The Next Novena: The St. Monica Novena, 2015

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Saint MonicaThe next novena we will pray is to a very persistent intercessor!

In fact, this Saint prayed for her son’s conversion for more than 15 years. She wept and prayed constantly with faith and hope in God.

What was the result of all those years of prayer?

One of the great saints in the history of the Church!

We will be praying the Novena to St. Monica! 

St. Monica was St. Augustine’s mother and is a powerful advocate. The novena begins on August 18th! That’s just days away!

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  1. i want Saint Mónica to intercede for me to have a baby boy ,i went to scan and it says its a girl,i still believe in miracles, i want a baby boy as i have 2girls already, Amen

  2. Dear God
    I beg you to please grant me my desire for having a baby boy.
    I choose not to believe the sonogram or the scan results as I still believe in miracles.. I still believe in you God.

    St Monica, please intercede for me so God can bless me with a healthy baby boy.

    Our Blessed Mother Mary I beg of you to please beg Our Lord Jesus Christ to please grant me this favor in Jesus name.

    I am thankful for the miracle that I anticipate…and I’ll glorify your Holy Name God.

    St Monica, pray for us
    Blessed Mother Mary, pray for us
    All angels and saints in Heaven please beg God to grant me this wish.


  3. i am 4 weeks pregnant and i pray and believe that God is going to bless me with a baby boy i already have 4 years old beautiful baby girl. Please St. Monica, I humbly ask for your prayers.

  4. I am 29 weeks pregnant and believing God for a baby boy as I already have two beautiful girls, I went for scan and the sonogramer said it’s a baby girl. I am believing God for a baby boy because I know miracles do happen. Pls help me pray to God for a miraculous baby boy. This is all I’ve desired in 2019.
    Thank you

  5. Dear Brethren,
    Am 21 weeks pregnant,I have had 2 scans indicating am carrying a baby girl.
    Am trusting God for a baby boy.
    Help me pray, because miracles do happen.
    Am believing God for a miracle
    Thank you,

  6. prayer for my son he is a good kid he help me around the house i can always count on him. i pray for his safety for him to do good in school. and to give him that push that he needs to believe in himself. thank you.

  7. Praying with all my heart to finally have a healthy baby boy. Our family and I will be so happy and gratefully to have a baby boy. God i put it in your hands.

  8. Dear St.Monica please pray for me that I will get a boy am pregnant and I was told I will be having a girl but its hard to accept cause of gender dissapointment please pray for me that my baby is going to be a boy and my sonographer mistook it for a girl I thank you for this gift in my womb I pray saying thank you that you blessed me with it and I promise you God that I will make him to know you as he grows up.
    Please st Monica pray for me to get that boy bless me with a baby boy. I humbly ask for your prayers Amen.

  9. St. Monica, please pray for my family. I’ve had many failures in life, and I humbly ask for your intercession and prayers to help me to be a better husband to my wife, and a good Father to my unborn child. Please help me to be strong, to provide for them, to protect them, to be a good example to them, and to be a person who lifts them up and makes them happy. Please St. Monica, I humbly ask for your prayers.

  10. Please pray my fiancé gilles. He would eat healthy and have a good health. And also pray to conceive a baby. Help Gilles to find a job . Amen.

  11. Pray for my daughter who converted to Islam and won’t speak to me. That she may return home and recognise me as her mother.

  12. St. Moica please pray with me for the healing of our son. Free from anxiety compulsion anger panic paranoia depression. Please put ypur arms around him and lift him our Lord God and saviour Jesus

  13. Dear Saint Monica, I pray that my mother Rosemary is found in good health following all scans. Please take away her symptoms and keep her happy and healthy and well always. Amen.

  14. Please keep in your prayers my husband’s aunt, Carol Cressman. She has cancer and is not expected to have a good outcome. Thank you.

  15. I pray for my boys that they will have a better relationship with Jesus and the church. I also pray for JBM and her boys that they will find additional peace in Jesus’ loving care.

  16. I am praying also for my son’s sleeping disorders that they may end and he may always have a peaceful and restful orderly sleep,and also that he may not refuse the good for food supplements and that he may not be troublesome when it comes to his feeding and of course that our good God may grant to him His most perfect and complete health and the fullness of His life.

  17. Dear St Monica as I am making my prayer novena asking your intercession earnestly and whole heartedly to grant my longing and petition that God grant me in this time to be fertile to conceive a baby physically and mentally healthy and grant me also if I would be granted this grace please grant me also to carry this life to have a good health knowing that I’m in the late age to be pregnant right through to my conception.I ask slso for my sister in law’s health that the suspected tumour in her liver will be eradicated through your healing hands and heal her completely of her ailing spinal column.These all I pray through all you saints’s in heaven asking to Jesus Christ our Lord .Amen

  18. St. Monica I am humbly requesting you hear my prayers and grant me success in getting my dream job. God would not have lead them to call me to tell me have passed the 1st shortlisting. I know with your intercession I shall have a job.

    Also I am kindly requesting for a spouse. You know my desires to have a family of my own so please hear my prayers and intercede so they my be granted in Jesus name

  19. To thank God that our daughter,Katie has started to come back to church but I pray that she’ll fully return to the church and really understand the complete message of Christ in her life. Also that she’ll understand the importance of being a part of a parish family. I pray that her future husband will be a man who believes in regular church attendance and raising children catholic.

    Also for my daughter Sarah and her husband Joe to be able to conceive another child or that they’ll be picked by a birth mother for adoption.

    For my marriage to be stronger and to be closer once again to my husband.

  20. Dear St Philomena, St Monica, St Therese, Mary Our Mother and Jesus please go to God Our Father and ask Him to please bless me financially today. I promise to give back remain faithful and continue to spread the Good News and be His disciple here on earth. I need your help and support today.

  21. Everyday I say saint Monica and st Augustine please pray for me, and I am thinking of my son. He needs to come back to the catholic church and to find peace and happiness. I believe my prayers will be answered. Pray without ceasing. Amen.

    • Everyday I say saint Monica and st Augustine please pray for me, and I am thinking of my son. He needs to come back to the catholic church and to find peace and happiness. I believe my prayers will be answered. Pray without ceasing. Amen.

  22. I prayed for my son who was questioning his faith in God during last year’s St. Monica novena. This year he has embraced his faith and is planning a trip to World Youth Day in Poland next summer. Thanks be to God and the intersession of St Monica!!!