The next novena: for all our worries, pain and suffering

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We hope that each novena we pray together is one more prayer that will bring you closer to Jesus and His comforting love. This next novena should do just that :)

The next novena is The Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots!

Whenever we grow closer to Jesus’ mother, our mother, we grow closer to Jesus — because Mary always brings us to Jesus. 

We will start praying on Monday, May 9th.

The month of May is actually dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, so it’s a perfect time to ask for her intercession!

As St. Francis de Sales wrote: “Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.”

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We will pray for all the knots in our lives — all of our worries, pains and sufferings — that Mary, our Mother, may untie them and pray for us.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. Virgin Mary, Mother of our Redeemer,

    I pray for unity of my family.
    I pray to earn A’s in all of my courses.
    I pray to pass my boards, on the first attempt, so I may graduate and get a job to support my 2 children.
    I pray to find a job that is good for my family and myself.
    I pray for healing of my son from suicidal ideations, severe depression, self-hatred, severe anxiety, obesity, negative self-talk, video game addiction, anger and autism.
    I pray for my son to find his path in life, he is so lost. Mother Mary, please help him he needs you so much.
    I pray for healing of myself from heart problems, asthma, joint problems, anxiety, depression, and diabetes.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from autism, migraines, severe anxiety, depression.
    I pray for a financial miracle. We are living at poverty level. Our couch broke and I can’t afford another one.
    I pray for healing of my mother.

  2. Dear Mary Undoer of Knots
    Thank you for your intercession always and to My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for all graces and blessings received 🙏
    Please ask God to grant my Godchild KM good health of mind body and spirit and give her the peace in her mind and heart and soul that comes from Christ thePrince of Peace. I ask you to continue to bless and protect her and all My family and friends from all forms of evil and danger.
    Also Mother of Mercy please heal my husband’s left eye and left side of his face and also bring him back to the sacraments.
    Please let there be peace in Ukraine. Our Lady Undoer of Knots pray for us🙏Amen

  3. Mary undoer of knots undo the knots of unforgiveness and pride in P life, pray that he and his grandmother be merciful to each other. Pray that P and his grandmother reconcile with each other and find the joy of peace.

  4. Pray for my daughter who is now 27 years old but she has never got her menstruation period. May mother Mary untie the knot that is stopping her menstruation period. Amen

  5. Oh Most Holy Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, I ask that you will undo the serious and complicated knots in my son’s life involving his drivers license situation. He is in dire need of assistance to help him with this problem. He is in depression and denial. Wrap your Motherly arms around him and guide him out of this darkness. I pray he makes the necessary phone calls, gets a lawyer and that things go in his favor. I pray he learns from his mistakes. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Thank you

  6. Mary Undoer of knots:
    Please pray for my daughter KP who has been trying to have a baby for the last 5 years. Last may she lost the longest pregnancy she has ever had , he was only 5 months. Please ask our heavenly father to bless her with a healthy baby and restore her faith in you. She is so saddened by this.

  7. Mary Undoer of knots:
    Please pray for my daughter who has been trying to have a baby for the last 5 years. Last may she lost the longest pregnancy she has ever had , he was only 5 months. Please ask our heavenly father to bless her with a healthy baby and restore her faith in you. She is so saddened by this.

  8. Mary, my mother, please pray may Salma get husband she loves and may she bear children from him too. May Lord break the chains of single hood from her life and give her peaceful happy married life. Amen

    Mother, my hope , please pray may Lord make way for me and nigel that we may go together to the land of promise. May Lord make us one in this year and all the powers of demons get crushed in His holy name. Amen

    Mary, My protector, please pray may Lord be the organizer of our trip. May he hide us from every eye. May we have the best time of our life. May we also experience snowfall there and may Lord arrange money for us from His treasures.

  9. Mary Undoer of Knots: Please hear my prayers: I pray for my marriage that it will grow in faith and love. That my husband and I will be happy/successful in our jobs. Please bless our oldest son and S that they too will be happy/successful in their jobs; that marriage will come soon for them. Please bless them that they find a good used home, and their faith will grow daily. Please bless our middle son that he will be happy/successful in his job, that he will be bless w/nice christian lady friend, that he will reconsider counseling, please protect him from all evil, that his health will be good, and faith will grow. Please bless our daughter/son in law with good health, faith, and that they will be happy/successful in their jobs. I pray that our daughter will have a good pregnancy/delivery. Thank you for blessing us with grandson/the miracle baby growing now. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Please help us to thank Jesus for loving us, and may we continue to love him. Amen

  10. Almighty thank you for waking me up today & face a new day until now. Healing for myself,my health,my families,my close one’s,my enemies. Healing to keep me strong,blessings for my goals. Healing to forgive,forget my past relationships and let go. Bless all the people around the world,protect us Almighty. Holy spirit you are our mentor,guide us. In jesus name, Amen 🙏🙌

  11. Almighty thank you for waking me up today & face a new day until now. Healing for myself,my health,my families,my close one’s,my enemies. Healing to keep me strong no matter what,blessings for my goals. Healing to forgive & forget my past relationships and keep moving on. Bless all the people around the world,protect us Almighty. Holy spirit you are our mentor,guide us. In jesus name, Amen Amen Amen 🙏🙌

  12. My son D is into Muslim things,, He’s been disrespectful towards me as well. We have been through this before. He turned his life to Christ and now he’s back at reading all this crazy material. Also separate him from this “club” called Playboy. or anyone associated with him that is not good company. I am worried.

  13. Mary, undeor of knots. bless us with your grace and faith as we go through each day. Give us strength and courage to live in the now and appreciate love, joy and happiness. Giving gratitude for all blessings received this day, amen.

  14. Please heal my husbands stomach area. He had surgery on a hernia in January. He is still in pain. We have been to the doctor and he ignores what’s going on. Also arthritis in his back.. scatia pain for me.. Lord help us feel better.. sheesh

  15. Please pray for my sister M. She having blood transfusions which came from drinking heavily over the years. Lord please spare her life. Holy Spirit minister to her to get help. She denies drinking and all of her organs are not functioning right. They stapled her liver last year. Now she’s anemic because she lost so much blood. Last week they gave her a pint. She needs to know that God loves her and she’s been through so much trauma. Help her and help us Lord. Please

  16. O Virgin Mary Mother of Our Redeemer please present my grandson JOSEPH ADEDEJI ADENIHUN to JESUS for the Healing of autism to the Glory of THE BLESSED TRINITY AMEN.

  17. I have made a decision regarding my life. What am I to do with all the other messes in my life. I am a mess. I am afraid to do things. What if I am wrong. I have made so many mistakes. Guidance with wisdom. Blessed Mother, undo my knots. Please guide my children in all things wonderful and good. Cover my grandchildren with love, wisdom and safety. Thank you for all the goodness of your love and protection.

  18. Please Lord helping me in my business. Help me to build business and my confidence give me the knowledge I need to make my business thrive. Help me to be able to provide financial need to keep our family comfortable and financially free from stress.

  19. Please pray for financial security for my husband & myself. It has become a constant worry for me. It just seems so difficult to make ends meet. Please pray for guidance & direction from God for this situation & for help with extreme anxiety caused by this. Thank you.

  20. MotherMary please heal my daughter , Michelle of Asthma and never let her suffer from this . Also for all children around the world who is suffering from Asthma. Please pray for our colleague’s mother to be healed of Breast Cancer. Please bring healing to all the patients suffering from cancer . Thankyou Jesus . Praise you Jesus.

  21. Prayers for blessings of continued health and safety for our grandson.
    Please help undo the knots of anxiety for my daughter.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in war countries.

  22. Our prayer intentions:

    We have been asked by our adult children to move closer to them. Our home is about a 30-40 minute drive based on traffic. We are exploring options. We are asking Our Lord and Blessed Mother for guidance— How do we know?

    Prayers for our daughter in law who is a nurse and is having her first baby. We pray for the entire labor and delivery. Please hold her hand My Lord and Blessed Mother.

    Prayers for our daughter & son in law to find a new home that it will be a great place for them and their baby.

    Prayers for every member in our family to get closer to The Lord and return to mass.

    Prayers for the home business we started recently that we will be able to use those funds to help the family. Prayers to pay off all debts.

    Prayers for all of the souls in purgatory and for our beloved dead. May we get everything in order for when The Lord calls us.

    Prayers for many other special intentions in our hearts and prayers for the leaders of this novena and other novenas and may The Lord and Blessed Mother grant them the special intentions in their hearts. Amen, amen, amen!

  23. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Sara does not cancel today and that the jobs I applied on Indeed call me for an interview this week the earliest on Wednesday. I also pray that I can get in touch with Dr. Martinez about the pills. I also pray that Public Housing answers the phone today because I already applied to be on the waiting list for Section 8.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  24. Please pray for our daughter Niki who had a relationship that broke 2 years ago and is unable to move on. Please pray for her healing and for the Lord to send a wonderful, prayerful, catholic man across her path to be her spouse, IF this is her vocation and if not to reveal the Lord’s will for Niki in her life.

  25. My payment is very late and i don’t have money for school fees for the kids. I need school fees for the kids.

  26. I pray to blessed mother Mary to be relieved of generational curses and bad omens transcending from my ancestors.

  27. For my children, my mom, my entire family and my boyfriend. I ask for my son Joshua to stay clean and sober. For our projects to get done without any stress and everything to get successfully done. For my boyfriend and I ti remain faithful to each other and to fall more in love. For financial help. For unity in our own family. Please God hear my prayers.

  28. That all men will fall on their knees to know Him, love Him, adore Him and be with Him eternally, that all men will obey the 10 commandments and have chastity of heart, soul and body. I pay for the souls of my children and grandchildren, the protection of our families, marriage and the babies in their cradles and our schools, the protection of our Holy Mother Church and the Rosary.Peace in mens hearts and souls and the defeat of the devil. Let us never lose hope and trust in God. AMEN

  29. I am expecting a child and I’m currently running a business. I pray that God will help me find a reliable assistant before i go for my leave in July.

    I am praying that God may deliver some members of my family from chains of poverty and confusion.

    I pray for my business to continue soaring and expanding. I pray for favor and knowledge to be a good leader to my business and more blessings likely to be born from it.

    I am praying to finish furnishing this house. We need seats, a television set. Praying also for provision in my business: a company laptop, an iphone upgrade for our media, a company car to deliver our products, a website, money to register officially as LC. I’m praying for supernatural provision.

    Our country is headed for elections and I’m praying for peace and God’s guidance to choose good leaders. May the Lord bring ease to the burdens of many who are suffering from the economic surge that’s going on.

    I am praying for everyone going through a terrible and hard time in their lives. I might not know who or what exactly but may God remember them and help them to always see the light of hope ahead of them. May God provide, heal, comfort, uplift, extend mercy, open doors and do miracles in their lives.

  30. I pray for release from mental health issues and return to happiness for Sean. For my daughters to be free from addictiobn to screens, my husband free from alchohol, me free from alchohol, anger control, resolution of school issues and reversal of negative decision regarding my daughter. Health and protection and please open ears and hearts for the good..

  31. Heavenly mother today i pray for the souls in purgatory who needs us to proceed to heaven, with 3 Our Father. Hail Marys and Glory i pray for those forgotten to see the joy of heaven and its glory Amen
    i request that the flue that has suddenly attacked me should heal in Jesus Name Amen

  32. I pray that mother Mary unties the knot of poverty in my life, witchcraft and addiction from my life. May I heal from these predicaments not for getting blood guilt. Amen

  33. Blessed Mary Undoer of Knots, I humbly place my petitions before you asking you to undo the knots of illnesses and deseases especially anxieties and depressions, blights, blockages, obstructions, obstacles, the enemy has placed in our paths, all negative energies and entities consuming our lives, fears, confusions and clutter that have tied us up for do long, bachelorette and Bachelorhoods, that are affecting our families and lived ones Amen.

    Mary Undoer of Knots, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  34. Dear Mother Mary please heal me& my loved ones from all addictions that are bad for us! Please bless us with good health& all needed healings(K,AJ&J,R,RM,M,& all our animals)! Please heal me Karen from all this pain I have all over my head, eyes, temple,jaw,headaches, pounding migraines and tge off balance issues,vertigo,hard time walking due to off balance and spine issues, inflammation ETC! Help my neurologist/ ENT’s /and or lead me to the right specialists who can find out what this is z& please let it be found out soon, expose the problems Mama Mary and heal me please whatever way you choose; soon please!! Heal me& my 2 adult kids hypertension! Please hear& answer our prayers& everyone’s prayers on this novena! Help& take care of my son in Mikitary( wife too) and all our US Mikitary& families! Help Ukraine! Help those suffering from tragedy! Help all animals,children, people that are starving, tortured,abused! Jesus I Trust In You! Please heal me Mother Mary from all this that has come upon me! Help my 2 adult kids! Help us all find freedom from addictions, lead us to do Gods will in our lives! Lead & guide me& my loved ones to be godly holy sober clear minded people and lead others yo JESUS!

  35. For my healing from recurred cancer. Praying first that it comes back showing benign or second that if it isn’t, that God provides me with the best doctors who can find the most high tech, best, easiest, and most damage free/side effects solution for me.🙏🏼
    And that these doctors follow Him with their heart, soul and mind always.
    And lastly that this brings our children and extended family’s faith back deeply and completely to Him.

  36. For the Temporal and Spiritual welfare of my whole extended family and my brother Barry’s family

    For the repose of the souls of my father Bryan mother Amy and brother Barry and of Bernie D

    For the Spiritual welfare of Bernie D’S family

    For peace in Ukraine

  37. Mary undoer of knots undo the knots of alcohol addition in my brother life, pray that he remain sober and build a relationship with Christ. Undo the knots of conflict in my relationship. Pray that my Son be more prayerful, pray that he be focused in his education and improve his grades and be promoted to the next class. Undo the knots of unemployment and finacial strain in my life.

  38. Holy Mary- Hear our prayers. Be with all the petitions of Pray More Noveanas Family.

    Help my brother Aaron. Heal him both physically & spiritually. Help him in his unbelief. Thank You Mary- Amen

  39. I pray for my complete healing physically and mentally that this panic disorder will go away so I can live my life independently again. Amen.

  40. Please Mary I pray for healing for me and my family. We’ve tested positive for covid this past week . Our symptoms are improving but my energy level is so low. Please pray me and my fa wake in the morning free from all symptoms and our bodies full of energy. Please we return to work in the morning and we desperately need to be healed completely. Please i pray in Jesus name. Amen

  41. I pray for my heart to be healed from this anger. I pray for patience and pray away being irritable. I pray for my heart to be filled with peace, love and joy. I want to smile and laugh from the heart. I want to be truly happy all the time.

  42. Please pray for the continued healing of my son, Charlie. Please pray that my family, extended family, friends, and our world have a strong faith in God the Father, Jesus Christ, our Savior, and the Holy Spirit, our Guider and Counselor.
    Thank you.🙏

  43. Relief from the pain of knots at the base of my back. Please lord and Mother Mary help to take away those knots. My prayers are to thank the two of you 🙏🙏💗🙏💗

  44. -for improved performance at work by June before my appraisal
    -to buy a house or build
    Healing of my uterus, abdomen and stomach pains and recurring infections
    – my sons healing of ent issues
    My mum heing if arthritis, hbp and knee problems
    – my son to perform well in school
    -post interviews at work i have expressed my desire to the Lord of where I Don’t wish to work
    -Protection of my job from competitors
    -protection from spiritual attacks
    -my mums prayer petitions as well
    -coming out of debt and praying for financial breakthrough
    -praying for work transfer to the coast

  45. Please Mary undoer of knots pray for me. Please i pray I get my notification tomorrow that I will be rehired for the upcoming school year and I will remain as 3rd grade teacher aide. Please i desperately pray. Please I pray for continuing healing for me and my family 👪. Please I pray for all those who are sick and I pray for Nancy that she gets good news from her doctor. In Jesus Christ I pray 🙏

  46. For your help, Oh Mary Undoer of Knots, to untie the knots which prevent my moving forward smoothly to accomplish the many errands and other transactions that need to get done
    in a limited time, and which I seem to be making no progress with as my time is quickly running out. I need you to help with the impossible Oh Mary Undoer of Knots, with the help of your son, Jesus through the Lord Almighty, Amen.

  47. I pray that with Mother Mary’s help, we will be forgiven our sins, that with her help we will become stronger to change our sinful ways and become more obedient children of God. I also want all to learn to pray more. Not just for ourselves but for others and our troubled world.

  48. Uplifting our son who needs guidance, self confidence and a path that will use his God given talents as he enters a new chapter of life post High School.

    Prayers that our older son in the military will be assigned to a territory where you can be glorified so that he can come back to the Catholic faith.

    Complete healing prayers for friends and family affected by cancer.

    For unity and peace within our families. Various beliefs in faith, anxiety over COVID and post COVID have left cracks in familial relationships.

    Praying for peace in Ukraine and protection of all men and women in uniform. Mother Mary Undoer of Knots, please intercede for us, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  49. Heavenly mother, my partner is addicted to befriending a chain of women with bedroom intensions. Help him to withdraw and retrieve his catholic values.

    My 3 brothers are addicted to liquor
    My 2 sons are in for liquor and drugs
    My sisters daughter addicted to gambling
    Holy mother safe them from this earthly demon so that they can go back and embrace your glory as full catholics.
    thank you blessed virgin Mary, for the visible solutions i enjoyed since the commencement of this Novena. Amen

  50. Pl,pray for the brokenness in my fly for my husband who is not of the faith that he may come into the faith.For healing of his tongue ?I also ask for prayers for my son who has been away from the church.That he may come back with a deep love for God and get married in the church and that his wife too may find Jesus .I pray for my daughter to discern a suitable life partner who is strong in his faith.That she may seek help in her anger issues and lead a life with the Holy Spirit as a guide I also pray that all the financial blocks be removed and I may be able to buy a house this year pl Our Lady undo these knots in my life I make this request through your sorrowful and Immaculate heart and maternal tears
    Pl take my petition and present it to your Son who will not refuse any request from you. thank you mother

  51. My beloved Mother Mary undoer of knots, Please forgive our sins and Please help to find a good job for my husband. I cry to you Mother Mary,
    Please help us. Thank you Mother Mary undoer of knots!

  52. The knots of an “abortion only” approach to Christ’s teaching has caused so much suffering. In fact, Jesus never used the term “abortion”. Yes, he did use murder, but he was a Jew and in Judaism the viability of the child exists only after the first breath. How Roman Catholicism got so politically divided is truly devastating and mysterious. Please ensure that the church take no dark money from evil people and companies.

    Please pray that all Catholics listen actively to Pope Francis, who is the closest to Jesus we will ever find on this earth. He has implored us that abortion is not the only cause of the church. Please stop judging people in difficult circumstances from your lofty towers of privilege. Please stop the priests from preaching Trump form the pulpit.

    Please save immigrant children. As Saint Teresa of Calcutta demands, “we are dedicated to caring for the poorest of the poor”

  53. Prayers for my mental clarity and healing of my mental fogginess once and forever. In gracious thanksgiving and praise I thank thee. Amen.

  54. Prayer for restoration in my marriage. My husband is an emotional rollercoaster and his moods are unbearable. He seems like at times he has narcissistic characteristics and it’s becoming unbearable as he claims to not have an issue it’s me with the issue. His Mr. Nice” personality stays intact, and the treatment is ultimately emotionally abusive. I feel constantly battling with his personality but he is so cunning and deceptive, pathological in his lies and manipulations, I love him and want to keep my family together but at what cost. I keep praying and praying, and I believe God will show His great power in helping me, but it is so hard to bear this painful cross like this. Please pray to restore this marriage. Bless us mother Mary. Help him and to see how this behaviour is destroying us. If it’s not something he needs medical intervention from help him to see what he is doing to our family. I pray for him. Help him. Help me. Amen

  55. Most Holy Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, please undo the serious and complicated knots in my son’s life involving his drivers license situation. He is in dire need of assistance to help clear up this issue. He is in depression and denial. Please wrap your Motherly arms around him and guide him out of this darkness.
    Thank you.
    I ask this in Jesus’ Name.

  56. Father God, you love us so much. Thank you for this ministry of PrayMoreNovenas, and especially for this special Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots. We pray for the knots preventing our children Kate and Will and my spiritual daughter from growing closer to You. Bless them, Lord. We pray this through the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  57. Prayers for blessings of continued good health and safety for our grandson.
    Please help to undo the knots of anxiety for our daughter.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in the world especially war countries.
    Amen 🙏

  58. Mother Mary under of knots, I beg you to untie the knots of my grandson tongue so that he would be able to talk. All to the glory of God, IN JESUS NAME Amen!

  59. To our mother Mary I pray that all the knots in my life are untangled especially the knots of addiction and my money situation,also the division in my family please Mother Mary be with me always and guide me to be closer to your son my savior Jesus Christ.

  60. Praying for every satanic stronghold in my life and my father’s house to be broken, for fluency of speech for my son, that my children will yearn for and serve God with everything in them and love God above all else. That no power of darkness will turn my children away from me and from God. For career and financial breakthrough, that my debtors to pay up, and for all round victory and academic success for me and my children. For every conspiracy against me to be rendered impotent, And for total restoration of all that I lost.

  61. Please pray for me to pass my modules RST2601, RST1502, TPF3704 and LSK3701 my husband get jobs tender my kids pass their modules

  62. Pray for justice , for my finances , for safety , to accept things the way they are , to end my pain .

  63. I have a court suit. My husband of four years+ petitioned me for the dissolution of our marriage and is asking for the custody of our only child (4 years). He intentionally didn’t want to have another child with me, as he abandoned me and baby since two years ago. He told me he didn’t want the marriage anymore and said that he had moved on with his life. Now, he wants a divorce and plans to take my son away from me. May God grant me all-round victory in this court suit. I don’t want my little boy to be separated from me. Also, may God send me my suitable companion, my own soulmate. I so much believe in marriage. May I find true love. I also pray for great open doors, success and protection as I begin my life afresh. These intentions I bring to this Novena, trusting that God will wipe away my tears and take me to greater heights in my destiny, in Jesus Christ’s name I pray, Amen!🙏🔥
    Mary Mother of Jesus Christ, pray for me. AMEN 🙏

  64. Please pray that the Lord our God, will have mercy upon me; forgive me for all my sins; and bring me to Heaven for everlasting life when my time on this earth is through. I am so sorry for all of my sins.

  65. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Sara can come tomorrow and that nothing comes up. I also pray that when I call public housing they answer and that in a year I can move to South Miami in Section 8 or Coconut Grove. I also pray that one of the jobs that I applied for on Indeed call me this week for an interview and also Maria Harper calls me this week.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  66. O God. I ask that you heal my eyes. please remove the obstacles of blindness that is preventing me from seeing again. I ask that you remove the obstacle of infertility that is preventing my wife and I from conceiving and giving birth to children. O God I ask that you remove the obstacles of injusticeso that my wife and I would be reinstated at our jobs. Please God remove the obstacles of poverty so that our full monthly salary would be restored and our new businesses would provide an income to supplement our lost in salary. Blessed Virgin Mary please untie these knots in our lives.
    Lord Jesus, please grant us your favour and your grace.
    Thank you for your blessings. Amen!

  67. Mother Mary undoer of knots,please intercede for me. I suffer from feeling worthless in my job and not sure if i should look for another job.
    I pray that Declan will study well for these short weeks for leaving cert and overcome his anxiety and do well in the exams.
    Pray for Niall that he too will do well in the leaving cert.
    For Ailíse that she will excel in her veterinary exams both theory and practical.
    Bless mum, keep her memory and health good.
    Bless Margaret my sister, heal her stomach.
    Bless Sharon as she starts a new job tomorrow, i pray she will be happy.
    Thanks Mother Mary, undoer of knots.

  68. Please kindly pray for Bro. A. Jesurajan OMI that he may receive his final Vows this year..
    Thank you&God bless you.

  69. My prayer intentions
    Dear lord,
    I ask for divine healing upon the following people:
    Mrs Pauline chinyere Keke
    Mrs Agu Ogechukwu
    Agu chinwendu Judith
    Ugwuanyi ifeoma
    Aroh ozo
    Obiora Efungwu
    I pray that the good and merciful lord will grant the heart desires of :
    Umeibe chikwado Jerome
    Uchechi Keke
    Agu Ogechukwu queeneth:that the good Lord will grant her success in all she does,in her academics and her forthcoming exams shall be a success.let grace and favor abide with her wherever her name is mentioned or seen,let all protocols b observed on her sake

  70. I wish to pray for all of my friends/ family that are now dealing with physical/mental and financial knots.

  71. I seek intention… For exam success
    * For favours upon my brother’s Annex scholarship application..
    Seek God’s favours upon my life..

  72. Mother Mary, undoer of knots, I am praying for Jonathan’s divine healing. Please intercede Mother Mary. God gave Jonathan to his parents after many years of barrenness in their marriage. Your blessings maketh rich and bring no sorrow. Please untie the knots that have held Jonathan down and grant him divine healing. Please Lord I plead. Do not forsake his parents. I can only imagine what they are going through at the moment. God please help please God..

  73. My mother Mary, undoer of knots, am humbly and desperately asking for you to untie the serious knots of alcohol and sex addiction in my childs fathers life, it has caused a serious setback in so many areas of his life. I cry to you mother Mary because we have tried everything, please come through for him and untie these knots.

  74. My beloved Mother Mary undoer of knots, I continue to plead with you concerning my daughter , K. Please Mother Mary undo the knots in her life, I plead. I am crying unto you my Mother Mary. I have nowhere else to go. Only you can do this for me to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Her God- chosen God-given, God-fearing husband from a God-fearing decent family. Who will compliment her in every way. Her God-given children, divine favour and success in her chosen field of endeavour. Your blessings maketh rich Lord and bring no sorrow. Thank you Mother Mary undoer of knots.

  75. I uplift my son and his family who haven’t returned to church since Covid. May our Lady, Undoer of Knots, look kindly upon them and guide them back.
    May Our Lady, undo the knots that prevail in their home so their family will be more loving, peaceful and less stressful.
    May God’s Spirit bring gentleness and self- control to my son’s heart.
    May Our Lady undo the knots of anger and negativity, replacing with patience, reconciliation and forgiveness.

  76. I’m asking you to pray for my brother Aheebwa William who is creating chaos in the family.. by fighting over our late dad’s property. May the Fort coming meeting bring peace a d unity among the family members.

  77. please continue to pray for the continuous healing of my son. I am walking by faith and not by sight. thank you for the prayers. Also , for the healing of all hidden sickness.

  78. – [ ] Favour from man n God.
    Can’t read my Bible n can’t pray enough
    – [ ] My words don’t carry weight. No respect from people
    – [ ] Too fat I want to slim
    – [ ] Sleeping disorders
    – [ ] International visa and travelings
    – [ ] Transfere grants not paid
    – [ ] Allowances and benefits due me is not given

  79. Holy Mary- Pray for us. Help my brother in his unbelief. Help him- Heal him both physically & spirituality. Thank You Mary, Hear Our Prayers Amen.