Day 1 – Christ the King Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the Christ the King Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank you for answering my prayers Christ, The King of Novenas. I believe in You and I need you by my side at all times. May God continue to Bless all of us who take time to pray the novenas.

  2. Thank you for answering my prayer. My missing delivery was returned back to me, anonymously. I still don’t know what happen. But miracles happen. Thank you Lord.

  3. My son to stop taking drungs and finish his studies
    To have another baby
    My nephew to get a good job
    My houses to get good tenants

  4. I pray for my mother s new cancer treatment to begin soon and that it will help her feel and have a better quality of life. If it be your will Jesus let this be a miraculous cure for her. Amen

  5. 11/18/17
    Please pray for my son Anthony Peter. He has a cancerous tumor on his rectum. On Monday 11/26/18 he will have surgery to remove this tumor. I pray this will work and he will have a good recovery, and be clean of cancer.
    Thank you Jesus. Amen. Mom

  6. Lord of Lords and King of Kings I give glory praise and thanks to You for the many gifts and blessings we receive each day! I lift up all the sick and suffering and their caregivers especially those affected by Cancer.
    I also deeply desire help for the mentally and emotionally disabled people in the world. There is so much depression and suicide. Please in Your tender mercy hear my prayers.
    JESUS Christ the King of Kings I trust in you!

  7. Good day, my brethren.
    I want to start by thanking God for His mercies upon my life and family.
    I hereby pray for God’s divine intervention in my marriage and in the life of my spouse,
    I pray for God’s will to be done in my life and that of my loved ones and family members. I pray for God’s divine healing and inspiration. I pray for a resounding success in my academic program for God’s divine favour th8s academic session and for the grace to scale through all my exams and assessments. I pray for God’s guidance and protection of me and my family members. I pray for journey mercies and for God to help us end this year peacefully and usher us smoothly into the new year.
    May God meet us all at the point of our individual needs in Jesus name we pray Amen and Amen.

  8. Lord Jesus,.forgive us of our sins, bring us all to the fullness of your glory.
    Help those who need your help and protection.
    For the souls in purgatory, release them…
    And Lord, for the deadly forest fires in California, please Lord give them the rains to stop this horrible fire.
    We ask this in upur heavily name Jesus, Amen

  9. In thanksgiving for an answer to my prayer. I pray for all men struggling in their work and to provide for their family especially for Jeff. Please find them the job Christ picked out for them. Let them find a workplace of peace and joy.

  10. Lord Jesus & Our Blessed Mother please heal newborn Bella. You blessed us with this beautiful baby 2 weeks ago & please place your healing hands on her to bring her to good health. Amen

  11. Christ King I lift up y prayer intensions, for my
    marriage for love, peace, and the abundance of faith. I ask for a healing miracle in all my health ailments, through your will may I be Blessed. I pray for all during this Novena that your will be done.

  12. lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me – prayers for patty / nick during this stressful time (health) thank you lord Jesus for answered prayers – your child

  13. Jesus christ… Oh my lord… Please help me to get a job which will help me to support my family and to live a decent life.. A good salary is very important for me at this point of my life… Oh my lord, king of universe please bless me with others whoever praying this novena with me… Love you lord…

    In the name of father,
    and of the son,
    and of the holy spirit

  14. Jesus Christ, King of the universe, I come before your throne of grace with a humble and open heart.

    I thank you Lord for your many blessings.

    I pray for your forgiveness for all the things I have done intentionally and unintentionally that were not pleasing to you.

    Lord I pray for your guidance, protection and strength to do all the things that you expect of me, and to be the person you want me to be. Lord I pray that my desires may be aligned with your intentions and purpose for me.

    Lord I pray to be more Christ-like; more humble, forgiving, and loving.

    Lord I need a deeper connection with you; I want to hear, listen, and obey you, for you Lord are the King of all Kings, Lord of all Lord, there is no one or nothing greater than you, only you Prince of Peace can bring true joy and peace into my life. I am nothing without you, you make ALL things possible, increase my faith and trust in you Lord.

    You blessed me with a son Lord, I pray to be a good mother to him; give me the wisdom to raise him according to your will. I pray dear Lord that in this new Liturgical year you may bless me with a good christian spouse, who would be a good husband to me and father figure to my son, and assist me in raising my son and maintaining a christian family dedicated to God.

    Continue to protect and bless my family Lord.

    In Jesus’ mighty and precious name I pray.


  15. I pray this for my daughter to have her health restored, for my granddaughter, that a cure will be found for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, for my daughter’s failing marriage, for my sister-in-law that she may fully recover from a stroke, and for my brother-in-law’s sister who is in a nursing home due to a stroke. I also humbly pray for my health to improve. I ask for these miracles in your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  16. Please pray for my child who is struggling in school and may have to repeat. Please pray that he focuses and studies well and does well this year and becomes successful. Thank you.

  17. Christ the King, my Savior please help me be your humble servant and walk in purpose as you see fit. Please guide my steps and keep me on the right path as a praise You and Your Father for all that you have done for me, my family, my friends, and the world. Lord, please heart the sincere prayers within my heart and provide me with the spiritual and financial security I need while squashing the evil one’s machinations in my life. Lord Father, with you I can do anything. I praise and honor you all the days of my life.

    In the Name of Jesus I pray,
    Thanks Be to God,

  18. Praying for a cure for my pancreatic cancer, and a sense of God‘s presence and peace to accept whatever the future brings for me and for my family.

  19. For the repose of soul of cousin Tommy, who died of a rare cancer (DSRCT) at age 18 just after midnight on the Feast of St Albert the Great. Thank you for your ongoing prayers after his 2 year battle with this cancer. I pray for strength for the whole family during this time.
    For Bernice (another family member) who was diagnosed with terminal cancer…And for her children. For my parents (Mary and Peter) who are grieving the loss of Tommy, dealing with their own health issues, and the loss of their cat, all on the same day. For Dan who broke his hip again. For our 5 yr old, Madeleine… I pray that Tommy is holding our baby Therese in Heaven right now… For peace amongst our family members who have been fighting, that Tommy’s death may bring peace once again. For Sara…that she may reconcile with her mother, and A and D would reconcile with the family…

  20. Would like to pray for Evelyn who is homeless with Epilepsy. She has no money no job and lives from house to house of friends from church. Help us O Lord to help Evelyn with all her needs.

  21. I pray that my husband will come into your holy church. I also play that you give me want I need to help both my sons that well be doing there first penance and first Eucharist this year. Amen

  22. Christ the King cure my family of cancer. Stephanie, David and Trevor. Bless all other members of my family keep them safe and well. In the name of the father. Amen.

  23. Please pray for my self and my husband good health.Pray for my friend and her family for the loss of her daughter.Pray for my son and daughter bring health, joy , peace, love and happiness to their life.Pray for healing for my sister.

  24. Please pray for me. I need patience and tolerance to endure my husbands unfaithfulness lies and disrespect for me. Sometimes I feel like quitting.

  25. God please help my son as he takes the most important exam of his life and for my daughter to please find a good man to share her life with. May they both find happiness.

    • God, please help me get a job to be able to take care of my nephew who is mentally challenged and my blind brother whom they live in a very bad condition and away from me.

    • Dear God our father please hear my request to be a part of the NHS team please bless my application Lord and have mervy on me. gur. says:

      Dear God please hear and answer my prayers that I will be a part of the NHS team.please bless my application and have mercy on me. I love you Lord. g.u.r.