The Next Novena: “Thy Kingdom Come”

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We are very excited to announce the next novena that starts Friday, November 13th!

It is the perfect novena to pray as we end this liturgical year and begin the next one very soon…

This novena will give us an opportunity to re-order our lives, our hearts and our minds to our Lord.

It’s kind of like a novena for new (Liturgical) year’s resolutions! 

It’s the Christ the King Novena!

The feast of Christ the King is movable, and is celebrated on the last Sunday of the Liturgical year. This feast day was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925 within his encyclical letter, Quas Primas.

St. John Paul II spoke about this feast, and the title of Christ the King, in a homily from 2000. Here’s a little bit of what he said:

“You are King! But your kingdom is not of this world… Yours is a “kingdom of truth and life, a kingdom of holiness and grace, a kingdom of justice, love and peace,” which will be revealed in its fullness at the end of time, when God will be all in all. The Church, which can already taste on earth the first fruits of this future fulfillment, never ceases to repeat: “Adveniat regnum tuum”, “Thy kingdom come.”

During this novena, we will pray that we may all allow Christ the King to truly be our king: to reign in our hearts, our minds, our wills, and our lives.

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And you can share your prayer intentions in the comment section below.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. Please pray & bless our middle son with this coaching job that he applied for & that he will be happy/successful in. Please pray he will be blessed with a nice Christian lady friend, that he will reconsider counseling, and that he will make good choices. Please pray for our oldest son that he will be successful-happy in his job. Thank you for blessing him with S, that they will treat each other w/love and respect. Please bless our daughter/son in law that they too are happy/successful in their job. Thank you for blessing her and new husband w/wonderful baby. That they will treat each other with kindness & respect. Bless her that my total hip replacement surgery will go well. Please bless our 3 children with good health and increasing faith. Please bless my husband that his health will improve, and that our love-faith will grow daily. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Amen.

  2. Prayers for the end of COVID-19, for the healing of all those who are infected and those who are sick. For the protection of all.
    I pray that God will grant me physical healing from all the body pains I’m experiencing. May God also take away my worries and fears.
    I pray for the healing of my family, physically, emotionally and spirtiualy.
    God, please protect my son and keep him away from all evils. Amen.

  3. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get a job in the beginning of January or Mid January and that it’s a temp to hire or a perm and that the furthest north is Doral or Downtown Miami and South is Kendall not Cutler Bay or Homestead. I also pray that it’s not in North Miami or Miami Gardens or Miami Lakes. I pray that it’s in Blue Lagoon or that it’s not past 4 or 5 p.m. and that I don’t have to work weekends Mon-Fri only. I also pray that if I can’t see Carol I can see Jose Bermudez and that he can help me.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  4. Dear Father,
    Please protect and cure Rose of her cancer. Please Father send Your loving spirit of compassion and selflessness to James and Margie they have let anger and fear take over their lives(I think). I ask these petitions in the name of Your Devine Son Jesus. Father I trust in You whatever Your will be, let it be done.

  5. Christ the King, Thank you for the wonderful time in prayer!
    Help all my medical tests to come clear!
    I am cancer free!
    Bless each and every person who completed the Novena and keep us all safe!

  6. Dear Lord Jesus,

    I pray to heal my daughter from terrible chronic and ongoing nausea and migraine/ jaw,temple/gum pain, heart palpatations, kidney disease, autism, anxiety and depression.
    I pray to heal my son from self-hatred, suicidal thoughts, anger, severe depression, anxiety, autism, and sleep apnea.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray that my son and daughter love each other and take care of each other.
    I pray for blessings of happiness, success, love, calm, peace, and joy over my family.
    I pray for financial freedom, financial abundance, financial prosperity and a release of my financial debt.
    I pray to earn A’s in all of my classes, pass the registry on the first attempt, and get a good job to support my family.
    I pray for guidance on the sale of my home and the purchase of a new home.

  7. Dear Jesus,Blessed Mother Mary please intercede for me regarding this terrible ongoing nausea and migraine/ jaw,temple/ gum throbbing pain! I need You(s) to heal me now so I can sleep well and wake up healed so we can have a blessed holiday&reunion this week! Pray for my son &his dad to be kind &understanding regarding this and possibly do the cooking if this still persists,but please take it all away from me! Bless my son’s holiday&family reunions no matter what please! Pray for us(K,JR,K,M,A& J&&M,&M too)! Heal us all wherever we need healing! Bless us with safe travels&protect us from covid 19& all evil people&all evil! Help the covid 19 sufferers to get the healings they need! Thank you Jesus&blessed Mother Mary! XO

  8. Dear Lord, I pray that our family gets out of debt and we are able to have a savings. I am so grateful what you have blessed me with throughout my life and now at this point I am feeling struggle and disparity.
    Please Lord help us to be debt free and have some savings. Lord I ask this of you for our children. I pray you can show us how to teach our kids to be better with money. How to pay on time, budget, give, help, and be smart with their financial future.
    In Jesus name,

  9. Please help my daughter find a wonderful spouse. Please bray for my father-in-law who just died & his family. Please pray for my parents. Please pray for my son-in-law’s father who is dying and his wife and family. Thank you!🙏🏻

  10. O God my father praying to get some love from Arjun. I love him a lot. Its been 4 years no talks but message rarely with one word. I miss him so much. Please ask me to see or make him to see my heart and please ask him to see me talk to me love only me atleast for one year. That much truely i love him. O God you know everything even he loves me but not showing outside to me. Please make him to change his mind me and msg me first than I’m the one who msgs everytime. Please help me my Lord.Amen

  11. I pray 2 God 4 divine and permanent healing.
    I pray for a life partner.
    I pray for my gud heart intentions in Jesus name. Amen.

  12. At the end of our Liturgical Year and time for Thanksgiving, I’m taking a moment to thank Christ The King for my many blessings. I am sincerely grateful for life and creation, the beauty of the world, the smiles, and laughter of family and friends (even when virtual), and all the wonderful people who have graced my life.
    I am grateful to be well, and for the opportunity to live and thrive. But, like so many, I experience turmoil, challenge and change that has been brought on by the crisis of this global pandemic. Yet, as I weather the crisis, I must remember the lessons it teaches, so we all can continue to strive for a better tomorrow. The crisis reminds me why it is important to celebrate every day and share love with family, friends and neighbors. Crisis reminds me of how important it is to take care of ourselves, our communities and our planet.

  13. I pray for financial freedom and I pray for my sons life that he grow with Jesus.

    I pray for my family to have more love towards each other and that we may have financial freedom to rebuild our family home and live together in unity and love.


  14. I have been struggling to have a job so I can carter for my son’s and my need. And also please pray for my husband Brian Baimako to come back and live with me. He left me and my son for a year now and life is really hard.

  15. Dear Christ the King,
    Please keep my daughters and their babies healthy and safe. Please help my elder daughter have smooth delivery of a healthy baby. Please heal my nephews completely physically and mentally and bless them with good wives and children of their own. Please keep my husband and me healthy and financially stable. Please heal my sister who is suffering from high blood pressure. Please help my son-in-law to find a good job to support his family. Please heal N from all his addictions and G from cancer. Please answer the prayers of all praying this novena. Amen.

  16. Dear Christ our King Please hear and answer everyone’s prayers through this novena! Pray for a powerful vaccine soon for covid to come to us all now! Pray for my son to do the right thing for the right reason,that’s for all us on my heart(K,J,A,R,R,J,M,M) and a special.prayer for us 3 currently regarding the quarentine! Give us the strength to do it wisely and get our tests and not have covid! Pray for our strong wills! Show us the way Lord(K,J,R&A)! Help me continue to put up the boundaries that are right for me! I need peace now especially this week,but I also ask You to send us angels so we don’t argue/ belittle each other! Help me trust in You more! I also place the alcoholics/ drug addicts who surround me in my complex in Your hands(J,L,D etc)! I trust in Your timing that You will set me and my daughter free from them and bring us a blessed new home where my / her heart’s desire( near my son)! I place thing petition for an urgent financial miracle to come to me very soon Jesus my King! I give You all my prayers,intentions! Find an easy way for me&my son to visit soon without the worry,fear,anxiety that’s trying to over us! Jesus please help us and a special prayer for us 4(J,A,R,K)! Thank you Jesus&Mary I please for Your Divine intercession on all these prayers! XO

  17. My best friend, Sue, has a mass in her Rt. lung that needs more workup to determine what it is. Insurance is delaying the PET scan she needs! Please pray for her as she faces this 🙏

  18. Lord Jesus, bless us with your infinite greatness. Give us the ability to know to seek you in trouble and uncertainty. Keep watch over us in everything we do. Bless me with financial security.

  19. Holy Father & Jesus thank you for Your blessings, thank you for your mercy, grace unconditional love & forgiveness. Lord I ask and pray that we get a Christmas Miracle for Paul to get a job. He’s depressed and please help me be more patient and remember to think before I talk I am sorry I hurt my son. Please forgive me I ask in Jesus’ name Amen.

  20. My intentions is a full conversion of my 5 sons and daughter . To let Christ be the center of their daily undertaking. And to evangelize the word of God through my action so that their wives who belong to a different belief will truly accept Christ as a true God and a true man our redeemer and savior. May they will keep their baptism and Faith in their heart. And may God the Almighty send forth thy holy spirit to draw them closer to His beloved son. In union with angels and saints, I humbly pray.🙏.

  21. For my marriage and family, may we give God our hearts, for Rob’s conversion, our healing and reconciliation. May Mary and Joseph and all the angels and Saints intercede for us.. Christ King our Lord please hear our prayers. Do t let us lose faith, hope and love. Amen.

  22. I really wish to be free from sin especially the relationship that I’m in which is not the way a Christian should lead.
    My final intention is financial stability so that I am free of too mmany debts.
    Lastly I pray for justice to prevail over self acclaimed prophets and prophetess especially those who’ve been robbing innocent people of their hard earned money. May their followers see the light.

  23. Please pray that my husband Adrian would find a good and full time position nearby. One that he would love and enjoy and would not have to leave the state to do so. In Jesus precious blood, I ask this. 🔥
    Healing for all those suffering from disease and illness, especially COVID-19.

  24. Please pray for the souls of the Gallant and Haley Families and the Waite, LaCasse and Cayouette families.
    thank you.

  25. Dear Lord Jesus,

    I pray for healing of my 18 y.o. daughter from disabling daily migraines, constant pain, kidney disease, depression, anxiety, and autism.
    I pray for healing of my son from sleep apnea, suicidal thoughts, severe anxiety, anger, self-hatred, autism.
    I pray for blessings of good health, happiness, success, joy and peace over my family.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray to earn A’s in all my classes, pass the registry on the first attempt, graduate and get a good job to support my family.
    I pray for a financial miracle, financial prosperity, financial abundance and a release of my financial debts.
    I pray for protection over my family against Satan, and all evil.
    I pray for protection over my family against COVID and all diseases.
    I am completely overwhelmed and exhausted at this point, Lord Jesus please help me.

  26. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Carol can see me in December and that she is not booked and that she calls me either this afternoon or this evening. I also pray that she I get a job in January in the middle or the end but that it is not past 5 p.m. I pray that it’s temp-hire or direct hire and that I keep it.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  27. I pray for forgiveness of my past sin, and I pray for financial blessings in my marriage.may GOD here my prayers. AMEN

  28. Oh Christ the king I humbly say im sorry fol all my short coming up right me and renew my spirit… Please heavenly Father in my private prayers that I have been always wishing touch the heart of this man that he gave me back all the money he got because I only borrowed it from my companion and now they are charging me, help him to realize that the time he need me I always there to helping him. Please Lord God how I wish my petition will be granted in Jesus name..

  29. Jesus the king of glory, have mercy on me and my family. Heal, Protect and guide us. Grant us victory and breakthrough, Amen.

  30. 1.Thank giving to God for all petitions answered out of all the Novenas I have ever prayed.
    2.Thanking God for everything that He has done in my life.
    3.Christ King of Kings thank you for life.
    4.Praying for forgiveness of sins and that Jesus May set me free from all the chains of the evils spirits,satan,demons and from all dark powers or anything that has blocked me from getting a life partner(husband).
    5.Good Jesus be merciful to us all and answer all the intentions of all the people who have said this Novena.
    Lord hear us,Lord graciously hear us.

  31. Dear Christ the King,
    I pray for my grandson and my future granddaughter and for my daughters to be healthy and safe. I pray for my nephews to heal completely physically and mentally, to find good wives and to have children of their own. I pray for my sister to heal from high blood pressure. I pray for my husband and me to be healthy and financially stable. I pray for my son-in-law to find a good job and to provide for his family. I pray for N to heal completely from all his addictions and for G to heal from cancer. I also pray for the intentions of all praying this novena. Amen.

  32. Heavenly Father, I pray for my three children. Help them to get to truly know You, that they may find You, that they may return to You, in full knowledge that You love them and will always be there for them. Help me to trust You and to live my life in a way that reveals You to my children.
    I praise and thank You for the many ways You have blessed me and my family, and especially for the times you have carried me.
    Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief!

  33. Christ our King,I humbly prostrate myself before you asking your grace and mercy on behalf of my son, my cousin V, and myself. Praying for health and strength, guidance and protection, removal of obstacles and negative energies from all areas of our lives Amen.

    Praying for all my dearly beloved. Please hold them in your light, love and peace Amen.

    Praying for all asking your help today Amen.

  34. Christ the King, King of Kings, I pray for release from all destructive covenants (inherited or consciously entered into), in my life and the lives of my children, my brothers and sisters and my entire family tree. By the powers of which You are known to be God, King of Kings, Lord, release and set all of us free from the building powers of the destructive covenants and let every tree that has not been planted by You in our lives be uprooted with all its roots in the Name of Jesus.
    I pray for Devine blessings over my children and the family.
    I pray for protection against all sicknesses and diseases for me and my family members.
    I pray for success in my business and the works of my hands and of my children.

    Amen 🙏

  35. Dear Christ our King, I continue to give You all my prayers&petitions,intentions,spoken&unspoken prayers and thank you for answering a very special prayer request today that I asked for! Thank you Jesus&blessed Mother Mary,St. Micheal too! Protect us from covid19,harm,sickness,danger&all evil!Protect my son traveling on road tomorrow&help him arrive safe&sound and lead him where to quarentine/ stay,please lead him,guide him,give him your wisdom Jesus! Help us 3 do the right thing regarding all of it,as well as my daughter too(K,A,J,R)! Bless his holiday and family reunions and whoever he will be with! Bless him&his cousin and protect them fishing! Show us where to have our Thanksgiving dinner and help us not have any trouble with nosy,evil doers! Keep evil away from us forever(K,A,J&J,R,R,K,A,,M,M,M&all on my heart&our animals! Please set all tortured,abused,neglected,starving children&animals free now please come to their aid-Lord send them angels to help them! I pray to win the HGTV urban house coming up soon this year and/ or a financial miracle to buy/ purchase a 2+ bdrm home near my son in a very safe neighborhood even before cold winter! Heal us all wherever we need healings! Thank you Jesus,Blessed Mother,St.Micheal! XO

  36. I pray that the pandemic and political divide going on in our country right now will not cause divide and hurt in my family. Help us all to stay open minded and open hearted and agree to disagree respectfully. Amen

  37. For 15 year old Rose who was hit by a truck while walking. She is in a coma, please help her recover. Thank you Lord.

  38. O God Jesus christ my father please help me to get a government job in this year itself at the earliest. Till then please help me to achieve the targets and get 100%to finish of every month. I don’t want to go on performance management anymore please don’t let them terminate me in my current job cz of not performing well..please help me to get a job that is suitable for me. Department of home affairs job i have applied done the test waiting for the result please help me to pass if that suits me .Amen

  39. Christ our King, I pray for your blessings to be showered among us. For each and every one of us to take time out and reflect on how blessed we are being alive, and give comfort to those suffering and lost of their loved ones. Keep us in harmony and faith. Give us strength and courage to accept reality and see what can be done to improve our world. Thanks for these blessings received today, Amen.

  40. Prayers answered:
    In the middle of this novena, one of our intentions was granted. Our sons have a startup ecommerce insurance company, Covenant that began a year ago. We’ve been praying for additional reinsurance so that it can continue to grow another year and they just received it. God is with us and may He continue to bless your mission.

  41. Please pray that the recent election held will be reviewed for any fraud. We need to no that this country can stay and love our democracy that our forefathers provided in the constitution.

    May God protect the honest politicians and reveal the dishonest ones. God save our nation!

  42. For our fertility journey — that we will get pregnant and have a healthy baby, and for my husband’s faith and willingness to trust God, depend on Him and do His will — everything He is asking of us. For the needs and intentions of all of our loved ones. For an end to the pandemic and that we all stay protected from Covid. That our family is able to stay safe and healthy and spend the holidays together, and that it’s our best holiday season yet. For all of the healing we need, for the strengthening of our marriage and deepening of our love, and for everything that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knows that we need — that we never want anything apart from what He wants for us and that we always follow His will for us. For the needs and intentions of everyone saying this novena, and for our world. Amen.

  43. For our 9 Month old grandson Anniston’s digestive system to start working properly. He has a rare genetic disorder known as MMHIS. His. His colon, stomach, and intestines do not function properly. He has an ostomy bag and is fed with tutu a tube. He is making progress.

  44. Dear Lord

    Please guide my son as he heads to graduating this Spring! Please let him hear your call for him! Please bless him with supportive friends that do your will! Amen I thank you for blessing me with a wonderful so. With a kind ❤️

  45. I thank you, Jesus, for your grace and abundant grace. I pray for all the intentions stated here. I humbly ask for my friend’s son, that you aid him in passing his exam and gaining admittance to the academy. For the conversion of many to the Christian faith, specially our nation, Russia, and my loved ones, Adriana, Ximena, Gaby, Adolfo, Flor.
    I pray that you become King of my heart and that of my boys and my husband. I pray for peace all over the world, for peace in families and peace within our hearts. For a speedy and safe vaccine and an end to the pandemic and its effects. For the hungry and homeless and lonely. For the weak and innocent. Amen.

  46. Christ the King please answer my prayers for my health and the pain in my foot
    Christ the King please answer my prayers for me to be able to receive a special financial blessing so that I can help my family financially be able to go back to the dentist and get the dental work done

  47. Christ the King please answer my prayers for my granddaughter Gabby that she will be free from Lupus for her baby to be heal and strengthen
    For my nephew Clarence to get better for his breathing to get better so he can get off of the ventilator and for his body to get stronger for his brain to be able to improve from any brain damage so he can get healthy and be able to take care of his son
    Christ the King please answer my prayers for my daughter Michelle to be able to get over the depression she has been going through to be happy again
    Christ the King please answer my prayers for my daughter Michelle and her husband Louis for the problems they are having in their marriage please let their marriage become stronger please let them be able to have happiness and trust again please let anyone and any that is causing problems be removed please let them be able to be able to be happy parents to their children again
    Christ the King please answer my prayers and special needs

  48. I am currently operated with brain tumor. May I pray it wont come back and give complications to me. I pray for my friends and family too that they all be cured of physical sickness and emotional stresses.

  49. DEAR Lord and my King,
    I pray that me my family be approved in Canada application for visa .And good health ,love ,peace,prosperity ,abundance for our family circle in accordance to Your will. let us all serve you Lord in spreading the Honor of Your Mercy Amen.

  50. Dear Lord Jesus,

    I pray for physical, emotional, and psychological healing of my daughter and my son.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray to be awarded a scholarship to pay for my tuition and books.
    I pray for a financial miracle, financial abundance, financial prosperity, and a release of my financial debt.
    I pray for guidance on the sale of my home and the purchase of a new home.
    I pray for blessings of love, peace, joy, happiness, and success.
    I pray for protection over my family against COVID , Satan and all evil.

  51. Please pray for my future spouse and life partners intentions. I’m heartbroken over the loss of a very meaningful relationship a year ago with love of my life. at age 47 never married and no kids I’m loosing hope And patience that I’ll ever be ready to share The rest of my life with That someone special who truly loves me and vice versa.

  52. My Lord, I ask for miracles: for my husband’s health, my daughter’s health & protection, my friend’s healing from ALS, for my brothers’ & my mother’s conversion, for the Best of the rest of my family, for the Holy church & the Pope & for my President Donald Trump & country. In Jesus name. Amen!

  53. Christ the King,
    I pray for my grandson, my daughters and my elder daughter’s baby to be healthy and safe. I pray for my nephews to heal completely physically and mentally and to find good wives and to have children of their own. I pray for my husband, my sister and me to be healthy and financially stable. I pray for my son-in-law to find a good job and to provide for his family. I pray for N to heal completely from all his addictions and for G to heal from cancer. I also pray for the intentions of all praying this novena. Amen.

  54. Dear Christ the King please hear&answer everyone’s prayers through this novena! Please deliver us from every and all evil(K,,A,J&J,R,R,M,,M,M& all our animals&future grandkids)! Bless my 2 kids with safe travels coming home in Nov/Dec for holidays&homecomings/ reunions! Bless my son’s holiday with us and hear&answer his heart’s desires-,bless him&wife with fruit of the womb now or soon-Your timing Jesus! Bless his Military career! Bless their business&life/ godly loyal team&friends. Help him&us do the right thing&show us all we need to quarentine&get rapid covid tests(negetive results&my daughter too! Keep evil nosy people away from us forever! Please remove Jeff out of our lives forever! I pray his parole officer will violate him without it having anything to do with us or our complex! Bless me&my 2 adult kids with nice homes of our own in safe neighborhoods near my son(their dad too if God’s will) so we can all live near each other! Bless us with restoration,healings in all needed areas,godly new loyal friends,bless my daughter&I with godly loyal husband’s(God’s will be done) and use our gifts&talents here on Earth for God’s glory! XO

  55. For people living with, addictions, mental illness, homelessness, those who have lost hope and are looking for a purpose in life. Family relationships, HEALING

  56. Christ the King, I humbly prostrate myself before you asking for your grace and mercy on behalf of my son, my cousin V, myself and family. Please grant us I pray health and strengh, guidance and protection, removal of all obstacles and negative energies Amen.

    Praying for all my dearly beloved. May they walk forever in your light Amen.

    Praying for all asking your help today Amen.

  57. Christ our Long we are praying to you for fruit of the womb and for our family to grow this year soon. We had numerous obstacles but are standing on Gods promises for our babies twins 👯‍♀️. Father God we know children are a gift from you and what we are asking for is your Will do please help us increase our patience in trusting your timing for this promise to come to pass. Please pray for us that the Lord grant us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies twins soon in Jesus name Amen 🙏

  58. I pray for my daughter and son-in-law with positive Covid tests. I pray for all of their contacts that they my stay in good health. I pray for my 91 year old father. I pray for an end to this terrible disease.

  59. I pray that Christ come into my work and financial life. May the doors of abundance and prosperity be opened in my life

  60. Christ the King I am asking for your healing hand over my body. Please heal my body post the emergency gallbladder surgery I have had 3 weeks ago and pray that my upcoming surgery next Tuesday 24 go well. Please heal me from all the other post surgery complications I have been having. We recognize these as attacks from the enemy and in your mighty name we cast them down. We know we are having attacks because we are getting close to the promises of God fir our babies twins 👯‍♀️. Please Lord Jesus let me heal and go on to conceive our babies soon. We trust in your timing. I ask all prayer warriors to please pray for us that the Lord grant us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies twins soon. I thank God in advance for our victory because we are close to our victory in Jesus mighty name amen

  61. Christ the King please answer my prayers and special intentions for my daughter Michelle to be able to get over the depression she is going through
    Please answer my prayers for my special intentions for my granddaughter Gabby for the health problems she is having please let her be heal from any and all health problems
    Please pray for my special intentions for our home that it may be blessed with love happiness and joy again
    Please intercede my prayers for my daughter Michelle and her husband Louis to be able to save their marriage to be able to make their marriage stronger and be able to love each other again Please pray that the problems the things the problems and the people that is standing in the way be removed that the walls may be torn down
    Christ the King please answer my prayers for my finances that I may pay the companies I owe and be able to help my family financially
    Christ the King please answer my prayers

  62. Christ the King prayers for my special intentions for my nephew Clarence to be able to recover from the health problems he is going through prayers that his breathing improve so he will be able to get off of the ventilator for the problems that he has on his brain will get better for his body to be able to get stronger each day Christ the King please answer my prayers

  63. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies favours good health and safety in the family and praying for God’s protection in our lives,journey mercies favours good health and safety in the family.
    Dear Christ the king, thank you for all you have done for us in all aspects of our lives, we also pray that you continue guide us and order our footsteps. Father Lord you know what suits us , our various needs and intentions more than we know them, doing them to us according to your will Amen.
    Father Lord, you do most of the things we don’t ask for us, may your name be glorified Amen. Father, you said we should ask and knock that we shall receive and the door will be opened for us. Father I have come to ask on behalf of my daughter that, you bless her with a good catholic husband soon that will engage her and marry her soon Amen.
    Father Lord , I present the gas problem into your care, solve this problem for us Amen.
    For my children and their house hunt that you will bless them with a good house in a safe neighborhood Amen.
    For our vacant house to be occupied soon Amen and for the matter in court to be resolved soon and that you touch the heart of the tenants to pay and vacate the property Amen.
    To provide and protect my workers, relatives, poor, sick and religious Amen
    Thank you God, thank you Jesus and thank you our mother Mary and all the saints Amen. God’s blessings on john Paul and Annie for praying for us Amen

  64. I pray for Peace and Mercy that God will see my pain and excuse my lack of focus at work and save my position and help me to be better once I resolve this painful part of my life.

    I pray that the next man that I chose to be in my life is the godly husband that God has sent to help me live that ministry out in my life. I pray he will come so that we can birth a healthy child together.

    I pray that I will not have one lonely , despairing moment before he comes into my life.

  65. This time l ask you my sweet Crist to reveal the situation with Mapleview house. I am worried that it is too small for my family, show me the opposite if that is the true. If there is anything good we need to know reveal it to us. If the deal can be undone without any loss make it happen if that is good for us. Help me to bring peace in my mind. If there is anybody that we upset in this process let it be peace.
    Forgive me for the rush of mind and emotions.

  66. Christ the King, I pray that you will grant my daily petitions for me and my family to be healthy, free from accidents and all diseases. I pray that we may live a peaceful life, and be able to pay all of our financial obligations. I also pray that all of us will abide your ten commandments.

  67. Please pray for my son Kaleb as he is graduating in the Spring from High School! Dear Lord please continue to guide Kaleb and hear your call!

  68. 1. May my saviour give me grace to overcome sin and always go for confession and penance.
    2. May God bless me with the energy, wisdom and presence of mind to enable me to successfully set up the business I am planning to start
    3. May God’s grace enable me to become a better person to all those around me, especially my wife and children, my relatives, my neighbours and all those I interact with every day, so that His glory may be manifested in me every day.

  69. I pray that my son and daughter-in-law find peace and comfort after the loss of their baby. I also pray that they are one day able to have healthy full-term children.

  70. Please return my daughters to God and the church. Please put Christian people in their lives to direct them. Help them be kinder and return to the family. Help us with the in laws. Praying for strength with these family challenges and for us to be healthy.

  71. please lord help me to put all my trust in you as I go on my retirement and to help secure my pension fund which the government feels I don’t deserve after 39 years work. amen

  72. Lord, I pray for strength in my faith and love in my heart. Give hope and courage to the world. Bless Laura and give her strength as she await the go ahead to bury her mom. Bless the family lord. Bless Patti and her family as they go through the loss of her husband.Bless and comfort all families going through similar situations. Give blessings to all and keep us safe, in your holy and precious name we give thanks for blessings receive this day, amen.

  73. Please pray for Jason Okeke he is my Son I want Christ to be King over his destiny and for Christ to keep him safe from snares of the Evil ones. Amen

  74. please pray for BJ Morales,hes a police officer here in Hawaii
    hes only 32 years old,has a wife and 2 or 3 young children.
    he not doing well. he has covid.

    Thank You!
    GOD Bless!!1

  75. Pray for us to win our Apeal Case no 44of 2019 ELC APPEAL. M Court.
    Pray for my brothers to resume going to church
    Pray for our family to live with peace , love and UNITY
    Pray for my Daughter to prosper in life
    Pray for demolition of Walls that are preventing our family prosperity
    Pray for the release of My salary since this is 5th month without salary
    Pray for secure in my employment
    Pray for my family to prosper
    Pray for my health
    Pray for me to further my education despite the challenges.

  76. Christ the King, please grant me optimal health. Please deliver me from every evil. Please strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and restore my prolapsed uterus to its original position in my body. Please watch over and protect me every day. Thank you, Christ the King!

  77. As we are about to celebrate and proclaim Jesus Christ as the king of the whole universe I asked that he may continue to be king in my family and that of my foster parent too.
    I pray that he may continue to reign in the life of my senior brother and my siblings and all who seek him in truth and spirit. Amen

  78. I pray to conceive my last baby to complete our family. I pray for my studies to be complete so I can find a job and fulfill my career. I also pray that my husband continues to get jobs for his small business.