The Next Novena: To A Saint Who Does the Impossible

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Our next novena is to a saint who does the impossible.

In fact, that’s what he’s known for… answering impossible prayers!

He’s the patron of hopeless, lost and impossible causes…

He is Saint Jude!

We will start praying the StJude Novena on Friday, October 19th!

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you!

You can share your prayer intentions with us all below in the comments, and we will pray for you.

God bless you!
Annie & John-Paul —

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  1. Dear st Jude saint of impossible please intercede of my behalf that the scamming credit card company give me my money back immediately I’m in financial ruins because they are holding my cash deposits I’ve been saving for quite sometime trying to purchase a house and they throwing stumbling blocks and changing stories stop playing games with my money in Jesus mighty name destroy all block on my money and release it flowing into my hands break the barrier from thee enemy in Jesus mighty name my lord and savior make thee enemy let loose of my funds right now .Amen

  2. Saint rapheal intercede on my behalf to heal my mother from chronic knee pain and stiffing of the joints she suffers from osteoarthritis the pain that she is in is unbearable but by the grace of god she still finds strength to go to work each and everyday I just ask for her deliverance and be pain free and more stiff joints and to walk normal again to go upstairs and down stairs with no pains in knees be able to walk without hurting in Jesus mighty name cleanse any toxins in her joints and join tissue deliver her from pain and suffer let it be nomore place your powerful hands all over her body and purify her knees and to seal up her cellulitus wound completely shut it up forever never to return ever again and heal my nephew of his chronic ear pain in both ears drain out any fluid behind ear drum destroy it in Jesus mighty name and destroy the small fleshly lump underneath skin on both sides of neck draw out any infections in nose throat and ear whether viral or bacteria destroy them neck lumps in Jesus name destroy any cancer ,sickness tryna attack his body hiding or laying dormant injesus names .Amen

  3. St.Jude,please intercede for me..May I be completely healed from this infirmirty and have a healthy and happy life in the future with him.

  4. I ask for the conversion of my son Travis. Again I ask that you pray for him. He is struggling in his business and his life and his health.

  5. St Jude, friend of Jesus. Asking that my daughter get an offer for a job that she is qualified for, work with ethical people, and not too, too far from home so that she and her family can have a better life. She is a good responsible person who always does the right thing. St. Jude please grant us our request. ALso, listen to the others pleading for help. We put our trust in you, St. Jude.

  6. Dear st .Jude,st Michael,st.Lazarus ,st lidwina ,st werenfrid, and st pio please heal my mother from chronic severe knee pain to do osteoarthritis I hurt day to day seeing her in pain suffering and can’t do anything to help her I ask that you pray for healing for no more pain no more joint pain and no swelling or inflammation make her legs and knees perfect like god made them deliver her from this agony of pain on daily bases make every pain be destroy in Jesus mighty name i command all pain and aches swelling to flee from her body name in Jesus mighty name place a shield of armor over her cover her with your wings keep her safe my lord and savior in Jesus name I will give praise and thanx with testimony hallejuah.Amen

  7. Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ please heal my sister JOYCE who is suffering from breast cancer. Radiation and chemo are over. Please pray that she be cured completely of this disease. Please hear our prayers Father and speak your words of healing and Mercy for my sister. Please pray for my other niece to get a good proposal. Praise and Thank you, Lord, Jesus, Mama Mary and St. Joseph. I want to thank all of you for keeping my sister in your prayers. Thanks and God Bless!!

  8. Dear Sisters and Brothers in Our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to pray the novena to St Jude with me. I am in a very difficult situation financially, albeit if my own making and I do take personal responsibility for it. I applied for large personal loan today so I can consolidate my debts into one, manageable loan. The bank official said it might be difficult to have the loan approved. He is going to let me know what the credit team approval answer tomorrow, 23 January. I am trying desperately to live the WILL of God more and more. I know I have to improve in all areas of my life, therefore I am completely surrendering myself to GOD, his son Jesus and Our Lady. I ask in Jesus’s name , through The intercession of St Jude and Our Mother Mary that this loan is granted swiftly and easily tomorrow, that I repay all my debts, stop spending irrationally, budget well and save for a house. I also ask for peace, health and harmony in my family. I pray for all your intentions also. God bless you all.
    Kind regards

  9. Please pray for the conversion of my husband and the return of my son to the Catholic church, my daughter in law and my grandchildren & great grandchildren. Thank you

  10. That my son Sean returns to Church and the Lord
    That my continues to be clean of her addiction
    That my health continues to improve

  11. Dear st .Jude my friend has court and he got jammed up and things are looking bad he innocent but guilty by association I ask that you continue to help and guide him through this difficult time please don’t allow him to go away to prison this situation has gone on far too long please let the cops leave him alone in Jesus name let all the paperwork get thrower away and they have no case and they guy that got him caught up in this to be destroyed in Jesus holy name may folk stop spreading false rumors about his situation and stop his family from running their mouths to the frienenemies father in heaven I ask that you put a shield of armor around him send down your angels to protect him let him get justice in all matters make child support stop sending him letters make the court drop his support order and find out the woman has been lieing and false documents and make her take him off child support and never to be bothered or seen by her ever again in life may her power be broken holy ghost fire all over his body destroy all dark and negative energies around him come out of him now you demon come out now leave his mind ,body and soul cleanse him from witchcraft and black magic all altars amulets tailsman dolls incantation take it out of him in Jesus almighty name trouble with the law shall be destroyed all generational curses barren his name ancestors and future family to be destroyed by fire of holy ghost .Amen

  12. I pray and I am claiming that my Work Schedule will not only return to normal early next week – the first full week of this month, the first month of this new year (January of 2019), but I will be working Full-Time with much higher Hourly Pay, and in My Promoted Desirable and pleasant Position now. Amen!

  13. Most holy apostle st judge heal constipation and make it so easy for me to pass stool and no be in pain let it remove from my body without hurting me make it just slide out on own make my stool extremely soft in Jesus name come out of me come out now in his powerful name my lord and savior please help me fix any problem with my bowels heal and fix my vaginal prolapse and rectocele I’m tired of being in pain and the pressure feeling place my vagina back where its suppose to be how my father in heaven make and to the evil vindictive woman who caused problem in my life through witchcraft may you suffer dearly all the rest of your life may she become poor and needy and lose her mind and be put in mental facility and never get out may her family disown make her lose her power and become very very weak in Jesus name by she turn dark and swell up make her go blind and lose total eyesight in Jesus name holy ghost fire make my menstrual cycle start flowing again make it come back on regularly every month make me fruitful and to able to bare children in Jesus almighty name.Amen

  14. i have more than 1 request and am feeling guilty about that. i think i need to be praying for one thing and not be asking for more,so that other people may have their prayers answered also
    help jeff and amanda become a family in love,trust and hope,and bring them to good health
    help my brother to be able to manage his apartment and not be homeless

  15. Please pray for me that the two female who worked blackmagic and witcraft on me be punish severely give them the same effects they caused me I want them to suffer they working against my hair,skin,and weight I ask the you remove blockage from my belly area take away the swell and bloating make my menstrual cycle start flowing again like it suppose to every month shrink my stomach flat stop my hair from falling and thinning and make it start growing back thicker without any breakage in Jesus name cast it out of me make my browskin complexion come back cast out the demon in Jesus mighty name bring back my beauty and glowing skin in Jesus name make me lost the weight rapidly and speedy for it not to return make them get fat and can’t lose the weight lord Jesus my savior hear my cries for help remove blockage from my uterus cervix and fallopian open them so I can bare children cast on barrenness now in Jesus almighty holy ghost fire all over my body destroy and burn every altar with my name and generational curses broken in Jesus almighty powerful name destroy every sickness and disease they have put in my body come you demon make my metabolism work shrink my was it in Jesus name heal me from pelvic organ prolapse and rectocele in Jesus name come out my now.Amen

  16. Dear Lord, please grant Me Favor all over the difficult financial… Issues… I have been dealing with for several months now. I have claimed more than the Victory In Jesus’ Name; this Christmas Holiday Season is God’s Promise that my New Year’s Blessings Will Be Great things!!! Amen.

    • I pray for an end to any and all disorder that causes the USA Government to Shutdown. I claim the Victory of a USA Government that will not and does not Shutdown In Jesus’ Name Today! Lord please take and keep this Nation in Your Hands. Amen.

  17. Dear st Jude please pray for my boyfriend that all those demons come out of him now in Jesus name all things hindering his life come out now with fire of holy ghost whateva he has eaten or been feed to him cast it out of him whateva spiritual wife is holding him bondage let it lose grip now in Jesus powerful name all the powers that Jezebel spirit has over him destroy it with fire of holy ghost in Jesus mighty name my lord and savior whateva demon is sabotage his relationship come now I put fire all over your body spirit the has law and authority riding his back come out now in Jesus powerful name spirit of incest come out of him now spirit of uncontrollable sexual lust spirit of emotional abuse spirit of timidity come out of him not you demons come out of him spirit of witchcraft come out in Jesus name evil spirits of dishonesty come out of him through Christ evil spirit of masturbation come out deceit alcohol addiction come out of him get out now my lord and savior rescue him dear lord destroy these powerful demons with sword of the lord may the evil scandalous manipulated female who has put curse on his love life and having kids with the woman his loves destroy her take all her power leave her powerless and have no more control anything she tries will do nothing but fail destroy every altar on USA soil and carribean set them altars on fire from holy ghost burn them down to ground in Jesus powerful name may he be healed and delivered and prosperous may all road blocks be open in Jesus name glory to god in Jesus name .Amen

  18. Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ please heal my sister JOYCE who is suffering from breast cancer and her daughter who is suffering from hormonal imbalance is polycystic ovary syndrome ( PCOS). Her Blood reports have come normal. Please send the Holy Spirit to cure them. Radiation of my sister is going one. Please pray that she be healed completely from this disease. Please hear our prayers and grant Mercy and healing to my sister and her daughter. Please pray for my other niece to get a good proposal and my friend’s brother who is suffering from Gall Bladder infection. Praise and Thank you to God Our Father, Jesus Christ, Mama Mary and St. Joseph. Thanks and God Bless!!