The next novena is the original novena!

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holy spirit novena

We’re excited to announce that the next novena we’re praying is the original novena! 

Novenas are an ancient tradition that goes back to the days of the Apostles.

Jesus told His disciples to pray together after His ascension into heaven, so they went to an upper room along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, (Acts 1:14) and joined constantly in prayer for nine days.

These nine days of constant prayer by the Apostles at the direction of Jesus led up to Pentecost. This is when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples as “tongues of fire” (Acts 2:1-4). This pattern of 9 days of prayer is the basis of the novenas we pray today.

Thus, the novena is an imitation of the Lord’s command to the Apostles when they prayed for 9 days in anticipation of the coming of the Holy Spirit.So maybe you can guess by now that the next novena we’re praying is The Pentecost Novena!

The Holy Spirit plays a BIG part in our lives.

So, as we pray, ask the Holy Spirit for something concrete and measurable. 

We will start praying on May 31st!

You can sign up for this novena HERE and you can share your prayer intentions for this novena below.
We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 
God bless you!
Annie & John-Paul –

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  1. Dear Lord our God, I’m Praying that my petitions will come through. I am trusting in you God that our today’s appointment will be successful. Jesus please be the King in this appointment.

  2. Dear God,
    I am asking for a Christmas miracle with Bill. He has worked so hard and everything does seem hopeless to him. Please show him mercy and help him.

  3. Lord Jesus Christ,
    I want to take this time to give thanks for all the blessings in my life, from my children, husband, the healing of my mother from Cancer, my family, friends and my health. I appreciate all you have done, there are no words to express the gratitude.
    Lord with a humble heart and patience, I continue to pray, seek and knock for you to grant me the PASS when I take my examination on 7:29:19. It’s been a long journey and I have full trust in you that You will be with me during the test guiding me, allowing me to understand each question, and to select the correct answers. I pray for patience, tranquility, knowledge, clarity and full understanding of each questions. Please remove any mental block while I take the examination. You’ve said, ask and it will be given to you, if you have Faith and believe, I DO, I DO! I’m Jesus name, I want to thank you in advance for the season of blessings. Amen! I pray for everyone suffering! In Jesus name Amen!

  4. In the name of the Holy Spirit.I ask for peace in My boyfriend’s home. I pray for healing, love and blessing. I pray that blessed Holy Spirit you will guide them to do the right thing and that You will protect them.
    I promise to testify on this platform of the great deeds that Lord has done. Glory be the Name of the Lord Jesus the Most High.May His Name reign forever.
    Peace be with all my brothers and sisters on this platform Through Christ Our Lord Amen

  5. In the name of the Father the son & Holy spirit
    Thank you for everything Lord especially the unconditional love that you give me. For all my prayer requests that are not granted I believe that it’s not yet time. When time is right I will have a miraculous breakthrough
    I love you my Lord

  6. In the name of the Holy Spirit, I ask for Healing for my husband Juan’s cancerous brain tumor, and prostate cancer spreading to brain, lung, back bones, healing for granddaughter Loren’s leukemia, healing for Diana’s bone cancer, paralyzed legs, healing for Maya’s ALL Leukemia, autoimmune disease, healing for GOLDEN HEART PROJECT kids suffering from different cancers, special intention for son JJ’s legal matters, special intention for daughter Norma’s marriage problems.

  7. O Holy Spirit, please enlighten the physician’s in their diagnose & treatment of our beautiful 12 yr. old granddaughter. A very sports-minded, young girl, who also is in dance, is now suffering from seizures and periods of confusion. We pray Holy Spirit, that you will, by your compassion, heal this little girl, & bring rest and peace, to the family, especially her parents, brother, & sister . In our Lord Jesus Christ’s name we pray!

  8. Dear Holy Spirit can you help my son to pass all of his exams and be accepted into interventional radiology and please help him to marry and have a God’s fearing wife and let him help people who needs help through God’s mercy in the name of Jesus Christ amen

  9. Dear Holy Spirit please help my nephew who has aids and gastritis to heal please make a miracle for his Tcells to increase and his CD4to improve free him from pain and increase his appetite in Jesus mighty name amen

  10. Please pray for my 87 year old brother who because of serious family problems has moved in with a stranger and for my son for Christian enlightenment.
    Thank You.

  11. please pray for my broken heart. I just find out he is dating other women. I can not focus how this happen to me? being very honest, generous to him, loyal and it turns that I am full, naïve women.
    would like to forget all, and be heel by Sacred HEART OF Jesus.

  12. Sacred heart i ask for the following prayers to be answered.

    Our family unite together as before as a happy loving family. There are several members that do not speak to each other.

    My son and his wife to stop drinking alcohol and doing drugs for their children. May they also respect each other.

    My health be better as well for my brothers Joe, Gilbert, David Paul.
    My friends Blanca, Margie and ray

    Blessed with financial help to pay all our debts.

    Keep all my grandchildren safe and healthy.

    Help me with my stress and depression
    Thank you Sacred Heart

  13. Please pray for my healing to be miraculously healed from bile duct and liver cancer. Deep appreciation and love to all praying.

  14. Tammy- health issues
    Paul Patrick- in jail
    Tom S.- fallen away Catholic, hates me and won’t speak to me. Reconciliation praying for.
    Cynthia- food addiction
    Connie- health issues
    Carson- be healthy
    Melissa-know what she wants to do
    Every one I promised to pray for.
    My finances.
    Thank you!

  15. good evening members help me pray for my sister of 12yrs Leah to heal of diabetes and my mum. I pray for a job and for my siblings too. Amen

  16. In this Novena season I would like to put my Prayer Request on the following in Jesus Name, AMEN.

    The following Children’s Employment:
    1. Eve Namwanje – UBOS, Bank of Uganda and UN
    2. Emmanuel Mugalula – UBOS, Entebbe International Airport etc.
    3. Sharon Nyakaisiki – National Medical Stores, Entebbe
    4. Pamela Asiimwe – UBOS
    5. Nusura Nakkazi – UBOS
    6. Rachel Mutenyo – UBOS
    7. Christine Nabutiti – Uganda Wildlife Authority and Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Entebbe
    8. Arinda Benjamin – UBOS

    Hail Mary PRAY for these Children, AMEN.

    B. I, Judith Namusisi have financial debts. Pray for me that I get out of these Debts in Jesus Name, AMEN.

    C. I have a number of my Chicken Projects, but they all need financial support. Let Jesus Christ, my personal Saviour support me to expand my Project cause I need more and support me to feed these Chicken and at the same time grow healthy, AMEN.

    D. I have small Shop. In this Novena PRAY for my Shop that it expands to a Wholesale Shop in the Jesus Name, AMEN.

    E. I am building some Rentals for purposes of getting monthly payments and they all need financial support. In this Novena PRAY that Jesus Christ I pray supports me financially to finish them, AMEN.

    F. I am in relationship with Aston Businge. PRAY for me that the relationship lasts and we move on smoothly till MATRIMONY in Jesus name, AMEN.

    Maama Maria PRAY for all the above, AMEN.

    God Bless You all.

    Judith Namusisi

  17. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

    Please help me pray for a financial and career breakthrough.

    Also help me cancel the spirit of sicknesses in my family. Worst of them being my grandmother who was admitted due to some heart problems.


  18. Prayers for my husband and I with cancer. My daughters test results to be okay.
    My grandsons to have an easier time in school.

  19. I prayed this novena for my friends and family members with cancer, for my sister and brother-in-law who are struggling financially, and that God leads me to a man that I can marry.

  20. I pray that I carry this pregnancy to full term. Miscarriage will never be my potion. Holy spirit please protect my pregnancy. Amen

  21. Please I want to beg the community to please join me in praying to God for his favour & mercy concerning my job. I am strongly believing God for my promotion & uplifting in my job place this season in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  22. For Daddy, that he is happy and healthy with Carmel in Heaven, beside God.

    Momma, that she had no pain and for me that I might do His will in all my affairs.

    For my ex, that he will lay down his anger and make things right before court.

    For my children, that they will be healed from addiction.

    For my little one, that she be healthy and happy. That her mother just leaves it all be and I live a long, healthy life to be with this child.

    For R and my relationship, that it go permanent or I meet someone else who is good to us and I can really love.

    For gainful good, flexible employment.

  23. Please pray for my son.
    He has a 7 year old son but has never been married to the mother.
    He has been out of my grandsons life for about 4 years due to several circumstances. Please bring both he and my grandsons mom into agreement, that having them both in his life is for the best.

    And prayer for my second son that he will be open to Gods will and will ask for Gods direction in his life.

  24. That almighty God will grant me divine protection from the plans of my family members regarding my life and future.
    That Jesus Christ will envelope me in his wounds and secure me in his arms. That his scared blood that he shared for me on mount cavalry will shield me from any engagement that is contrary to my baptismal vows.
    That the Holy Spirit will guide my footsteps and grant me wisdom. That His covering will be over me to ward off any devilish plan against my life and future.
    That the Holy Trinity will give me wisdom in dealing with people around me especially my family members.

  25. I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Kindly pray for the following:
    The following children below have applied for jobs, but they are not yet considered.
    1. Eve Namwanje, Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Bank of Uganda and UN.
    2. Emmanuel Mugalula, Uganda Bureau of Statistics and Entebbe International Airport.
    3. Pamela Asiimwe, Uganda Bureau of Statistics.
    4. Sharon Nyakaisiki, she is at National Medical Stores, Entebbe but needs only an Appointment Letter then be considered for payment of Salary.
    5. Nusura Nakkazi, Uganda Bureau of Statistics
    6. Rachel Mutenyo, Uganda Bureau of Statistics.
    7. Christine Nabutiti, Uganda Wildlife Authority.
    8. Alinda Benjamin, Uganda Burea of Statistics.

    I Judith Namusisi, pray for me that I clear my debts, my projects really need Capital, have a Shop and Poultry, but my financial position is not the best. Pray for me that I get funds to stock my Shop and Poultry. All this I request through St. Padre Pio in this Novena.

    Best regards
    Judith Namusisi

  26. I pray for Gods divine intervention and supernatural favour over my flat to keep it from repossession by the housing association.

  27. Dear Holy Spirit,

    I pray my children and I are lifted out of poverty and into better circumstances.
    I pray for a financial breakthrough, financial miracle, financial prosperity and release of my financial burdens.
    I pray my daughter is healed from anxiety, depression and panic attacks.
    I pray my son is healed from depression, feelings of worthlessness, anxiety and sleep apnea.
    I pray my children and I are healed physically and spiritually.
    I pray I am able to buy food, pay bills, and pay for car repairs.
    I pray for God’s guidance on the sale of my home.
    I pray I am able to purchase a new home that fits my family’s needs.
    I pray my children are able to focus on school work, get good grades and graduate.
    I pray I am able to return to school, get good grades, earn my degree and find a good job so I may provide a better life for my children.
    I pray for faith, joy, happiness, unity, and health for my family.
    I pray I am healed from depression, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.
    I pray for protection from Satan and all evil.
    I pray my ex-husband pays the 3 1/2 years of back owed child support and alimony.
    I pray my ex-husband pays the full amount of court ordered child support and alimony each month.

  28. I pray that the holy spirt will dwell and use my family to serve christ. I pray that my siblibgs and i continue to stay away from trouble and learn to do the will of the lord. I pray that Lord God will grant my parents and family good health and long life. And that my parents continue to love one another and above all God and live together more doing his will.

  29. I pray that God will continue to guide me as i compete in track and field and help me run that 68s 400h at JO and finally complete my 100h race at JO tjis weekend 3 stepping and not hesitating so that if by his will i will run a 15s.

  30. Prayers for my son-in-law Antonio who will be traveling to Afghanistan in a month for his safety his well-being his mental state that the Lord will surround him with angels and saints for protection on the whole base I pray this in Jesus name

  31. Holy Spirit, please renew my body back to good health, or give me the graces to accept the limitations I currently have. With them, I have lost my purpose in life; I need a new one. With loving thanks, E

  32. Ma femmes Mariam Diallo veut me quitté pour allée se marié a ailleurs priez pour q elle revienne


  34. Holy spirit, please come down upon my son, Derek, and enlighten him to come back to the sacraments and be able to convince his fiancée , who has no religion, and bring her towards conversion.
    And please send my daughter Colleen, a good, stable, practicing, Catholic Man. And change her mind about marriage and motherhood. Holy spirit I trust in you! Amen

  35. -to pass the nclex exam
    -good health for my family and especially for my daughter
    -to have a smooth process on our application in canada

  36. Holy Spirit, please enlighten my son, Derek, and instill in him a return to and love of the Holy Catholic Chirch and the Sacraments. Help him to convert his fiancé,
    Michele and not let her draw him away.

  37. I applied for UIC College of Nursing Fall 2019. I am currently shortlisted in their Waitlist and school will resume in August.
    It is certain that at this point it can only be God’s intervention that I will be ACCEPTED.
    I wish that God who picked me from anguish poverty will grant me this passion of becoming a nursing student this year.
    Let their be an available sit for me, in Jesus Name. Amen

  38. Prayer intention- That the Spirit of God will lead me through my exam preparations, teaching me all things and helping my remembrance. That I will be in the 99th percentile when the result is released, through Jesus Christ the Son of God, our Lord….Amen

  39. Hi family off god please pray for my husband and sons with a drinking problem. and my financial break through. And for them to get closer to god .Thanks god blessed

  40. I have a prayer request that I badly wish to be supported in.
    I started a family house/home construction in Kenya last year and it staled. It is my Humble request that I be put in serious prayers for financial breakthrough so that I can complete the project.
    Thank you all.

  41. For my whole family, my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews my whole entire bloodline become strong Catholics. May they follow scripture and sacraments in Jesus name I pray Amen

  42. Dear Lord
    We pray that our son AjM will be healed of his addiction and anxiety. Help him to continue doing his job, that he will always be surrounded with people who are there to help him and support him. That he will never feel lonely and depressed, but instead begin to feel inspired to live a better life. When it is the right time help my son to meet a good woman that will help him become a better person and most importantly get closer to you.
    We pray Lord that my other children will find a way to get closer together with each other.
    We pray that B and Mar will receive good news concern their job situations.
    Again I pray that all my children will get back together as a family.
    Help us dear Lord that we have a safe trip

  43. Dear Lord,
    Please let protect my dog Paxton as he recovers from surgery. Let all the bad things be out of him and not come back. Give him the strength to get better. Thank you lord for another day. Amen.

  44. I pray that I am healed from anxiety and learn to be patient and have faith. I pray that I have a miraculous healing from the top of me head all the my body to the souls of my feet May God repair and renew all my organs, cells , blood, bones, nerves , skin , throat , stomach , teeth , every inch of my body be physically healed . I pray that my parents are healthy and happy and the I will be financially well of to care for them properly and I pray lord that I will be able to share your love and let people know how great their lives will be when they praise you and follow you. Thank you thank you Lord Jesus . I will praise you always and share my story

  45. Dear Holy Spirit,
    I pray for family peace, joy, unity, faith, and health.
    I pray for a financial miracle, financial prosperity, financial abundance, and a release of my financial burdens.
    I pray my children and I are lifted out of poverty and into better circumstances.
    I pray I am able to return to school.
    I pray I am able to get good grades, complete the degree and find a well paying job to provide a better life for my children.
    I pray for the God’s guidance on the sale of my home.
    I pray to be able to find and purchase a new home for my children.
    I pray my daughter is healed from anxiety, panic attacks, depression.
    I pray my son is healed from anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, and feelings of worthlessness.
    I pray I am healed from anxiety, depression and feelings of being overwhelmed.
    I pray my children and I are healed physically.
    I pray my children are successful in school, get good grades, and graduate.
    I pray my children and I are protected from Satan and all evil.
    I pray my ex-husband pays the 3 1/2 years of back owed child support and alimony.
    I pray my ex-husband pays the full amount of court ordered child support and alimony each month.
    I pray I am able to buy food, pay bills, and pay for my car repairs such as brakes.

  46. I’m praying for financial help! Please Lord, increase my monthly financial situation and then help me budget this financial gain! Amen! Thank you! God bless!

  47. Please pray for my children that they may have academic and career success through life. Please also pray that my youngest child legs will be healed due to pain in his hip, knees and feet when he runs. Please pray that God will bring all my family into the church for all generations. Please pray that I can also be successful in all my up
    coming exams and for God to guide my path always. God please help me with my finance too, help me to make wise decisions. Thanks. Amen.

  48. I’m begging for prayers for financial help! Please Lord, increase my monthly financial situation and then help me budget this financial gain! Amen! Thank You and God Bless!

  49. I am praying for unity in our family and for my mum who is sick at a times.
    I pray for me to find a better job that can enable me to help my family. I pray for myself so that i may be closer to God and follow his teachings.

  50. I am praying for me and every member of my family to be filled with the fruits and gifts of the holy spirit. Ovie, Tiro, Mirabel, Nathania, Ogheneovo, Oghenekome Ovakporie.

  51. I am praying for Joy to fill my heart and home, especially for total healing for my son Ogheneovo Micah Ovakporie, for myself and every member of my family, totally healing from healing none and unknown.
    For financial breakthrough for me, my husband and siblings, in Jesus name, Amen

  52. True devotion to the sacraments and and deeper love for my husband as we are seeking a new home and hopefully My husband would like to switch careers and needs guidance if that is what he should do at this point in his life I printed our spirit and that he will be turned back to church Thank you and God bless

  53. To be filled with the Holy Spirit and the joy that it brings in good times and bad times and Happy times and sad times maybe Holy Spirit always bring me joy knowing I’m never alone

  54. I am praying for a job in the city that my husband is moving to so that i join him as soon as possible. Please pray for me

  55. Receive Christian greetings, kindly pray for me God to bring peace in my life. I lost my pregnancies thrice now I don’t have a child my husband accuses me falsely, he doesn’t love me anymore. He plays me with other women telling them I can’t get a child, they abuse me bad names over the phone. I really shed tears now & then, I am a prayerful lady. I trust in God that one day He’ll answer my prayer.

  56. Dear Holy Spirit, I pray for family peace, faith, health and unity. I pray that my husband and sons to return to the church. May my sons overcome their depression and anxiety. I pray for my son to realize that he needs help and wants the help and take his medicine and he realizes how important it is for him. I pray that they stay away from marijuana and realize how bad it is for them. May my son stay away from tattoos, piercings and never want them anymore. I pray that my son be ready for work both mentally and physically and be happy, alert, and safe. May they always make the right choices. May my son want to go back to work, find a job and love his job and be successful. May my nephew find a job. I pray for my sons and husband to be successful with their jobs, and keep their jobs. May they be safe and people around them to be safe and that they be highly respected. I pray for my husband’s, mothers’ and aunt’s and my sister’s health. May my mother’s memory not deteriorate, and she be healthy and calm and make friends. I pray for my sons to meet good Catholic Christian wives, so that they may have their own Christian families. I pray for my friends’ sons, brother and mother’s health. I pray for my husband to have patience. I pray for Sabrina to get pregnant.I pray that Ricky comes back home and may he be healthy and safe. I pray for all the people saying this novena. I pray for Alia to meet a good husband. I love You!