Day 1 – Christ the King Novena 2020

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Here’s Day 1 of the Christ the King Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Christ the King, I thank you for everything you have blessed me and my family with in this life. I know that the gates of Heaven have been opened because of you and I pray that all of my family that have passed before me are resting in peace and in your glory. I pray that when my life here on earth is over and you call me home that I won’t have to spend to much time in Purgatory, so I may rush in and sit at your feet, to serve you as you served us while you were here walking on earth.

  2. God the Father, God the son and God the holy Spirit, I come before you as a sinner and beg you to forgive me my son’s, pls God bless my family and bring peace and love among us, pls God I beg you to cancel all form of sickness and death from us . Bless myself and my wife with our heart desires. Open doors of wisdom and wealth for me .amen . May any business I lay my hand on be blessed and my connection locate me. Amen

  3. Christ the King, please help all whom are struggling with substance and alcohol abuse. Please give all whom are struggling, the strength to give up their addictions to those evil drugs, especially my son whom is dealing with his own addiction issues. Please Christ King, help him give up those drugs and alcohol craving.

    Please help him rebuke all that is bad for his health, especially his mental health.

    Please help all whom are struggling with depression, give them the light/way to heal their wounds that are the cause to their depression.

    Christ King, please help both my children heal from physical injuries they’ve received to their knee and hip/thigh areas. Heal them both to full physical health, so they may move freely and without pain. Watch over my daughter’s knee surgery that is scheduled soon to repair her torn meniscus. Watch over my son’s hip/thigh that was injured and will be treated. Please Christ King, a full recovery for them both.

    For the end of coronavirus and protection to all medical providers, guard them as they help those that are sick with the virus.

    In Jesus name Amen

  4. Christ the King, we pray also for all whom struggle with Alcoholism and drug addiction.
    We pray for my brother whom is one whom struggles with depression and Alcoholism.
    Please Lord, pull him out of it πŸ™

  5. Thank you Christ my Lord and King. I pray for all the kids who are sick with COVID 19 at B.A. and all other facilities. I pray for my sister who has tested for COVID-19 and all of your children who are also suffering from this virus… Protect us all… In the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen

  6. Thank you Christ The King for all of your blessings. Please let Amanda find a good job dear Lord Jesus. Heal Grayson and me from the flu and colds. Please be with my sister during her sickness and stroke. Please continue to bless my family. Thank you.

  7. I pray to Christ our King that my daughter be healed from anxiety and depression, that my children will reconcile their differences, that the world be healed of COVID 19 and for the souls in purgatory that Christ will bring them close to Him.

  8. Pray for my family and especially my brother who is undergoing a lot challenge, pray also for his healing.
    Pray for my mother who is a widow that God may Grant her strength and wisdom to bring up her family.
    Pray for my personal life that God may have mercy on me.

  9. Heavenly Father I thank you for all the blessings that You have sent my way. I pray for Your guidance in making the right decision regarding my job. Clear my mind and heart that I may know your will oh Lord. I ask all of these in Jesus name through the intercession of Mama Mary our mother, St. Padre Pio and all the angels and Saints. Amen

  10. Christ the King please heal my husband of all his aches and pains that he is going through. I ask u lord with your precious blood to heal him. Amen.

  11. For my daughter that her chemotherapy won’t be so bad and that all of the cancer will be gone from her body never to return. And that she won’t have to have radiation. For my daughter in law and my son and my brother in law that the cancer will leave their bodies never to return.
    For my friend, that she will have more good days than bad days and that she will be able to walk ok.

  12. Just found out today that my dad may need to stay in hospitial for some kind of treatment for his lungs their running some tests right now to try and find what it is. So i’m asking God to please look down on him and give him the strength to get thru whatever this is and heal him quickly.

    for both of my sisters to come back to the Church.

    For my 3 year niece to be baptized- That’s a big one.

    Thank You!!

  13. My King and my Savior, my God and my All, please help me in my quest to be more like you, to live a clean life, to love all my brothers and sisters. Help me to clear my mind so that I can function fully with work and in my personal life. Help me with the move.
    Bless my finances. Heal CO from all health issues. Bless my nieces and nephews, help especially Jessica with her drinking. I pray for my coworkers, especially my agency head help her to open her heart and to be a compassionate person/leader. I also ask you to lay hands on all our leaders, help them remember that they were elected to serve the citizens and not themselves. Lead and guide them along the right path. I ask all this in your Precious Name, Christ my King and My Saviour

  14. Christ my King and savior, I plead with you the most concerning issue in my life. You know that and I lift that upto you. Heal my husband and deliver him from the clutches of UnGodly. Another request is for my son, that he is blessed with sound mind during this pandemic in school, bless him with success in all classes. Bless him with Godly friends. Bless him and provide him an opportunity to meet a Godly Jesus accepting girl to date soon and as his spouse soon, let there be a wedding bells and for him to settle in life. Bless my work, provide business to grow. Help Jesus as you are my provider and come to my rescue soon. Amen
    Also heal A, J, K from their health issues. Provide relief from sickness soon and help them to enjoy life free of any health problems. Amen

  15. I pray for my sister and her family as they go through a difficult period. I also pray for my family, my mother-in-law, friends who have recently lost a parent, and for those who are working on a vaccine for Covid-19. I pray for God’s grace in my life and the continued deepening of my Catholic faith.

  16. Lord please watch over my daughter during this pregnancy and bless this beautiful baby with great health. Protect my son from evil and temptation. Help my husband with his addiction. Lord please give him the strength he needs to one day fight against it and defeat it. Please watch over me and protect be during the kidney transplant and allow the transplant to take place only if it’s YOUR will Lord. I trust in you I love you I thank you

  17. Lord, please fill me with your grace and lead me on the path of love and righteousness. I pray you look after my children, family and friends, and all of your children. May you live not only within me, but through me, and I become a devoted servant to your goodness and grace. Amen.

  18. My God please miraculously solve my Tax problems.
    Pardon my sins, our sins and sin the whole world.
    Help believers to believe in God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Continue to protect and bless me, my families and others.
    Provide excellent husband for my daughter and wife for my son, and do the same for others.
    Protect and bless all my children and mercifully help my grandchildren to develop well in all aspects of their lives.
    Bless my husband with good spirit of God and relationships with me, family and everyone.
    Bless me, my family and others with good health of mind and body.
    Help me , my family and everyone to be with you in heaven.
    Have mercy on the faithful souls of my mother, father, family and others to continue to rest in perfect peace with you in heaven.
    Let there be peace and love in me, us and the whole world.
    Please God keep me, my family and others safe in driving, jobs, from evil spirits and evil men, from ill luck, poverty, accidents, illnesses and eradicate the Pandemic of Coronovirus in the world.
    Oh merciful God please heal the sick and provide for the needy.
    Oh powerful God please continue to be with me, us and the whole world.
    Protect and bless the Pope, Priests and religious. Arrest our leaders to lead us well.
    Thank You God who makes all impossibilities possible. I make these requests to God by the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord “Christ the King ” Amen.

  19. Jesus, my King and Saviour of the world, please reign in me your beautiful graces! Remove all unclean desires of this world by resorting my soul for your occupancy. I’m praying for my friends in Christ Jesus, to imitate your kind and loving ways as we continue on this pilgrimage to our house with You in Heaven.

    We’re living in difficult times, help your prayerful people to persevere through this Pandemic. Praying for departed souls, love ones separated from families, to continue to hold onto to faith, hope and love daily.

    Praying especially for those hardworking individuals, in the front lines, fighting the good fight. Please, Christ the King, continue protecting these people from harm in Your Holy Name.

    Restore Your children of the light, with more of your Graces.
    Jesus, I Trust in You. πŸ™β™₯οΈπŸ™
    Praying for everyone doing this Novena.
    Praying for the youth struggling with addictions. Praying for single mothers struggling with their issues.
    Praying that brokenness be restored in families…