Day 1 – Christmas Novena 2015

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Christmas Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. my prayer request is for the continuing health of my husband from his recent surgery and that his surgery will give him many years of continued health for both of us. to be given the blessing of continued health for both of us long past our retirement

  2. This prayer is for All who r going thru difficult time as me and my family, let’s pray for this Christmas novena may bring us lots of faith, strength and happiness, our wishes and prayers be granted and for John and Annie and their ministry to be filled with Joy and very fruitful in bringing more souls together in prayer, May the Holy Spirit always guide our lives. God bless you all. Amen

  3. Please, Lord, your Mother and Step-Father were in an occupied land and had to pay taxes to keep their homes and land. Please, help me to have my home taxes paid via my escrow account before the new year.
    Touch the hearts of my children and their families that they may return to You and Your Church.
    Help me to grow more in the virtue of humility to think less of myself and more of others. Help me decrease while You increase in my life.
    Lord, I believe, help me in my unbelief.
    And, lastly, help our Holy Father. Protect him from those who would have him hurt your Church.

  4. For our marriage
    For my paperwork approval
    In thanks giving for Martin
    For the kids exams
    For safe travel this break
    For a respectful and harmonious get together
    For mutual respect
    For our moms
    For Bryan’s interviews, that he can find a job.

  5. I pray that our Father Yaweh, Creator of this beautiful World
    Lord Jesus My Savior and
    Our Blessed Mother Mary hear my prayers:

    That you protect all unborn children and persecuted children subjected to parental alienation

    Protect my daughter from the parental alienation and drive the negative forces out of her life and will see me over the holidays

    And that I am blessed with getting a job in the next 2 weeks because my resources are exhausted and have had not been working in 6 months because I was helping my terminally ill mother that I was alienated from

    That my fathers heart will be healed from PA and he will be reunited with the children that love him. Amen

  6. Father God I thank you for every given moment. As I wait on my results for my NCLEX, I want to say thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to take this exam and I know you will not let me down. In Jesus beautiful name. Amen????????

  7. For my husband, that he may find a job and career that he will enjoy and commit to in order to provide for our family. Also, that he may experience a conversion and return to the fold of the Catholic Church.
    For my daughter, that we have a clear date as to when she will be baptized and that we may know with confidence who her Godparents should be.

    Thank you, Lord, for loving us so much!

  8. For my neighbor, as she and everyone who knew her husband, Ron, mourning his death will be comforted.
    For Matt, that his health results may come back good and he remains healthy.
    For Grandpa I., as the Christmas season approaches that he may look down upon my family and everyone who knew him, especially my Grandma and mother.
    Through Jesus’ name, Amen.

  9. Please, Lord Jesus, touch 6 year old Chris who is suffering from stage 4 cancer. Cancer is nothing to You. Please heal him, my Merciful Savior.

  10. I pray to meet a wonderful man to whom I’ll be attracted, will love and respect and will one day soon marry. I also pray for my mom’s health and happiness; that her financial situation improves to remove her stress and that she meets someone special to love and love her back.

  11. That the Lord would heal me of my depression and anxiety and fill me with joy and peace. That the Lord would bless our finances and tell me whether I should return to work.

  12. I pray for Corey’s father who just had triple by pass surgery. Guide him to a speedy and healthy recovery.

    I pray for my new relationship with Scott. Allow us to continue to communicate and share with each other


  13. Thank you Lord for loving me. I will rejoice in all on Your birthday. I will celebrate Your birth and all the children that bless Your life. Lord, I thank You for allowing Mike and I to open our house with our daughters friend. Lord, she has a mother that does not want to be a part of her life. Lord, give us the resources to help her and let her feel that there is love in this world. Especially Yours. Lord, she is like Jessica and does not believe, Lord allow us to plant and water Your seeds in both. I praise Your for Your love in our life. In Jesus name I pray.

  14. Please pray for a successful heart surgery for my dad, Tim & for a full recovery and consolation for my parents during this time of trial. Surgery is Dec. 21

  15. I pray to have a memorable x mas. Of my husband,, please pray we can all take up the sadness ,,and be happy,,,,,,please. Pray for my son geoffrey to get a good house close. And live happily with his wife and children,,
    I pray that if I go for a blood test ,,full checkup,,that I am free of Cancer,,
    MMother of Velankani pray for me. ,,,

  16. I pray for strength to go through my challenges. For a miracle of a change in my grade from C to B. For patience to hope and trust in the Lord.

  17. Thanking God for the joy of the 2nd miracle baby my daughter will deliver tomorrow. A trouble free pregnancy.

    Thanksgiving for blessings obtained giving my daughter a job, my son a house.
    Committing my proposed new business venture into His hands and asking for blessings in its success.
    Letting your will be done on my relationship with my spouse.

    Finally praying for all other members praying this novena e.

  18. For my children to return to their faith and the catholic faith to grow to love it!
    My grandchildren who have become unbelievers, Please may they find Jesus in their heart and return to love and respect him whom they have forgotten.
    For souls in purgatory.

    God bless you all! :-)

  19. Dear , I pray that my son, M, passed the two college entrance exams he took last August and September. pray that he will be offered a scholarship by these universities too, so it will help in our finances. I lift up my intentions that he got the scholarship we are praying and hoping for also. Please grant that my daughter, G’s career in ballet will be a successful one, and that she will be noticed and be given a big break someday. I am also praying for more students in my tutorial center, and my side-line business of accessories will also take off nicely. Please grant more customers for my husband, Y’s travel business too, and that he will be a better husband and father to my children. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  20. Please pray for me for peace of mind and to bring back the harmony between me and my beloved Danny. Take away all the anger from him and let us have happiness again. Please pray for me. Amen

  21. 1-This prayer is for All whom are praying this Christmas novena may their intentions be granted and for John and Annie and their ministry to be filled with Joy and very fruitful in bringing more souls together in prayer, May the Holy Spirit always guide their lives.
    2-For all souls conversions to be converted to Christ (especially my family members)
    3-For all Priest, all vocations and religious life.
    4-For the vocations of marriages to be more holier and in union with Christ (including my own marriage)
    5-For all looking for a job be granted a job (especially my daughter whom has been without a job for over a year)

  22. This Novena is for the Lord to have Mercy and reconcile all the broken marriages in the family during the year of Mercy.

    For Spiritual growth for my Spouse & I.

    For the Children in the family to grow spiritually and excel in their studies.

    For the Lord to have grant me a job where I would be able to attend activities related to the children.


  23. Please pray for peace and unity in my family. For my daughter Michelle’s well being and a good companion in marriage and for the conversion and the repentance of my husband.

  24. I took my husband back after an affair, years ago. We are differnt faiths.
    As I reflect, I am sorry I married him. I allowed myself to be manipulated. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
    As I try to pass on my faith to our child my husband at times, stands in the way of my Catholic faith sometimes mocking at different things about it, compared to other religions. This makes it very difficult for me to get a teenager to see the right ways in this materialistic and narcissistic world. My husband is considered ‘intelligent’ by his profession. So debating is a waste of time! Too arrogant and stupid in my book to change. I too am an ‘intelligent’ professional and I can give as good back. But it’s wearisome!
    My heart is getting hard. This is not the way of God.
    I feel utterly trapped.
    Please pray I can get an answer to this mess , which is pleasing to God’s will.

  25. Please pray that The Almighty God will protect and guide my family all the days of their life.

    Please pray that as I enter the coming year it sounds as if You are telling me not to try to hard, not to get exasperated with my inability to prepare for Your coming. I feel like a drowning person at times who is trying to get a stranglehold on the one who is swimming to rescue me…”let go” I hear You shout. “Relax let Me do the work”

  26. Please pray for Almighty father to be merciful to me in the year of mercy and grant my request, my immigration application to be approve finally by the home office, for me to have a successful career in the British Army, for me to meet my soulmate, for my finances to be increased, that life may be good to me before my 30th birthday. Amen

    Jesus son of the living God, have mercy upon me a sinner.

    Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Amen