The Novena that Inspired This Website

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Immaculate Conception NovenaLast year, my girlfriend (now fiance) asked me to pray the Immaculate Conception Novena with her.

That simple request inspired me to create to help people remember to, well, pray… more… novenas!

Since then over 6,000 people have joined in praying together!

So, for the one-year anniversary of, we are praying the Immaculate Conception Novena starting on November 29th.

I hope you will sign up here to pray with me and over 6,000 others!

I’m looking forward to praying with you!

God bless you!


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  1. My girl friend prayed this novena and broke up with me on the Saturday after it was over. Everything was going great. She even said everthing else was right even how we met seemed that God had his hand in it. We met online and she wasn’t even going to click on my profile but after she said a short prayer clicked on it anyway. I have been on up to 12 dating sites at one time for 5 years and have had 100% rejection and when I met her she was everything and more that I have been praying for for most of my life. We are so alike and where we are different it is the areas that we need to grow more in. She said that she has been praying for what is God wants in her life and that when she was praying the novena she kept getting “no”. I want her to do God’s will but I am devastated. Do you have any advice?

  2. maybe an odd question, but as this is one of your personal ‘key’ novena’s I just wondered whether you had made the Totsl Consecration to Jesus through Mary?

  3. a couple of nights ago i found a novena to the Holy spirit and now i cant find it
    is it still on here or do we have to ask special thanks for listening Liz /bethxx