The Next Novena: A Persistent Saint

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Every saint we ask for intercessory prayers is a persistent saint. They’re in Heaven with the Lord, and they desire for us all to be there too.

This next saint we’re calling on is especially known for being a persistent intercessor, and she also desired for those closest to her to reach Heaven someday… 

It’s St. Monica! We’ll start praying the St. Monica Novena on Wednesday, August 18th.

St. Monica prayed for her son’s conversion for more than 15 years. She wept and prayed constantly with faith and hope in God. 

What was the result of all those years of prayer? 

One of the great saints in the history of the Church: her son, St. Augustine! 

That’s why Saint Monica is known for her intercession for those who have fallen away from the faith!

It’s also why we recommend that you pray this novena with the intentions that you’ve been praying for the longest — St. Monica is the perfect intercessor for those intentions!

In addition, Saint Monica is also the patron saint of alcoholics, married women, mothers, wives, and difficult marriages. 

We hope you will join us in praying this novena!

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And you can share your prayer intentions with us all in the comments below.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

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  1. I would like to pray for my son, who is struggle with behavioral issues, as well as anger. May spirit of the Lord, through the intercession of St. Monica, come to rest on him and bring him inner peace with himself, so he can then share that peace and love with others.

  2. Please pray for :
    1. Angel sister via miscarriage 7 months in mother’s womb in 1960.
    2. My father passed away in 1976
    3. My grandmother passed away in 1986
    4. My mother – for her good health, long live, wisdom
    5. My siblings and their families – for good health & wisdom
    6. My husband – for good health and wisdom
    7. My son – for good health, wisdom, god fearing, studies
    8. Myself – good health, wisdom, blessed my job and transfer.

  3. For my daughter to be blessed with a good husband soon Amen. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers and thank you st Monica for your intercessions and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen

  4. Thank you st.monica for praying to the lord for my family.pliz help me pray for my husband so that he can get back on his feet . With the business that he lost, for our upcoming marriage all to move on smoothly with you lord .

  5. For loving reconciliation of my marriage to andrea.
    Risha gives AA a real chance
    Lucky and Larry peace with God
    For my entire family to be open to Gods live and mercy

  6. Thank you St Monica for praying for my children
    Please help my son in getting an internship for his program and keep him always true to the faith.
    Thank you for all your intercession.
    I’m praying for everyone on this blog too. I love praymorenovenas.

  7. Dear Jesus: Please bless our middle son w/good job w/good people. Please bless him that he will make better choices in life, and that he will find a nice Christian lady friend. Please bless our oldest son and S that they will be successful/happy in their jobs, that their faith will grow, and they will treat each other w/love & respect. Please bless our daughter/son in-law that they too will be happy/successful in their jobs. Thank you for blessing us w/first grandchild. May they all be healthy, and their faith will increase. Please bless my marriage that it too will grow in faith/love. That we are happy/successful in our jobs. Please help us to become better Christians, that all our health will be good, and that our faith will increase daily. Thank you so much for our family. Thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Amen