The Novena to Reorder Our Lives

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The next novena begins this Friday! It’s the Christ the King Novena.

It is the perfect novena to pray as we end this liturgical year and begin the next one very soon.

This novena will give us an opportunity to re-order our lives, our hearts and our minds to our Lord.

It’s kind of like a novena for new (Liturgical) year’s resolutions!

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And you can share your prayer intentions in the comments below.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie –

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  1. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Chayna is in tomorrow and that she looks for more jobs for me. I also pray that Herb’s back gets better and that he does not die or have a heart attack anytime soon. I also pray that you don’t let me put anymore butter on crackers because that is not good and that you don’t let me get up in the middle of the night anymore.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  2. Lord Jesus you know my innermost interest and desires. In adoration, you said that you will help me in your time.

    Today, I ask that you calm all my fears, wonderings and doubts.

    I trust you Christ our King.
    Bless me, annoint me, make me feel secure in your unfailing love.

    Thank you Christ Jesus for this ministry. Bless John Paul & Annie more.

    Joy love peace hope blessings.

  3. Prayers for blessings of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby for our daughter till term. Please grant us a healthy baby and help her with her anxiety.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for an end to this pandemic.

  4. Pleasw pray for my friend Maureen who lost her daughter Alana recently.She was on 37 an dwas unexpected Please pray for her other children Lauren and Jacob.My childrem ChristiN Oetwr and Jessica.My Mum Eikeen.Sister Lee and ciusin Frank.As Inwilo keepmyii nith on myborayera and all your followers and their intentioms.Also please pray for Matt Newton .

  5. Praying for my children and gran children for Gods protections always.
    A finianical breakthrough.
    Sale of my home.
    Thankung god for each day he gives me.
    My last son may god be with him in all his trails in providing at home. Lord im leaving all my intentions in your hands praying for all who had sent in prayer may god answer them and mine Amen.

  6. Please pray for an end to abortion and an end to abuse of children and that people will help children most in need

    Please pray for sins of omission when we fail to do what we should do to help others due to selfishness, fear, judgement or difficulty

    Please pray for those who don’t have enough money to live on that they may find meaningful work that pays to support their family

    Please pray for forgiveness for realization of sins committed and acts of omission and the guilt, trauma and anxiety and especially helplessness one feels because you can’t go back and fix it and do something differently. And the people and children who suffer because of your action or inaction.

    Please pray for awareness in what is Gods intentions to do the right thing and be aware when God wants to use us for good that we are open to those inspirations and feel bold to go against the worldly desires.

  7. Intentions for Christ The King Novena

    Lord Jesus Returning King,
    1. That I stop wounding your sacred heart by consenting to
    2. Hasten ye the kingdom of thy divine will here on earth.
    3. That every child that Papa Yahweh called\calls into being
    returns home to him for all eternity in his kingdom love light
    and joy.
    4. For conversions, for as many holy souls to reach heaven as
    possible. Big list lord but extenuating times.💜💜💜
    5. That your Apostolate of The Returning King reaches and touches
    as many souls as possible and especially those imprisoned who
    have no hope of love or may not yet know you.
    Vivo Christo Rey. Deo Gratias. Alleluia.

  8. Please pray for me, for the following intentions:

    for God to help my family and I, plus our friends and loved ones with His gifts and favour, in answering all our good prayers and wishes, and leading holy lives, throughout our lives;

    For God to answer my special prayers: through making me successful in securing a Management Consulting job at Crossover, which I’ve applied for and I’m in the process of going through various assessments for, as part of the selection process; for God to always go ahead of my family and I, and make us succeed in the various legal matters / cases we are dealing with; for God to help us to fully forgive our enemies and those who have wronged us and/or continue to wrong us; for God to untie all knots in all in our home and for everyone of us in my family, in all life aspects.

    For God to fully forgive all of our sins in all generations of my family, relatives, plus our friends and loved ones including the departed, lead us not into temptation, deliver us from evil, protect us, guide us, heal us, comfort us, give us joy & unity, provide for our every need and make us holy throughout our lives and lead us to everlasting life with Him in Heaven, at the end of our lives on earth.


    Thanks so much for praying with and for me. May God abundantly bless you and your families and loved ones.

  9. Thank you o Jesus, king of the universe, as we match out today to proclaim You as Christ the king, may your kingdom come down on earth today in a most special way to bring all who are lost into your fold, may families, spouses, relationships be mended! Lord convert sinners , the youths who have gone astray, who are being deceived by erroneous opinions,who have taken into crime and criminality, drug addicts and so much vices, bring them back to the harbor of truth.
    Reconcile warring communities and nations.
    Convert my husband’s younger brother
    to know you and worship you Lord.
    Let the world recognize your sacred royalty today as we match out!
    Lord heal Cecilia and all who are sick and bed ridden.
    Let your will be done in the life of my sister’s husband who is in the hospital/ hospice.
    Use me Lord as instrument of peace, reconciliation, conversion and establishment of Your kingdom here on earth. Amen

  10. Our Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly request that you grant good health to my husband and me. I pray that his procedure goes well and all will be fine.
    I pray that my issue is gone. Jesus knows my intention.

    Praise and honor to Our Great, Merciful, and Compassionate Jesus Christ! We adore You and glorify You. Jesus, You are the Center of all hearts. Amen. 🙏🙏

  11. Lord Jesus Christ
    I pray for my sister Ouma for protection. Please help her to be greatful of everything that you have blessed her with. I pray for my children to find employment. I pray for my granddaughter to realise the right path that she should follow and live a life that will please you Lord.May you help me in my struggles especially financially. Lord Jesus may it be your will and not mine. Jesus I trust in You. Amen

  12. Dear Christ the King, please I implore you to remove the evil forces from my life and that of my family. I pray that you stop Tara G. and her spiritual and wicked assaults upon me Amen. Christ our King, I ask for complete healing for my husband Michael, guidance and protection, removal of all obstacles from my son Cassius’s life and that he finds an age appropriate Catholic young lady for marriage and that the children of this union receive all their sacraments. I ask for grandchildren. Asking that my cousin Veronica, gets a home of her own and a good and a good faithful husband Amen. Asking for financial breakthroughs. Christ the King please reign in my life and that of my family Amen.

    Christ the King, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  13. Christ the King,

    I pray to earn A’s in all of my classes, pass the registry on the first attempt, graduate and get a job to support my children.
    I pray for a financial miracle, financial prosperity and to rise out of poverty.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from a CSF leak, kidney disease, chronic pain, chronic migraines, Ehler’s Danlos syndrome, anger, severe depression, severe anxiety, autism, and panic attacks.
    I pray my two children are patient with one another, love each other, and stop picking on each other.
    I pray for healing of my son from self-hatred, suicidal thoughts, severe depression, severe anxiety, anger, autism, obesity, video game addiction.
    I pray my son learns to become independent and lives a normal life.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray for resources to replace my furnace and air conditioner it’s needs to be replaced but I dont’ have the money to do so.
    I pray for resources to pay my property taxes.

  14. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I don’t have to work past 3 p.m. or weekends or holidays because it is too much for me. I also pray that Chayna finds me more jobs on Monday like assembly type work and that they are day shifts the earliest 7 and the latest 3 p.m. I also pray that I have a job by January.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  15. Please pray for the mental health of my family. Please pray for my husband and oldest daughter to find meaningful work that will bring financial security and benefits. Please pray that my family will lead more holy lives

  16. Christ the King please help me become the person you’ve called me to be. Help me that I may pass all my exams and that I’ll be able to find a good job. I also Pray to find a good spouse. Amen

  17. For my children that they remain firm in the Faith, and that they – and all children – not be indoctrinated by the Culture of Death and the Tyranny of Relativism. For my daughter especially, who is struggling emotionally and academically. And for a family I know that is going through an extremely difficult emotional trial. For conversions and reversions throughout my extended family. For the persecuted, and for their persecutors. For strength, wisdom and guidance for the ministers of the Church. That the Holy Spirit may give me guidance and perseverance as a father, husband, brother and friend.

  18. Please pray for Ron McClellan that he will be healed and the cancer eradicated. Please pray for Marie Genovese and Tony Genovese that they both get well quickly. Please pray for Anita Sarni that her grief will not overcome her and her family after loosing her husband my cousin Lou Sarni

  19. Dear Jesus,

    I praise and thank you for the opportunity of praying the Novena and for the peace in my life. I pray for all the intentions placed before you all over the world and for all those praying this Novena.

    You know my needs, if it is as per your HOly Will let it be done.

    Your loving child.

  20. Dear Christ my king& Saviour please give me more faith & more trust in You! I’m fearful lately and nervous about me& my 2 adult kids future(s) as well as my other loved ones! Protect us from all harm& violence& all evil! A special prayer for our holidays& safe travels!Bless my son in Military& all our US Military& families! I need a financial breakthrough to buy a Home2/3 bdrm near my son in his state soon(&us 3 move near him- (K,A,R)! Help my kids dad treat us much better,he has short fuse,very defensive& makes us anxiety filled! I give You all my intentions& prayers and hear my adult kids prayers too! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! XO

  21. I pray for Protection from my enemies. Those who are planning evil for me. Those who shamed me and disrespected me publicly. May God remove them from office that they are using and abusing. May God cut off their horns of pride and greed immediately. Amen.

  22. For healing of Sister Terezina, Zaira Rodriguez, MB, MP & my sis Carmen
    For RR to be completely removed from social media especially FB
    For DDJ & Joel from Puerto Penesco to reach out to me
    For financial blessings

  23. Dear Christ the King, I pray that you will reign in my life and remove the dark forces refusing to leave me in peace. Please put and end to the assaults that are coning from Tara G and others upon my life Amen. I pray for complete healing for my husband Michael, guidance and protection for my son Cassius and that he meets a good Catholic age appropriate young lady for marriage, I ask for grandchildren, I pray that my cousin Veronica finds a home of her own and a special man in her life Amen.

    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  24. Praying for more clients to come into our business. Praying that we’ll have enough funds to deal with our bills without borrowing. Thank you for all that you’ve done keeping my family safe and healthy. Amen

  25. Praying for peace amonsgt my children mainly my sons may they have unity going forward.praying for there partners to except jesus in there lifes🙏lord im leaving all my intentions in your hands let your holy will be done in accordance to your will Amen My sons girlfriend applied for a job may she be excepted. Lord please watch over my 2nd son has he is doing
    3 jobs to provide at home give him the strength and protections thanking God for everything Amen🙏🙏

  26. I’m praying for a stable well paying job(Financial breakthrough)
    I’m praying for a stable relationship.
    I’m praying for my brother’s to be financially stable too.

  27. Thanking God for His continuous guidance and energy and ability to do an assignment that I have been given. Praying that I can make good progress and get quick and positive responses to emails written.

    Praying that I may be a good role model and an nspiration to my family members and anybody I come into contact with. That through my way of living I will draw them to the Almighty God who is our creator.

    That God may mold my daughter as He prepares a good job for her. That my family that may be good ro role models for my grandson and be able to instill discipline, spirit of hard work and love of God as he grows. Christ the Universal King please
    hear and answer my prayera

  28. I pray for protection for my husband and myself as we go about our daily duties work and otherwise. For healing mental physical and spiritual. For all financial success in all undertaking and investigation. And may God continue to guide and direct all our decision and action. Bless our home and to achieve full completion.
    Thank you CHRIST THE KING

  29. I am on a Performance plan at my job for not meeting my sales goal. The job is stressful. Please pray that I find something else. I have prayed and prayed and prayed for business and this week I am ending with nothing while everyone else does well. Also every weekend I have car trouble. These attacks are coming left and right. I need guidance on what to do and where to go to be stable financially

  30. Prayer for healing, physicall, mentally, spritually and financially, for me, for my family, for my friend asking for my prayer. O Lord bless us, guide us and protect us all. Thank for your blessings thank you for your mercy, Lprd God Fther and Savior…this all i thank and pray in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

  31. Dear Christ the King, I have been sick with COVID but I managed to persevere. My son has special needs, he has mental illness & needs you desperately to help him. I have tried to manage his illness but I’m losing faith in the One who gave me my son. Please don’t let that happen, gift me with the strength I need to get through this, I’m desperate & need you.

  32. I would like to pray for the improvement of our campany (plus24)
    I would like to pray for my family well being (mother, brothers, daughter, husband and all relatives and friend
    Lastly I would like to pray for my goals and strongness of my faith in God.

  33. Prayers for blessings of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby for our daughter till term. Please help her with her anxiety during pregnancy.
    Prayers for healing graces for all family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for an end to this pandemic. 🙏

  34. Eugene Gladys
    Dear Lord, I’m praying for Iember tyokever gai, for her life and let her deliver like the hebrew woman in the bible.also praying for the families of Emmanuel and Maurice for God’s guidance and protection.

  35. Please below are our Intentions:

    1) For GOD’S Divine Upliftment and open doors for our businesses.

    2) For GOD’S Divine Promotion and employment in our careers.

    3) For Financial Breakthrough.

    4) For GOD’S Protection and Guidance in our going out and coming back and also for our Children in boarding school.

    5) For Good Health in our family and extended families.

    6) For the Intentions of my Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings and Inlaws.

    7) For success of our Immigration plans abroad.

  36. Christ our King, I pray for families and homeless people that shelter will be provided for all as well as food and clothing. Bless the world with sight to see the power of this universe and keep us moving in a positive direction all as one. Bless our food supply that we will grow together as communities and prepare for the unknown. Keep us safe in our daily activities and in faith.Thanks for all blessings received this day, amen

  37. Please pray for my biopsy to go well and my results to be negative. Also, for my husbands health and the health and safety of my children parents, and family. Thank you, I am praying for you all too.

  38. I have suffered misfortunes in succession.
    Firstly, I collapsed at work 29th July 2021.
    Secondly, in September 2021 my colleague whom I was working with on the day was accused of hitting a child under our care. Although the police investigation turned out negative this week, we had to endure the consequences without pay and still without work.

    All this leads me to believe it was a spiritual attack.

  39. For healing of Sister Terezina, Zaira Rodriguez, Maria B, sis Carmen & MP
    For a family’s situation in need of God’s healing love
    For DJJ to contact me
    For Leon from Puerto Penesco to reach out to me

  40. Dear Jesus,

    I pray for all the intercessions placed here and all over the world that they may be fulfilled if it is part of your Holy will.

    Please pray for healing of all the areas in my life and bless us with the joys of parenthood.

    Your loving child.

  41. Dear Christ the King please hear& answer everyone’s prayers including my own- spoken& unspoken on this novena! Bless my son& wife with blessings& Grace’s& safe travels for our upcoming holiday reunion; may Your love,peace,joy,hope come upon all us as we celebrate together! JESUS I trust in You! XO

  42. Oh Lord christ Our King,am praying to get a Husband whom you prepared for me, I also praying for my business to succeed and expand,you have your ways and I trust in you.

  43. Pls bring back the family unity that we lost because of this pandemic. My son has given us up because we have hurt the feelings of his younger brother who was trying his best to keep my wife and I afloat through the covid 19 pandemic. Pls pray for our swift reconciliation.

    Also, give us the courage to go to church and receive communion inspite of our comorbidities.

    In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  44. Dear Christ our King,
    Please keep a watchful eye out over my son, especially this trip he is now on.
    Please bless all of my family.
    I pray for the others praying this novena, please bless them.
    Thank you.

  45. Eugene glad
    Dear Lord, I’m praying that you have Mercy on Iember, forgive her and let her deliver like the hebrew woman in the bible and for divine healing on stephanie, thank for a successful work shop and for the gift of family

  46. Lord Jesus Christ
    I pray for employment for my children. I pray for my granddaughter who has lost the correct path of life. Please help me to continue with my business and for it to become a success. Let the prayers of everyone who is praying this novena be heard and answered. Jesus I trust in You. Amen.

  47. I pray Lord to acquire a property of my own. To be granted financing and financial freedom so that i can be a blessing to others. I pray for healing and long life for my mother. I pray for protection for my family especially for my children in the U.S. Navy. Amen

  48. Christ the King, kindly intercede with God to open my financial breakthrough and open a business.

    Pray for my sons Allan and Morris to get jobs.
    Am in alot of Debts, pray for God to bless me with finance to enable me pay the debts

    Pray for my friend Juma Raduk to get a buyer and sell the land and be financially stable
    Pray for me to get a God fearing husband and share my life with

  49. I pray to God for all my good heart intentions and for forgiveness of my sins. I pray for divine and complete
    healing and for his will to be done in my life in Jesus name. Amen.

  50. I pray to God for his divine healing and to blessing me more. I plead that he helps me mind my spendings. May God hear my prayers in this novena. Amen. Jesus have mercy on me. Amen.

  51. Dear Christ The King, please I am asking for your help right now. Remove the wickedness of Tara G, and all my enemies from my life and that of my family. Put and end to these spiritual assaults on our lives. I pray for healing for Michael, a good Catholic spouse for my son Cassius, Grandchildren, my cousin Veronica finds a home of her own and a loving husband Amen,

  52. Dear John-Paul & Annie,

    I would kindly asked to receive the previous six days of The Novena of Christ The King.

    I thank you in advance,

    Nicole Natali from Italy

  53. Christ the King,

    I pray to rise out of poverty.
    I pray for a financial miracle.
    I pray to earn A’s in all of my courses, pass the registry on the first attempt, and get a job to support my children.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from a CSF leak, kidney disease, migraines, Ehler’s Danlos syndrome, severe anxiety, severe depression, and autism.
    I pray for healing of my son from sleep apnea, severe depression, severe anxiety, stomach problems, video game addiction, and obesity.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray for protection over me and my family agains Satan and all evil.
    I pray for blessings of love, unity, support, health, happiness, laughter, joy, and success over me and my family.

  54. Please pray for my Mom Dad 3 babies jj sonya cj caesar John and myself that we live healthy cancer free safe long lives. Thank you Lord hear our prayers, Jesus I trust in you

  55. Praying for gods mercy and provisions during all our trails that we are facing at home in Finance.
    My son need help in his jobs please give me the strength to help him has his trying to do two jobs in provision at home🙏 lord graciously hear my prayer.
    Lord send forth a buyer for this hone Amen.praying for my kids and gran kids for protection each day. Its your will lord not mine.

  56. Christ our King, Today I give thanks for blessings of knowing Danny is in good health. Thanks for the answers to my prayer and I pray for strength, love, hope, understanding, love and more communication between us.Bless our world and bring us together as we go thru the life cycle of changes and assist us in raising our vibration to the highest level possible, amen.

  57. Prayers for blessings of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby for our daughter. Please help her with her anxiety during pregnancy.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues
    Prayers for an end to this pandemic. 🙏

  58. Peace within me and to let go of my worries. For me to know how to let God handle my worries so I can live the way God intended me to live. Health for my husband and relief of some of his pain. Health and happiness for my daughter and her family for my son and his family. And finally for my health peace and happiness.

  59. Christ the King, please pray for the good health and well-being of all my family; for a successful recovery for WA, BS, JB, RB and all who have been injured as a result of the shots; for the safety and rescue of those stranded in Afghanistan and those detained in DC; for the relief of those in need. I ask this all in your most Holy Name, Amen.

  60. That Christ will be the King of my life, my family, my social, emotional, phycological, intellectual and spiritual life.
    That Christ the King will always speak for me and order my life….
    Amen and Amen and Amen

  61. For the country to come back to God and stay independent. To increase my hope, faith and especially trust in Jesus.
    Please if you could all pray for my son and daughter to get enough scholarship or grant money to go to college, even half of it. 4.0, double varsity letter, national honor and still no money. They’ve earned it their whole life, working for it. Now others with half that get more. It makes me cry every night.

  62. I pray for the healing of my illness myasthenia. the doctor said that it is a lifetime illness and there is no cure in it. but, i believe that there is no illness that God can’t cure if He wills it.Everything is possible with God. I also pray for the protection and guidance of my children esp against covid 19. I pray for granting visa for my children to Australia. to have a good , concerned and generous employer. thank You Lord God in advance through Jesus Christ with Mary, for Mary and in Mary Amen.

  63. I pray that God reigns in my life, in my struggles, in my work, in my children, in my siblings, in my work relationship especially that difficult one that makes my work life unhappy at this time.
    Father, I come to you knocking on the door to open up a spouse relationship for your child. Father man is not meant to be alone. Father you know how lonesome I am. Cover me oh Lord with the warmth of a special Catholic mans friendship. May your will be done in my life and those of my loved ones and others. Amen!

  64. We have been having family issues me and my husband. I am praying for peace, love among us and I pray God strengthens our bond. Please pray for us.

  65. My prayer intentions include that my son David will be well in mind and body. That he will be successful in his new business and get peace of mind. For good health in mind and body for my family.

  66. As my children are becoming young men and woman, I pray theGood Lord will reign supreme in their hearts, give them the insight to know His will so that they will do the will of God always and inherit the kingdom of God when our lives on earth here is over. May we praise Him with His saints and angels in His kingdom. Amen

  67. Pray for the mighty hand of God upon me and my family for increase in our faith and love of God in our lives.
    Favour at the Nigeria embassy to grant my son VISA . Christ the king 👑 help this my son to fulfil his destiny. And so shall all my Five children and grand children. IJMN
    Christ the king heal me from my high blood pressure and diabetes and all sickness which will hinder me not to be able to work spiritually to win souls to you the mighty healer .
    Thanks for hearing my prayers for all my families need as I am the bread winner.
    Peace and protection for all Christians in Nigeria.
    May the Lord visit Nigeria 🇳🇬 to touch all the leaders who are thieves stealing the resources meant for everyone to themselves and their families while women and children are suffering
    Lord provide job for all our youths wallowing in want in Nigeria causing them into criminal activities Christ the king deliver them all .

  68. Praying for protection over myself, children grandchildren , siblings their children and grand children. I pray for healing of Funke, l pray for protection from covid. Heal my daughter of covid and let me not get infected with covid i pray in Jesus name. Amen. I pray for healing of my gut, spinal cord, spondulosis, thyroidism. I cancel all bad dreams and pray against death in my household. I pray against death in my family. I pray for protection over my husband’s new car and blessings for the one who bought the car for him.i pray for the advancement of my children ‘s career and their marriages. I pray for journey mercies for all my children travelling in December and the rest of the year and even in 2022 I pray for journey mercies for myself. I pray for the removal of the noisy night club opposite our house in Benin. I pray for the growth of my school and that God reveals those behind the sabotage of my school. I pray that those whole stole from my school be exposed and disgraced in Jesus name. Amen.

  69. Christ the king pray for me to pass all my exams
    Heal my Dad and I pray that he may stop drinking.
    My brother has disappeared from home.please bring him back.
    I pray for peace to prevail at home.
    Bless my family that our dreams may come true.
    I pray for my husband that he may achieve his dream of cutting weight.
    In Jesus name I pray.Amen

  70. That there would be more peace with staff at work.That ,I would have good job security.That my grandson will stay Catholic and would marry in the Catholic Church with a Catholic girl of his faith.

  71. I pray for my aunt, she is having a hip bone surgery right now. I pray for my son, he is autism, according to God’s will he can talk and understand.
    I thank you God for him with many years he’s never eat vegetables, now he can eat varieties.

  72. Dear Christ the King, I am asking for help against formidable enemies who are constantly attacking my life and that of my family. Please provide a permanent solution to this problem. I am asking for healing for my husband Michael, a good Catholic spouse for my son Cassius and a home for my cousin Veronica Amen.

    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  73. Dear Jesus,

    I pray for all those who have gone away from you, for all Atheists, for those who have grown lukewarm in their faith. Help me Jesus to always be faithful to you.

    Please intercede that my uterine fibroids are healed and that I may conceive and carry my pregnancy to full term.

    Your loving child.

  74. Christ the King,

    I pray for blessings of happiness, laughter, joy, peace, unity, love and success over me and my family.
    I pray to earn A’s in all of my classes.
    I pray to pass the registry on the first attempt so I may graduate, get a good job and rise out of poverty.
    I pray for a financial miracle.
    I pray for resources to replace my furnace and air conditioner.
    I pray for resources to pay my property taxes.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from autism, CSF leak, migraines, kidney disease, Ehler’s Danlos syndrome, severe depression, severe anxiety.
    I pray for healing of my son from stomach problems, self hatred, suicidal thoughts, severe depression, severe anxiety, autism, anger, sleep apnea, obesity, and video game addiction.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray for protection over me and my children against Satan and all evil.

  75. prayer for all of God’s children to be protected, and to do God’s wwill. prayer to end of Covid19 and other illnesses

  76. My intention is for Caroline and Gary. For God to give them holy conception. They so long to start a family. It has been years. And that they would both be open to adoption option.

  77. Please pray for my daughter. She has lost hope. She is depressed. I feel she is also using drugs to help numb her pain. She has a 3 yr old daughter that she was willing to let her baby’s father and myself take her for now as she has spiraled downhill. Please pray that she finds hope. Please pray that she has strength to let go of her fears, the poison she is putting her body. Please pray that she can find light! That she can let go of her demons holding her back. Please pray that she can turn her life around and get back on her feet. Please pray that she starts working again and that this will help her turn the corner. Please! Please! Please! Pray for her. Her daughter cries for her and doesn’t understand why mommy is not around anymore. This is breaking my heart for my granddaughter!! I need every prayer I can get!! Amen!!

  78. I am praying for my children Madeline and Eugene. Please deliver justice for my children and myself. I pray to have my children back in my home with me, and our abuser finally receiving the justice he deserves. I am praying to have this 4 year long court battle fighting for my kids end in the favor the of my children and myself. May the judge’s and juries eyes be opened to the truth.

  79. Dear Christ the King,please heal us in all needed areas& protect us from all evil(K,A,J&J,R,R,M,M,M)& all our animals! Help us find a way to get the meds into our cats Chimes system! Heal me of ongoing constipation! Safe travels & holiday blessings for my son&wife& all us! Hear & answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! Help all abused,tortured,starving,sick infants,children,animals,people,help the homeless! Bless my eye(s) situation& my doctor tomorrow so it won’t be bad or have anything bad,an easy simple procedure if necessary,heal all our eyes& hypertension! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! XO

  80. Christ our King, I give thanks for these blessings received this day. For life and living, for health, strength, joy, wisdom,courage and the will to go live life one day at a time and believing in faith and that all things are possible through faith. I pray for love and laughter in all my daily activities and please give blessings and strength to Danny as he complete his contract and come home. Bless my family and keep them safe along with David and mom, amen.