piece of fruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their physical and mental health deteriorate every day that they remain in this state of uncertainty, deprivation, and isolation, not knowing when they may be cleared to again join their divisions, complete their training, and graduate from basic training. Mother please pray for them, your children, that they be released from this painful state of limbo.

  25. Hail Mary undoer of knots untie the bonds that chain us with my nephew and his wife, heal our relationship to where neither of us are offended when we talk. I pray for my nephew and niece to realize the blessings they have, they return to the Catholic Church with full participation and dedication to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray my nephew and niece will baptize their son, raise him in the faith.
    Pray to an end to this pandamic, giving the scienetists wisdom, and guidance.

  26. Dear Mary undoer of knots, please pray for the conversion of my dear family, thank you, in Jesus name we pray..

  27. Dear Mary undoer of knots
    Please pray for Baby Alina. She is 2 1/2 years old and recently had brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor which they could not take all of it out due to location. She will start undergoing chemo. Pray that she is strong enough to go through this very hard treatment and that this treatment will work 100 percent.
    In Jesus name we pray.

  28. May 1, 2020 10:25am
    Dear Mary Undoer of Knots,

    I am praying for my son Anthony Peter. He was given a clean bill of health for Rectal Cancer. Then in December blood work showed Cancer returned in his liver and pelvic area. He was put back on Chemo Therapy with another drug added
    to his treatment.

    Last week his CT Scan showed a good reduction in all spots including the Liver. One or two spots in the pelvic area are too small to see, means 2mm or less in size. His Lungs are still good. He will continue Chemo Therapy again every other week for several months.

    Anthony Peter has been a strong person, he has
    family and friends who are there for him. I hope this next round of treatment will show more good results. I pray my son will be cured from all and any Cancer.

    Thank you Mary Undoer of Knots.

  29. Please pray that I would use my time and energy wisely and totally in sync with the wishes of our dear Heavenly Father as I march toward the end of my life. That means I need to hear better and obey better than ever before (in the last 81+ years).

  30. Dear Mary,

    I am worry I won’t be able to earn a B that should be allotted to me despite not turning in the right screen shot. If it’s not possible, I pray to not worry or think about this, again. Please help me to let go.


  31. I am praying that I and my children… and all who struggle be free to pray. That our precious Mother untangle the knots that block the love of God to be understood…shame, unworthiness, anxiety, fear, the negative experience of earthly fathers and mothers who themselves suffered. Mary, grant us hearts to forgive and receive the grace of freedom from the lies we have become entangled in and replace them with your truth so that we may approach the Throne in peace and trust. May God grant each the answers to their prayers. Amen

  32. Dear Mary,

    Please undo the knot of my dads cancer once again. He is for sure a warrior through all of this. And undo the knots of my 2 sisters that they come back to your son’s church.

    Please undo the knots of my 3 cousins that recently lost their brother he passed away last month for the repose of his soul.

    And for the repose of the soul of my cousins mother in law she passed away this month.

    For mt cousin who lost her mom last month on Good Friday May they all rest in peace. Thank You!!

  33. Give my brother Frank the strength to do your will as he battled liver cancer, cirohsis and HepC. I ask for your guidance in my participation according to your will how to help and support him. I pray for your mercy and the gentleness of Mary’s care. Amen Thank You

  34. Mother Mary, I ask you tonight to hear my prayers for my husband to find a job, due to this covid pandemic, he was laid off. We need to fix our house and pay our house payment and insurance. It’s coming up for renewal and we don’t want to loose it. Please provide us with the money to afford it and to be able to fix it up for our family. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen. Thank you Blessed Mother.