The next novena: for all our worries, pain and suffering

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We hope that each novena we pray together is one more prayer that will bring you closer to Jesus and His comforting love. This next novena should do just that :)

The next novena is The Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots!

Whenever we grow closer to Jesus’ mother, our mother, we grow closer to Jesus — because Mary always brings us to Jesus. 

We will start praying on Monday, May 9th.

The month of May is actually dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, so it’s a perfect time to ask for her intercession!

As St. Francis de Sales wrote: “Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.”

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We will pray for all the knots in our lives — all of our worries, pains and sufferings — that Mary, our Mother, may untie them and pray for us.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie –

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  1. May God untie the knots in my son Randy’s life. The knot in his physical health Mental Health and Family and work stressors. For his healing and peace

  2. Prayer to Mary Undoer of Knot please help diana to be liberated from the burden of finnacial debts. Amen

  3. I need help in my family problem , my house problem , and relationship. Please help undo the many knots I have made. Thank you

  4. Through this novena,
    I pray for a spiritual growth in my life
    I pray for a financial breakthrough in life
    I pray for miracle job in my life
    I pray green card in USA.
    In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen

  5. Pray with me for the conversion of my husband Jon.
    Pray with me that my sons will return to their faith.
    Pray with me for healing for my friends Chris, Jeff, Gini, Bonnie and Roz
    I will pray for all the intentions that your readers are asking for.

  6. Dear God,

    Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m out of a job and financially strapped. Please send a miracle that will change my life for the better and turn my life around 180.

    Open doors that have been shut tight and sent me the right team that will take my career to the next level.

    I pray for a life partner of my hearts desire to go through this life with . I am ready for my husband and purpose mate. Please send him to me.

    In Jesus name I pray


    Thank you God for hearing my prayers.

  7. Mary undoer of knots undo the knots of financial strange in my life, pray that i receive a financial break through to be able to do my six weeks course.

  8. Please pray for me and my family to get out of the court cases that are against me and my family.
    Bless and keep safe our family from all the dangers of these court cases.
    Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia

  9. Dear blessed Mother, please intercede for my daughter, R, who is now having moderate depression. She has lost all hope and faith in her life and is having suicidal thoughts. I ask the Holy Spirit to convict her that life is worth living. Please Mother Mary, undo the knots in her life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  10. HA Baby is due In July. She is a type 1 diabetic. Her water broke 2 months early. Please pray for her and her unborn baby boy.

  11. Dear Mother Mary mediatrix of all graces untie every knot of spiritual husband in my life,
    I untie every knot of bondage in my life,
    I untie every knot of Setbacks in my life,
    I untie every knot of unhappiness in my life
    I pray that through this novena, I shall receive my breakthrough, my testimony, my freedom from all chains, my happiness, my growth and success. Amen

  12. Please Blessed Mother Mary please please I beg You to untie these knots; urgent requests: Untie the knots that cause me health issues: list of balance and vertigo/ dizziness, nausea all health issues for me,my son & wife(J&J&, my daughter Andrea! Untie the knots that are keeping/ allowing my new rude,very disrespectful couple neighbors next door that KEEP blowing their drugs into my apartment all day long, as I have allergy/ lungs issues! Untie the knots that ALlziw them to be squatters and do this, been going on a year now! Untie the knots that enable them to live there and get away with doing this!! Untie the knots also for my 2 adult kids and I that keep us enabling their addicted father, set us free from him through the financial provision and all the provision we need to move far away from him with us having godly marriages& financial stability/ miracle nice decent homes of our own near one another: us 4; my son& wife, my daughter and I! Untie the knots that are stopping my daughter and I from fondly non addicted godly new boyfriends that are kind,caring& loyal for this summer / godly mates same characteristics! Untie the knots that we need untied that are causing us 4 anxiety, depression, worries& fears, feeling hopeless about certain strong demonic ties: untie them all for us blessed Mother; a special prayer for my 2 adult kids& me! Help Ukraine! Help tortured,abused, homeless,starving infants,children,animals& people! THANKYOU Blessed Mother these are all urgent! JESUS I trust in You! Hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this novena and praying to YOU(s)!

  13. Lord I pray You touches that landlady’s heart so she grant me that house for 14months or less without any problem mother Mary please intercede for me this is an opportunity a new beginning I don’t want to slip pass me. Grant me and family favors throughout this period. I so need this chance LORD hear my prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen

  14. Thank you Jesus for so many answered prayers. I got my nmcn verification 🙏🏻

    Praying for marital favor,genuine loving and caring man .
    Praying success in Amamchukwu and tochi documents both in Spain and USA.
    Success with my nmcn exams.
    For peace and unity in Andrew Obiaguim family, for uchennato be liberated from his dark life.
    God Almighty to restore peace and stop the war in Ukraine.

  15. For my children their spouses and their children

    For peace in our country

    For success to bring awareness to Orange County NY concerning the Safe Haven law. That my friend and I will be able to find the right people to put up the signs that say that police departments, firehouses and hospitals are safe havens for those moms who want to give up their children without being prosecuted.

  16. I pray for healing
    I pray for the payment of long-term debts
    The spirit of confusion to be defeated
    Reveal to me my enemies
    Give my sister a job and change her life

  17. I Thank God for the gifts of life
    I Pray and Ask Him for forgiveness, And Healing mercy upon my life,
    I also pray and commit my family in His Hand that through the Intercesstion of our Mother Mary
    May He hear and answer our Prayers in Jesus Name Amen

  18. Lord Jesus, please bless my husband with a very good job here in Lagos with a mouth watering salary dis month of may 2022 Amen

  19. I am humbly asking for a beautiful,loving,peaceful and God fearing family.That God blesses me with a caring,responsible,loving,God fearing husband.The one who will respect our family and protect it from bad.
    I humbly request financial liberation.A site to live and a beautiful house.
    I ask this through the help of Mama Mary

  20. I am being treated for invasive breast cancer. It is scary and painful to undergo.

    I have continued to suffer from trauma and heartaches routed in my original family. I’m requesting prayer for the power of the undoer of knots Novina in bringing me to peace and to receiving God’s love.

  21. Mary under of knots, untie the knots of my grandson tongue so that he may talk. In The Name of The Father, and of The SON, and of The Holy SPIRIT, Amen

  22. Peace be with you.

    For this Novena, I would really like to ask for help in my finances, ever since I have been working, I dnt remember doing much with my salary. Started working in 2009 and uptil today I can never even show what is have bought with my salary that the Lord blesses me with, I borrow money now from different loan sharks, my situation went from bad to worse, I don’t know what to do.. everytime I open my mouth to talk to God, I ask him for a R100 000 then go down to R50 000 when I feel months are going by and He isn’t responding, I am highly frustrated so much that I want leave my job and pay people and enjoy some freedom of not owing anyone… I did this to myself but now I don’t know how to get out. Please pray for me

  23. I want to pray for the worsening economic situation in our country please Lord help us overcome this
    Praying for the leaders of our country to serve the people that voted for them and put an end to corruption.
    Praying for myself so that I find a job and be able to support my children. Lord if its relocation let me relocate your mercy never fails
    Praying for my son too so that he gets a job


  24. A prayer for Brian please, who seems to have suffered all his life with ADHD through bad treatment from his childhood – he is now 68 years old. Thank you

  25. Dear Mother Mary

    We turn to you and implore your help..s so badly needs a home asap. PLS answer our prayer, our cry to you…
    Pls give her peace and joy in the knowledge that you Most Holy Mary Undoer of the Knots will answer her/our prayer

    Thank you Our Lady..

    Your children..

  26. Mary, Undoer of Knots,
    Please pray & intercede for my daughter Suzanne, and all the difficult entanglements in her life, with both her ex-husband and her child, that Suzanne may be released & set free from all that she suffers in relation to them, and from the physical, emotional, & psychological damage that they have caused in her.

  27. -For pain relief and healing in the torn rotator of my left shoulder and arthritis in my knees, and medications to work for my pain, so much pain.
    -Mark’s mental health.
    -a healthy relationship and marriage for Ann and Drew.
    -loving homes for all domestic animals and preservation of habitats for all wild animals.
    -end of dictatorship of all authoritarian figures with the birth and preservation of democracy and freedom in the world.

  28. Mother Mary, you found a worthy companion on Joseph. Pls pray for me to ‘see’ my ‘own’ mate. I have opened my heart to God, because I cannot find the right words, but I want Love, Joy, peace and prosperity in my home. Please pray for me, that I will attract this in the right mate, Amen.

  29. Mother Mary Undoer of Knots. Please intercede with your Son for the undoing of the following knots:
    For mt daughter N. Addiction to unprescribed drugs, anger, hopelessness, joblessness and lack of faith in God.
    For my two brothers to have the desire for marriage and to find God fearing spouses.
    For my children and nieces to find God fearing spouses.
    Pls Undo the knot of pain in my left leg
    Pls Undo the knot of lack of a piece of land we can buy as the family of MG.k
    Pls Undo the knot of not having very close friends
    Pls Undo the knot of mental illness and diabetes in my family and bloodlines.

  30. Mother Mary Undoer of Knots. Please intercede with your Son for the undoing of the following knots:
    For mt daughter N. Addiction to unprescribed drugs, anger, hopelessness, joblessness and lack of faith in God.
    For my two brothers to have the desire for marriage and to find God fearing spouses.
    For my children and nieces to find God fearing spouses.
    Pls Undo the knot of pain in my left leg
    Pls Undo the knot of lack of a piece of land we can buy as the family of MG.
    Pls Undo the knot of not having very close friends
    Pls Undo the knot of mental illness and diabetes in my family and bloodlines.

  31. Please pray for my sister and her husband of fifty years. My sister Deborah us in the throes of Altzheimers disease, becoming very unstable, and is being cared for at their home by her husband, who is nearly blind now and suffers from many physical effects. They need to make some decisions about their care yet are in their low seventies. He is quite capable of caring for her but neither one can drive anymore, so they have to hire drivers to take them. They moved to Arizona to get more medical care, and his faith is strong. Anyway, God knows. Thank you🙏❤️

  32. I pray for a healthy life, forgiveness, prosperity, divine favor,blessings for me my daughter my husband my mum my sisters and my loved ones , protection for my job and salary .

  33. Dear Mother Mary,

    Pls. show us and guide us the right way to do the construction. Pls. let us know if LM is good for us or is he trouble.

    I also pray for sufficient funds to finance this project. Pls. send our way biz for me and Dave to be able to have sufficient money to finish the house. I am lifting up to you as well my son’s college admission. Pls. lead us to the right school , the school that he wanted to go to and my employment advancement. Amen!

  34. I pray that all my legal and financial problems will come to an end . God is my only hope. Nothing is impossible with God. It is your hands God. Jesus I trust in you. Please intercede for me my mother

  35. For Cyrus, Vince, Tyler, Wyatt, Jacque, Noel.
    They are trying hard to untangle their problems. Please give them the strength and intelligence to turn their life around and make God and faith the most important. Help them to find spouse’s that will love them for rest of there life. Thank you, Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God Amen

  36. For Cyrus, Vince, Tyler, Wyatt, Jacque, Noel.
    They are trying hard to untangle their problems. Please give them the strength and intelligence to turn their life around and make God and faith the most important. Help them to find spouse’s that will love them for rest of there life. Thank you, Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God Amen

  37. My knot is that I am still struggling talking to people, making friends, even my family. I probably need to retire from being a nurse which I love ❤️. My husband is a Deacon and very outgoing. Pray is my saving Grace. God Bless

  38. Please pray for our son Joseph II, he will undergo brain cancer surgery ( stage 4) to remove the tumor 13 May 22. God have mercy on him please help all the doctors and staff safe guard them. Pray in name of Jesus Christ 🙏🙏🙏

  39. Please pray for a reconciliation for my daughter and I. We have not spoken in 8 years. Please pray for her to find Jesus and thereby learn forgiveness and compassion I am deeply heartbroken and sad.

  40. Please with all my faith and trust please help Jeff and Katie rebuild their love. Please let the miracle be theirs. Also a house near them.
    Thank you for answered prayers. Amen

  41. Pray for my aunt who suffers from chronic muscular and joint pain throughout her body. She’s also going blind from macular degeneration. At 89 yrs old she wants to continue living at home independently.

  42. Praying for the fruits of the womb and permanent job.
    Divine healing for me and those that are sick.

  43. Hello novena family. Pliz pray with me for my son Evans, who been suffering from a blood disorder(Myelodysplasia syndrome) and seizures disorders as well. He been going through blood transfusion now n then.
    Kindly kindly pray for his healing and restoration of his health wholly.

  44. I pray for the intercession of our BLESSED VIRGIN MARY in my academics ; That she who is the undoer of knots will undo the knots of set back, stagnation and retrogression in my academics and set me free to progress to my next level in life.
    I ask this in faith and total humility Amen

  45. For my husband’s family to reconcile and love each other wholeheartedly
    For my son to pass his cambridge exams
    For God to help us stay in love with my family and be prayerful have faith in all we seek from God.
    Bless my daughter dazy with the fruit of the womb

  46. For my Graduation..Mary Mother Of God, Untie all the Knots that may hinder me from Graduating

  47. Mother Mary please pray for:
    1. Our daughter Alexis and her husband Tim to heal a broken relationship between Tim and his brothers Rob and Paul.
    2. Our daughter Alexis’ broken relationship with her friend Maria, and for Maria’s heart to be soften to bring her back to God.
    3. To remove our daughter Alexis’ hurt feelings toward her cousin Heather.
    TY, Mother Mary

  48. For my son to find Jesus in his life & through Jesus find joy in his life. For my daughter Michelle not to have anymore cancer.

  49. A 20 days sacrifice of mass with petitions below:

    A Christian prays for:

    1. I thank God for whatever He has done for me, for whatever He does for me and for all that he is yet to do for me.
    2. I pray for the big four petitions (homeland with a home on it (on 5acres+), farm land with a farm on it (100acres+), simplicity in my studies and roles & holy marriage (+making my wife a devoted catholic, a devotee of mother Mary and a good wife whose acts please God and help me to grow both spiritually and physically) +blessing me with twins.
    3. I pray to God to diversify His divine providence to me and my family, for His mercy, protection, overflowing blessings & favor in whatever I do!
    4. I pray to God to have Mercy on my late grandma’s, dad’s and all my deceased relatives’ souls and may He grant them eternal rest!
    5. I pray for my wife’s MSc research to move normally and God to remove all obstacles in her studies!
    6. I pray for UN jobs for my wife and I upon completion of our graduate studies!
    7. I pray to God to help me stick to Him so that I don’t lose His presence even after death!
    8. I pray for my article that is taking long to be published – held under the review process!

  50. Our Lady under of knots, please untie the knot of sickness causing bleeding in my cervix; I pray for divine healing in my cervix, I pray for healing of all the hurts I got in my marriage and give me the heart to forgive, I pray for peace, love and unity in my marriage. May you untie every knot causing a barrier in my life, a knot of failure and grant me a good job,🙏🙏

  51. Please pray that my brother and his daughter will re-ignite their relationship. He is being very stubborn and will have nothing to do with her.

  52. Mother Mary and Lord, Saint Therese and Saint Pedre Pio,

    Please undo the knots and help me. Please allow us to regain all the trust throughout the people.

    Please grant me less stress and anxieties.

    Please grant my son to focus and be respectful for people. Please stay with him at all times.

    Please grant my husband to enjoy his work and be acknowledged for his hard work.

    Please grant your mercy on us.

    Please undo the knots.

    The two ladies should apologize to me. Please allow them to apologize to me and learn about your existence and humbleness.

    Please grant me your immaculate mercy. Amen.

    Thank you for granting me to feel this routine so bright and grateful.


  54. For Divine restoration for all that I have lost.
    For God’s mercy to reveal and retrieve the 11nos Television sets, 2nos mini industrial iron, 1no Home Theatre and 4nos DVD players that were stolen in my office under my custody.
    God to protect me from those who don’t like me and wants my down fall.
    God to expose and disgrace those who want to set me up in the office.
    For successful transition of our company in accordance to the will of God.
    For God to reveal His will for me about the transfer they want me to go.
    For God to bless the our Employers, Employees, Partners and all our families and to proper the works of our hands to His glory.
    For God to take absolute control of my Husband, draw him closer, direct him, open doors for him, grant him divine healing and make him to live according to His will.
    God’s blessing, mercy and grace to my siblings, my Husband siblings, my Father-inlaw and their families.
    For the growth of our business, company and all the God entrusts into our hands.
    For good Leadership, mentorship and coach in all we do and the will of God to be done in our lives.
    For God to touch my Children’s heart so that they will continue to live in Holiness, purity, sanctity, love of God and humanity, fear of God, to serve God in Spirit and truth and the will of God to be done in their lives.

  55. Please join me in praying for my father who is estranged from our family. Although he has another family, I pray the Lord allows for forgiveness to reign and for us all to be able to mend our relationship with him. I pray also that my mother forgives him for his past mistakes. Amen.

  56. Thanksgiving to God for the gift of life, family, friends, relatives, Clergy, Religious, neighbors, in-laws, siblings & families, God’s Children and for His will to be done in our lives.
    Forgiveness of our sins and that of the whole world, to protect us from every proximate of occasion of sin in our lives.
    God to destroy anything in us that is not of Him.
    Pease in our hearts, lives, families, Churches, Offices, Business places, Schools, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria and the whole world.
    God to strengthen our faith so that we don’t stray.
    God’s protection in all we do that are in line with His Holy will.
    Spiritual growth for all the children, youth, women and men in the world.
    Financial Breakthrough, Progress in business, perseverance, gift of the Holy Spirit for us and the whole world.
    Divine Healing for all the sick, the afflicted both in body and soul.
    For the divine rescue of all under kidnap and unjustly persecuted.
    For divine promotion, favour and grace.
    For God to give us the grace to remain blessings to others as He blesses us.
    For those in their last agony, unborn Children and the souls of the faithful departed.
    For the growth of the Church and congregation.
    For God’s grace, mercy and direction for the Holy Father, All the Clergy, Religious and Aspirants.
    For academic excellence for all the Children in the school and protection from defilement of any sort.
    For the will of God to be done in our lives, families and the whole world.

  57. I pray for my company to move me to the correct title for my position. I pray for wisdom to do my job correctly, efficiently, and I pray to be moved to a management position.

    I also pray to marry Tony!!! And for him yo want to marry me.

    Wisdom for my children!!!

    Doors to be opened for them musically!!!

  58. I’m needing a car
    My daughter in a wrong relationship
    My son is speaking to someone in online. That is using him for his money. This person is up to no good. I’ve try to make him understand. She is not real she is fake and scammer
    For my boyfriend health that has diabetes. And neuropathy.
    For my adult children that will seek the Lord.
    My grandchildren that will know the Lord

  59. Dear mother Mary I run to you for your my last Hope in untiring the knots that you cost in my life; my dear mother grand children are a blessing from God; through you can we be blessed with grand children; through you too mother can there be stability in my second don’s last fire. May all the misfortunes that have been in his adult life be taken away. In Jesus name we pray

  60. I pray for my company to move me to the correct title for my position. I pray for wisdom to do my job correctly, efficiently, and I pray to be moved to a management position.

    I also pray to marry Tony!!! And for him yo want to marry me.

  61. My first grandson is not measuring up with his mates, he lacks confidence in class and cannot communicate with his peers. He is always on the negative side. It hurts me when I see him hibernate.
    Holy Mary undoèr of knots, I beg you to pray to God to answer my prayers, that of his parents and others who pray in this Novena 🙏 .

  62. Dear Mother Mary,

    During this Novena help me meet a good spouse for marriage. Amen


  63. Dear Mary, under of knots please help me to fill the emptiness in my life. May Ruby also return home safely please. Please also help those suffering from war and illness. Thank you. I ask in the name of your son and our Saviour, Jesus.

  64. For me to get my job back which has caused us to be living under very difficult circumstances
    For blessings on my attempts to put food on the table for my daughtet and I.
    For my daughter to have strength to finish her studies and get a job or projects to assist us
    For me to have faith that we will be saved from the current circumstances, that all will pass.

  65. I pray to God, in the name of Jesus Christ through the intercession of Mary Undoer of Knots, that…
    🙏my daughter is completely healed of Breast Cancer through her Chemotherapy treatments, and that she will not have to have a Bilateral Masectomy.
    🙏Jennifer will find the means to eradicate the financial burden caused by the medical expenses related to her cancer treatment and other issues.
    🙏Rachael, the mother of three teenagers, will be completely healed of the cancer that has returned for the second time.
    🙏Katie will do a beautiful job this evening singing her solo in the Choir Concert. 🎶 May she have perfect pitch!
    🙏my sister Ann, whose home was recently flooded so badly she has to stay in a hotel, would be given the peace and strength only God can provide, as she makes the difficult decisions necessary to bring order from the chaos caused by this disaster. May she be guided to find professional, reliable, trustworthy professionals, who share her vision, to make the necessary repairs
    🙏my Son would seek and be granted an annulment from his first marriage, have his current marriage blessed in the Catholic Church and return to the Church as a practicing Catholic.
    🙏Alison would continue to find employees who share her vision, have moral integrity, strong work ethics and a desire to learn.
    😇Thanks be to God that she was able to find two qualified employees last week, which I attribute to answered prayer from the previous Divine Mercy Novena!
    🙏this current administration realizes their moral obligation to respect life from conception to natural death by ending Taxpayer funding of the atrocities of abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia.
    🙏the senseless war in the Ukraine 🇺🇦 would end soon and peace would return to the region. Also, that the dislocated immigrants who were forced from their homeland by the Russian invasion, would thrive as they experience acceptance, love and peace in their temporary lodgings.
    🙏I would be able to discern God’s will in my life and successfully accomplish all He asks of me, every day.
    🙏all the members of my family who are not Catholic, or who are not currently practicing their faith, either convert or return to the Church.
    🙏all my loved ones and friends who are in Purgatory are released to the splendor and peace of Heaven, especially John, David, Judy, Greg, Judy and Walter. “Eternal Rest grant unto them, Oh Lord!”
    🙏all the intentions on the Holy Cross Prayer Line are answered in God’s perfect time and way.
    *(I especially pray for the healing of Cameron who has inoperable Brain Cancer.)
    🙏all the intentions of those praying this Novena are answered according to God’s perfect will.

    ☦ I offer thanksgiving to God, through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, for countless Blessings and Answered prayers.

  66. Dear Mary Mother please ask your Divine Son to grant my petitions of sending the Holy Spirit to enlighten my grandsons on taking responsibility for their school work. Please I beg to grant miracles for them to graduate and promote to the next grade. They struggle with things that have happened in their family. Please Mother Mary bring peace to their home through your Son. amen

  67. For healing: my spinal stenosis, sciatica and herniated disc, my Diabetes and liver cirrhosis.
    For healing of my sisters’ illnesses.
    For healing of my friends who are suffering from cancer and other maladies.
    For our priests and religious that they may be strengthened.
    For people who are in darkness that they might be enlightened.
    Thank you.

  68. Dear Blessed Mother, Our Lady undoer of knots,
    Please undo the knots of unforgiveness
    and hatred in my family.
    Please undo the knots that are preventing my husband from getting steady work.
    Please undo the knots in my nephew’s life. Thank you so much for a big knot that was undone recently. Praise God!
    Please undo the knots in my niece’s life.
    I am asking for resoration of health for my sister, in body, mind, soul, and spirit.
    Please Blessed Mother, undo the knots of alcohol and drug addiction in my family.
    Please Blessed Mother
    ask, your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to hear and answer these petitions.
    With all thanksgiving and praise, In the name of Jesus, I pray.

  69. *Mary undoer of knots, untied the knots in my family. .
    *I pray for my son Moses to be among those that will be going for there national youth service very soon.
    *Let’s our financial helpers locate my children and I this year
    Mary undoer of knots pray for us

  70. Mental and physical healing for M. and that his health issues can be diagnosed and alleviated.
    Comfort and peace for priests that they remain faithful in the teachings of the church.

  71. *Payment of grants that my children and I applied for.
    *Career breakthrough for my son, Jonny wonder.
    * For my son Francis to get scholarship to study masters programs abroad
    *Business breakthrough
    Mary undoer of knots pray for us

  72. Please pray for my husband to have wisdom as he navigates our company through this terrible stock market crash. Help him to trust in Jesus, so as to be relieved as his anxiety.
    And for our daughter to take her health seriously, to find the discipline, knowledge and fortitude to get healthy and lose weight.
    Our Lady of Wisdom pray for us. Blessed Mary, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.

  73. Please pray for Dominick Lombardi, who is scheduled to have a liver transplant this afternoon.

    For David Clark, Chuck Sammons, Christine Godfrey, Andrew Gestwicki, Blake Arnold, Yvonne Arnold, Leila, Catherine Romanowski, Bernadette Piekarski, Rev. Joseph Piekarski, Rev. Thomas Flowers, Pope Francis and myself.

  74. Please Jesus, forgive my brother of his sins, have mercy on him, and please let him come home to us soon.

  75. Prayer intentions:
    1. Deliverance of my daughter on her studies as she told me that she offered her brain as a sacrifice to the demonic world. She is not doing in school now as she used to be. She requested me for more prayers
    2. Good manners on my son. He steals money home. His behavior is getting very worrisome
    3. I need a job as I am jobless now
    4. Vindication in court over a false dismissal.

    Lord have mercy!

  76. For my daughter who is a flight attendant to get 2 important dates off. Her sisters bachelorette party and her sisters wedding.

    Thank you.

  77. I pray deeply to Jesus and our Lady for:
    1. The wellbeing of my son, Frank, Wolf, who is on an explorative expedition on skies (approx. 3 weeks) with 2 other explorers on a very remote island, Devon Island (north of Ellesmere island close to the North Pole). It is only accessible from Ellesmere island across the sea ice by snowmobile, I also pray that the ice will hold for the way back by snowmobile.
    I was told by fellow prayer person in a prayergroup in 1998 that my son is under the protection of the virgin Mary!
    She has protected him ever since. I pray from the bottom of my heart that she will continue protecting him.

    2. My daughter, Christina, who has several health issues.
    I pray from the bottom of my heart that Jesus and Mary will heal her physically as well as emotionally.
    Thank You so much. I am grateful for your prayers.
    Hanne Wolf

  78. Pray for God to remove my heart of stone towards my ex and his new partner and give me a heart of flesh for them. I don’t want to live in the darkness of unforgiveness and bitterness. I pray to live in His light of forgiveness and be able to receive His blessings for me and my children.

  79. Dear Jesus and Mary, Undoer of Knots, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, diverticulitis, abdominal aortic aneurysm, double heart bypass surgery, myocarditis, diabetes, cancer and colon problems.

    Please help my wonderful husband continue to take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help our wonderful son and his new girlfriend continue to live God 🙏 loving lives.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please protect and help all the time of Ukraine.

    Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother.

  80. Prayers for my brother, A.Borrego, as he battles prostatic cancer and undergoes chemotherapy. And for my daughter, Gaby V., for healing from chronic condition. Thanks.

  81. My heart is so heavy. I want to be able to communicate with my youngest son. I desire for him to know how much I love him and I’m in his corner.

  82. Blessed Mama Mary , I beg you to please heal my 17 year old daughter who is suffering from mental health and emotional issues. Embrace her into your loving arms when she is violent and extremely crass and abusive towards us her parents. Please open her mind to counselling and medication as she refuses to do these even though she has acknowledged her illness. Lead her back to her faith and please make her realize that her boyfriend brings out the worst in her (which she has said herself)
    Please give my husband and I strength and light as we are emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted from all this for over a year and a half now. We are all hurting and there is no peace in the home.
    Please.. I place all my trust in you.