Day 1 – The Christmas Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Christmas Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I pray for peace and unity in all family and communities.

    I pray for those who are sick and have not healing for their sicknesses.

    I pray for the departed especially members of our families and all souls in purgatory.

    I pray that all priests and religious be faithful to their commitment and be like Christ.

    I pray for those looking for jobs and scholarships.

    I pray that we all have a gracefilled Christmas festive.

  2. Lord I ask and pray for my brother’s health may they soon find a cure for his illness if it is your holly will. I also humbly pray for my health. Please my lord give me the strength I need to over come my illness .

  3. We’d like to request prayers for our sister and her husband, who is suffering from a rapid-onset neurological condition, which doctors are concerned is ALS. Please pray for God to provide a way for the family to meet their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs as they face this very hard road.

  4. My Lords help me get my friend back I would be alone for the holidays & new years please help me prayers days , night everydays Amen thank you

  5. I pray for peace in my heart forgiveness and to forgive the ones that hurt back. I also pray for control over my life and finances. Before I lose my home and family. And all the lies I use to cover my regressions. Thank you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

  6. Lord jesus I place my financial needs into your hands. Lord jesus l place my son’s tuition fees into your hands.I pray that my son would pass his exams.

  7. Dear God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Mama Mary and St. Joseph
    I pray for forgiveness for myself, love ones, and family. Thank you so much for all the love, care, and blessings. Please take away all the hatred and sadness that filled my heart. Help me forgive those who did me wrong. I pray in your perfect time I will overcome all my problems and be truly happy forever. I pray all my dreams will come true. I have NF1 and praying it won’t get any worse.. Please, Lord help to get a MRI scan cause I need it.. I pray I have no symptoms like glaucoma or any cancerous tumors in my body. So far, I am doing okay and I am greatful and thankful for that. I need miracles like be able to get a NF1 doctor. I earn enough so my health insurance can’t afford or they’re not just accepting patients. But I really need a NF1 doctor to get check up or be monitored about my health cause anytime I can develop more symptoms.. My primary doctor says he can’t do anything unless it’s emergency.. But it is better to get cured ASAP.. I pray I will overcome my OCD. Guide me my Lord, direct me to good people. Remove people who cause me struggles, pain, hatred, and depression.. and I learn to forgive them.. Unhealthy surrounding causing me mentally, physically and spiritually problems.. In the name of the father, the son, the holy spirit Amen. I love you so much God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Mama Mary, St. Joseph.

  8. Lord, I ask that you help me get a Graduate Assistant job for the spring semester to be able to be eligible for an in-state tuition. I also ask for the grace to get a scholarship to help me with my tuition In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen.

  9. To god be the Glory!!!
    Father god. I will be on this 9 daya novena with you. I ask that you hear my prayers out to you. My crys out to you. My sorrow out to you oh heavenly father. God my kids in your hand, my uncle bernes is in your hand, my job is in your hand, my furture spouse is in your hand, my life, wisdom, strength, courage is in your hand. Father i ask that you hear my prayers. I’m unaware that sometime unanswered prayers our good. But god i need for you to speak/answer my prayers. God I really need you to enter into my life. God this weight that I’m carrying. It’s not only my weight it’s your weight. And I’m graceful of you to help me father. My arms are open wide for you. Please come in a rescure me. Lord. Your the only one I can call on. That’s not going to leave me nor forsake me.

  10. Dear Lord I ask for the complete conversion and healing of my daughter, that she may turn to you and find her true identify as a child of God! That she turn away from the path to destruction that she is on, and may bring the light of Christ to others who suffer from same mental illness that she has!

    I pray for an end to abortion! May our country return to Christian values and Choose Life!

    I pray for all of the intentions of our Novena Community, especially for those who are suffering mental and physical illness, addictions, and financial struggles. For all those who are suffering from loneliness, divorce, and family strife, and the pain and sorrow of wayward children who are pursuing destructive lifestyles, that Jesus will bring healing and joy into their midst this Christmas season!

    Jesus I trust in You!

  11. Lord I am praying for protection and safety of my mother,my cousin and my nephew… And also for my love that doesn’t want to talk to me again that you oh lord may change his mind setting and make him call or chat with me oh lord hear my prayers..

  12. Most Blessed Mother Mary & all the angles and Saints hear these prayers. May this Christmas Novena heal all persons this Christmas and whoever read my prayers.

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph heal souls.

    May parents discipline their children with Love by teaching the children about Jesus and our heavenly Mother Mary. Heal relationships that went astray and especially for a true conversion to the fallen away Catholics to come home in Jesus Holy name. Help the youth who need strong role models. Protect all families suffering b/c they stopped believing in your gift of salvation and a true desire to seek God. Protect the in situation of a Christian marriages.
    Praying for peace in the home, in the families in our work place. God you know that we are restless souls who don’t know you, or serve you. We need your guidance, your truths. Help your children to be less restless and heal our minds. Jesus you give us more meaning and purpose b/c we don’t have distractions. The distractions are the culture of death…Thank you Mother Mary for saying YES to our heavenly Father. Our lives have hope & that is everything. Amen ????

  13. I trust you Lord but i feel like i am drowning with all the confusion lies and deceit from my son. I pray he may see the light and know you what he is doing is against the 10 Commandments. I continue to thank you Lord for walking besides me – as that is how i feel – My true father. Please help me in this matter that has destroyed my family and my health. Thanking you Lord for everything.

  14. may each of our children, and may we all, receive the spirit of the Child Jesus, to renex our faith, joy and confidence as a fruit of this Chrismas season…may there be many graces of conversion and rebirth. Amen.

  15. Blessings to all the faithful who are sharing this Novena. Heavenly Father, please protect the child that my son and his wife are expecting and please bless my younger son and his wife who are praying for a baby of their own if this is Your will. Watch over my daughters and son in law and my husband. In your Son’s Name we pray.

  16. May this Christmas novena be a blessing to all who pray it & may God hear the prayers of our hearts & answer our prayers as His Christmas gift to us. I pray for several special intentions-oh Lord hear my prayers. Amen.

  17. I pray for humility during this Advent Season, to serve You My Loving God!

    I pray my sons are full of Your Joy, Grace and Peace, to come together in waiting the arrival of our Savior Jesus Christ!

    I pray with all my heart, to be blessed with the Holy Sprit and do the Good as it is Your Will.
    Please hear my prayers, that my health continues to improve for work. I pray that the New Year is full of Good Health & Blessings to all, to follow as disciples with increased faith in You the Almighty God…Amen

  18. I lift up to God, our country. Protect us. Protect President elect Trump & Vice President elect Pence. Please Lord, let there be no disruption of the election results from November AND no disruption of the inauguration in January.
    Protect us from political “regimes”, here and in the world.
    May our country become again One Nation Under God.

  19. Lord pls help me pass all my subjects so that i will graduate this apeil 2017. Thank you for the love for my family despite our imperfections.

  20. I pray for the respose of the soul of my sister Earline and my father, Leonard Lalla. I also lift up in prayer Earline’s husband and daughter, for my sisters and brothers and mother during this season of Christmas and loss.

  21. Pray for the complete healing of my sister Joymarie who has Chrons Disease and was hospitalized since Dec.3. Pray for the doctors and nurses taking care of her. Her intestines would be completely healed in Jesus name let your will be done.

  22. Dear Lord, thank you for all of our blessings. I ask for protection and healing for all family and friends, especially Susan, D & V. Grant us the strength and courage to carry our each each day and to accept your will Lord. I asked this in the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen.

  23. I pray for my family and friends who are struggling with illness and disease. Heal them Jesus. I pray for my daughter to be healthy and safe and continue to let school go well for her. Jesus you know my desires. If they are not in your will then please change my desires. I need peace. Amen

  24. Thank you Blessed Virgin for easing my pain and enabling me to go
    the Christmas parties. Please let my CT scan results be clear and that Steph and all the family will be well and happy this Christmas. Amen.

  25. Seeking prayers for my mom Juanita. Since December 1 she has been sick and has lost so much weight due to a blockage of her small intestine. currently she’s been hospitalized praise God they were able to help with her blockage and are holding off on surgery. My mom has kidney failure glaucoma, umbilical hernia and now she has chirriois of the liver to add to the list. Please pray for her to give up and fight. It broke my heart seeing my grandma her mom breakdown seeing them take her daughter via ambulance. Please pray for my strength since this has also taken a toll on me. I’m very blessed God has provided me the strength to continue pushing through. Pray that the days I feel alone I will know God is holding me up. Thank you and God bless you all as I type this in my moms hospital room.

  26. I pray for the souls of my two children who never got to be born thru my own stupidity, recklessness and broken-ness 32 and 33 years ago.

    I pray that their souls are safe with our Saviour or transplanted into two other babies who may have been aborted.