Day 1 – Our Lady of Fatima Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Our Lady of Fatima Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. O Blessed Mother Our Lady of Fatima please intercede for Holy Mother Church and all her clergy and religious that they may be purified of all defilement and sac religious actions. That they may detach from the world and have true charity in order to save souls that are falling into Hell and for the conversion of poor sinners.! Also please intercede against the heresy of protestantism that has penatrated into the heart of The Church. Amen

  2. Our Lady of Fatima, please intercede for us to Our Dear Almighty God through our Lord Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.

  3. Pray that I can be vegan for this Novena. I pray for all in purgatory who have no one pray for them.

  4. Sept.09 2017
    Please pray for me Our Lady of Fatima ,for my healing,I was diagnosed
    Of breast cancer,and I’m still under treatment ,give me strength to stay

  5. Please pray and intercede for me Our Lady of Fatima for the healing of my son Marcus who’s suffering with bipolar and schizophrenia and also for my fiancé Albert whose wrongfully incarcerated, and to give me strength to stay strong and stay faithful to Albert and to your son Jesus Christ. Amen

  6. I ask for your blessings for my family especially for my daughter who has gone astray. Bring her back home to the family who loves and misses her….Amen

  7. Dear Our Lady of Fatima,

    Please bless me with a marriage and the fruit of the womb with D. Please intercede for me and may my desires be granted. Thank You my mother Mary. Our Lady of Lourdes please hear me, Amen

  8. Please pray and interceed dear Our Lady of Fatima for the healing of my brother Ramon Roxas who has liver cancer and a cyst on his brain. Ands also Maria Corazon who is lame and needs strenghts in here legs to walk. And myself from diabetes.

  9. Im glad for the novena,its such a blessing,pray for me that I may have a holly wedding that I may be able to receive Jesus present in the holy eucharist

  10. Please pray for me to get a new job near my family.It hurts so bad to work miles away from my baby and husband.

    God bless.

  11. Our Lady of Fatima please continue to intercede with my prayers, specially for the special favor that I am asking for my employment, for the restoration of the health of my father & sister and for peace in the whole world.

    Our Lady of Fatima. Pray for us.

  12. Please raise up in prayer my nephew who is destroying his health with alcoholism. Pray also for my niece’s baby, that is in her womb, that she recieve healing in her leg and foot that has shown up in her ultrasound, and lift up my grandsons that their divorced parents can co-parent in peace for the sake of the boys well being. Thank you for the prayers. May God have Mercy on my family at these times of their struggles Amen

  13. Please pray for my best friend. He’s dealing with his parent’s death. And other personal issues.

  14. My dear Mother and Lady of Fatima you came to me In The time of destruction of my family .you never left our sides . Thank you for your love and generosity. Thank you to your son and my God Jesus Christ for holding us together and tight ,his love and Mercy..May his will be done.Amen

  15. I pray for Tony that he may find a loving mate and return to the church, worshiping Blessed Mother and our Lord on a daily basis.
    I pray that my husband that he may pay homage to Our Lady by saying the rosary with me on regular basis which will lead to his total conversion as a Catholic.
    I pray for a healthy new grandson.

  16. Remove the spirit of rejection from Neela and mercy replace it with favor.
    Bring good people into our lives

  17. Our Lady of Fatima pse come to my aid in the difficulties & challenges that I’m faced with esp. My employment in South Korea , our finances , huge debts , our children’s education & our sick relationship . Mother Mary intercede for us !

  18. Asking to be an instrument to transmit the grace for others to place trust and find peace in God’s will. I also ask healing for my husband’s rheumatoid arthritis.

  19. Our Lady of Fatima bring me closer to your son our Lord Jesus Christ,protect all the members of my family specially my mother my kids ..keep my mother safe and give her good health always..

    Please forgive all my sins????


  21. Praying for fair and peaceful oncoming election in Kenya.
    Also praying for strength to my faith.
    Thank you.And God bless you all.

  22. I am asking to pray for my family my lady of fatima. That my family will become a family once again. For there father to learn to humble himself and learn to forgive and forget. I ask this with a humble heart My Lady my Mother fatima. Please here my prayers. Aman

  23. Our Lady of Fatima, please intercede for me. I Thank God for two things; for getting me a job and for getting me a place to stay/move to. These had been my prayers for the longest time.
    O, Blessed Mother, Queen of The most Holy Rosary, I now pray that I may get more hours at my work so that I may be able to afford my rent, pay my bills, and have money for food/upkeep.
    Thank you for your intercession.

  24. Mama Mary I want to entrust my daughter to you tonight! She is living her Cursillo this weekend! I pray you take care of her and guide her to your beautiful son Jesus! Protect her from all evil and show her your love, take away any anxieties that she is dealing with in her life! Remove any doubts she may have or misconceptions about our catholic faith even if they are unconscious ones…Help her become a strong spiritual leader in her environment. And lastly please protect her from false love, and send her a Godly man some day! Amen! In Jesus name I pray.

  25. Dear Our Lady of Fatima

    Please pray for my healing and for all the sick people and the dying. AMEN

  26. I pray for a job with a position with a salary base pay to provide for my family and all our needs. I also pray that I will be able to pay all the fees to TREC and pass my test.

  27. I prayed that my heart heals after the loss of my dad in a automobile accident this Jan. I miss him terribly

  28. Dear Mother,
    Please come to my aid… help me, intercede on my behalf so that i may get the chance to go back to school for my final year. And please help my parents to be able to pay my fees and that of my siblings. Help me also to clear all the debts that i have accumulated and also help me to be a better person. Please dear mother, pray to your son Jesus for me

  29. Ooh holy Mary, pray for us sinners. I ask that You watch over my friends battling cancer. Both women of good faith and love. Bless them and intercede for them to your beloved Son, our Lord, Jesus. Amen

  30. Gentle Lady, Our Mother,

    Kindly intercede for the conversion of my family and that my own faith and trust in God be strengthened. We are desperate to truly know Him as a loving God and Savior.

    Thank you for hearing my prayers.

  31. Dear our Lady of fatima, please help me through this difficult time with work and with Mark. Please I feel I am so alone with no support from Mark or Iain.
    I ask please watch over me with this work related issue and that I may come on top with my discussion. As for Mark, it is clear he is not sincere with me and feels a sense of arrogance towards me when I needed his love and support the most. I ask please give me strength to walk away from him, he has only hurt me and does not appreciate my love, my devotion and endless support given.

    As for work please watch over me and all this unjust and accusatory and unfairness being done to me. Please help me.

    Thank you

  32. Please prayer for my son that has Lyme disease. Pray for him to feel better, get a better job and to meet a nice catholic young woman. I also ask prayer for a friend that I have lost and those in my family that have left the church.

  33. Ama. Ĺord help me through the intecession of lady of Fatima in the sale of this house. That the Lorf will bring me a buyer in the Holy nsme of Jesus amen

  34. Prayer intentions:

    For my husband’s healing of uncontrolled hypertension despite current medication. Lead us to the right doctor who will prescribe the right medicine for him. That he be freed of anxiety.

    For a happy and Christ-centered marriage of my daughter and her fiancé. That all plans will fall into place. Healing of her hypertension.

    For humility, continued generosity of a loved one. That she may choose the best life status.

    We ask these dear God through Thy most beloved Mother, Our Lady of Fatima. Amen.

  35. For all the intentions in my heart, for my brother, father, SK, RK, CK, MK, BK, and all who far from Jesus to grow in faith and love for the Lord and his most blessed mother Mary.
    For my love relationship to grow in faith and love for the Lord and love each other and for him to open his heart and let me in. To grow in understanding and communicate better with each other and to want to learn more about each other and to always be faithful to one another.

    Thank you.

  36. I pray that you cure my daughter Olivia of her drug addiction. Give her courage and strenghth to get threw this. Get her family right again.
    I pray for work, Mother Mary. I had two interviews today, and I pray you intercede for me and bring me the PSR job. Whisper into Jesus ear and ask him to help me and my family.
    Thank Holy Mother, I love you.

  37. Our Lady of Fatima,

    Please intercede for me that my prayer requests be answered.

    My prayers is that my child who is currently in the middle of exams pass all the subjects with extremely high grades.
    Please intercede that I stop forever the medication I am currently addicted to.
    I am currently confused about the right school for my child, our lady of Fatima intercede so the right path and school is taken.
    Please turn my child around to be hard working, focused and organized.
    Finally Our lady of Fatimah, please answer my prayers and bring my spouse home so we start a new family life.

  38. Please pray with me on my first novena on my journey to become catholic.
    I pray to the Virgin Mary the Virgin de Guadalupe the mother I am coming to know more each day, please pray for my finances please release me from hunger and heal my heart from the death of my mother. Help me to find peace and teach me dear Mother, to pray for her so she may find peace in the life she lived. Open my heart to learn the prayers of your rosary. Help me to heal and be completely well so that I can serve. Amen

  39. Our Lady of Fatima please intercede for me
    and grant me my intentions:
    Please grant my husband a contract project manager job
    For safe delivery
    For success in my exams
    For financial breakthrough in our family
    For the intentions of everyone taking part in this Novena

  40. Dear Our Lady,
    Thank you for the blessing of this Novena to Our Lady of Fatima. Bless John-Paul and Annie for bringing this opportunity to many people seeking intercession from your holy grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  41. Our Lady of Fatima please ask your son to grant me a life partner, peace of mind and protection and guidance for my family in Jesus mighty name, Amen

  42. My house was broken into I lost everything including a gold cross and chain which my mum bought for me. I have no money to replace these items ..please God restore all that was stolen from me and please grant me success and prosperity and good health for me and mum..I am so afraid I need your help Lord. Mary my Mother help me intercede to Jesus for me and please grant my intentions.

  43. Oh dear Blessed Virgin Mary, please ask your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to please hear my prayers for each & every member of my family. He has never disobeyed You, so I know this will be done Amen

  44. Our Lady of Fatima, mothers to all, please intercede for me as I ask for prayers for my son, Danny, that he will return to the mass and the commandments. For my son, Patrick, please give him the continuous strength to fight off satin and all his evil temptations that Patrick seems to fall into so easily. I pray for my brother, B that he will have only a slight case of Parkensons and that the disease doesn’t disable him.

  45. Please pray for my mother who has an operation later today and my sister who is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer which has spread. Thank you. God bless.

  46. Prayers please for my son, Tyler,who is struggling with a drug addiction, and is trying very hard to battle this. He is in need of all the prayers he can get. Please pray for him to find strength and courage to get through this. I ask for him to be guided on the right path and for him to be kept safe and protected. Thank you!! God bless all of you!

    • My daughter to struggling with a drug habit please pray for her we need all the prayers we can get God bless you

    • Dear lady of fatima,
      Please pray for stan, sue, bronson, andy, julie, slinky, and myself. That we will continue to have abundant blessings, stay with us always, widen our territory and keep us from evil. May you continue to bless our finances abundantly. May you always bless us physcially, spiritually, & emotionally bringing always closer to our dear lord. Thank you for yesterday. Thank you for today. In jesus name amen.

  47. Holy lady of Fatima, look over my daughter kiya and lead her to the path of the church. Give her the grace to follow ur will and not be influenced by people whose intent to harm her. I ask deliverance for her to always guide her to make the right decision in life. Dear Lady I ask that u protect my family and help us to accept and understand each other and strive to love each other. Also look over my hasband especially during his recovery. I pray that this monster will never return.. (cancer)
    I ask this in the name ur Son Jesus Christ. Amen

  48. Thank you to St. Joseph for my son’s new job!

    Our Lady of Fatima, please pray for my peace of mind, for a positive attitude, for a job if it is God’s will for me, for continued health and vitality, for patience in times of suffering.

    Please pray for my other son to find a Catholic young lady to date (and eventually marry!).

  49. Dear Blessed Mother of Fatima,

    Please intercede for our marriage so we can heal our hearts and find the solution for all our problems. Please soften George’s heart and change his mind about our relationship. Please bless our family so we stay and live together again as children of GOD.

    Dear mother I ask for his conversion and his sister’s conversion.


  50. Dear Our Lady, I ask deliverance for CMH from anxiety & depression. Improving in school grades for Cth & Cbh. Healing Jt, Cah, Cbh, Cth, Lh, of all known & unknown issues. For wisdom & understanding for cah/Lah. Bless finances & multiply for CAh/jh & lh/bh. For Lhh to get annulment & marry in Church. Conversion for family members. Inner healing for CAh & CMH. I ask in your Son’s name.amen

  51. I pray for patience and fortitude to learn my new role in my new job. Also pray for my husband to want to seek employment again
    If it be your will for him to work again.

  52. Praying for world peace through devotion to Our Lord Jesus and His holy Mother. Also for all members of my family so that their faith and devotion may return or continue in the most pleasing way to God our Father

  53. My Dear Mother, Please help my family specially my sons
    Chris and David to get their life’s in order and be responsible
    young men to find employment. please help Erica to come to
    terms that she needs help. Please intercede to my heavenly
    Father grant peace within my Family and the world.

    I also pray for Michael that he may find favor in the eyes of the Company he is employ with to get a permanent position with
    this Company, let it be according to God’s will and not mine.

  54. Our Lady of Fatima, please look on me as one of the children of Fatima , and as such , I am also your child. Please look on me and grant me my petitions. Dear Blessed Lady of Fatima, I ask that you cure my two sons–Chris and Sean of their drug and alcohol addictions. I also ask that my son, Sean will soon get a call for his promised job in Rankin Inlet.

    Dear Mother, please look down on my daughter, Juanita and help her with her many health problems.
    Also Dear Lady ,and most of all I would like peace in my family, between siblings.
    Oh my dear Mother I have laid a great load on your shoulders this morning.Please grant me whatever it is that is most important to you and that is pleasing to you, My Dear Lady of Fatima, pray for me and help me.

  55. Our Lady, the desire of my heart is to have ears that are willing to hear the truth about several situations in my life, even though the truth in any of these situations is going to be deeply painful. There is no answer in these circumstances that isn’t going to cause pain. Help me to welcome the Refiner’s fire to purify my soul, & to welcome the suffering that I know is headed my way. Help me to purpose in my soul and spirit to do whatever the Lord tells me to do. Help me not to respond to anyone in anger, but see them instead through your holy eyes. I’m 60 years old, and starting over in many areas. And I am scared. Please, my mother, do not allow this fear to get a foothold into my being. With your perfect love, and that of Jesus, I can and will cast out all the devils of fear that continually scream at me from a distance. Refocus me on praying for others more fervently.

    I am going to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament next weekend, and I give thanks in advance for answered prayers, not just for myself, but for all who are praying this Novena. Lord, thank you for hearing our prayers.

  56. Please pray for my daughter who is mentally ill. She cannot live with us. We are praying to find her a special care home that will love her as much as we do and accommodate her needs.

    Alos pray for my husband. He is very depressed and stressed and smokes too many packs of cigarrettes . pleass help him find peace in a new job he just accepted.

  57. Our lady of Fatima pray for my family and loved ones and all I’ve promised to pray for. Keep us o Mother from sin and temptations. Keep us in good health of body,mind and soul. We pray that God hears our prayers and we accept His will for us. Amen

  58. Our Lady of Fatima, please pray that my package safely arrives for my bar review, that it may arrive tomorrow so i xan finally be able to study. Please pray that i may find peace and not to panic in everything I do. Please also pray for the safety of my whole family.

  59. Our Lady of Fatima. Please intercede for our families for Peace, health, unity, and love.
    Our Lady I want to bring to you all the people that have cancer. Please may our Lord heal them, support , console and help them with the over powering fear. I surrender them to you and your Son, Jesus.
    I surrender my son and his family and my daughter and her little family to you my lady to you and our Lord Jesus Christ I surrender my husband and myself to you Jesus, YOU take care of everything
    Send the Holy Spirit for our country and our leaders thank you Jesus and our Lady

  60. Dear Mamma Mary, please bring us the answers to our financial needs which weigh heavy on our hearts. Watch over our son and daughter in law as they bring our first grandchild into this world. May it be a safe delivery and good health for mother and baby. And thank you for all your blessings on my family especially my husband, children and parents! May me heart always beat with yours, Most Immaculate!

  61. I pray for strength for a young mother and her family as she and they face the trials and tribulations of stage 4 cancer. May God wrap his loving arms around them.

  62. Lord Jesus, These are my prayers for today:
    I pray that my son Sean gets closer to you Oh Lord.
    I pray that my neighbor Judy and her husband Joe stay with us with improved health.
    I pray that my health continues to improve so that I may do my Jobs to provide for my family.
    I pray for the intercession of The Lady Fatima, and Your help Lord for the words to communicate with my 3 sons so together we build a closer relationship with YOU!
    I pray that my upcoming hearing with my divorce brings me peace and those closest to me Oh Lord. Lord Jesus, forgive me of my sins. Help me to love You more, have mercy on us all. For this I pray with a open mind and a most loving heart. Amen

  63. Please help Anne, Shirley and Ken as they come to terms with their loss. Prayers also forj Jason,Stephanie, Peter and Sophie in the loss of such a wonderful grandad and father. Help me to overcome my fears of going out. In the name of the father.

  64. I ask for prayers for my daughter Alicia who has fallen away from the church for many years. I pray for a miracle that she may answer a call back to her faith.

  65. Blessed mother I place my financial needs into your hands .I pray for money to finance my son through medical school.I pray for money to pay his tuition fees.. I pray that my daughter be successful with her exams.

  66. I pray for my Children Christine, Stephen and Abigael, that God will walk with them as they pursue their studies at the university and high school and that they will draw closer to God as a friend.

  67. Our Father Lord Jesus through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima please pray for us guide us and give us the strength to face all the challenges personally, spiritually, emotionally and financially.
    Peace and love to the world and conversion of sinners. I pray for my family and friends for their special intentions. Heal our soul and body into your name amen.

  68. I pray for Mia,Ava and Joel to keep forcus during their exams so they can do well. In Jesus’s name I pray.

  69. Our Lady of Fatima I pray for Love and Peace in the World.
    For all the people that is suffering because they are in the middle of war,
    Please God give them peace in the middle of all the chaos,
    I pray for the conversion of the hearts of all the people that is lacking of love and is involved with drugs, pornography, human explotation, and everything goes against the well being of the everyone.
    I pray for my family and friends and for their special intentions.

  70. Heavenly father through Our Lady of Fatima,bless us always guide us in everything we do.Give us more strenght as we continue face all the challenges that comes in our life.financially,spiritually physically and emotionally.