Day 1 – Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena 2019

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray that the knot the binds the relationship with my mother be undone. Blessed Mother I beg for your intercession. Amen

    St Padre Pio, St Mother Theresa and Venerable Archbishop Sheen pray for me.

  2. Mary, Undoer of Knots, I feel so helpless as it seems like my family is falling apart and there isn’t anything I can do about it, except pray. I asked my husband to leave, but within a day, had a change of heart. I have apologized and asked him 3 times to reconsider and to return home, but he seems steadfast in his wishes to not reconcile. Mother Mary, as a mother, please if it is the will of God, intercede on my behalf and unharden his heart and fill his heart with love and a true open desire to return hone and restore our family and our marriage. Please, please help us. Please do not allow an excessive amount of time to pass before his heart desires to be a part of our family.

  3. Dearest, beloved Mary Undoer of Knots, You see my misery, my complete disability to solve this financial crisis. You see , how suffer those around me and how much they depend on the solution of this big problem. And You know , that I need Your help, because I wish to continue to help others in need. Intercede for me, for us, beloved Mother, before Your Son and before God the Father! I pray You, I rely on You, I depend from You! I strongly believe, that through Your Motherly intercession the miracle will happen soon and also this knot will be undone for me! THANK YOU! LOVE YOU, BLESSED MOTHER UNDOER OF KNOTS!
    Peace and blessings to all, who pray for me and with me, as I pray for you and with you!

  4. Please Mary give me patience to help me with my problems watching over me and keep me well from my surgery

  5. Blessed Mother Mary please help me,send a loving miracle my way ,you know my needs, please answer these needful request, Please ask your Beloved Son Jesu,to please ask OUR FATHER TO HELP ME IN ALL MY REQUESTS, NOTHING US IMPOSSIBLE WITH ABBA

  6. Mother Mary,
    I beg you to intercede for the intentions for all of my beloved friends. For the repose of Stephen’s soul and the healing of his family. I also implore your help in undoing the terrible knots from all the wounds in my marriage and for the wounds in the hearts of my children as a result. Sweet Mary, bring to Jesus all of the requests and I beg of you to see that no knot is left undone in all these intentions and for all those praying this novena. Thank you loving mother for interceding for us. Martha Z…keep praying for us! 🙏💕

  7. Dearest Mother Mary. I pray for you to untie the knots that have been with our family and our business. We’re going through a lot of depression trying to pay bills when the cash flow is very low. We need support to our family business. So much competition in the field we are in until it’s become a dog eat dog profession. Raise us up to know that you are working in our favor for a breakthrough with the finances. Give us hope that things will be better than it has been. Open up the windows of heaven and surround us with your love and protection. Amen

  8. Dear our Lady Mary undoer of the knots, thank you for coming into our lives
    Please untie the knot of poverty in my family and family in law, grant me with the job that I have always wanted(teaching) so that I can take care of my family , please also untie the knot of debts that I am always in.
    Thank you Holy Mother

  9. Dear Mary, Mother of Jesus
    Please untie the knot of an unjust criminal conviction, that the necessary papers to overturn it will be swiftly released enabling me to be a true witness to Jesus.. Please pray for all those who are unjustly accused in any way.
    Please end abortions.
    Please help all those who are praying his novena.
    Thank you Holy Mother

  10. Heavenly Mother Mary, under of knots,
    Thank for coming into our lives and to hear our voices.
    Help this country from the bitterness, and the uglyness she is enduring.
    Help us please !!
    Help our president from the Uglyness he is getting.
    And most troubling too us all, I ask you PLEASE Mother,..

  11. Mary, undoer of knots. By the power of God please undo the knots in my life. The knots of distrust and suspicious. Please help restore the strength in my legs. Encourage me to walk every day. Please increase my exercise and let my heart condition improve.
    Mary, undoer of Knots let me look upon my loved ones with love and understanding. I cannot do this alone but please, please help.
    Please, by the power of God, increase within my heart, spirit and soul, more hope in God, more belief in God and Faith in God.
    Please bring good people and good friends into my life
    Praise be the name of the Lord and the name of Mary undoer of knots.

  12. Dear Mother Mary, please ease the pain of depression in my life and give me the gift of empathy for my husband and his lack of help in my life. Please ask the Holy Spirit to impress upon his heart a need to return to your church and the waste of time it is to dwell and obsess on money and be grateful for what God has given us and not what others have. Thank you Dear Mother Mary for your peace and consolation you give to me and many others, especially those following this novena.

  13. Our Lady,
    Please intercede for me and my intentions. I pray for relief from financial troubles and for assistance in managing my finances. I pray for help with the loneliness and that you will bring good people into my life. Help me not to lose hope in this process.

    For my children to return to the faith and begin to reach out to you Jesus. That my grandchildren will have a longing for you and will find you and make you a part of their lives. For healing of myself and all who are dear to me and that we will all feel your presence in our lives.

    Let me have a good weekend with blessings from you. I love you Lord Jesus and pray for the intercession of Our Lady Undoer of Knots.

  14. Our Lady Mary, Undoer of Knots,
    Please help me and my husband at this difficult time in our lives.
    Give us the grace of unceasing faith, hope and courage in all that we are going through. Thank you ~ I love you.

  15. For the knots in our lives, all those praying this novena today may they Our Lady the Undoer of Knots intercede for them, for me, for us.

  16. Mary undoer of knots hear my prayer and remove the knots of the geographical restrictions that keep us tied down to live in this town as well as any other knots that keep me, my fiancé, my son and my family from having that thirst for our Lord. Help me in to better myself in love, charity and hope.

    I pray for the friend whose baby was taken away by the father without notice. That her knots be untied so that she is able to financially pay a lawyer and win her court in keeping her child that she loves so much.

  17. Most Blessed Mother, please hear my prayers n remove those terrible knots which comes between myself and God, my Lord and Saviour!
    These knots that come to surface sometime even after receiving the sacrement of reconciliation. Like Anger, resentment, disappointments, unforgiveness, and judgement.

    Jesus I trust in you.

    Remove any resentment I may have unconsciously towards others I may have not forgiven completely.

    Help me to suffer more for Christ for my sins.

    Praying for my Niece Charlotte n the lump under her arm will be negative. Mother Mary I give all Charlotte’s concerns to your intercession. Amen.