The Next Novena! (It was one of Padre Pio’s favorite prayers)

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We’re really excited to announce that the next novena we’re praying is the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated 19 days after Pentecost, so we start praying this novena on Wednesday, June 10th — that’s one week away! 

For this novena, we will reflect on Jesus’ love for each and every one of us. We will pray for our hearts to be conformed to His Sacred Heart, for us to be more merciful, more loving, and more Christ-like.

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. Praying for my husband Alain who is suffering from high blood pressure.
    Praying for healing graces for all family and friends, especially for Jim who has got a stroke since 1 month and still in hospital.
    Praying for misunderstood among my family
    Thank you, God bless you all 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    Please protect my sons who will be traveling to summer camp. Please keep them close to You and safe from harm. Also, help my older son finish up his school work and get a better score on the ACT so he can get that scholarship for college and have a little more confidence. Please cure my husband’s headaches, and help us be smart financially. Thank you!! Amen.

  3. Please pray for healing of my husband and protection of my children and grandchildren.
    Prayers for all my friends and family who are hurting and safety of my niece and her husband while building homes in Guatemala.

  4. For Manuel Rangel, may God welcome him in heaven with open arms.
    For Tomas (Humbertico) Monteagudo, health and surrender to God.
    For my husband, Felix Gonzalez Jr., May he find trust in the Lord, peace to his troubled heart and strong financial support for the changes that are coming to his business/work.
    For my in-law’s, Felix Sr. & Romelia R Gonzalez, health.
    For my mother Corina Rangel, may the Lord bring peace and love to her troubled and difficult heart and mind.
    For may family and all the change that we are being forced to make in order to fix the problem with the house and may we find the temporary house that we urgently need.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put all my trust in you, AMEN! 🙏🙏🙏❤️

  5. -full activation
    -complete ps
    -top manager/team award
    -top ps
    -good health most especially dad and tita malu
    -marriage proposal

  6. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson. 🙏
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in this world.

  7. I pray for the gainful knowledge of the studies i need to pass the paraeducator assessment the first attempt. In Jesus Christ I desperately pray. I pray for a deeper stronger relationship with God and to always walk by faith and not fear. Amen

  8. For the eternal soul and rest of my mother Alicia. For perpetual protection at work. For healthier lifestyle and a commitment to my wellness. For overall good health for myself and loved ones and for a strong financial support for my private business and future interest.

  9. Praying I get the job I’m currently interviewing for and praying to move to a new city when my lease expires in 9 weeks. 🙏

  10. Lord hear my prayer I pray that they fix the refridgerator and we don’t have to get a new one. I also pray that when I call Arnold today it is good news and that I get the job in Miami Dade and that they don’t put it on hold. I pray that if I have to start next week they can reschedule the appt for social security and that they can work around my physical therapy.

    Please answer those prayers In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  11. Please pray for nephew who is in search of job in UAE. Please pray for him to get good job with good salary as his 2nd term visit visa expiring in 15th July. Thanks
    Also pray for niece and her husband to bless a gift of child as they married 12 years. Also to get good job in UAE as he lost his job. Thanks

  12. Kindly help me pray for a financial breakthrough.I recently did an interview and waiting patiently upon the Lord for a positive response

  13. Please pray for my mom Anna Peterson in Canada who is suffering from pancreatic cancer and is at the final stages of her journey. ❤️💞🙏 I pray I arrive to see her before she goes home with Jesus Mary and Joseph💙🙏💋

  14. We pray for the end of destructive climate and weather conditions, unsustainable use of God-given resources, hunger, wars, poverty, illnesses, pain, broken families, broken communities, greed, crime, homelessness, various forms of abuse, hatred, sins, lack of kindness and lack of forgiveness throughout the world.

    We pray to the Holy Trinity. Amen.

  15. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus continue to Fill our daughter Alexandra Faith with the Holy Spirit and completely heal her of any cancer. May Her bone marrow be completely be leukemia free and match her donors cells 100%. We ask this in the name of our Holy and Heavenly Father, Amen 🙏🏻

  16. We pray for a breakthrough for everyone praying this novena and for everyone in my family.

    We need God’s peace, grace, favour, protection, guidance, contentment, forgiveness, holiness, presence and full control of and in our lives. He knows what (everything) we need and desire, and our life purposes.

    May God grant eternal peace to all the departed, may His will be always done on earth as it is in Heaven and may He lead us all to everlasting life with Him in Heaven. Amen

  17. Scared heart of jesus. I pray for my financial situation. I pray for my daughter jeep het safe , protect her on the nations roafs. Bless her. Bless my son and his family, keep then safe. Bless my marriage and my husband..
    I pray for peace and justice with my industrial court matter.

  18. Please pray for and with me for God the Father, Son and Spirit to help and fight for my family and I to succeed in all our legal battles. One is related to unfair labour practices and discrimination against me, through which I lost my employment.

    The other is related to a land dispute in our family land, which a neighbor unfairly and aggressively took away from us and has been ill treating everyone of us badly because of that and him wanting to sell the land for financial gains, when we need it for day to day use for and by our family. Amen.

    Let’s also pray for everyone’s good prayers to be answered.

    We ask in Jesus’s Holy Name. Amen

  19. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please watch over my beloved husband Michael who has left after his long and hard fought battle with his health. Eternal rest grant into him Oh Lord and may he rest in peace Amen.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  20. Praying for a financial breakthrough as so many others are as well. May the Lord hear us all and grant us what we need. Also praying for wisdom and guidance as I attempt to begin a new career. I am broken hearted after being overlooked for a couple of recent promotions. I think Jesus is calling me elsewhere.

    May the Lord continue to watch over my precious children and that they grow closer to God daily. I pray that we can continue to provide them with the Catholic school education that they love and treasure. Amen.

  21. I pray that my husband could start work soon at his new job. I pray my son comes home from his study abroad trip safely. I pray for Jason and Mrs G. Please cure their illnesses. For the family to have Faith in God our Holy Father, in Jesus’ name. For my marriage too. Breakthrough is needed. For violence to end in this world. Love for one another and Peace reign. For less stress. For solution to care for my in-laws.

  22. Please help my son get a job. He has so much to offer. Please someone give him a break. Please. Thank you.

  23. That my daughter Margie be completely healed from Covid . in thanksgiving from not getting covid when i was exposed. Also t hanks the Lord for keeping me safe free from falling.for my daughter Beth to find a job and dealwith alcoholism in her household.

  24. Dear Sacred Heart of JESUS You know me best! You know me more than I even know myself! Today was a hard day with the 2 relatives im always with! Pray for us 3 and also for us 6(K,A,R,M,J&J)! Help us to get along and stop belittling,judging,quarreling! Help my daughter and I both get away from these unsafe loud,rude,high& drunk,disrespectful neighbors next to us! They start up noise,slamming doors ETC every night! Please help us to get our own peaceful homes to own out of this cold state and move near my son in very safe neighborhoods and not be attached to other loud disrespectful neighbors if we move to townhomes! I’m begging YOU for this URGENT financial miracle to come now to us! Also intervene with these rude ones so they stop the disrespectful behaviour in these paper wall apartments! Heal my high blood pressure, also my adult kids as well! Heal us 5 please! Bring me and my daughter kind new loving non addicted boyfriends/ husbands that are not addicted and are kind& patient with us! Help& bless my son in his Military& future careers! Bless his upcoming reunion with us! I give You all the people I’m worried/ concerned over including myself! I lay all this and them and all my prayers,worries,concerns,petitions spoken/ unspoken at YOUR THRONE OF GRACE AND MERCY!!! Forgive me of all my sins, have mercy on me LORD JESUS! SOS!! Please hear&answer everyone’s prayers on this powerful Novena! THANKYOU my best friend JESUS!!

  25. Suffering from stomach issues , been in hospital twice this year, also have 4 spinal fractures Please PRAY for me. Have Limitations on everything I try to do!!!

  26. Pray for Jack and Gail’s health. For our grandchildren to find Jesus and put him first in their lives. For our country and government to put God first. For our Catholic Church to grow in Holiness.

  27. Please Pray for the entire T. Family.
    Please pray for M.T. and M.T. That they find better jobs that they are looking for and they have a reduction in their incredible stress.
    Please pray for C.M. that her macular degeneration stabilizes and does not get worse and that she feels healthier overall.
    Please pray for H.K., R.D., P.D., R. G., N.G., P.C., F.T., K.B., M.. KK. K. McN., and L. And for their families, health, and circumstances.
    Please pray for healing, strength, perseverance for B.T.; please pray that the awful skin condition is completely cleared and her deep and painful wounds completely heal. Please also pray that her heart, kidneys, and all bloodwork are all good and she regains health and strength.

    Giving thanks to God and for everyone praying this novena to Jesus’ Sacred Heart.

    Thank you,
    B. T.

  28. Lord I thank you for your provision as I go through the divorce with my husband. Lord you are God almighty and nothing is impossible with you. Lord I confess I am tired of waiting for the court to deliver the ruling on our kids maintenance. It is very stressful to have to support the kids alone whilst their father refuses to support them when he earns more than I do. Also I pray that the divorce date is given soon. I am getting discouraged and really want to move on from this and go on along with our lives. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

  29. Sacred Heart of Jesus please answer all who prayed this novena including myself 🙏

  30. Sacred Heart of Jesus please answer all who has a need in this novena including mine 🙏
    In need of a miracle amen.

  31. Sacred Heart of Jesus i Trust in you in answering my intentions 🙏
    I have many prayers to you. It’s your will let it be done.
    My house needs to be sold
    Financial breakthrough
    My sons in better faith in Church with there partners.
    My daughter for her marriage so much off obstacles.
    My health at night my leg hurts near my bones.
    In your hands im Leaving everything🙏

  32. Please pray for me for relief from anxiety and depression and for courage to withstand tornadoes and hurricanes which I am afraid of. Thanks

  33. O God, please have mercy on my family and I and please forgive us for our sins.
    Please help my wife get a great job.
    Please help us with our papers and help us reunite and live like a family again in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

  34. Praying for good health and safety for myself, my husband and my daughter. Praying that the radiation my husband has gone thru removes all the cancer. Praying for a good and Godly husband for my daughter. Praying for those suffering. Amen

  35. Lord i pray for financial victory today. I pray that my financial needs and desires would be met today, lord jesus keep my children safe their going out and their coming in. Bless them dear lord , i pray for success with their exams , studies and careers.
    Lord i pray for a new car. Lord jesus i pray for divine intervention with my industrial court matter. I pray for a successful judgement. I pray for justice.

  36. In Jesus name I pray today’s doctor visit goes good. No further visits everything good. Please i pray desperately. Amen

  37. Pray for my daughter to get this promotion on her job. I’m praying for my Grandson to talk. I’m praying for health and strength and prosperity for my children and grandchildren. IN JESUS NAME. AMEN!!

  38. I pray for my husband’s conversion to the catholic faith. And wondering if we should live here or in my husband’s country..which is better for us. And pray for utter peace and joy in the world. No more war, just beautiful peace. And the end of the war in Ukraine. Please God. Amen

  39. Heavenly father, Bless us with love in our heart to love ourselves and others as much as you love us. Give joy and happiness to all and bring comfort to our mind, body and soul. Give us patience and awareness and peace on earth among communities.Bless Kevin and bring comfort to his heart and love. Bring Danny home safely and bless both Mom and David. Thanks for all these blessings received this day, amen.

  40. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Please help our daughter with her anxiety.
    Prayers for peace in this world.

  41. So wish to marry TLo, spare me from a Patchwork family and that he has no children with other woman so wish to have have his baby but he doesn’t want it 😢🙏 do I hope he will never know about my secret wish and prayer.

  42. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get the job in Miami Dade College and that they are morning hours and that in Physical Therapy they can work around my hours. I pray that Arnold calls me tomorrow and that he says I got the job and that he does not make me wait any longer and that I can start soon.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  43. Miraculous Sacred Heart of Jesus we pray that our daughter Alexandra Faith has been completely cured of aml leukemia, that she is cancer free and her bone marrow transplant is a success and she matches 100% her donor’s cells. We pray thar our Heavenly Father has filled Alexandra Faith with His Holy Spirit and purified her with His Love. We pray in our Heavenly Father’s Holy and Healing Name, Amen 🙏🏻

  44. Father give me a brand new womb in Jesus Name
    Lord I need financial break thru in Jesus Name
    Heal and make whole Queen kashimana ikurior.

  45. The Spiritual healing of my youngest son and his reconciliation with his siblings and myself.

    The complete healing of Baby Girl Winans’ heart muscle.

  46. Dear Almighty God am praying for baby Laurel health who is only 7 month heal her,see Breanah through her exams which starts today and entirely her studies,God take full control over Patric Wambua’s life,his drinking habits and moving from one woman to another may they stop in the mighty name of Jesus!

  47. Dear Secret Heart of Jesus,
    Thank you for All the Blessings you give us.
    Please help my son Nicholas pass his driving test tomorrow. He is a real good son,
    I am begging you Jesus please help him.
    Please help my elder son Marlon get healed
    from depression, anxiety and etc.
    He is loving son, I am begging you please
    change thoughts, and think of positive of
    good thoughts and only think of Jesus.
    Let him use the phone that his brother gives him. Also please heal me from any sickness I have especially my mouth and some teeth
    are hurting me, please I am begging you help me. I am asking you All these petitions in Jesus Name, Amen. Please increase our faith to you. Glory, Glory Alleluia 🙏🏼❤️

  48. My Prayers are
    For the Poor Souls in Purgatory
    For the reversal of Roe Vs Wade
    For the End to Abortions in
    America & in the World & for
    the Protection of the Unborn
    For the Safety & Protection of
    All those that Protect Us:
    All Service Men & Women
    All Law Enforcement
    All Firemen
    All Medical Staff
    For All those that are in Need of Miracles
    For My Family & Friends

  49. Please pray for healing for my brother Mike, 70 years old, who had open heart surgery today. Thank you so much.

  50. Dear my best friend JESUS I continue to lay all my prayers& petitions,intentions along with my 2 adult kids prayers at YOUR throne! Give us all the strength, help,provision we need to face our individual challenges; I ask this for all us;(K,A,J&J,R,R)! Please help my son in Military career, bless him in his life with loving godly male St.Joseph’s friends,mentors,earth angels! Help my daughter with her broken heart over her ex boyfriend and her sick cat he owns! Heal her cat please, bring healing to them both- her& cat(Sissy)!Help our rude disrespectful loud party goer neighbors to quiet down& stop their drug smoking cuz it comes in my apartment! Please heal & take care of all the worry,stress,financial& health needs on our hearts& lives; please rescue us; a special prayer for my 2 adult kids& me!SOS Sacred HEART of JESUS please hear& answer our most urgent desperate prayers and everyone’s prayers on this novena! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!

  51. Praying for a deferment plan for my mortgage, to sell my house in next 3 months. To be reunited with my family that is overseas.

  52. St. Therese and St. Pio, please grant us peace and serenity. Please grant my son had a good time today and meet nice friends. Please allow us to feel peaceful. Please grant my husband to meet new better position and opportunity under supervision of your mercy. Please grant him courage. Please allow us to meet nice people at the club. Thank you so much for your blessings. Amen. Please grant my son to be happy and sit with him. Amen.

  53. Sacred Heart of Jesus i come to you in asking for peace and happiness amongst my children.
    A financially breakthrough is needed at home. My house needs renovation lord please send forth sumone to help me. My legs hurts at night alot when I’m asleep lord please take away my pains. My son Andre may God guide him in his health and his work Adrian healing and protection be upon him each day. My daughter may she be happy in her job and her marriage. These are my prayer to you Jesus please answer them🙏

  54. Praying for joy and peace within my children. .. Lord I’m asking you to restore what’s been taken away from me. praying for a breakthrough in my finance and my house to be sold. Lord graciously hear me🙏I really do need a miracle at home. AMEN.

  55. For our son Joseph and his friend Ellie, that they may be able to remain to be good friends, if that is God’s will. And for God to soften her parents’ hearts so that they understand how important their friendship is and to allow the friendship.

  56. Dear Lord,
    My prayer intentions are for: the health & happiness of my family & friends, my grandparents in purgatory/heaven, Grandpa D & Bev, the repose of Patrick’s dad’s soul, Patrick & his family, Julie & her family, all those who have asked me to pray for them, the forgiveness of my many sins, our country to be united, world peace, my future life as a wife to L & hopefully as a mother someday, my crippling anxiety. I ask all of these things in your name I pray, Amen <3

  57. For Mark and chet to be able to ask the lord to help them rid their demons of drugs and alcohol and mark Allen too, for a healthy
    New great granddaughter ..for kurt to know real meaning of body and blood of christ at mass, for myself Lord give me strength for my journey here on earth especially with our family’s Gratitude..Sally

  58. Pray please that my son Andrew will have the sacred heart of Jesus and his actions, so each and life will glorify Jesus.

  59. Please Lord hear my prayers. I pray desperately for my son to quit drinking alcohol completely. Lord please his drinking is affecting his life in so may ways for the worse. Please Lord transform his life to be more focused on you Lord, rebuilding his marriage and being the best dad to his daughter. Please Lord answer my prayers please I pray in your precious name. I love, need and worship you Lord.

  60. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Mary, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, diverticulitis, abdominal aortic aneurysm, double heart bypass surgery, myocarditis, cancer, diabetes and colon problems.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help our son and his friends continue to live God 🙏 loving lives.

    Please also help our son and all loved ones who struggle with anxiety to find peace in Your Holy Will.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please help the good people of Ukraine against Putin.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  61. Please pray that my sons and wives reconcile their differences and that the younger son and wife continue to put our lord at the center of their married life. Grant both boys and wife strength, fortitude, and forgiveness. Pray that our youngest son stays strings and that he is wrapped in the safety of our lords love. That the evil one is banished from his life and thoughts to remain strong in a sober life.

  62. Dear Master Jesus
    Please help me so that I RS and the State not to audit me and let HD stop betting and playing gambling and let CJ stop playing gambling and let OD thyroid nodules be benign and let SJ get his green card and let OD has no problem at work and let KB and DTS and also AK and FK get married in January 2023 and let HD believe in God and put God first him and his GF and let KT have a good job and a good wife and go to school and let my house in Freetown be awarded to me and let the enemy ashame and let me able to pay for my house in Jesus Christ mighty name I pray amen

  63. Lord jesus, i pray for financial assistance, i need a new car. Lord heavenly father, please assist me with my financial obligations. I pray for financial breakthroughs today. I pray for my daughter and my son. I pray that you cover them with the precious blood of Jesus christ.
    I pray for peace and justice with the industrial court matter. I pray for victory.

  64. Pls help me pray for my friend who is a single mom. Her court date is July for full custody of her kids. For her financial needs.

    I also pray for my business and its Financials. That the Lord will continue to provide for us.

    For my business partners that they may see their true mission and say Yes foe what they are called to do.

    For peace in our hearts , in our family and the world!

    In Jesus name Amen!

  65. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues. Please help our daughter with her anxiety.
    Prayers for peace in this world.

  66. I beg God to restore the health of so many with serious problems
    – Terry’s strokes’ on his cognitive and physical health
    – my sister’s gastro problems that they not be cancer or anything serious
    – my heart palpitations that they not be serious and they go away as they frighten me so much
    – my dear friend’s two relatives – let cancer treatment continue to give one full recovery and for the other to find treatment for rare throat disease

    Dear God please please help all of us above. We so need your intervention and cures. I beseech you for mercy and help. I am sorry for my sins of fear and anxiety and not trusting you as fully as I should. Please help dear Jesus, dear God, dear Holy Spirit and mother Mary.

  67. For my marriage. That it is refilled with kindness and mutual respect.
    For my cousin, that this mystery illness be fixed and that she be healed and out of pain. It has been years. She needs answers. No more hospitals or infections. Please Lord.

  68. For repentance and conversion; faith, hope and charity; purity and docility… please heal our hearts and bring peace and unity to our person, our family, our society, our world. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus! That they be given the grace of repentance and conversion and, having recovered, bring many to You. MJJACJCMDDm

  69. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I humbly ask for your guidance and protection, love, light and peace for my beloved husband Michael may he rest in your love and peace Amen.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen

  70. Today I pray for kindness and mercy throughout the world and that we will stand together in union for peace and harmony. Give strength to the people of Ukraine and hope with faith and courage to persevere. Bless all families with good health and keep Danny in good spirit and bring him home safe, in Jesus name, I give thanks for all blessings received.

  71. Please help me to pray that my relationship with Ralph will be restoration and healed. My hope is that we will reconcile and be committed to each other.

  72. Lord hear my prayer I pray that my heel gets better after therapy and that after 6 weeks I don’t have to go anymore and that I can run again. I also pray that when I call Arnold at Miami Dade he does not make me wait or put the position on hold and that he gives me positive feedback and that if I get the job I don’t have to work past 2 or 3 p.m. No weekends, evening or holidays please.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  73. For my families health & safety & my own to improve. For my grandsons depression &!Anxiety to [email protected] be treated for Anthony. For him to find better paying work. For my back pain & stomach issues to be less painful & less symptoms. For my daughter’s arthritis to improve& my other daughters back to stop hurting. For my grandson to eat better & his panic attacks to stop. Thank you.

  74. Fees of my and rent arrears healing of my friend Dorcus my daughter mary healing and itrust God for my healing in jesus name and peace for my country

  75. My intentions for this novena are:
    If it is the will of God to pave way for an acceptance letter and admission to University of Cape Town to pursue my Masters.
    May the will of God protect my marriage and family.
    May our Lord bless and heal Lucie and her classmates who are sick as well as all the children in the world.

  76. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus we pray that our daughter Alexandra Faith is totally and completely healed of any cancer, that you have filled her with your Holy Spirit and purified her. We pray that she is completely healed 100% We pray in our Heavenly Father’s healing and holy name Amen 🙏🏻

  77. For the complete physical healing of my friend Veronica. Prognosis not good. She has four children. They need her here on earth.

  78. For the resolution of my court case to be where I can stay with my family and watch my little boy grow and just be here with him god I ask in the name of your son jesus christ that you continue to keep my family together

  79. Sacred Heart of Jesus I ask for love,peace and light for Michael Amen.
    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  80. Please pray for my friend’s dad, Domingo Aquino. He’s diabetic and one of his legs was amputated yesterday as a result of infection. They have not controlled the infection yet so he’s not out of danger. I pray for his full recovery and for strength in their family at this difficult time.

  81. prayers for my son , 56yrs, recently diagnosed with cancer of bone marrow.
    For me having many health issues
    Son and daughter-in-law marital issues, the one w cancer.

  82. I pray that the Sacred heart of Jesus, bring peace, Lovel and forgiveness to the members of my family. May they come back together in harmony with each another and join in praying for one another and praising God together. Amen.

  83. Dear Sweet loyal Saviour JESUS please heal our family from addictions; drinking, quarreling,belittling, judging, jealousy, ungodly behaviour sand from the evil ones and all his evil agents that cause us all to do these sinful things and to hurt one another(especially us 5(K,AJ&J,R)& all the K,A,O,MR,W families! Lead us to YOU JESUS and conversion for all us to YOU through blessed Mother Mary! Bless my sons upcoming reunion with us& family/ friends& bring love,peace,restoration, forgiveness into all our hearts so he and we all can have a safe blessed reunion with him and also for our Christmas time reunion at resort etc! Bless us all with safe travels& safe fun filled adventures& joy! Bless my daughter with a godly loyal girlfriend,boyfriend& a godly husband soon please Jesus! Bless my son with godly loving loyal male lifelong friendships, my daughter as well! Help my sons dad treat him better and bless their bond to be more Holy, trusting & loving! Same for all the variables of us 5! Please bring my daughter and I a financial breakthrough to buy our own homes near my son in his state in great areas,neighborhoods& in great condition close to ocean, help her dad go with us( all at same time) before cold winter 2023 arrives! JESUS Please hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! I pre THANKYOU for answering my prayers now! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!

  84. To overcome all the sufferings successfully in the name of Jesus Christ. To get an admission to final year / 6th year in a medical college in Europe in less cost and clear the medicine successfully soon and work as a doctor in Germany. Lord please don’t make me stay away from my child you gifted me.

    Bless us Jesus with more healthy & graceful children when it’s time. Also Lord my father bless us with a spacious house for us and for our children to live. Thanking you & trusting you with all my heart. I apologise for all my mistakes from the bottom of my heart. Amen

  85. For the spiritual, physical and mental well being of my children and that they may feel the Holy Spirit dwelling gwithin them

  86. I pray to Holy Sacred Heart of Jesus that He will bring peace and understanding in my family by bringing everyone closer to Him…Thank you Jesus for all your blessings. Anen

  87. My God. I really don’t know what to say or how to pray anymore.  We need your so much. Things just seem to be getting worse by the day.
    . Each time we barely get through major problems, we get hit with another.  I live in fear at what the next day will bring. I pray constantly for help. For strength to keep on moving through the maze of issues and challenges, attacks on  every side.
    I cry out for mercy, pleading for someone to come to our rescue. But, it seems we are on our own to deal with hell, thats what it feels like. I don’t know how to get through this frightening darkness. I want to see my way with the light of the Holy Spirit.
    Here I stand sinful and sorrowful,  waiting to be able to breathe.  Please my Lord  I need help to cope with the stressful struggles and continuous situations. I need clarity of thoughts.  I need my Lord and my God to bless us with your Grace’s.
    Please send me your peace and joy and blessings and good will. Send us help to get through the storms. God, please don’t forget us. Please don’t leave us alone in this valley of tears. Send us your Angels to get thru these dark and helpless times.
    My heart is broken and so troubled . I know that ” I’m not worthy that you should come unto my roof,but only say the word and I shall be healed.”
    I need the power of you love, Jesus.  I want you here in my heart, mind and spirit always.  Please lift me up out of this hellish
    pit of which I’m a prisoner. Hear my cries my Father, I repent of all my sins known and unknown. Please Holy Spirit, guide me with your light and love, I beg of you. 
    My God, I ask you  through your son Jesus Christ for a miracle in our lives.l need to hear your directions in my life. Please help me to know what I need to do, let me know your will and  the direction I should take in these situations thru Jesus your son, who promised  that you will do whatever we ask insisted name. Father  I’m begging for your help  in our needs. To whom do I go if not to You, The Almighty One. Please send us  your most Spiritual Angel to guide us through these difficult and desperate times through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen.

  88. In God mercy and love,

    Both my parents a down at the moment with stroke and nerves break down. Also, my uncle from my mothers brothers a not at peace with mum and rest of our family for cultural resolution. It affect our family and future and mum is down on the bed since 21th February 2022.

    I need you all Christian for you prayers to fight this battle and hope God blessing and restoration, healing upon my family. Let the power of God blessing be shine upon each and everyone of us to see the new light and new energy of God’s victory.

    Thanks and God bless you all.

    Your brother in Christ Jesus.