Day 1 – The Divine Mercy Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Merciful Father please grant our 2 adult children decent jobs, so they can have a Life for themselves. They have been living with us for a long time
    We are retired on social security and it is getting difficult and have to go in to debt to cover our bills, cover our needs, not wants.
    My Husband will be 75 yrs of age on Easter Sunday and is not well.
    Most of all Father i beg you for their conversion to be hungry and thirsty for you and get back in to the Church, with your grace then all else will follow i believe. I ask this trough Jesus or Lord.
    Thank you.

  2. Lord, I prayer that you will always guide my husband in all that he does especially in his new job and providing for our little family. Grant him good health and a humble heart that he will always have faith & trust in you. Help him in times of need and allow him to embrace your teachings that he may be able to understand the works of your hands. Divine Mercy, I trust in you!

  3. I pray for my family members especially my brother and his daughter, my mother my father both my grandfathers and grandmothers amen

  4. For all the prayer intentions posts on this website, that our Heavenly Father hear all of them and grant us favor upon all our petitions according to his Mercy. For my heart to find increasing faith as I wait on God’s favor upon my two sons; For the conversion of their heart to Jesus. That the veil of darkness be removed and that they may always see the light of Christ within them. That they may glorify Jesus with their hearts, minds,souls and with their actions. That my husband may fully give of himself to Christ. That our Lord Jesus guide my David in every aspect of his life, through a job or through college or any other way and that he will steer him in the direction he should go. Thank you Lord making strait their paths. I also ask for spiritual, physical, and emotional healing for all the world that we may come fully to you.

  5. Lord God, Thank you for my good day and all my blessings and answered prayers. Please forgive our sins. I lift up to you the soul of my mom and all souls in purgatory.bless and protect my fathers trip and vacation to our country. give him healthy body /mind and longer life. May he enjoy going back in serving the church and be contented being single. May my brother’s family take good care of him very well. Bless the families of my sister and brothers. I hope that me and vic will also receive the sacrament of marriage. help us financially,grant us normal child. Please help me in my new job. give complete healing to my cough,heal all sick members in our family.
    Jesus I trust in You

  6. Prayers for healing of Doug’s large intestines ~ bleeding to stop ~ complete healing.
    Thank you Jesus for your healing touch ~ Jesus I Trust In You!!!

  7. For the soul of a family friend who took his life and comfort to his family.

    Christians being persecuted, especially in the middle East.

    That our family will grow if it is God’s will. We are waiting on an adoption placement. For the health of our family.

  8. For my father, that he will let go of his anger & be reconciled to my family.

    That my grandfather and grandmother have freedom from anxiety as my grandfather faces the end of his life.

    For my mother, that she overcomes depression.

    For all those that have asked for my prayers.

    For healing in the world.

    In Jesus’ name, we pray.

  9. Divine mercy i pray this novena for all those who have died because of terror attacks in Brussels and Paris. For an end to this terrorism in our world.i pray.for those families affected by the tragic loss of loved ones eespecially here in Ireland for the lady who lost five members of her family last weekend.please pray for my own family situation for healing from past hurts that scar us.for full conversion for my partner please Lordshow him your path he needs you Iin his life x

  10. Please pray that a family issue be resolved peacefully and without devastating legal cost & harm to our family relationships.

  11. Please pray for the success of my business. …I am down with client…..I am in a lot of distress ..Please let me have an abundance of faith in God ….let St Joseph and St Faustina guide me silently teach me to grow in faith……let the others be manageable ….let Samantha come home and RK give up his drinking.

  12. Dear Lord,

    I pray that you bring my family closer to you and never let us go. Please help each of us see your will in everything we do. Bring to us friends, spouses and mentors that love you like we do.

    Please remove all addiction from my family line and heal all members in my family suffering from addictions.

    Finally, please bring healing to our family dog.

    I ask these favors in Jesus’ name!

  13. Please help me in all my finances and help me in my marriage and keep us safe and love each other every day, and help my husband in his work and hope he gets a better job in his work and help my son to cut down in drinking and to meet someone that is going to be good to him and he will be good to her, help my daughter to do well in school and help her to stay safe and away from bad people that r trying to destroy her, keep her safe and my son and husband, thank you Divine Mercy

  14. Divine Mercy hear my prayers

    I pray for myself for my health and my fears to get on the plane for Disney World

    Please pray for my husband that he does well at work and keep them away from his drugs

    I pray for my daughter for her divorcethat she gets shall support for her kids

    Pray for my son for his job and he lives happily ever after with his wife and kids

    I leave it up to you too softened our heart and to come closer to you Jesus amen

  15. Dear Jesus, please allow me to find a good job that will meet my financial as well as my spiritual needs. I pray for my mother that she will be relieved of the pain in her feet and hand. I pray that more people will come to know You, dear Lord, and Your merciful love. Amen!

  16. My Lord Jesus, please let me help water the seeds that have been planted. Lord, there is so much hatred in this world. Lord I can’t even imagine hating something so bad. But Lord, there are so many that do. Lord, I lift all up to You for You to soften their heart. This world needs You so bad. Lord, watch over, guide and protect all. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  17. Divine Mercy hear my prayers

    I pray that I receive a favorable outcome in the traffic misdemeanor charges

    I pray that nothing interrupts my plans to attend law school

    I pray for wisdom to successfully complete my graduate program

    I pray for the successful processing of biz application (SHS)

    I pray that my grand mother be healed of cancer

    I pray against the plans of the enemy over my family


  18. I pray for all the college students, especially E & L, for safe travels during this Easter weekend and for wisdom and perseverance when they return to their studies.

  19. I pray for my don Onyeka for his conversion and to come back to the church that he was born into. I pray for his addiction to drug, alcohol eats be stioppwd by his mighty name. I pray for divine intervention in my family and many many more needs that our awesome God knows that I need. Pray for me.

  20. Reconciliation of the Griffin family, that all stubborness and hurt will disappear and mother and daughter can be reunited again especially now after Marianne’s death. They need each other

  21. I pray for journey mercies for our trip to Houston today for a reunion with family in this holy weekend of Easter when together we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. I pray for mercies for all members of my family wherever the are at this time, forgive them lord and bless them all. In Jesus Christ I pray.

  22. I pray for my husband who is experiencing so much stress in his job and for our marriage. Help me to be the wife he needs.

    I pray for all my children, especially my oldest who has turned away from her faith. Help her find her way back and bring her husband to the faith as well.

    I pray for all women contemplating abortion that they may find someone to support them in a decision to have the baby and to consider adoption – to be someone’s answered prayer.

    In Jesus’ name I pray.

  23. Oh Divine Mercy

    Please pray for us

    Here are my intentions

    I pray for financial stability.

    I pray that Joseph will get his internship.

    I pray that Andrew and M will get back together.
    I pray that Andrew will love her always.
    I pray that love will prevail.

    I pray for health.

    I pray for all the others praying this novena.


  24. I prayer for the return of my children that are away from the church and for the ones that still practice their faith that they may be granted extra graces sand blessings to remain strong in their faith. And for myself, I ask for a deeper sense of wisdom and a big out pouring of the Holy Spirit in my life . Thanks
    I ask these prayers in JESUS name AMEN

  25. Prayers – please – for my son who is experiencing a return of Prostate Cancer – for him and all who suffer from cancer.

  26. For myself and D,Z,S
    -we pray for wisdom, the spirit of discernment and revelation as we navigate our daily lives;
    – humility , a heart of thanksgiving and gratitude
    for my children: focus , attention to detail, deli gent work and success in school
    – turnaround for my business
    Most of all we pray for an increased closeness with God, and may his will be done in our lives.

  27. Father Tom Uzhunnalil was seized when four armed militants stormed an old people’s home in Aden in Yemen on March 4, killing 16. We are all praying that he returns safely. Today is Good Friday may the Lord hear our prayer on this most holy day

  28. Oh God please grant my wish to find a better job so i could help my family more…i’m also praying for my husband to be more responsible,and think for the betterment of our family..amen