Day 1 – Our Lady of Lourdes Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Our Lady of Lourdes Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Heal me dear Mother, please heal my husband, niece’s and their mother, safeguard my mother in her heart and soul.

  2. Dear Mother, I know you are watching over me during my depression. Please lift the darkness so I can be in sound body to spread the word of your love for everyone.
    Thank you amen and amen

  3. Dear Mother, never have you abandoned me nor my prayers to intercede on behalf of my intentions. I ask you Blessed Mother, to ask your Son to grant my prayer of bringing my daughter closers to Him. I also ask the she nurture and guide my grandson’s desire to know Him by leading him to You.
    Thank you and Amen

  4. Blessed Virgin Mary, Thank you for all answered prayers. Please continue to intercede for my family. Please pray for good results on 2 upcoming medical
    procedures I will be having. For health of my shoulders, neck and feet also. Please pray for my family to love one another and get along. For my relationship with a daughter to be healed. That my daughter will find someone to love and love her and spend her life with. For my daughter to stop complaining and saying hurtful things.For my family’s emotional healing and peace of mind. For my son to grow in confidence that he is a good young man with talents God gave him and to use them and for him to have some true friends. For help with my marriage, for us to be closer again. Blessed Virgin Mary thank you. Please hear all the prayers I hold in my heart and my family’s hearts. Let’s us remember how Blessed we really are. We Love You.

  5. Please pray for my sister Deanie, she will be having surgery soon to remove a failed mesh implant. She is stressed and worried. Also my nephew David with his struggling addiction. David is Deanie’s youngest son. Thank You. God Bless.

  6. To our Blessed Mother, hear my prayers for all my friends, family and all the ones praying on here that you will send them to your loving son.
    I pray for Charlie, Frances, Dawn’s Mom, Mary, that they will be healed by your loving hand. Help me to be strong and healthy. Amen

  7. To our Blessed Mother, hear my prayers for all my friends, family and all the ones praying on here that you will send them to your loving son.
    I pray for Charlie, Frances, Dawn’s Mom, Mary, that they will be healed by your living hand. Help me to be strong and healthy. Amen

  8. Our Lady of Lourdes , I humbly pray that you intercede for my family for peace and unity of our Lord Jesus Christ to reign. That fruits of this marriage will grow in knowledge and wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  9. Dear Blessed Virgin Mary.. Please continue to grant me the grace of perseverance in completing my doctorate. I hope to be able to walk at graduation the 1st of May with my family/friend at my side. Thank you for bringing me this far. With your intercession and the grace of perseverance, I now know I can do this.

  10. Oh Mother Most Holy, I thank you for all the intercessions you have done on my behalf. Through this novena I am humbly asking for your intercession again on the healing of H from bipolar disorder. I know you love her as one of your children and You are able to see her suffering. I also pray for a stedy source of income for her.
    Please Mother intercede also for P so that he may find his God-given footing in life and that he may learn to be serious in his Christianity. I trust in your help, Oh Holy Mother. Amen

  11. Most Blessed Mother Mary & all the angles and Saints please hear my pleats. Pray for all relationships that kindness, mercy will manifest in the world. Praying especially for my husband F.C who has anxiety, quiet his mind. Give him a spiritual awakening that will transform our marriage. Give him the peace that surpasses all understanding. W. H who suffering from alcohol addition. My sister M. D. who suffered from an eye problem. My sister B. M. , R. F. Heal hearts from holding onto grudges. may your intercessions renew all brokenness and that your healing cures all for the good. I ask this in Jesus Holy name. Also other family members, friends & persons suffering in silence. Amen ????

  12. Pray for my brother and sisters and friends for healthy a body also for myself,oh yes for Father Joe at St Andrew’s to heal his leg and feet,thank Jesus for a Blessed healing.

  13. Our Lady of Lourdes I pray to you for my adult children. I pray to you that they may find faith, comfort & peace & no longer suffer from the anxieties & depression they suffer on account of their upbringing.
    I thank God for the faith I am blessed with & so hope & pray that the world will one day enjoy the same blessings.

  14. That my husband and I find a new affordable place to live for our growing family. Walking distance to a Catholic church would be nice.
    That my husband gets into the graduate program of his choice and gets a better job.
    That I finish my studies and do well in my job.

  15. Lady of Lourdes please pray for my husband RFR that he will get better from his illness. Please help him feel better. And please pray for my sister CA and my nieces that they may find comfort in each other as they go through the lost of their husband and father. That they also look upon our Lord Jesus Christi for faith, comfort and healing. Lady of Lourdes please pray for my children and grandchildren that they always look for our Lord Jesus Christ for guidance and faith. In Jesus name I ask thee. Thank you for all the blessings bestowed to my family.

  16. Our Lady of Lourdes, I pray for full time employment for my husband. Also, my daughter to get a new full time job.
    Thank you , dear Mary mother of Our Lord.

  17. Holy Lady of Lourdes, I pray for Beth and Rob and the healing of their marriage. Please untie the knots in their marriage, and open their eyes to the blessing of reconciliation. Thank you dear Mother Mary.

  18. Our lady of our Lourdes, I ask for your prayers and heading my husband, David son , David and daughter, Erica and for me,Amanda please be with us all guild us to the right direction protect us from evil. Thank you Mary.i ask this in your son name

  19. Our Lady of Lourdes, I ask for prayers and healing for my son and brother who have both been diagnosed with cancer. My son will have surgery and my brother has already started radiation. I also ask for prayers and healing for a friend with ovarian cancer. I pray for the surgeon, oncologists, and nurses. Thank you Mary for your prayers. I ask this in your son’ name. I am blessed. Amen.

  20. Our Lady of Lourdes..
    Please answer the prayers and intentions of those asking tonight.
    Please help my husband with his current situation and let him find peace and his place.
    Thank you.

  21. Our Lady of Lourde’s we are asking for a favor with our Lord, To heal Brian of cancer.We need your wisdom,guidance and quick understanding for the doctors and family! Send blessings there way! In Jesus’ Name we pray. We Thank you and praise
    You in advance Amen

  22. I pray in thanksgiving to our Lord through St. Peregrine that the cancer is not in Jan’s liver and that little Amadeus is ok. I pray for continued healing both physically and spiritually in their family.

    Also for my grandfather whose birthday is February 11th – Our Lady of Lourdes pray for him and all his intentions!

    Thank you, Amen.

  23. Oh Blessed Virgin Mary, our Lady of Lourdes., I am praying for my whole family to be united as one. May all of us find love and peace to each other. And that we may all avoid any kind of temptation and dangers. Oh Blessed Virgin Mary, I am praying to heal all the pains in our heart. And may enlightened my life again with the one I love “EDP”. I am sincerely regret for what I did wrong. Please have pity on us. and Thank you Oh Lord for all the blessing, for guiding us and for teaching us.

  24. Our Lady of Lourdes please pray for my son who has lost his way. Show him that family come before friends, greed, ego and self centred behaviour. Encourage him to pray and see the light. His destruction of his family has been at his hands and he sees no wrong.

    Thank you


  25. DearMother pray that my two grand children become baptized. And their
    Parents start going to the Catholic Church. Pray that my husband continues to stay stable on his cancer medicine.

  26. I pray for the problem my son is facing, I pray that his vehicle be reinstated and that we find someone who can help us with the permit. I ask The Lady of Lourdes to intercede for us to her SOn JEsus Christ. It is written that never was it know that if any one came to you was left unaided, therefore I believe and have faith that this problem will be resolved tomorrow. Amen

  27. Please pray for the healing of my husband and the father of our children. He is ill and psychologically lost and without direction. Please let him see You work on his life and faith. Please guide him to You so that he can see the truth of his illness and seek help for his problems. We wish to see him come back to health again. We want him find his life in order be a good son brother husband and father as before. Allow our family to remain strong during this challenging time and to find love in order to support and understand him. Amen.

  28. That dear Lois will have her hearing restored immediately. For Janice that her time of healing will be filled with peace and rest and complete recovery. Amen

  29. I pray that she finally sees the good loving, concerned man he is! I pray that he comes back to the Church. I pray that my house will get back to normal. I pray for healing for my 87 yo Mom who is completely deaf. Mother Mary, Thank you for listening to the needs of your children.

  30. O Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, thank you for saying yes to being the mother of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Please ask your son to heal my son and daughter of their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual illnesses…heal their fear, anxiety and depression as well as their autoimmune illnesses, chronic fatigue, and physical illnesses.Help their doctors find cure, drugs, solutions to their ongoing health conditons. O Blessed Virgin, have pity on us, help us to love your Son, Jesus more and more. Thank you Mary, Mother of God, help me to be better.

  31. Our Lady of Lourdes please heal me and help me to be able to get in a study to cure my cancer. Please make my liver biopsy go as planned. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for prayers answered. Thank you for every day you’ve given me. Give my doctors the knowledge to cure me. Keep my family safe. Thank you ????

  32. To my Dear Blessed Mother
    Pray for me – for my financial situation
    My job is in jeopardy – the managers want to fire me
    and making demands on my job that I can not do
    My health is not good and my nerves and headed for a nervous breakdown A lot of bullying at the office

    Help me , I beg of you – I have no where else to turn to

    Forever, grateful

  33. O Mary, lady of perpetual help. Please place your hand on my annulment. I pray to have a covenant with God on your feast day of the Immaculate Conception. I pray that I don’t have to change the date. Everything is ready for my big day. The wedding dress, flowers, photographer, venue and my cake. My lady, I have prayed and prayed and said many novenas. Please help me with our covenant with Our Lord to come true. I pray for faith and courage to accept Gods will in all things. Amen

  34. with this novena, I pray you dear Lord that you grant me the job that i have applied for in order to free me from the financial difficulties. I promise that i will always serve you. I pray in Jesus’ holy name.

  35. Oh Mary mother of God, onto your holy hand I place my family. Please help my son to find a job, and another of my son who applied to med school to be accepted. I ask the blessed Mary, our mother to intercede for my husband who will be going for surgery after a cyst was found in his kidney. May God in his love and kindness help him so that the surgery will be succeful. Thank you for given me the opportunity to participate in this Movana prayer. God bless you.

  36. Blessing to everyone once again for your prayers, pray for my for friends for healing C.R S.S W.S and for daughter
    and my son .May God continue to Bless us through this Novena of our Lady our Mother LOUDER PRAY FOR US.Amen

  37. Please my blessed mother help my daughter Shelley help her to fight lung cancer . Give her second chance in life with her children and family don’t give up on her be by her side during this journey.

  38. Mother Mary I have been lonely for a long time now and have put my life in God’s hands. I know it must be his will not mine. Please ask your son Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior to let me meet my Godly Spouse. I am ever so ready Mother. Please ask him to make it clear so I can follow the path that my Lord has so graciously paved for me. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

    • Christine
      Hang in there, you are in my prayers. Just remember that your future perfect spouse might not have been ready just yet. Perhaps he is still finding God or hasn’t moved to your city just yet. However, keep believing and you will find him. I pray with you to find your love on earth in the same way you Love our GOD.

  39. Holy Mother, please ask your Son, Our Lord Jesus, to give President Trump the grace, blessings and knowledge to lead the United States to safety and restore our prosperity. Please calm the hearts of those full of fear of this new administration. Please restore peace to our streets. Please forgive us.

  40. Feb 2, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    My dearest mama Mary, ease the pain in my heart brought by the loss of my husband. Pls console me with the thought that he’s now with the company of angels and saints in the kingdom of God.
    Watch over my family and heal me of whatever illness i feel inside.
    Jesus Mary and Joseph, I love you , save souls!

  41. I pray that my health be improved through your prayers
    I pray that problem with my son not having his land papers be settled this year.
    I pray that he will have his own bus.

  42. Pray for unity of my sisters ,bothers and others. Pray that my son will be united with me his mother through this Novena let the barriers preventing him from living a relax and more independent life be established. Pray for a better relationship and living.
    I pray that my health problems the aches and pains be more bearable. I pray for my lady Millicent Adora be healed from her present health conditions in a such a manner that the changes will be noticed. I pray that James Mayers will may me my salary for the months of October and November 2016 for caring for his mother.I am desperately in need of that money. I pray that our lady of Lourdes will intercede on my behave through my intercession.

  43. Mother Mary,

    Prayers for peace in our country, family and myself. Please pray for guidance for me to be and to see a reflection of Jesus in everyone I encounter. Let me decrease so others may increase.

  44. Dear Holy Mother, I beg you to ask your Son to please watch over our country. It is in turmoil and in great need of Your intercession. People are scared by our new government and people are being mistreated. I ask that You and Lord Jesus convert the hearts of those men and make them seek peace and fairness to all humanity. Thank you, Dearest Mother Mary.

  45. Our Lady of Lourdes please answer my prayers during this novena to you. I am going to hospital at 1.30pm on Friday 10th February for investigations. Let the procedure and results be successful. Please answer all my prayers and our families today and everyday. Thank you.

  46. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, when you appeared in Lourdes, you made it a holy sanctuary where many have obtained the cure of their infirmities, both spiritual and corporal. We pray with confidence for your holy intercession.

  47. Mary mary, please pray for the health and safety of our new born child. That we as parents provide a loving home and a safe passage through this world.

  48. Mama Mary please pray that i may pass all my grades especiay succession,persons and legal medicine. Please pray for my classmates as well and for the peace in my family. Please pray for the safety of all of us.

  49. Praying for my husband, that the lord guides him to a new better job! Closer to home and an increase in pay! Thank you lord. Amen

  50. Mother Mary I pray for your intersection that you ask our lord Jesus Christ for healing of my infirmities. I suffer from a neck problem that causes pain into my left hand I pray to br healed..I also suffer from an autoimmune disease that causes my hair to fall out I pray for healing if this disorder also. Amen