This next novena: for the knots in our lives

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We hope that each novena we pray together is one more prayer that will bring you closer to Jesus, and the next novena should do just that!

The next novena we will pray is The Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots!

Whenever we grow closer to Jesus’ mother, our mother, we grow closer to Jesus — because Mary always brings us to Jesus. 

We will start praying on Friday, May 1st.

One more thing…

We’ve been wanting to be more of a help to you during this uncertain time. Please know of our prayers for you every day.

In addition to the daily novena prayers, while we pray the Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena, we will share with you one talk each day from one of our past retreats.

We organize three online retreats each year: one for Lent, one in the late Summer focused on Healing, and one for Advent. I went through our past retreats and found some talks that we think will be encouraging and helpful during this time!

You don’t need to do anything to receive these talks — we will include a link to them in our everyday novena prayer e-mails :) We hope they’ll be helpful while we pray together.

You can sign up here to pray the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena with us.

And you can share your prayer intentions below — we’re praying for you!

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  1. Please pray for calm, courage, and faith to overcome fear and dealing with an emotionally and financially difficult marriage. Character has been defamed, and others have used their difficult circumstances to also put down this vulnerable family member. Please pray for those who are suicidal, and who are in the hospital, and needing healing, physical, mental and/or spiritual.

  2. Thanking God for the gift of life , and asking God to help my son get closer to him and love only his word, and stop watching nude videos …lord hear us

  3. Lord hear my prayer I pray that the interview at Health Hospice goes all right and that I get the job. I also pray that I don’t have to work past 5 p.m. and that it is 8 hrs a week Mon-Fri. I pray that the hrs are between 6 and 5 p.m. and that I don’t need quickbooks experience. I pray that when I get quick books from the library I learn a little of it.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  4. To allow intimacy fidelity truthfullness maturity and less emotional with parents too much in marriage and no divorce

  5. Lord hear my prayer I pray that none of these jobs require working past 5 p.m. and I still pray that I can hear from Carol on Thursday at 6 p.m. I also pray that Sara gets her job back and that the virus goes away. I pray that I either get a job next week or the following week and I get at least 2 days notice so I can be prepared. I pray that Monica calls Ivonne at Health Hospice today and that Ivonne answers the phone and talks about the status.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  6. Mary please intercede with Jesus that my husbands company get the contract they have worked so hard for. Please bless his work and may he have success. Please protect my family and keep us all safe.

  7. Mama Maria,

    I am praying for you to give me the zeal and strength to pray more and align me in your work. I also pray for my wedding to happen smoothly without any delays or hindrances. I also pray for my career as I am applying for work that u May bless me with a suitable and amazing job and work community. I pray for my fiancé and my son, to open the way for them and protect them always from any harm. I pray for my family and friends for you to guide and protect them in your grace and favour!

  8. Mother Mary, please help my beloved country, the Philippines, to be free from the bondage of communist. Give us a new leader that will help improve the life of every Filipino. Give us a leader who has concern for the protection of environment and the life of every person as well. A leader who has a strong faith in God, and with wisdom, knowledge, fear of the Lord, piety and understanding. Lead us to your son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  9. Please Mother Mary I just give You all my prayers unspoken and spoken and intentions. Help my daughter get home end of May on her planned flight and stop going to her relentless addicted boyfriend’s apartment in another state ! Please help me her mom get the imminent financial miracle now I’ve been praying to You for please. Help my daughter and I move out of this ungodly drug addicted complex into (my) miracle home now that’s in a very safe and nice neighborhood please close to my son in his state and if God willing her dad move too in his own safe area apartment! Please heal all us&protect us from all harm&evil. Please separate me&my daughter soon from our enemies(squatter neighborhood druggies/alcoholics who are evil minded. Protect us from them and serve Your justice on them and lead them to conviction,a change of heart,conversion and that’s for all them and their extenders! Help my son in his Military career and easily switch to NG and be able to keep his SF/GB that he worked so hard for. Bless him with healthy natural kids. Bless J&J&A to have great careers and us homes of our own to own in safe neighborhoods-homes! Set us free from all demonic cages and bondages now please:(K,A,J&J,R,R,,M,M& all our animals and all kids&animals in world and protect us from covid19& all sickness,danger,harm,disease&evil! Thank you Jesus&Blessed Mother

  10. Thank you Jesus!! God answered a prayer I’ve been making for years now, concerning my husband. Just after saying this novena. Thank you Mother Mary and thank you to everyone praying too, I pray your requests are granted as well.

  11. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get a job either from Health Hospice or Sciolex. Please pray that I get a job either next week or the week after because I am busy this week. I also pray that I get at least two days notice so I can be prepared. I pray that Herb’s results are ok and that he does not have to go to the hospital. I also pray that the results in the MRI are all right.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  12. Mary please protect my family from the corona virus. Please make my husbands company get the contract they have all been so hard working for..please Mary may we have a nice peaceful weekend.


    Thank You Mother Mary for your great intercession in our family and my marriage; Thank YOU our LORD JESUS CHRIST for YOUR Favours and everything


  14. Lord hear my prayer I pray that the interview goes good today with Aijlon agency and I pray that I can get a hold of Eddie today from Avalanche Express. I also pray that Ivonne calls me today from Heartland Hospice so I can go to the interview on Monday. I pray that I either get the job from Sciolex Corporation or from Heartland Hospice.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  15. Mary please make my husband gets the deal that he worked so hard for..this meeting is very important n his company needs this. Please pray for him

  16. I pray and beg God for divine healing. I pray for a life partner . I pray for goodluck,love,favour in my new office. I pray for all my good heart intentions in Jesus name. Amen.

  17. Pray for my son Paul that his furlough result in a better opportunity and he find new confidence in himself, his abilities and the power to direct his own life. I pray also that you place someone in his path who will love him, encourage him and believe in him. Amen.

  18. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get the job from Heartland Hospice instead of this one that I am going to today. I pray that Ivonne from Heartland calls me today for an interview tomorrow. Either that or Sciolex. Please pray that I get a job either the end of May or by June so I can start paying the rent again in 2020. I also pray that you don’t tempt me to get up at night anymore and that you put a bug in my ear. I pray that tonight I don’t get up that last night was the last night for me to get up.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen

  19. Dear God please protect me my family and everyone from the coronavirus and please end this pandemic soon and please be with all those affected by it.
    Please God bless me and my husband with a financial blessing tonight so I can afford coverage and to help us in our lives. Please God improve our health physically mentally spritually and faithfully.
    Please God bring a peaceful solution with our neighbor who lives next door.
    Please God help us bring a resolution to the deed.
    Please God bless my son and husband with the holy spirit that they quit drinking alcohol and focus on their health and family.
    Please God help our faith grows stronger and our relationship grow closer to you.
    In Jesus Christ I pray whom I love and worship.

  20. Pray for healing for my nephew who was positive for coronavirus, pray for healing for my sister Alícia who has cancer and healing for my sister Maria’s mental health.

  21. Mary please case away all thoughts about that person from my mind..i hate her and don’t want to think about her at all

  22. I thank God for answered prayers. I pray to God for divine healing from epilepsy. I pray for favour in dis new dept and for avoidance of alcohol and boredom in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  23. Thanking God Elohim for answering my number 1 prayer requests. Join me in blessing and glorifying Jesus on the exam success of my wife passing her NCLEX-RN. Let the name of Jehova be lifted higher in the name of Jesus Christ Amen 🙏

  24. Continued remission plus cure for Multiple Myeloma. Heal the damage done to my bones, etc. from the cancer. Also, keep my children and grandchildren safe.

  25. Dear Jesus: Please give to all affected by this pandemic the strength/faith to get through this. PLEASE bless our middle son with a nice Christian lady friend to be his soul mate. Thank you for blessing him w/job, may he be happy/successful and make wise choices. Bless him that he will reconsider therapy for his depression. Please bless our oldest son that he his successful/happy in his job. Thank you for blessing him with S, may they grow in love and faith daily. May his health be good. Please bless our daughter that she too is happy/successful in his job, that this medicine will heal her & she is able to have children. Thank you for blessing her with J, may their marriage be filled with love/respect for each other. Please bless my father that he will regain his strength and return home to mom from the nursing home. Please bless my marriage that it will grow in faith and love daily. Please protect us all from the Covid-19, that we remain healthy. Thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Amen.

  26. Father Almighty,

    I dedicate this novena prayer against the spirit of stagnation in my life. Many areas in my life have experienced stagnation – and some endlessly. Also, setbacks occur and i take too long to recover from them. I receive mighty blessings, but they never last. May Mother Mary hear and intercede for me, and ask her son to have mercy and grant me freedom from the various painful knots. Mary, Mother of God, untie these knots, so I can enjoy the redemption that your beloved son sacrificed his life for. I desire to be free, fully free. I pray.


    Friends all over the world, join me in this prayer. I am repeating it. I promise to testify.

  27. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I don’t get up once I go to sleep at night. Please don’t tempt me put a bug in my ear when I do. I also pray that my husband’s results are ok and that he goes back to therapy. I also pray that I get a job soon but I get 2 days notice so I can be prepared. I also pray that I can get something this summer like the Sciolex job so I can start paying the rent again by September this year of 2020.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  28. Mary, please pray for my daughter. Give her strength and keep her strong. Bring her back into my life.
    In Jesus name Amen.

  29. Hi,
    I am trying for my IELTS for the past 3 years and till now i am unable to go through it. Please pray that I should pass this time and can go to UK with my family at the earliest.

    My sister-in-law has some family issue and is separated from her husband for the past 21/2 years. Please pray that they should get united at the earliest.

  30. Hello there.. The knots in my life is compensation at work. I thank God for promotion. I however have not had a salary change for several months now… Help me pray that it changes

  31. Mary please give me peace of mind and keep bad thoughts away from my mind. Protect and keep my family in your care

  32. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get a job either in Avalanche Express or somewhere else and if I get the job Monica calls them and that I keep it. Please answer my prayers and get me something soon. I also pray that I don’t get up at night anymore to please put a bug in my ear. I know I got up last night but starting tonight I pray that I don’t get up and I sleep the whole night. I also pray that they call me from Avalanche Express and say good news either today or tomorrow. I pray that they got my thank you note.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  33. Blessed Mother Mary, please undo every knot of spiritual/ physical torment and manipulations in every aspects of my life , my family and future life partner. Amen

  34. Blessed Mother please pray for us that the Lord grant us the grace of fruit of womb and pregnancy now. Pray the Lord remove all fear anxiety stress from my body and mind and allow my body to relax and conceive now. We will not give up on Gods promises or our babies twins. Please pray that the Lord grant us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies twins. I believe with all my heart our prayers will be answered soon. I pray for all prayer on this site to be answered. In Jesus name Amen

  35. Mother Mary undoer of knots please by your grace intercede and undo all the knots I carry every day. Please pray for me that God answers the prayers in my heart that he hears daily. In Jesus Christ I pray whom I love need and worship. Amen

    Having visited to West Africa. An English merchant and a philosopher John Locke in 1561 he made fascinating account. Having regarded Africans as beasts without houses. He wrote ” There are also people without heads, with their mouths and eyes on their breasts. One must wonder John Locke imaginations. He had just A single story about Africa. Let us not rely on a single story in judging others. We often judge people. As if there are only and only one thing. We make their story as definitive. In the words of Rudyard Kipling We call them half devil or half child. We become like Pharisee who not only judged Jesus basing on the single story but also they crucified him. And so we do. We crucify people through our words and judgements. Talking their single story over and over again they become. In a quote Kiswali saying”Maneno huumba” Don’t crucify other people. Words can dehumanize but also dechristinize but also words can empower. The palestian poet MOURID BARGHOUT writes, if you want to disposses people. The simplest way to do it is to tell their stories and to start with secondly. Start with their negatives then you will have entirely a different story. Start with Jesus heeling in the Sabbath, that his father “Is working still’ then you have entirely a different story. Start with also Jesus regarding himself to be Equal to God by referring to God as His Farther, something even the most respected Jewish Rabbai could not dare to address the Deity or God as the Father in the Jewish tradition, then you have an entirely a different story. Start also with Jesus not observing the puritary laws by mixing up and eating with the sinners, then you have an entirely a different story. Start with Deuteronomy 21:23 which curses anyone dying on the piece of the tree that indeed is rejected not only by people but also by God ,then you have entirely a different story. So just like they crucified Jesus basing on the single story. We also crucify others basing on telling bad stories. Doing so we crucify them and creating crosses for them by defaming their names. Missionaries or conferes quite often I used to hear them saying ” Is there anything good that can come out of someone or a particula place “Often when they say so, they meant NOTHING good. But human beings are not only just made up with negatives but they also have goodness that shapes them. Now what if the Jews knew about the feeding of the multitude who were hungry and thirsity and healing the palaretic man not just basing on working during the sabath? What if Jesus persecutors knew about the raising Lazaro back to life whose relatives had lost hope? What if the Pharisee knew about that Jesus was the Messiah and He has come to fulfill the laws not only fulfilling but to teach us also how to observe the laws properly which we often fail seriously? What if they could have known that He is the star that was told through the words of prophet Issaiah that has come to illuminate the whole world? So telling many stories is as important as telling a single story. Which I think telling many stories creates a sense of paradise in people and on earth and brings salvation. When you seat down and meditate the words of God for yourself, Listening to second story of Jesus, you also regain a kind of paradise. THANK YOU ALL. By ANGELOUS FROM TANZANIA

  37. Dear Mary, please hear my prayer. I want to put my family back together and be with my ex husband. He has moved on, but I need my family unit. Please keep blessing me and my family. Please send a good Christian girl into my sons life . He wants to get married and have children one day. Thank you for blessing my older son with a sweet girlfriend. Help them grow in faith and light5he way for them. Thank you for all your blessings..

  38. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get a call today for an interview and that I can go for an interview today or tomorrow. I also pray that I get a job either the beginning of June or mid summer and that I get at least 2 days notice so I can be prepared.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  39. Thank You Lord for all the blessings You have given to me and my family!
    Thank You Mother Mary for answering my most important prayer! Thank you for all your intercessions! Please grant the prayers of all who are praying this novena. Amen.

  40. Happy Mother’s Day Blessed Mother,
    🎼You reign now in splendor with Jesus our King.
    Ave Maria…

  41. In the Precious Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth please Blessed Mother Virgin Mary Undoer of Knots deliver us from narcissists’ abuse. (For me especially, from H.)
    I claim God’s Word Ezekiel 36:26 over him. Please deliver H from his heart of stone. Give H a heart of flesh and put Holy Spirit in him.
    Thank you Jesus , thank you Blessed Mother!!!

  42. In the Precious Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth please Blessed Mother Virgin Mary Undoer of Knots deliver us from narcissists’ abuse. (For me especially, from H.)
    I claim God’s Word Ezekiel 26:36 over him. Please deliver H from his heart of stone. Give H a heart of flesh and put Holy Spirit in him.
    Thank you Jesus , thank you Blessed Mother!!!

  43. Dear Mother Mary Our Lady Undoer of knots Thank you for answering my prayer for my daughter to come by end of May. She just got her flight for end of May so thank you !!!!!! Please bring her home safe here to NY on that flight. I plead Your Son’s Jesus blood over me&my loved ones:(K,A,J&J,R,R,M)& protection from our enemies! Happy Mother’s Day to You. Today I bought 3 tickets to win the Easter I beg You to ask Your son to bless me with winning it and please Untie the knots that are being an obstacle to me winning it!! Please separate me,my daughter&her dad from the 3 trouble making evil doers that surround us here where we live(and put our health in danger with the gas fumes! Please remove him(J) from here..and for him to learn lessons to not be allowed to be a squatter here and please bless me with new miracle home near my son in his warm state (I own) in very safe neighborhood please so we don’t have to worry/fear retaliation..pleasMother Mary help me&my daughter with these burdens asap! Help my son &his wife conceive/have healthy natural kids&help my kids dad start helping us 3 more& stay here with us &us 3 get along..all us as well(K,A,J&J,,R,R)! Thank you Blessed Mother..hear and answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! 😘

  44. Mother Mary undoer of knots please pray and intercede for me a way to afford coverage please pray God blesses me and my husband with a financial miracle very soon. Please pray for my son and husband to quit drinking alcohol and focus on their health and family. Please pray for my son that his job restores his full salary soon. Please pray for my newborn granddaughter that her fussy stage ends soon and replaced with calmness. Please blessed Mother pray that all the heirs signs the deed. Please Mary pray for the end of the coronavirus and all those affected by the virus and please pray for protection from the coronavirus for me, my family and everyone. Please Mary pray for a stronger relationship with God and a deeper faith. In Jesus Christ I pray whom I love and worship and need. Amen

  45. Mary please undo this knot of anxiety in me . Please mother on this mother’s day I ask you this special gift

  46. Thank You Mother Mary. I have prayed this Novena and fasted for my daughter and I where we’ve had a strained relationship. She moved out late January. Today, praise God, she sent me flowers and a card for Mother’s Day! I just pray we can get closer and we both can heal. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all moms!!

  47. Please help me to finally get out of debt. Aside ftom the stress, i have lost friends and trust of family and colleagues bec of it. I have tried to augment income because but have bern very unduccessful. Please pray that my job and family be protected from all pain and suffering until the Lird grants me the way to recover. Thank you.

  48. During this novena, i pray that Mary our Mother may intercede for me and pray for the knot of unemployment currently weighing me down in my life…and that i may discover myself with grace of God. Amen

  49. Lord hear my prayer I pray that tomorrow someone calls me for an interview and that I can go tomorrow. I also pray that the string of the car that came out today that nothing was wrong that it was just a string and that everything was fine. I also pray that I get a job in the summer or the end of May so I can start paying the rent again. I also pray that I don’t get up to eat once I go to sleep at night that you can put a bug in may ear and that you don’t let me get up in the middle of the night so I can lose a few pounds and that I sleep all night.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  50. Thank you, Mary Undoer of Knots for your prayers for me. I’m learning ways to not feel so lonely anymore. I had also prayed for guidance in making a big decision, and I started to discern what to do on the seventh day of the novena. I’m still a little unsure, but Jesus, I trust in you!

  51. Mary please undo the knot of success positive thinking prosperity and focusing on priorities for my children owning a home car and living the dream of there hard work the badmind of friends families around them the evil eyes of esp there immediate family undo all those knot esp Norma she is a dangerous snake and expose her she put me down so much that in her mind they are not to do well close her evil eyes wicked heart and bad intentions and bad influence and dirty mixup heart

  52. Dear mother knot knot knot surrounded me so much why why why please undo them so much advantage take of me over and over and over so much disrespect why am I different why is it always a road block even trying to work and people don’t want me there or I am not good enough to be secured no matter how I help and work hard to put them where they are now is it my skin color and. I notice everywhere is a problem so I know it’s a big knot affecting me bc it’s something that follows me up everywhere they crusify me like your son Jesus and over on over mother you see how much I have taken release me now give me and my kids all that stolen from us by enemies

  53. Happy Mother’s Day Mary mother of all please undo this knot in my life that every one look down on me put me down don’t think I should accomplish anything think the are better than me and I don’t know nothing undo the knot of beryl badmind Norma wickedness and turning everyone against me friend family who leave a scar and then her friend Michelle say someone is working on me I do the knot of the evilness from Charmaine princess Tonoya and beryl bev Dian and all who has continue to take set on me undo the knot from rose who come to my home troubling me for 8 years straight trying to intimidate me and she and her friend slander me bc she sure of me mother you know I been through hell sometimes I wonder why it’s like they set people on me Charmaine had say they set me to be worthless but I bind it up on your cross and bind her words back to her and I ple your blood over my life for the enemies to leave me alone in Jesus name cut and clear every evil or evil eyes evil heart evil intentions around me and my family I notice everywhere I go it follow me up bind cut clear I beg mother I try to strong but sometimes I sit and wonder why and it’s make me upset and it follow me up bc my neighbors Patricia and Ramon continues to watch my every move like I am a child always in my business with my landlord call me name openly and always run in my home then say I am buying like I am a kids in Jesus name bind them up blind and confuse them in my life and doings in Jesus name

  54. Dear Mother Mary,

    This might seem late in coming, but, it can not be late in you answering my prayers.
    I humbly ask that you:
    * Grant me and my families Good Health and Wealth,
    * Grant Protections from evil ones on me and my family,
    * Journey Mercies each time i embark on a journey for me and my family,
    * Financial Resources to complete ongoing projects,
    * Increase in Knowledge, Wisdom and understanding,
    * Better and affordable accommodation on new task,
    * Answers to Family Request for me and my wife,
    * God’s continuous protection and success in the endeavors of my children/wife in school and beyond.
    * Success as you consider okay for us ALL
    * Overcoming this Covid-19 pandemic in the world.
    Amongst others…

  55. Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother for your answer to my special intention, answered on the 9th day of the Novena! Bless all who prayed this Novena, and help us bring souls to Christ! Amen

  56. I screwed up really badly. I disappointed my family and now I have to deal with the consequences. I want to be happy without having to sacrifice my success/responsibilities. I need to fix this while I still can-work hard and not let up until it is fixed. I don’t know if I can do it, but I want to try. I just need some help from God! Please pray that this isn’t going to permanently ruin everything! Father I am weak and I need your help!!

  57. Please undo the knots that keep the person I love from trusting me and opening his heart totally to me. Undo the many hurts of his past and see that we belong together. Amen.

  58. Dear Mother Mary,
    Please undo all the knots in the life of everybody in my family. Please protect us all from the corona virus and all diseases. Please bless my elder daughter with a healthy baby soon and heal her from her eczema. I pray for my younger daughter and her baby to be healthy, for my daughter to keep her job and for her husband to find a job, so that they can get a mortgage. I pray for my nephews to be healthy, to succeed in their jobs and to find good wives. I pray for my sister and my mom to be healthy. I pray for my husband and me to be healthy, to be blessed with healthy grandchildren from our both daughters soon, to keep our jobs and be financially stable. I also pray for all people who are affected by the virus and for the intentions of all who are praying this novena. Amen.

  59. Please cover my boys, my family in your prayers.

    Please pray over my mom, Beatriz Cantu. She went to get tested for COVID-19 & is waiting for her results. Please pray that the results are negative and she feels better.

    Please pray for my son Peyton to get rid of his molluscum bumps. Pray his little body heals. Thank you!

    In Jesus Name, Amen

    GOD Bless you!

  60. Please pray for an immediate end to all disorders, addictions, repetitive sin and all that is not of God in myself, my husband and all of our children.

  61. Mother Mary please help me overcome all that I’m going through (and my daughter as well,and son) all/trials,anxiety/fears/worries,temptations,health issues/ sadness that we are not living near each other in homes of our own near ocean and You know all our heartaches,prayers,petitions. Please untie all these knots for us that are in our hearts. Please help me&kids,and all us(K,A,J&J,R,R,M,M) help us to triumph over (my) our enemies and all their evil directed towards us&our lives that keep us in bondages! Set us free now and a special prayer for me&my kids..heal us from PTSD,depression,poverty,and help us to do Your work here through our gifts&talents&protect us all from evil. Please answer everyone’s prayers that are praying and have been praying this novena to You Blessed Mother Mary and sweet Jesus&I thank you so much. I know Your both are coming to our aid,THANK YOU!!!XO I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

  62. Thank you God through Mary mother have seen their power in my life my 9 day novena ended today and on the 6th day one of my prayer item was answered

    Thank you God ,Mary our mother continue interceding for me and i believe all the other items will be answered and i will come back to testify ..Oh thank you Lord
    Novena i can testify is a strong prayer and lord can never fail you for all those we were in this journey together and yours are not answered be patient and continue praying because you can never ask God for bread and he gives you stone.

    Hossana in the highest

  63. Lord hear my prayer please pray that someone calls me for an interview and that the position from Hialeah is not filled and that I don’t have to work past 5 p.m. I also pray that I don’t have to work weekends and that I can work just Mon-Fri between hrs of 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. I also pray that on Monday I get a call for an interview and that my husbands results are fine and he goes to therapy soon.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  64. Please, please dear Mother Mary, intercede and help my son heal. These knots are tied very tightly and have bound us to heartache for very hard 12 years. He needs to pass his classes on his own after 2 years of failed attempts. Please help him find his way. I do not see where this long suffering is going next. Please hear our prayers.
    We need to surrender to God’s will, but do not want to see him lose all the small strides he has gained. He has nowhere left to go and we do not want to send him away. Help me be patient and kind.
    Please bless my mother who is alone and physically weak in a senior assisted home and my mother in law a new widow. Be with them as we cannot due to COVID-19.
    Thank you for listening to my prayers.

  65. Mary please help me overcome what im going through and have a peace of mind.. Cast away all disturbing thoughts. Please bless me with a child

  66. That in these times when we have to be together with family that we appreciate and cherish what we have, put our differences aside, forgive and move past all our perceived problems and live peacefully with acceptance and respect. Please bring continued peace to my family specially among those who have not been at peace for a long time. Please join me, I need all the help I can get in prayers that my family heals once and for all. Amen

  67. Father get rid of Coronavirus from this world
    Heal all the suffering and the sick.
    My Mum requires blood every month blood and very expensive drugs.
    Lord continue providing blood for her use and also finances to buy her drugs.
    Touch my Father ,so that he can stop drinking.
    Thank you for providing to us when in need..Amen

  68. Mary undoer of knots undo the knots that are in my life. Undo the knots of adultery and disrespect in L life. Undo the knots that causing S hurt and pain in her life. Undo the knots of unemployment for J,undo the knots that keepong T from being focused and successful in his education. Undo the knots that keeping A from achieving his goals. Undo the knots of this covid-19 in the world.

  69. Oh Blessed Mother,
    Please watch over my son.
    With his work and financial situations, and in all things.
    Please watch over my sisters.
    I pray for and thank Annie and John-Paul, and for all those praying this novena.
    Thank you most beautiful Mother.

  70. Lord hear my prayer I pray that you answer my prayers about a job and that someone next week calls me in for an interview and that I get a job either the end of May or mid summer. I also pray that I get at least 2 days notice so I can be prepared and that please have Ken talk to Kevin again and have Kevin talk to his boss.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen

  71. Blessed Mother Undoer of Knots, I humbly prostrate myself before you asking your help and intercession for V, that she find a home of her own ASAP where she can have peace, stability and happiness Amen. I also ask that the person or persons in her life seeking to destroy her be removed and dealt with ASAP. Please untie these knots for her Amen.

    Praying for all medical professionals and front line responders especially family members, that be remain safe and healthy Amen.
    Praying for all suffering from this virus be healed. Amen.

    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  72. I humbly request an undoing of all the knots in my life, regardless of the current situation. Help me stabilise and assist me with my family, especially my children.
    Thanks be to God

  73. Mary undoer of knots please undo the the knots in my life that is preventing my reconnection and reconciliation with I pray for justice , I pray for peace and love. I pray for the destruction if all traps set by the enemies. Lord I pray for peace reinstatement and kindness. I pray for my financial situation, please break every hold the enemies have financial situation

  74. during this tough season , I have so many issues to ask for my daughter , there is this knot of health and another for love and marriage and another for work and another important one that is happiness . Please untie these knots so that she can have joy and peace and hope and love and happiness . I am praying the Novenas until 10 May . Please help her , thank you

  75. employment close by and easily accessible. reuniting relationship
    thank you for healing covid 19 for pat
    chrissy healing continue and Margie
    for untying knots keeping widower from moving forward and letting go of things

  76. I’m praying for a sense of direction, unmerited favours and patience to wait on the Lord. I pray for true happiness that only God can give, for my family and the entire people of God during this trying times. God bless us all.

  77. Mother Mary, Thank you for hearing my prayer and by blessing me with your grace. For lifting my spirit and for loving and understanding . Bless me with your mercy and understanding and give me the strength needed to face my fears, conquer and continue to make it through this journey successfully through life. Bless me with the ability and drive to succeed in every step I make forward. I ask that you keep watch over me in all matters of life and living. Amen.

  78. For my uncle who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, that he may experience a miracle of healing and live many more years of a happy, healthy life with his family. For the safety, health and wellness of my immediate family and for God to bless me with a husband and healthy children.

  79. Special prayers for My Daddy, Brother, Nephew, 2 great Nephews, Sister in law, and my Husband to be delivered from the Addiction to Alcohol, in JESUS name! Amen.

  80. For my grandson who is on the spectrum
    For his parents who are unemployed
    for M and A’s marriage
    For all who are suffering from this devil virus
    For my Faith
    For women who can’t move on

  81. Please pray for me to be freed from social anxiety and freedom from keeping a messy, cluttered house.
    Thank you!

  82. For my son Paul who just got furloughed. I worry for his future as I believe he’s on the autism spectrum. I pray our Blessed Mother guide and protect him as her own.

  83. Dear Mother Mary,
    I pray for my two sons to get close to Your Son Jesus and to follow Him. Protect them from all evil and any kind of addiction. I pray for all my nieces and nephews and their children to live holy lives according to Your Son Jesus Christ. I have been praying for a very long time. Things are not moving to better. I feel sad and unhappy and worried for the future. Dear Mother, please let the truth come out about this corona virus. Let us find out what stands behind this all. Don,t allow satin to make
    your children live in fear. Let us find out the truth!

  84. Dear Mary,
    My daughter is ill with a large tumor. We are waiting results of a biopsy. Please give her the strength to get through this. You are our last hope. I have lost so much lately, my husband, grandson, stepson and my loving dog. Please no more. Hear my prayers to help her. Strengthen my faith in your Son.

  85. Dear Mother Mary,
    Please undo all the knots in my family and protect us all from the corona virus and all diseases. Please keep my younger daughter and her baby healthy and safe and help my daughter to keep her job and help her husband to find a job and become a supportive husband. Please bless my elder daughter with a healthy baby soon and financial stability. Please keep my nephews healthy and help them succeed in their jobs and to find good wives. Please keep my sister and my mom healthy. Please keep my husband and me healthy, bless us with healthy grandchildren from our both daughters soon, help us keep our jobs and to be financially stable.
    Please protect all medical workers and first responders, pray for all people who are affected by the virus and grant the prayers of all who are praying this novena. Amen.

  86. Dear Mother Mary please intercede and untie these knots that are keeping me (and my daughter) unhappy (and living in fear) here in this drug filled complex and not having homes of our own to own in nice safe neighborhoods out of this cold state and into warm state near my son (preferably/ or in FL) God’s will be done regarding this and untie the knots of worry about these ungodly evil doers hurting us or planning evil toward us! Mother Mary untie THOSE knots that keep these evil minded addicts in bondage to evil! Untie our knots that keep my daughter and I in bondage with them! Mother Mary set us free through the financial miracle I have begging You for! Untie those knots for us-me&my loved ones that keep us living far away from each other because poverty,bad credit,no homes of our own to own-close come to our aid Mother Mary so we can live close to each other in same warm state in very nice safe neighborhoods&help&love each other:K,A,J&J,R! May God’s will be done regarding all this..but please ask Your Son who always says yes to You to please answer my prayers regarding this now-miracle(s) solutions-W-Hgtv smart home or any way You&Your Son see fit…please Blessed Mother&Jesus..I TRUST YOU and THANK YOU FOR THE ROSE🌹 THAT I ASkED YOU FOR TODAY!XXOO

  87. Mary undoer of knots please undo the knots in my life right now that is causing me distress, pain and misery.
    Holy Mother, please undo the knots of unhappiness in my current job. Please intercede on my behalf that i may get a good job in the technology sector and that I may make the right career move. Please also undo the not of financial debt and I also pray for G’s quick recovery from her foot surgery. May I pray for G & J that they may find jobs so they may continue providing for their families. I pray for good health in our family and that the good Lord may keep us safe from Corona virus. Please help us stay safe and healthy. I pray for good health and longer life for our parents. And I pray for all those who are saying this novena that their petitions may be granted, Amen

  88. Dear Mother Mary undoer of knots please intercede and untie the knots of fear and anxiety I go through daily over my unknown future and coverage. Please pray God blesses me and my husband with a financial miracle tomorrow night so we afford the health procedures we need and help us with our lives. Please pray for my son that he gets some positive news at work and my son and husband quit alcohol and focus on their health and family. Please pray for my daughter and her family. Please pray for the end of this pandemic and a cure for the coronavirus. I pray for the dying, the sick and their families and the essential workers and please protection from the coronavirus for me, my family and everyone. Please pray Mary that our faith and patience grows stronger each second that goes by. Please pray for a closure of the deed we are working on. In Jesus Christ I pray whom I love and worship. Amen

  89. Please join me in praying for my grandma’s and step dad quick recovery. I also pray for divine favours in my family and God should give me wisdom to know who my husband is as am praying to get married this year 2020 I ask this through the intercession of our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary in Jesus Name Amen. Thanks all

  90. My Sweet Mother, so thoughtful and kind. Right now, I am confused and lost. I don’t know what else to do. It seems like everything is against me. Please come through for me. Preserve and protect me as your possession. Amen!!!!