Day 1 – Immaculate Conception Novena 2021

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Here’s Day 1 of the Immaculate Conception Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear and gracious Lord, I pray to you for protection over our family and for a clean bill of health for each of us and for those in our hearts. In your precious name I pray. Amen.

  2. O Blessed Virgin Mary, you are the Queen Mother. Please ask your Son to intercede mightily to heal my wife from all of her mental and emotional distress and bitterness. Please fully restore our marital unity, and our family. Grant that we may bring glory to your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  3. Asking all the prayer warriors to help me pray for holiness of our family and healing of my marriage.
    Thank you! 🙏❤

  4. Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beseech thee, thy intercession for my son. That he may be protected under your mantle from the wickedness of this world. That he may finish the college program he is in so that he may serve the Lord through it and also bless him with a God loving, fearing future wife.
    Please guide my daughter in her job and marriage. May her children Hudson and Emma be healthy and strong, love and serve you.
    Bless my husband and our home.
    Keep us and my extended family healthy and full of our Lord’s joy and peace, that we may all embrace our Catholic faith and stand firm in it.
    In Jesus name, thy Will be done. Amen

  5. Dear precious Holy Mother, Thank you for coming tonight to listen to all of our concerns.
    Holy Mother, we ask for your intercession on my daughter whom has lost her faith in the Catholic church. I ask please help her gain back into the Catholic faith.
    We pray for All our children whom have fallen away from the Catholic church.
    We pray for my friend Martine whom is going through a tough time, we ask you to heal him Mother .
    We pray for end of….
    Cancer, Abortions, Alzheimer, Dementia Blindness, Hunger Homelessness, Covid19 etc.
    Holy Mother please come to our assistance.
    We pray for peace and comfort around the world.

  6. Holy Mary I beg you to have favor upon my son. Keep him away from unchristian and ungodly people and friends. Bless him to be a Christian always and to have a Christian spouse soon. Bless to keep away from the unchristian friends especially on Christmas and during the special time when we celebrate Jesus birth our God father. Holy Mary please bring my son back to church and home and help him to know the importance of family over ungodly unchristian friends. Bless his mind and keep him also away from people who suggest ungodly ways. Please help . Amen

  7. Praying for your intersession so that I may get a new job offer soon and help to pay all our bills until I can make money again.

    Good Health and protection for my family.


  8. Your precious healing for Sebastiao P. C. for surgery that his has to do also for my all family and I.
    Your Peace for my home country that the Congress govern with responsibility and honesty.
    Andressa F. G. blessed her.
    Our country. Amen!!!!

  9. Dearest Blessed Mother Mary, I am praying for your intercession that I am able to pay my rent and also be able to provide for my children daily. Secondly IAM praying for you intercession that gratuity comes to enable me pay my debts which are many blessed Mother Mary. I Praying that you intercede for me in the URA job application upon which I got a reply. In a special way I am praying for intercession in my family, my mother Daisy whose leg is unwell, my father, brothers, sister’s and especially my children. please increase my love, hope and trust in the Risen Lord Amen.

  10. Mary I BEG intercede * prayers my brother NICHOLAS is in a white light of protection * REST IN PEACE * thank you lord for these answered prayers * your child *

  11. Dear Blessed Mother, I offer up all of my rosary intentions especially my daughter, son-in-law, and five grandchildren. I pray for my son and daughter-in-law. For my friends and those I promised to pray for. For my Pastor and all the Dominican Friars. For me, I pray for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, help with finances, unemployment decisions, my friends and support Network, for help losing weight, and for all my healing needs. Dear Blessed Mother, I give you all my intentions and all my prayers to use them as you will. I also pray for the intercession of Saint Joseph who has looked over me and guided me for many years. And I pray for the intercession of all the angels and saints. I love you Blessed Mother!

  12. Please pray for my nephew Christian who struggles with same-sex attraction & my friend Linda, who’s cancer has come back.
    Thank you & May gods peace be with you all.

  13. Giving thanks for answers to our prayers for our house situation, and for the Lord’s continued help us find ways for a more peaceful family life as we seek to help our autistic daughter cope with the world.

  14. Mary I BEG intercede * companionship in my old age with the little time I have left * Psalm 35 * Lord have Mercy * your child *

  15. Please pray for my family, friends and our personal intentions. That those who need healing will be healed completely and quickly and for all other intentions. Thank you and God Bless.

  16. Dearest Mother Mary of the Immaculate Conception, I ask for your intercessions for the cure for my nephew’s sight and the continued health and happiness of my family, especially for my mother, brother and cousin. I pray for the souls of my father and uncle. Finally, I humbly ask if it is God’s will, that I’d be released from all the pain and sufferings that I endure due to my disabilities and that I may find a better job as well as my future wife and soulmate. I ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Amen 🙏 ✝️

  17. Your precious healing for: Gail, Scott, Caleb, Lucy, Maeli, Anna Grace, Ann, Barbara, me, Duane, Claudine, Marie, Gloria, Tippy, Dwain, Howard, Ron, Graham, Mary, Rosie, Jim, Lou Ann, Janin.
    Your courage and strength for: Molly, Harry, Larry, Buddy.
    Your Peace for Howard.
    Our country to return to You.