Three Pieces of Advice for Lent

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Here are three pieces of Advent for Lent from some of our retreat speakers:

1) How to respond in times of temptation

“We must never enter into a dialogue with the enemy. Rather, we must enter into a dialogue with the Word of God who desires to speak to us, who desires to lead us and guide us and sustain us and protect us…

In the Garden of Eden, we saw how Eve entered into a dialogue with the enemy and was defeated. Mary, on the other hand, entered into a dialogue with the Word of God and fulfilled God’s plan. She pondered on the angel’s greeting. That word ‘pondered’ in Greek is the word ‘dialogue.’

Jesus never entered into a dialogue with the enemy. In fact, he refuted his proposals by quoting and by claiming the Word of God. He said, “It is written man does not live on bread alone, but from every word that comes from the mouth of God.” You see, friends, God’s Word has to become flesh in our lives.” – Michelle Karen D’Silva

2) How to accept that you need God’s grace, constantly:

“The Lord invites you to come to Him whenever you feel weary and find life burdensome… In the Bible, there’s some variation of “Do not be afraid” at least 365 times, so at least once for every day of the year. Which is kind of consoling, because it means the Lord wants us to come to Him whenever we’re feeling weary and we find life burdensome.

But at the same time, it’s a humbling thing because it means we’re always freaking out, right? And the idea, here, that I want to convey is that we’re called to get used to that — We’re the ones that always need to receive, which would ordinarily be a cause for concern, except for the fact that God is real, God is our father, and He’s the one who always gives. And we can rely on that, we can count on that.

So we can come to Him all the time, and again, the idea is to make that kind of normative. We never graduate from being this open wound who’s in need of the salvific grace of God the Father.” — Fr. Eric Mah

3) Why persevering in prayer is worth the effort:

“Prayer is like sitting in the sun. Prayer is like the Lord’s sandpaper. Prayer is like the steady drip of water upon a rock. We might not always feel what’s happening, but over time, our Lord will smooth out our rough edges…” — Dr. Andrew Swafford 

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  1. Oh merciful father, continue to hover over my entire family. This grieving process for mom and son is over bearing. Thank you for your incredible blessings.

  2. Am praying during this lent God giving my wisdom and stop borrowing money,help my financial breakthrough,am praying to get job and help to get someone to sponsor mi to complete my study,,am praying wisdom of my daughter pythia…help my husband to come back home and stop cheating thank for help us bt God remind him we r human being he diserve to treat us well , so as we stop suffering the way we are suffering with my daughter

  3. Gracious Lord. I pray for wisdom to get out of debt and be financially independent. I ask for financial breakthrough and I trust its coming cause you have never forsaken me. I ask for protection of my daughter, myself and my entire family. I thank for everything you have provided me through my daily prayers. Amen 🙏

  4. Pray that my heart and that of my families will desire to seek and cling on to the Lord.
    Increase desire to read the word.

  5. Healing in my family tree, for Aletha Gallant and family, for healing for Nina Suarez. For God’s favours and blessings for all who on this retreat and for the speaker and their families. Amen

  6. Angel
    Am praying for the fruit of the womb(twins) may God wash away all blocks that are preventing me from conceiving,may I also get a wonderful job that glorifies the Lord

  7. So many times, I have been weak on my journey of life in terms of prayer and fasting. Thanks to the novena to st. Joseph, I am now gradually improving. I also implore your continuous support inform of prayers, that i may become a better person in God’s service.

  8. Going for interviews next week. I pray I get the job out of 169 people who applied

    My nephew is also unemployed, i pray he gets a well paying job

  9. Please pray for the salvation healing and well-being for my sister Mary she took a stroke a while back, God’s grace favour to bless heal and renew my family, in christ Jesus name amen

  10. I pray that I may find a good job that has no pressure that will allow me to go to mass on Sunday lord graceusly hear me

  11. Praying for healing of our family tree against allergies, bad cholesterol, anger, family breakups, substance abuse and spirit of death.

    Increase my intimacy with you Lord and love for neighbor!

    Break every chain of bondage and sin in my life, family and work!

    I pray for the salvation of souls in purgatory!

    In Jesus Mighty Name I have prayed and believed with thanks giving! Amen.

  12. Lord Jesus,Thankyou for each and everyone of us.We thank you for our lives too.You made us in your image and likeness.Lord you know what each one of us is made of.It is you who formed us in our mother’s womb.All glory and praise goes to you.I want to pray for my Dad who is sick.Lord may you deliver him from the snares of sickness.Open his mind,free his body from physical disability,grant him good health and peace.Praying for my entire family too that you grant them graces.Amen

  13. Dear Lord Jesus
    Pls help me that my tax liability will be settled this 2022. when my taxes will be submitted.
    Refund money that Iam waiting for 10 years will be release Thank you in advance Lord .
    Nothing is impossible to you Thank you for loving me you are always there for me.
    Never forsake me.Glory to you and Praise you
    In Jesus Name

  14. I pray for the fruit of the womb for my sister and sister-in-law law. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede for them. Let them conceive and carry their own children. Lord Jesus, please do this miracle for them. Amen

  15. Dear Jesus I pray and beg for your hand to touch and cure my daughter. Thank you for helping her with cancer. Now she has had more surgery and has become septic and is hospitalized with barely kidney function and pain . She is so weak please help her as she has her little ones that need her. Please help . I’m asking for help to keep me healthy and give me streghth to care for her and children . I beg your loving heart to help. Thank you for hearing my desperate prayers. I love you my lord and believe in you. My mother please continue to hear my prayers. Thank you for loving us. AMEN

  16. I have been where you are twice recently and have found that God’s mercy is unbounded. Especially on the days when I could not bear the pain, I joined my pain with that of Our Lord’s on the cross and offered it for that poor soul somewhere on earth or in purgatory who desperately needed my sacrifice that day. Amazingly, the pain always seemed to subside. God hears our prayers and sees our pain and is the God of mercy. I will keep you in my prayers and offer any pain or inconvenience I have today for your quick and complete recovery. God be with you.

  17. I am praying this lend that God give widom,to stop borrowing money and give me a solution to my financial problems,so that I can have peace,and work in praise of his name,I pray for my husband that he provide for our family in Jesus name
    For my children let Christ touch them and be to know him more everyday

  18. Need prayers for myself , had and auto accident and my sear belt fractured my sternum, the pain I have received has been almost unbearable, so now I know what real pain is, I’m now carrying my Lenten cross like Jesus did with four to six weeks or more to heal, hoping the healing will come thru well and I can do my daily duties again, Jesus help me through this, thank you

  19. Thank you Lord. during this lent season I pray for mental and physical peace. I pray for a financial breakthrough in my family. may business doors open, may big offices be opened, may abroad opportunities open up, May knowledge and understanding be upon my children, may good health be our portion. may all our wounds be healed, and may God give us the heart of repentance and desire to know Him more and more. AMEN

  20. Donna and I are open wounds in constant need of your mercy and protection. Please bless us witb healing from head to toe, especially in the colon. Please remove all infection, obstruction, hernias, blockages, leaks, tumors, cancers, anxiety, depression, worries, fears, doubts. Please Lord, you saved us from sepsis and near death, and helped us recover. Please don’t let this return to us. Please take away all of the complications. Please give her quality of life back…
    In Jesus’ name,

  21. Thanking God for His unending love and grace towards me and my family.
    I pray for break through for my husband Ugo in Jesus name, amen!

  22. Praise be to Jesus,l pray that My son be healed so that he can back to school,May the pain Go away..May God restore his health…Amen

  23. During this period,I pray for myself to get what to do and to pay my debts .Oh lord I also pray for my children to grant them wisdom as well my husband protect him wherever he goes because he always move in Jesus’s name I have prayed.Amen

  24. I am grateful for everything that GOD has done to me in my life both the big and the small an thanking GOD for everything he is going to do and that he has already done for me and my family. And I pray GOD to grant me blessings that he knows I deserve not blessing that I want because GOD knows what’s best for me.


  25. Dear God, thank you for blessing me with a fruit of womb. Thank you for my daughter Olive and my husband Vincent. You have carried us through all the storms and you have granted us victory. … I feel blessed for im about to have my another bundle of joy, my miracle baby In few months time.I pray that you grant me safe and easy delivery just like an Hebrew woman. Grant me and my hubby wisdom to settle any arising issues into our family in a loving and Godly way. Protect my family from any evil attack of the enemy and soak it into your Holy precious blood. AMEN

  26. I pray for my husband’s contract
    My pregnancy to stay healthy
    My mother to be at peace
    My baby sister
    And the relatives who are fighting us me and my family

  27. I am praying for my self for healing from mental health and my son healing from seasure and him being clever in school,me having job or a good skill that can fetch me money to take care of my self and my children, financial breakthrough so that I will not beg people for money.In Jesus name Amen.

  28. Dear God
    You have said ask and you will receive, seek and you find, knock and the door will be opened, so it is with faith that I ask for the health of Vivien. He has to do some medical test. Please l pray that there is nothing serious about his health. I pray that there is no sign of cancer. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Thank you God. I trust in you Jesus. Amen.

  29. During this lent, I continue praying for my son Kevin for God to grant him wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Lord have mercy on Kevin that he gets back to church and help him in his studies. Grant him a part time job to enable him cater for his personal needs, grant him good friends who will add value to his life. Help him to stop taking alcohol and to remain focused.

    I pray for my daughter, Brigitta for God to help her get a permanent job. May God intercede for her, she will be interviewed on 26.3.23. Lord have mercy and help her to pass the interview. Grant Brigitta good friends who will add value to her life and help her to attend mass every Sunday and any other day that God avails to her.

    I pray for myself, God grant me peace, strength to continue serving you in our SCC and choir. Grant me a long and healthy life to enable me serve you more. I pray for financial breakthough. Am praying for a special need Lord have mercy on me during this lent and beyond.

  30. Thanking God for His unending graces, especially during this Lenten Season. Thanking Him as well for expected Forgiveness, Healing, Breakthrough, Recovery and Restoration. Amen.
    Wishing you all a blessed Lent.

  31. 1. Thanking Jesus for all seen and unseen blessings.
    2. Surrendering myself, my family and everything in my life to His will.

  32. I registered for the Lent Retreat and I have not seen the or heard from the speakers

    What happened to listening to the retreat??????

  33. Oh Lord please help us out of this financial crisis. We are so far in the red we dont know what to do. We are so depressed we just sit around and stare at the TV. Please help us. We love you Lord.
    I also pray for all the people doing this retreat. And those that left prayers here. We thank you Lord for all the answered prayers.
    Please pray for Annie and john-Paul for their pray more novenas and retreats. I love you guys.

  34. Thank You God for all Your Grace and Mercy on Me and My family 💖
    Please Jesus Christ keep your arms around My Mom and Grandmother I know they are with You. I have You JESUS by my side I will not be afraid

  35. I would like you people to pray with me these four prayer requests.
    I need to stay with my husband as a united couple.
    I would like God to bless me with a job and I really beg God to bless me with a baby boy.
    And finally I need God’s protection to my children and my entire family

  36. Dear God,
    I thank you for the gift of life and my family. I pray that you may grant financial breakthroughs so that I can startup my businesses and carry on with my farming activities. I pray that I may get a new job as my current contract ends in May Almighty God. I pray for my son to grow strong spiritually, protecting him from every evil and diseases. I pray for my husband Johnny who is struggling financially that you will grant him favors of a new well paying permanent job before my contract ends. I pray for my father who is sick that Lord you will grant him total healing. I pray for my friends Rashidah and Racheal so that you can bless them with the fruits of the womb just as uou blessed mother Mary. Amen

  37. Good morning,1st let me start by saying “thank you”Holy Father for letting me wake up. In my prayer request, I ask for courage, there are time”s when I”m paralyzed with fear. I would love to see my kid’s go back to church & have all the grandchildren baptized. My brother’s grandchildren too.

  38. Please pray that miraculously we get dwelling apartments with self-contained bedrooms for us to dwell in and to pay it forward with thanksgiving, gratitude. We were forced to constantly move. Now with faith we pray that Almighty God grant this prayer and all our prayer requests in Jesus’ Name. Amen


  40. Pray with me,
    For my mom who has been hailing since last year, she has been in and out of hosipital.

    Pray for me that I may have financial breakthrough and that i may find a better job. I have been trying and all doors seems not to open. Also i have been applying for jobs without success.

    Pray for me that i may find a God fearing, loving and caring life partner .My relationships never matures. My first one failed and I have a son from it. the other one failed last year even now I feel so broken.

    I believe in Jesus name. Amen


  42. Dear Lord,

    This is your dear daughter calling out for your mercy.
    Please have mercy on my siblings and let our spiritual light shine always. May we not be tired of praying. Amen
    Have mercy and grand my siblings and me marital settlement, husbands and wives ordained by God himself.

    Oh God, please show me mercy. I am critically in need of a well paid job.

    I pray for deliverance from any satanic covering, Oh God show me mercy.

    I pray for financial breakthrough for all my siblings and me, to enable us take proper care of my aged mother and also family members.

    Oh Lord show me mercy on my health.
    Manifest yourself and make a name for yourself.
    Oh mother Mary intercede for us.

    Thank you for prayer answered

  43. My prayer is to find a God fearing husband that will give me peace and happiness. And to heal my father from fires of hell that makes him chase all my siblings home. I pray for my mother as well to give her peace with my father.
    I dedicate my sister who is married that may he bless her family

  44. Please pray for my son Alfred who is struggling in his studies and for his good health. We shall be going for an echo scan in April 19th, I pray and hope that the results will be good. So far no cause for alarm and I thank God for the good progress.

    My friend John who had a mild stroke God to grant him full recovery
    My mum and grandma who have arthritis
    Myself too I am struggling financially.

    Lord hear my prayers, John-Paul & Anne and all those who have requested for prayers.

  45. Thank you for this three pieces of advice for lent. These sessions reminds us to be closer to Jesus. Devil is a lier, we should not hold on to Him. All we need is to pray hard and ask God Almighty to give us faith, trust & love, Amen

  46. I render immense thanks to you John-Paul ,Annie and our retreat speakers for creating time to help me to pray and come closer to God during this lenten season.I really need serious prayer for my life and that of my family.
    I am facing a lots of financial difficulties in the health clinic I am heading.
    I am not able to buy drugs,pay workers and run out some of the activities of the clinic.
    Pray that God may open ways for me this lenten time.

  47. I thank God for everything he has done for me.
    Please help me pray for my children who are not working, I ask God to help them as they apply everyday.

  48. My prayers for this Lent & always, is for God to grant to every member of my family the wisdom and understanding heart to make right decisions, the knowledge to discern Lord’s teaching, to distinguish right from wrong. Make each one of every member of my family warriors of Light in the midst of darkness; make our paths straight, grant us success in all our plans and endeavors. Grant us all a long healthy, prosperous, and charitable life.
    For my first born IDCO: Pray for continue good health & wellness; a romantic husband rooted to trust, confidence, compassion, loyalty, family, God, and spirituality. A direction that leads to continue job security, improved job satisfaction, and financial growth; and friends that add value.
    For my second born ITNOD & her husband RD : may they continue to grow in their love for each other; may God give them the courage to be for each other a person, rather than a title. Pray for a healthy pregnancy for my daughter; may she be bless with grace & strength with her school & work; pray for all her needs or their needs.
    For my 3rd born ISDO: I thank God, my prodigal child has returned; please pray not just for the return home, but with the grace of maturity (rebirth, a new person in Christ), obedience, humility, charity, self confidence, patience, increase relationship with God & church. Chase out demons of fear, self doubt, insecurities, etc.
    My husband & I: may we continue to have the courage to be for each other a person, rather than a title; may God grant us the grace of good counselors to our children; enable us to continue loving, honoring, & comforting each other. Be our stay in sickness and in health, & grant us long prosperous, charitable, and healthy life together. I pray, ask, and present these prayers, wishes in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!
    May Your Will be Done, Lord….

  49. Pahingi po ng 10m. Pambatad po ng mga utang sa tao. Magkaron na po ako ng lalaking magmamahal at magbibigay ng lahat ng gusto ko. Manatiling pinakamaganda at kaakit akit sa paningin ng lahat. Bumalik na po si Mark sa akin. Ingatan mo po mga anak ko. Mag aral po silang nabuti.

  50. Please pray for healing for myself and family,also for deliverance from ansestral bondage and generational curses, for peace and for my husband who is sick for nine years,I know that Gods’ grace is sufficient and his strength is perfect.Jesus I trust in you thanks for your prayers.Feb 28th – 11 16pm 2023

  51. Please pray for healing for myself and family,also for deliverance from ansestral bondage and generational curses, for peace and for my husband who is sick for nine years,I know that Gods’ grace is sufficient and his strength is perfect.Jesus I trust in you thanks for your prayers.

  52. Thank you John-Paul and Annie for the Retreat I always looking forward fir Retreats. I am a widow and I love to listen and join these Retreats during this time of Lent. Thank you once again.

  53. Please pray for me. I need forgiveness in my life and my marriage.
    I also commit my partner and my children to this Lenten retreat.

  54. I ask for forgiveness for all our sins and im beyond thankful for all our blessings but I humbly pray for my brother’s health, may he learn to accept his ways and give him and us, his family the strength we need all need to help him as the days come and go.
    In Jesus name I pray…

  55. Lord you know my needs….. once my family is happy I’ll be happy…. please forgive me for my sins I commit knowingly and unknowingly forgive my kids change there behavior grant them wisdom and knowledge protect them oh Lord my me with a job so my financial situation will be good enough to support my family oh Lord bless me with my own apartment oh Lord so me and my kids can be at ease cover us with your blood and send your angle to guide us in the right part that leads to you, in your gracious name I pray Amen.

  56. This retreat is a learning experience for me. The spiritual food that I am receiving is enriching my life. I am paying more attention to how my life is being transformed by practicing what I have learnt e.g. never dialogue with the devil it takes you down a negative road.
    To receive the Peace of Christ is a gift I have to upwrap by trusting and obeying His voice.

  57. Please, pray for my Mum, Yvette, my mother in law Lilianne and my brother in law Mario, who are sick. Lord hear our prayers. Thanks

  58. Brother and sister in Christ please pray for me that I finally got job offer and pass all requirements needed to the company so i can provide to my family. 🙏🙏🙏
    Hear us Lord, Thank you.Amen

  59. Please pray for my coworker. Who will be going for surgery. He recently finds out he has cancer. One year ago he undergoes heart surgery. Please pray all the surgeon’s hands are guided by God’s hand and that he has a speedy recovery. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

  60. I have already signed up for the Lenten Retreat but accidentally deleted some, so could you send me the topics and speakers again?
    I would be most grateful.

  61. Please pray for me to find a unit for rent close to a church and for me to be happy and also find good helpful, kind hearted friends to associate. Thank You Jesus

  62. Praise the lord,
    I have lost my confidence recently and finds difficult to concentrate on my job at my new work place. Please pray for me to fill and lead by Holy Spirit.

  63. I pray that the good Lord will bless me and my family. I pray that my oldest son will get a job, meet a Christian young lady and have s family and a good life. I pray for good health and to grow in more faith every Day that the Lord take away my anxiety and and grant me forgiveness.
    I pray to grow closer each day to our Lord.

  64. I like to pray for grandson Dorian who has not been baptized. I pray for daughter too get baptized. I pray for grandson who has adhd and seem to be very aggressive behavior. Please heal him. I pray for my daughter who has bi-polar to raise my grandson in catholic. Ease pray for healing of my feet with no cure.

  65. I listened to Dr Stafford’s talk 3 times, so much information to digest, such incredible revelation for deepening our faith. Feeling very blessed to have this retreat, thank you very much.

  66. Please pray for my family,s especial my two sisters does not love one another their are fighting each en every days.
    Lord forgive them because they don’t know what they’re,doing..

  67. I pray that May the Almighty God have mercy on me a sinner ,to shower on me his blessings during this Lenten season and may He continue to bless me ,my family members and all my friends.i also request you to kindly pray for my friend Marcel who needs a financial breakthrough , protection, good health and wisdom and knowledge for his bachelor’s degree this year 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  68. On Feb 28, 2023, Decce wrot asking for prayers for an unhealthy pregnancy. I would like to reply to her, God bless you in your life & pregnancy. Thank you for letting “His will be done”. I ask that the Lord give her a safe & easy pregnancy. Decce, you are such a strong person , Lord please answer Decce’s prayers & keep her on this path & give her a miracle.

  69. Halo the pray novena group, thank you so much for accepting me to be part of this Christian family. My request is that you join me in prayer for my scholarship, may the Lord touch the heart of those selecting students for it, may he look with eyes of favor for me. In Jesus’might name i pray and believe. Amen Amen Amen

  70. My daughter is suffering from Colitis desease ..the doctor said there’s no cure.Really need God’s intervention she not well at all..i always pray for her His stipes she healed..need god to help us more than ever so that she can live her normal life like her age gruop🙏🙏

  71. Over this Lenten period I pray for a financial breakthrough in my life. I pray that my brother and I get jobs so that we can have incomes to support our family. That job that I got a call about and I applied I pray for it. I pray for all those praying this retreat that the Good Lord who is Faithful will grant us all our hearts desires. Amen

  72. May my prayer-intentions of not being defeated of the lustful desires of the flesh graced me until I fulfill God’s plan on me.

  73. My family and I are going through a very difficult and challenging time right now. I have 2 grown kids. My son is 26 yrs old. He qualified 3 years ago as a sound engineer. He still hasn’t found a job in his field. It just breaks my heart for him. And my daughter is 20 yrs old. She’s in her 3rd year studying teaching. Both my kids are good kids. We live with my mom. We’ve been living with her for close to 10 years. We can’t afford our own place. She’s Muslim which also makes it more difficult for us. She’s not a loving person. I don’t have a mother and daughter bond with us. She loves a material life. She’s always been this way since I was small. She’s already 75yrs old. We don’t feel loved here. But we can’t afford to move out. My younger sister is also Muslim, but she’s very unholy to her religion. Does alot of bad things, but my mom always takes her side. There was peace for a long time. Seems that every 3 months there’s always something bad that happens here. A day before Lent there was another argument. Now when we argue my mother does not speak to us for a while. She has grandchildren and great grand children from my elder sister. But does not acknowledge them, as a result they don’t care about her. I think she and my sister wants to sell the house we’re living in and they want to move to another city. I’m so worried that we will be homeless. I have Faith in God that he will provide for us. Please pray for us.
    God bless

  74. I am signed for the retreat 2x and am supose to be on automatic according to your messages. I have not received any? I believe it started on 22nd. Iv missed them all. Please send what iv missed and get me up to date. Thank you iv missed having my prayers and understanding more of god

  75. My sister Rosy who was raised Catholic and later on became a “santera” asked me to explain Lent to her, so she could explain it to her friends, and this is what I came up with, It’s the best I could do… What do you think?

    Subject: The meaning of LENT

    : the 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Easter observed by the Roman Catholic, Eastern, and some Protestant churches as a period of penitence and fasting days.
    started on Ash Wednwesday where we get the sign of the cross on our foreheads.
    thru the start of HOLY WEEK and ends on Easter Sunday celebrating the resurrection of Christ.
    He went to Jerusalem with His Disciples to celebrate the Feast of Passover, as He enters Jerusalem, He is greeted with palms ( which are burnt on Ash Wednesday as a sign that From dust you are and to Dust you shall return)

    Holy week begins the true and horrible physical sufferings of Christ. (1) The agony in the Garden, when Judas Iscariot sells Him to the soldiers for 30 silver coins. (2) He is then taken in Front of Pontius Pilot where he is Scourged (Whipped). (3)Then Pilot turns Him to the soldiers who make a crown of thorns and put it on His head
    and make fun of Him calling Him the King Of The Jews. (4) The soldiers turn Him over to the Jews by order of Pontious Pilot that never found Him guilty of anything and he washed his hands of the whole thing, telling the Jews to do to HIM according to their laws. (5) They made Him carry his own cross and on Holy Friday was crucified, died and was buried. On Sunday Mary Magdalen went to the tomb where he was buried and found His body was gone. “HE IS NOT HERE, FOR HE HAS RISEN, AS HE SAID” That is the celebration of Easter Sunday, The Resurrection, and the end of Lent.

    This is the best I can do to explain the meaning of LENT. Hope it helps.

  76. Thanks so much for this because all the time we are in lent period and we don’t really understand what it really means
    Secondary I want to testify to you that the Lord has started answering my prayer because I want a government job in wakiso district. So I was among the people shortlisted, I pray that I may be successful and get that Job

  77. I am so grateful that this Lenton retreat is available. I have looked forward to getting online daily to listen. Thank you for providing this wonderful gift to us.

  78. Very powerful message on how to leave this moment of Lent, which is a period of Lent.

    God help us move far from occasion of Sin and from sin itself during this Lenten period.
    A fruitful Lent to you all.

  79. Please pray for me and my family,we just received good news as am pregnant but Doctor giving up on it saying it’s, unhealthy pregnancy however I know it’s from God so am holding on my pregnancy, looking forward to see God’s blessings and miracles.please remember us in your prayers and bless us.Amen.

  80. Wow,
    I did not commit to this retreat because of family needs and trips to another state.

    I am grateful for these mini lessons or highlights because they are really helpful and fit my personally intense season.

    Please pray for the conversion and physical healing of my sister Sherryl Ann recently diagnosed with an aggressive lymphoma.
    Bless you for this invaluable ministry.