The Next Novena: Who is Your King?

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We are very excited to announce the next novena that starts on November 17th!

It is the perfect novena to pray as we end this liturgical year and begin the next one.

This novena will give us an opportunity to re-order our lives, our hearts and our minds to our Lord.

It’s kind of like a novena for new (Liturgical) year’s resolutions!

It’s the Christ the King Novena!

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! You can post your prayer intentions below. 

God bless you!
Annie & John-Paul —

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  1. to let go of FEAR and unnecessary guilt.
    For all our children and their future spouses
    and each other ~to love God with our whole self ~
    and for the Grace to Love our Neighbor as ourself

  2. Please include my sister’s family, the Gonzales, because my brother-in-law left them and it is all due to the fact that he does not have God in his life. We pray for his conversion so that he may return to his family as a resurrected R. And for his children to grow in compassion and mercy for their father.

  3. I continue to pray for the deliverance and healing of Jacob, Amu, and Ofei to grow in faith, hope and love. Thank you.

    May the Good Lord, in His mercy, grant us our hearts’ desires.

    May He continue to smile on you.

  4. I pray for the health of my children…Christ Dear lord pray for them to the father in heaven so he can keep them health strong and bright. I pray for my follow ups to go abroad for a better paying job so I can be able to provide a good future for my kids. I also pray for the father of my children for God to show him light so he can love and understand his children, provide for them and value them as his children just like any father would do. AMEN!!!

  5. Dear Christ the king, Mary,st Jude,st Therese
    I continue to pray for N that stops smoking!!!!!!!
    That N makes the right choices.
    Was doing better but I think has been not doing the right choices lately.
    Please let N be happy!!!!!!
    Stop smoking !!!!!
    Loose some weight so N feels better.
    Let N start laughing and will be happy again!!

    I pray for this

  6. For God to show my son J how to be calm and how to handle the difficulties he faces with his ex’s manipulation of his children K & C . To help be calm when responding to their misbehaviour and disrespect for him as a result. Please intervene Lord so he and the children can live in harmony. Thank you Lord, Christ Our King for all my answered prayers.

  7. Dear Jesus. Please put an end to violence in your world and guide us to become the Christians you taught us to be. In Jesus name. Amen

  8. 11/14 9:06AM
    Dear Lord:
    Help me to be a better person and to control my temper. Help me in my prayer life. Help all the people who have asked me to pray for them, and all the people who are praying this Novena. Bless and protect my family, our country and world. Please give us peace and bring all peoples together. Conversions for family and world. Heal Carrie, Lee, Nhi, Maria, Pudgy Louise, Anthony and all people who have asked for prayers, if it be Your will. Help our President, our government,our country and our world.

  9. For my son and daughter to come back to their faith and be on fire with the Holy Spirit. My grandchildren’s father to let God in his life and teach them the love of Jesus Christ.

  10. I am praying for my Sister Julie and I to get housing wherever God wants me/us to be. I’m also praying for my Daughter to get off drugs and away from her abusive relationship with her children’s father. I pray for all my grandchildren n their mothers. I’m also praying for my son who’s incarcerated to be paroled by this next October.

  11. For my business. That I may serve God and others in what we do. That God will bring us those we need to support what we are doing and make us successful. That I will not make food my focus.

  12. For God’s will in my son’s decisions tomorrow with regards to his employment and that God will speak clearly to him. In Jesus name to God almighty Father. Amen.

  13. Praise you Jesus. I pray for my Brother B and my nephew Dale’s relationship as father and son to be restored. My nephew is aching for his father’s love and attention. My brother has been separated from his wife C a few years now and this has affected all of them in their family. God in your tender mercy please look down upon them as I pray for healing and deliverance and salvation. Jesus Christ The King, Your Kingdom come. Thank you for your intercession and pray. Amen

  14. Please pray for me. I find myself with my family who are addicts. My son Joseph who has been to 4 treatment centers started in junior high. He is now 24 and working somewhat on his recovery. He still struggles and lives 3 1/2 hours always. He has a daughter who is 8 yrs old. My daughter Laura who was admitted into a treatment center in February. She is separated and has lived with us for almost 2 years and her 3 children. My husband Jose was admitted to treatment in March. After 6 back surgeries became opioid dependent. Is now in recovery. My daughter Alexis who is lost to the world. She uprooted her son and moved a couple of hours away with a man who has not been good to them. She has insisted on staying in this home with this man inspite of him asking her to leave. My daughter Erica had been married at a young age and was treated with physical, mental and emotional abuse. She is now 36 but has cohabitated with 2 other men who have not been faithful nor committed to her. She has her own set of struggles. Pray for my family. We have 8 grandchildren. Pray for my mom who has Alzheimer’s and my dad her primary care taker.

  15. Thank you for your love and willingness to hear our prayers and grant us mercy. Please help all who have passed on to go to heaven. Show all souls here on earth mercy and forgiveness for our sins. Please help my children to love and serve you Jesus Christ above all else. Please help E to get into San Diego state nursing school and to have the financial assistance needed to attend. Please help my son to do very well in college and to practice his faith. Please help my son to not drink or abuse substances and to serve you above all else. Heal my marriage Please save me a sinner so that I may one day be able to join the Holy Family in heaven. You know my heart and desire. Please heal me. Amen

  16. Most Glorious Christ my King, I humbly prostrate myself before you in thanksgiving for all the blessings you continue to bestow upon me and family. I give you praise and worship for you alone have done miraculous things in my life and continue to do so. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your blessings upon me and family Amen.
    My Redeemer Christ the King, I pray for a revival and renewal in all areas of my life, my son, husband and family. Revival and renewal in our health, marriages, jobs, careers, finances, opportunities and businesses Amen.
    Remove and breakdown barriers, darkness, lack, generational curses, bad luck and misfortunes from our lives Amen.
    Christ our King please hear the petitions and prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  17. Home in foreclosure sold days before the scheduled sale date had to have an attorney file an objection in court hearing on Tuesday 11/20/18
    I pray for you Christ to soften the heart of the Judge and all those that are against me please father allowing the final decision to be in my favor and reverse the sale give me back my home and allow me to live in peace as the bank and its attorneys are at fault.
    O thank sweet Jesus I beg of you to grant me this favor as I will always be committed to praise you in Jesus name.

  18. Christ the King
    Thank you for your protection and help when it is most stressful.
    Thank you for my mother’s new happiness and healthy life.
    Thank you for my son’s and husband’s healing.
    Thank you for helping me be an instrument of healing to others at work and at home.

    I pray that I am what I am asked to be here in earth when dealing with difficult people. As it is when I can best show my divinity.

    Help me Christ the King
    Thank you Christ the King

    Amen Amen

  19. Please pray for my son, A who is in jail awaiting trial. Hoping for monitored pre trial release. Also pray for peace in our family. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  20. Virtually every member of my family is suffering from poor health right now. (Myself and my wife, and my two children, both of whom got married this year. All separate health issues.) Please pray for our health and our perseverance. Thank you.

  21. Prayers for my husband’s surgery, that all goes well and his recovery is successful. That my daughter finds a husband who will cherish her.