The next novena: for all our worries, pain and suffering

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We hope that each novena we pray together is one more prayer that will bring you closer to Jesus and His comforting love. This next novena should do just that :)

The next novena is The Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots!

Whenever we grow closer to Jesus’ mother, our mother, we grow closer to Jesus — because Mary always brings us to Jesus. 

We will start praying on Monday, May 9th.

The month of May is actually dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, so it’s a perfect time to ask for her intercession!

As St. Francis de Sales wrote: “Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.”

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We will pray for all the knots in our lives — all of our worries, pains and sufferings — that Mary, our Mother, may untie them and pray for us.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. Mary I am praying for you to undo the financial knots in my life. I am desperate for financial freedom so I can provide for my kids.

  2. I pray that my fiance can get over his negative thoughts about our marriage and to maintain positivity in his life.

  3. For J. and A.B. that they do not go through with their divorce and that they are able to reconcile by the grace of God and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    For B.V. that he will be healed in the understanding of his sexual identity and live in the truth of who God made him to be.

    For a grace-filled marriage proposal for D.S.

    For vocational peace and clarity for all, especially for A.F.

  4. I pray that my daughter will be free from her various health issues and that she will lead a healthy life.

    I also pray for Eukrain and peace in the whole world.

  5. Dear Blessed Mother,
    Please pray for my friend who lost her husband yesterday, please pray for their daughters.
    Thank you.

  6. Please pray for my families health and finances. Especially our mental health. Thank you and God bless you all.

  7. Oh Most Holy Mother, Undoer of Knots, I ask that you please undo the serious and complicated knots in my son’s life involving his drivers license situation. He is in dire need of assistance to help clear up this issue. He is in depression and denial. Please wrap your Motherly arms around him and guide him out of this darkness. Help him find happiness, faith, love and work.
    Thank You.
    I ask this through Jesus’ Name. Amen

  8. Today, day 7 of this novena, the intention is for those suffering from addiction.
    Mary Untier of knots I place Dave today in your loving care and ask that you intercede to untie this dreadful knot in his life and bring him happiness.
    Thank you

  9. Please pray that my son refrain from pot, vape, Alcohol and any other substance.
    Please pray he becomes focused with his future.
    Please take away my worry and give me trust.

  10. Please pray that a teacher acquaintance of mine may become more open an hospitable to other adults. May she find the peace in her heart that she needs to let God do his work, instead of trying to control every aspect of her life.
    I pray that I may forgive this person for bullying me and hurting my feelings. May God help me to be the one who continues to serve others with the mercy God has extended to me.
    I also pray that my rosary which was also my mothers be found. May God inspire this person to return it to its rightful owner unless that person truly needs to pray to Mary on it. Amen.

  11. Oh Mary Undoer of Knots, please info the knots of illnesses and diseases, anxieties and depressions that are affecting my husband Michaels life as well as myself and family members,. Also untie us from all negative energies both physical and spiritual, all blights, blockages, obstructions and obstacles, bachelorette and Bachelorhoods Amen

    Mary Undoer of Knots please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  12. Prayer intentions by Stella Ngozi Maidoh:

    Thanksgiving to God for all He has done for me and my loved ones.

    Praying for forgiveness upon me and my husband.
    Praying for God to deliver me and my loved ones from demonic and satanic foundation.

    Praying against every form of house hold wickedness. For every house hold enemies, either in my father’s house, my mother’s house or my husband’s house. Let them be exposed, uprooted and be destroyed by the fire of God, as the sacrifice of this mass is taking place now.

    Praying for every form of covenant with a spiritual spouse made by me or by my enemies on my behalf, known and unknown to me to be broken. For me my husband and my son to be delivered and be set free from strong holds in our families.

    Praying for healing, deliverance, and restoration of personality, life and destiny of my husband “Michael Bando Maidoh”. For his repentance, total transformation and surrender to God.

    Praying for God’s healing, protection, blessings and favours upon my son Nonso, and for him to grow in the way of God and embrace the will of God for his life and destiny.

    Praying for favour for a care job opportunity and sponsor to relocate to the UK. And for financial blessings and favours, to be able to go through the process of travelling. All these I ask through Christ our Lord. Amen!

  13. Mother Mary,bless my relationship with Gerald,fill us with pure love,happiness, peace,support,trust, commitment,joy,honest with each other.

  14. I pray that my son will be well again in mind and body and spirit that our lady will grant him peace of mind. That our lady will undo the knot of unforgiving in my sister snd that her eyes will see the truth and that we can be friends again and that she and her bephew will get on well again. Remove the obstacles to peace in my family from wherever it is coming from. Help me get well again. And please hod that what malevolent spirit has haunted me and my family will depart

  15. Almighty thank you for waking me up and spending a beautiful day with my colleagues. Lord keep giving me strength to move on from 💔 & to forget. Help me to start a new me,forget my past and heal me from broken relationships. Now i need you more for my project,i pray that i may achieve my goals with your blessings. I pray for other’s that you can heal them in any situations they’re going through. Help me to be strong. In jesus name, amen Amen Amen

  16. Praying for the protection of my children, my daughter inlaw and my grandchildren. May the good Lord continue to guide them and lighten their lives. I pray for the Holy Spirit to cover them all. Mary our mother undoer of knots, please undo all the knots of illness, hatred, anger, bitterness, jealousy and all plans from the devil against my children, grandchildren and my daughter inlaw. Thank you mother Mary for your love and care on us your children

  17. I ask for prayers for my friend, Beth, who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She will have surgery soon and the results of that surgery will determine future treatment. Please pray that they will be able to remove all of the cancer, and any necessary future treatment will be minimal.

  18. Find help for Mom,Ms.Ruth and all that needs Caregiving
    For my sister to beat that monster called Cancer
    End to the Pandemic

  19. Stop the war in Ukraine
    Find the people that left there country because of the war find refuge in America

  20. Please pray for complete healing for back/sciatic pain and toe… healing of digestion & panic disorder… healing of eyes, ears, skin…. healing of life-purpose and career. Complete healing of body, mind, spirit and soul. I thank everyone for their prayers. I thank you, Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, for your loving intercession. Praise the Lord for my healing. Amen 🙏

  21. For my kids to start talking to me again for healing and conversions of them and my mom and sister. For my health my car and to find a home of my own

  22. Please pray for financial help for me. I have so much credit card debt & cannot get it paid off. Please pray for help for me. Thank you.

  23. My adult children have been home since 2020 along with my younger children. It is so hard having adult children who don’t really want to be home, who don’t want to live under house rules. I also started a new job as a teacher this school year. It’s a hard time to be a teacher. I need a new position for the fall due to staffing changes. Added stress of trying to find a new teaching position. Make my heart open with love and faith; instead of full of anger and worry.

  24. Dear Blessed Mother,
    Thank you for saying “yes” to God to bear Jesus into the world for us!
    I pray this Novena to untie knots in many places:
    Please bring my husband back to Jesus. Please take care of my close friend who is undergoing mastectomies, and her family who depends on her.
    Please help my brother and his wife who has Alzheimer’s disease; help her to see he loves her. Please help my two friends who have been recently widowed to deal with their grief. Please help my brother who committed suicide to be forgiven and returned to God. Please help Ukraine & Russia, and leaders of the world to bring about peace. Please help me to do the right things to help the above.
    Thank you, Blessed Mother!

  25. Please pray for me, Mother and Undoer of Knots, and ask Jesus to help me take care of my health and honor Him in this way. I desire to now live a truly healthy life and need your help. Never has it been known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided. I believe this is true.

    Thank you Blessed Mother for hearing and answering my plea.

  26. Jesus bring my husband back home and restore my marriage. Bless my family with love Peace and unity.

  27. Dear Mary, Undoer of Knots, you know the plague of mental illness in my lived ones. Please heal us of our struggles with anxiety.

    Please, if it be Your Holy Will, to ask your Beloved Son, Jesus to help my nieces and nephews with their anxiety, and to help our son with his anxiety.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

    God is good.🙏

  28. healing of my neck & back
    healing of sister carmen diabetes & mothers health challenges &
    peace & joyful death for mp. thank you & god bless all!

  29. Please pray:

    1. Obsessions and compulsions.
    2. Addictive behaviors
    3. Pride and arrogance.
    4. Anger, unforgiveness
    5. All personal intentions here.

    Thanks and God bless.

  30. Please our Blessed Mother untie the knot of anxiety in me which is hurting me and my family lots these last days. Pray for me and my family our Blessed Mother Mary.

  31. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Maria Harper calls me sometime next week and that the position is morning shift between 8 and 3 p.m. and that Lixon calls the interview and I can go to some next week.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  32. Dearest Mary,
    I pray that our son is able to get a job position that will fulfill his wants and needs. Please keep him positive in his current job so it helps him with his future. I pray our daughter is successful in what her future has to offer her and that she is able to accomplish her current priorities. I pray that I’m able to do the things that are needed to live a healthy life style. I pray that my husband chronic pain is able to subside. Amen

  33. For my daughter, Hannah, bound by the knot of an eating disorder for 10 years. Ages 18 to 28. May she free herself of the shame that she carries that is behind her struggles. Jesus I Trust In You.

  34. Mary undoer of knots I ask you to intercede for me so that my jar of oil shall never run dry. I ask for job and financial stability. May I never regress.

  35. Holy Mother Mary, Queen of Peace,

    please pray for J and his successful surgery and recovery from valve replacement; pray for his doctors and their knowledge, wisdom and guidance; also pray for T’s relief from depression, D’s relief from fevers and C’s relief from covid.

    I ask this all in Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen.

  36. Prayers for continued blessings for good health & safety for our grandson. Please help our daughter with her anxiety.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in war countries.

  37. Please pray for my son who loss his job due to his ex wife posted ugly things about him on company’s LinkdIn page. He needs a job.he had a great job he loved .

    Please pray fir my daughter that her business can be restored to support her and family and her legal issues can end in a positive way.

  38. Mother Mary,ondoer of knots I pray to undo the knots of mental illness in all those struggling with the disease. giving courage and strength to seek professional help. I pray for strength and courage for myself to cope with my mom’s illness and patience. Bless Kelia and keep her in great mental mind frame and strength to make it through each day and thanks for the blessings received this day, amen

  39. Please God , Jesus , Mary
    Help me
    Im so very tired . My whole life has been an emotional mental struggle.
    I have a bad marriage and now the teen is so disobedient getting into so much trouble, never changing for the better
    I truly want to leave and never want to come back . I do not want to question ,but why do you keep giving me more to handle . You know i can’t anymore and others who are so sinful nothing .
    I dont even know what to pray for anymore
    I dont pray . Im just somehow alive
    I cant deal with this anymore.

  40. My thanks to St Jude. Before I started this Novena, I was feeling so unwell and depressed. He has lifted me up and I am feeling so much better. I pray for his continued intercession. Our Lady of Fatima Our Lady of good health and Infant Jesus of Prague, I pray for your continued blessings for myself, family and friends. I put my faith and trust in you. I am so grateful for your help and will not take anything for granted.

  41. Please pray for my daughter L to get that home office job she applied for. She has been cleared but is still waiting for the call. Pray for her mental well being. We continue to pray for Ukraine also Finland and Sweden. May they open their hearts to the goodness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 🙏

  42. May our mother Mary, the undoer of knot, have mercy on my family, protect my son Munachimso from the eyes of the evil people. Amen

  43. Mary, undoer of knots, please pray and intercede for myself and Suzanne and Christine, for our relationships. There seems to be some hidden anger and resentment, especially on the part of Christine. I pray for honest communication and healing of all negative attitudes and feelings and reconciliation in all of our relationships.

  44. Please pray for my home and children for peace love happiness and take away the sadness that we are experiencing.
    .at times I get very lonely and depressed and emotional My mother please undo the pain that I feel within me🙏
    A breakthrough in finance.
    May God grant my sons good jobs. Healing upon my body.
    Lord I leave my intentions to you and my mom Mary Amen.

  45. My Holy Mother Mary, our Lady Undoer of Knots please undo this knot of oesophageal cancer urgently, completely, entirely and permanently from my body.
    My Holy Mother Mary your Son our Lord Jesus Christ and Saviour loves you so that he grants all that ask, so with all my faith and trust in Him and You my Holy Mother, I give you the ribbon of my life and I ask you to please heal me from this oesophageal cancer in accordance with your Son’s holy word:
    Please Heal me completely so that I can eat my mouth the way that GOD created me too
    For the glory of God in Jesus name – Amen🙏🏼

  46. I’d like to pray for a financial breakthrough and help in ending stagnation in my life and also to get a job.

  47. Healing from a back ache ( sciatica).
    Been going on for 4 years now.
    Also a break through in my career. I pray for a more sustainable contract type🙏🙏🙏

  48. Holy Mother, I pray for the following people for your intercession on their Health and Welfare:
    Myself- continuous body pains with back age and cold feet
    2 Brothers- illhealth due to continous drinking spree
    2 Sons- Drinking of liqour the other one marijuana
    My helper- body pains
    3 neighbours- illness
    My former superior- illhealth
    My colleaque and family for their cronic illness
    Holy Mother, thank you for your prompt reply in my other intensions

  49. Mother Mary,
    Please heal my knee – especially because I do not want to have surgery. It would be very hard with my husband’s work schedule to take care of the kids during recovery. And also for my kids – help them with their problems – 1 with school, 2 with weight problems, 3 with unhappy thoughts, 4 with bad habits, 5 with his tantrums and 6 with her greediness. Thank you for all the blessings – the pay raise, the house, my children and husband.


  50. Dear Mother Mary,
    Please undo all the knots that are in our lives. Undo the knots in my two sons lives that are holding them back and making them suffer. Please undo them once and forever! Jesus I trust in You.

  51. Please pray for me, I have a $1700 debt, I cannot pay and I don’t see any way of payment. Thank you

  52. Mary I died of knots please undo all the evil around me by neighbors Salah Gamil Neis A,T, LM,Neis , J,c ,p , Annis undo all the knots of jealousy competition disrespect envy hatred in their heart evil chants evil intentions evil spoken by gamil in his language when he see me evil eye that he try to do me undo all evil eye that gamil try to cast and block him from ever trying to cast another one in the community undo all lie competition word spoken pointing by gamil and salah
    Expose them mother and stop them in their track esp salah who start this bc of envy and he is very hypocritical and thing people don’t know expose him and undo all they did or gove

  53. Please end abortion, grow my faith, cure my sisters, bring my children back to the lord, protect the people In Ukraine, keep the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, deacons and sister true to their faith and protect the church from being persecuted.

  54. Blessed Mother, I run to you to ask you to remove the knots of regret for things that I did not do or complete, that I should have. Intercede for me that I will be renewed and restored.

  55. I am asking the Blessed Mother to untie the knots of procrastination, inability to be persistent in order to complete tasks and commitments.
    Mother Mary, please also untie all knots that could stand in the way of my building the home of my dreams , according to the will of God.
    Thank you, Blessed Mother for interceding for us and please untie all knots that are causing conflict in Ukraine and the rest of the world.

  56. Please pray for my daughter Fran that she may be healed of fibromyalgia. She’s in tremendous pain and has a family to care for her. Please prayer for her

  57. That the knot that my son holds onto with regard to rules and the church may be loosened and untied. That he will embrace the Faith with peace, humility and trust.

  58. I’m praying for safe delivery for my pregnant wife as well as other pregnant women across the world.

    I ask the Virgin to undo the knot of disappointment in our lives.

    I pray for the Lord’s wisdom as I add another year to my age.

  59. May God Bless All ! Mother Mary I Pray for my Family and myself to help with all the knots we are dealing with and our Health. I Pray for all who are in Ukraine and that this terrible war stops. May God Bless Everyone! Thank You My Mother Mary For All You Do ! Amen,

  60. Mother Mary Undoer of Knots please remove all the knots in my life and those of my family and lived ones. I ask that the knots affect our lives in the worst way, the knots that of ill health, the knots that the enemy has placed in our paths, the knots of all negativity, blockages, bachelorette and Bachelorhood fear confusion and clutter that have hindered our lives for do long. Mary Undoer of Knots please remove them I will forever be grateful to you Amen.

    Mary Undoer of Knots, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  61. Mother Mary please hear& answer all my prayers& intentions and periods to YOU to units all the knots in me& my 2 adult kids lives! Please come to
    Our aid; urgent! I just styled them to You but they somehow got canceled out! I trust You know them all! THANKYOU Blessed Mother Mary! Please untie our knots that keep us anxiety filled, worried for future& homes needed and to live near my son, godly mates, decent safe homes to own near each other, godly mates, friends& marriages& all on our hearts! Jesus I trust in You! THANKYOU blessed Mother Mary!

  62. 1. Pray that the knot of Unemployment of my adon, Judah Benhur Pratheek be undone do that he settles in his Career in his Hometown Bangalore only.
    2. Bless my Son to settle in his life by getting married to a Catholic Girl and not any Pagan Worshipping girl.

  63. Dear Mother Mary,
    Through the continued intercession with your Son, Jesus, please undo the knot of a stroke that my sister Ann suffered last July. She remains in a facility, but hopefully will be returning home soon, to continue her rehab. Unable to walk, I’m praying for God’s miracle. Please grant her courage, strength and resilience during this time. Her faith is strong, and I know she is in God’s hands.

  64. I pray that Mary can undo the knot of my husbands drinking problem and the destruction it brings to my family.

  65. I pray for improved relationships between my 2 children,my 2 sisters,my husband and son. I pray that they can communicate better. I’m so grateful that my own mother taught me to pray to The Blessed Virgin Mary when I was just a little girl.

  66. Mother Mary undoer of knotes. Please pray to the Lord our God, that wherever my CV is, it may find favour in the hands of a new and non-toxic employer. I also pray that God will lead me to my future husband ( the man I so desire). I pray for the favour that was upon David’s and Esther’s life. Amen

  67. Please join me in praying for:
    –an end to the war in Ukraine
    –a healthy baby (due in July) for my nephew and his girlfriend. The baby is small and the parents are not, so that could be a problem.
    –for my nephew and his girlfriend to come into a personal relationship with Jesus and for them to rediscover and practice the Catholic faith of their upbringing
    –for them to be good parents, selfless to their own needs for their baby and for them be vigilant and careful in discerning marriage
    –for Freddie, struggling with alcoholism and planning to go into rehab next week for six months
    –for the intentions of everyone in both of my prayer groups
    –for my brother’s health
    –for everyone in my family who has drifted from the Church to be renewed in their faith and become faithful disciples
    –for the protection and safety of the justices of the Supreme Court and for those who favor overturning Roe to not be intimidated, but to stand firm, while those who are not in favor of overturning it might have their hearts softened and be open to the truth of Roe not being a proper decision

    Thank you for praying. Mary, undoer of knots, pray for us.

  68. Praying that the lord will untie my not spiritual weakling, prayerlessness, wisdom and patience in serving the lord and to for filling my purpose of creation.🙏🙏

    That my family will be delivered from any generational curse and debt and that our faith will be deepened in Christ Jesus. Show mercy on my siblings; Raymond and Prudence and favour them with jobs🙏

  69. Myself, my husband and my brothers are really struggling financially. May mother Mary the undoer of knots undo all the knots tying our finances. May those with jobs that cannot sustain their needs get better jobs, promotions or salary increase. May I succeed in my forex business thru the intercession of our Mother Mary undoer of knots in Jesus name!

  70. Praying for Michelle and Dan safe trip home. Praying for President Biden and our Pope and the poor and the people in Ukraine for safety.
    Praying for Patty and her mother that’s in the nursing home for safety and well-being.
    Praying for Devin and Dylan to be safe from covid. And Walt to have a safe drive

  71. Oh Holy Mother Mary, I ask you to please undo the serious and complicated knots in my son’s life that involve his drivers license situation. He is in dire need of assistance to help clear up his issues. He is in depression and denial. Please wrap your Motherly arms around him and guide him out of his darkness. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
    Thank you.

  72. Mary undoer of knots my Beloved Mother
    Please pray for my recovery from all addictions and grant me many graces to complete my 12 step recovery work, restore me to good health in mind, body and spirit.
    Please heal my family’s disfunction and bring us to peace, respect and love for one another.

  73. I missed our Novena, Mary and pray for your acceptance of my apology. Please continue to pray that my adult daughter makes a full recovery from the Covid illness that has left her very tired and with foggy thinking. She lives so far from me on the opposite coast.

  74. For our Blessed Mother’s intercession and guidance as the Church continues to work with mothers and families in need, and continues to promote alternatives to abortion and seeks to create a culture of life.

    For the conversion of hearts and minds of those who advocate for abortion.

    For the overturning of Roe vs Wade, Planned Parenthood vs Casey, in the US Supreme Court final decision on Dobbs vs Jackson be within God’s will

    For commitment to building the America and entire world where children are welcomed, cherished and cared for, where mothers and fathers are encouraged and strengthened, and where marriage and families are recognized and supported as true foundations of a healthy and flourishing society.

    For our nation, for the integrity of our judicial system, and that all branches of the government be dedicated to seeking the common good and protecting the dignity of and rights of the human person from conception to natural death. Our Lady of Undoer of Knots pray for us. Amen

  75. Please untie the knot of sadness in my heart.
    Let me be more joyful in performing the work God has called me to do

  76. Shalom
    1. Attack on my plans to school especially on my eyes
    2. Attacking my finances
    3. Praying for victory in the works of my hands
    4. Healing for Sr Gift and the female accident victim presently in Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH)

  77. Please pray that I and my family is saved from all evil spirits, blocks and bondages passed on from generations. Free us in our thoughts, words and deeds which displease you.

  78. The reversion to the faith of my children and brothers and sisters.
    The conversion of David , Chuck, Abby, Marisa and Mark . Physical healing for my hip and feet and legs

  79. Speed and healthy recovery for my Medical procedure on 5/13/22 and healing for hemorrhage that I have had since Jan. Thank you for your prayers.

  80. Speed and healthy recovery for my Medical procedure on 5/12/22 and healing for hemorrhage that I have had since Jan. Thank you for your prayers.

  81. Please pray for my family’s health and well being. For my husband to blessed with healing and cure from lymphoma, lungs, respiratory system, etc. For my oldest child to be blessed in her marriage, good health for her and her family, and love and support in her education. For my middle child to be blessed with healing and cure of her mental health problems and overall health issues, her marriage, and education. For my little one to be blessed with healing and cure of her mental health issues, hormonal issues, immune system, education, knowledge and courage to make the right decisions. May we be blessed to be kept out of harm’s way and from harming others and each other. Amen

  82. Hi,
    kindly pray for me. I lost my job on October last year. I’m currently looking for another job. I recently submitted my application for VISA to go to Australia to Study and work.
    May Our Heavenly Mother may Intercede for me.

  83. Please pray for my daughter and her fiance to get married in the Catholic Church so they can receive the Sacrament of Matrimony. They have planned and scheduled their wedding but not in Catholic Church.

    For my family from other country to get visa so they will be able to attend the wedding of my daughter.
    Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, Lord in your mercy hear my requests. Amen.

  84. My prayer request is for my 17yr old grandson. He needs protection from malevolent spiritual attacks that put in in dangerous pathways at this time in his life. We are very concerned about his spiritual, mental and physical well-being.