The Holy Spirit Novena, 2023

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We’re excited to announce that the next novena we’re praying is the original novena!

It’s the Holy Spirit Novena for Pentecost!

Novenas are an ancient tradition that goes back to the days of the Apostles.

Jesus told His disciples to pray together after His ascension into heaven, so they went to an upper room along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, (Acts 1:14) and joined constantly in prayer for nine days.

These nine days of constant prayer by the Apostles at the direction of Jesus led up to Pentecost. This is when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples as “tongues of fire” (Acts 2:1-4). This pattern of 9 days of prayer, leading up to a feast day or final day, is the basis of the novenas we pray today!

Thus, the novena is an imitation of the Lord’s command to the Apostles when they prayed for 9 days in anticipation of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

And that’s why we pray all of our novenas for nine days, followed by one final prayer on the 10th day (which is usually the feast day).

We will start praying on Friday, May 19th.

You can sign up HERE to join us in prayer and you can share your prayer intentions with us all below. We’re praying for you!

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  1. Please pray for my husband’s repentance and conversion, for peace , unity and happiness in my family life, for my son’s good performance in his Semester examination.

  2. Please pray for my husband’s repentance and conversion. Please pray for my son to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that he does well in his upcoming Semester examination. Please also pray that Lord unites my husband, son and I and help us grow in the love and faith of Christ.

  3. Almost too late but I’d like prayers for Maryannes granddaughter having undiagnosed medical problem. Maryanne is my friend legally blind I read the novenas to since 2019.
    Always for my son dealing with cancer & all my childrens health & happiness.
    For myself that my legs could get better.
    I believe!

  4. Please pray for protection and for help with my job and for a good husband. Help me to recognise who God wants me to marry.Amen

  5. Lord i pray for financial stability and prosperity today. Lord , Jesus by the power of the holy spirit , i pray fir financial breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough today in jesus mighty name.
    Lord i pray that my daughter hr successful with all her exams.
    Lord i pray for peace with my enemies…..
    I pray for justice with my court matter.

  6. I pray that our church will be filled with the Holy Spirit as never before on the tenth day. I pray that the same tongues of fire fall on us.

    I pray for our families lift our families and may the same love fall on each one of us. Holy Spirit reign on us

  7. I pray that our church will be filled with the Holy Spirit as never before on the tenth day. I pray that the same tongues of fire fall on us.

    I pray for our families lift our families and may the same love fall on each one of us. Holy Spirit reign on us

  8. Have a very dear friend who was just diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor. Her name is Becky. Please pray for comfort, healing and God’s guidance as we travel this journey.

  9. Holy Spirit, I pray that the goodness in me will shine unto others as I come in contact through speaking. Bless me with faith, strength, courage, wisdom and purity, and renew my hope every moment of each day with stamina and good fortune. Bless my family and keep us all safe from harm along with my neighbors and friends. I love you lord. give me continued peace, love and joy to my home and heart as you guide and bless our world and those struggling or suffering as you touch their hearts and mind, amen.

  10. Pray for my health that I have the will power to do something about it. Pray for the health of all my loved ones. Pray for my sons applications to med school, that he he be granted Gods grace to go on to study and try to help others. Finally I pray that I can be the best version of myself and a spiritual role model for others and to be a great husband and father!

  11. Thank you for a very important answered prayer.

    Please pray that my daughter have peace, happiness and success as she makes the right decision for her future. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  12. Praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in my life and that of my family.
    For healing in the life of my husband, my sisters and myself.
    For job for my brother and healing in his mind.
    Thank you Holy Spirit. That my father may know you more.

  13. Hi Ann & paul. I am a single mom of two, I am also an orphan. I attended university but I haven’t been able to graduate. Reason being I had to defer for a whole two semesters, so I have to sit for some papers to complete my course. Every time I put my mind to the task, I always find a downtrodden reason to procrastinate, like I never find myself moving, am always doing odd jobs that are never enough for the three of us. I do not know what the problem is but I really need to graduate so that I can get a good and enough job for us three. Please help me pray about it, be blessed. Am jumbled

  14. Please pray for me. I have seen this house which is on sale and I don’t have enough cash to purchase as the banks make everything impossible for us to apply for loans. I really need the house and I believe in miracles. I know in my heart that that’s the house God want me to have.

    Hail,Holy Queen Mary mother of Jesus I’m turning to you for help as I know you’ll never leave us.
    In prayer, thank you

  15. Holy Spirit,
    Please give me patience to remain a good person as much as I can be. I am saddened by the way people treat me and my sons. I love being around people as much as I can. I like to help and do good deeds. I feel like there is no understanding from anyone. When they financially help me, they think they own me Especially my extended family. I am thankful for everyone who helped me and is helping me. Please give me a financial blessing so that I don,t have to depend of anyone! I just want my sons and me to be happy. We are living a miserable life since my husband died 6 years ago. I pray for everyone praying this Novena. Come Holy Spirit and answer all our prayers.

  16. Dear Holy Spirit
    Today is a blessed day in South Africa
    We pray for our beloved Father Elias Kwenzakufani Zondi for his EPISCOPAL ORDINATION

  17. For my son Sam who is struggling at college. For Maria & B who are gender confused. For Maria to get a good job. For all my children, that they will return to the faith. Thank you Lord for all our blessings!

  18. I am praying to get a job abroad in UK, Ireland or any country abroad with free sponsorship as a care assistant or nurse assistant .I need this to transform my family lives
    Right now we’re at zero.My job doesn’t pay me enough to sustain myself, my daughter and my sisters My small business is at zero I need customers
    Ohh Holy Spirit show your mercy in my life

  19. Dear Holy Spirit, I humbly ask for your healing, health and strength, your guidance and protection and the removal of all blockages and negative energies from my life and family.
    Please hear my prayers for my son C, that he obtains the position he seeks in his career. I also pray that he finds a good Catholic age appropriate woman to settle down in marriage and family Amen.
    Holy Spirit, please intercede for my brother M, who is in need of a good paying position where he can utilize his education, experience and skills to better himself and family Amen.

    Holy Spirit, please hear the prayers for all asking your help today Amen.

  20. Please pray with me that all evil spirits be gone from my daughters minds, souls, mouths, and their hearts. God please shield my daughters with your armor and protect them with your love ❤️ Amen

  21. Prayers for Steve, having a so much stress the past couple years; wife lost job (has new job), his mom passed in the fall, his dad declined suddenly/unexpectedly with dementia; 11 year old dog and best bud became ill Wednesday and was found to have cancer and internal hemorrhage, and then hip replacement surgery today (Friday). He’s a wonderful person, please lift him up in prayer.

  22. Praying for the Holy Spirit to enlighten me on what should be the unique selling point for my Company. Which niche area should I focus on in order to build a successful business.

    I also pray that the Holy Spirit will open up doors of opportunity allowing me to grow in that area which He will show me, and also connect me to the right people to partner with.

    Finally, I pray for wisdom to be a good wife, mother, sister and friend.


  23. I pray for a young man to have a change of heaet towards people who have showed him kindness, and he resonded rudely and disrespectfully.

  24. Hoy Spirit and Angels from Heaven have mercy on me
    Father God will you plese intervene in my request
    My business is stagnant
    I need loyal customers
    I need to support my family
    I dont want to loose hope
    I pray in Jesus Amen

    Peace be with you Annie and John_Paul

  25. Prayer for protection over me, my children and grand children. Particularly Aduke and Muyiwa who are currently in Lagos with an un trustworthy maid. Deliver them from all the evil devices of Blessing Bassey whichever remains with them. Lord expose her evil plans to my daughter I pray in Jesus name. I pray for complete healing of every part of my body Particularly my surgery knee. I pray for financial break through and the success of my stay here in the U.k. I pray that my son’s dreams and aspirations come to pass in Jesus name 🙏

  26. God, I thank you for answered prayers. I thank you for the intervention and liberation today Lord. Believing you Lord for restoration for KK.

    Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mother Mary, thank you all the angels and Saints.

  27. Holy Spirit, feel me with love and strength for everyone under my care and supervision. Help me to control myself and be firm and truthful

  28. Today, my greatest anxiety producer if financial fear of where my housing will be after October. My prayer is that I can afford to stay where I am. Thank you.

  29. Praying for breakthrough
    For successful exam
    For guidance and protection on family and siblings family.
    For success in Iheanyi exams and breakthrough in his life.
    For closer relationship with God.
    For God to bless me with a successful marriage.
    For success in Dad’s business

  30. Prayers requested for my granddaughter Jimena, having some unresolved medical and emotional problems.

    Praying for my son Benjamin to find the career change that he is ment to Excell in.

  31. For Michael & Suzanne and Celeste and Soul, as a blended family. Grace and peace as they grow together, if it be God’s will.
    For Josh & Tera and Jordan and Jackson as they grow in their role as parents as teammates. Grace and peace and love surround them.

    Dear Holy Spirit
    *I pray for all of us who adhere this Novena
    *May we aknowledge the answers of this prayer
    *May we live the real life through this prayer
    * May we have joy,peace,kind,gentle,honest and faithful to our Lord for our entire life
    *l pray for my family , my children T,R,T,P and S also my husband to dwell in God
    *I pray for my extended family, my friends, neighbors and the whole community to live a better life
    Peace be with you Annie and John

  33. Holy Spirit, bless me with self control that I will always be able to control my actions through the thought process and listening to what others have to say before speaking. Bless me with grace and humility. Give peace to our world that communities will continue to come together to improve our standards of caring and changing our habits for the better of our climate and living. Amen

  34. My intention is for our once flourishing and missionary parish that is currently under attack. That the Holy Spirit may renew us all.

  35. My intention for this novena to the Holy Spirit is.

    The Lord bless me with the ability to treat those in my life who struggle, those who annoy me, those who are difficult… with gentleness.

    Thank you so much!

  36. Prayer of thanks for an answered prayer.

    Please pray that my daughter make the right decision involving her future that allows her to be happy and successful. Also, please allow my husband to see what an amazing young woman she has become. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  37. Lord jesus i place my financial needs into your hands. I pray for my daughter who have her exams now . I pray that she will be successfully. Lord bless her and guide her.
    I pray lord for your mercy that i get the money to go on a trip to Israel in September this year. Thank you lord.
    I pray for justice for my court case. Thank you jesus. Amen

  38. Holy Spirit,
    Please heal my nephew Jake from his bad addiction. My sister is having a very hard time with him. Help him to realize that he has a big problem and that he has to get clean if he wants to live. Protect him from evil and bad influence that surround him. Keep him safe and make him healthy again. To You everything is possible Lord. Give my sister strength and let her be happy again. Also I pray for all that have problems with any kind of addiction to seek help. They just have to be strong and have faith in God. God Almighty, I pray for this in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ!

  39. Praying for my son Ad and his partner Sims to return to the catholic faith and to turn to our lord in any situation they are facing good or bad.
    Lord today I ask you to bless and protect Chevy Dre Ad Sims Les and Ally in there jobs guide them each day my grandchildren Lourdes and Xavier gods protection always be upon at home and in school🙏praying for Xavier in his speech so that his words come out fluently. Jesus heal in me whatever needs healing my eyes hurts alot take away these constance pains. thank you lord for answering my prayers in passing my house lord please let them reduce my rates to a very low premium i ask this in your holy name Amen🙏🙏.

  40. O Lord my God, I am grateful for numerous prayers answered in the past. I am grateful for everything. For your love for my family for your gentleness and kindness towards us.

    I plead, Lord, for my daughter K. Father, you created her. You know her. You love her, Lord. Do not let the enemy prevail in her life. Lord, I continue to plead for her God-given spouse, From a God-fearing home with whom she would build a God-fearing family. Someone who compliments her in every way and shares in her dreams and vision. I pray for their children, for K’s health for the work of her hands. My God take absolute control. You are a good and merciful God. She has gone through changes, through crucibles. Father, Lord, I believe now is her time for divine intervention, liberation and restoration. You have NEVER failed me. You have always been by my side and I appreciate you, Lord. Thank you Jesus, for in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I have prayed Amen.
    My Holy gracious, beautiful Mother Mary, Mother of Mercy, Mother of Kindness, Mother most gentle, please intercede and pray for us.

    All the Angels and Saints, please intercede and pray for us.

    Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

  41. Father in heaven, I want to start by glorifying your name for answering one of my petitions with just one day to this novena, thank you for reuniting me with my wife and son, Lord, I pray for more breakthroughs, i pray for a permanent solution to my rent issues, I also put my contacts with client Bet, client Simeon, client Mwas, client Charles, client Esther, and all the other jobs I am following up into thy able hands, i also put my prayers of drug dependence into your hand Lord, I will glorify four name and make it known all over, I believe and pray

  42. * I pray for Holy Spirit to protect my family and guide us
    *I pray for faithful and self control in loving God
    * I pray for my children T,R,T,P and S for protection agaist all evil spirits in Jesus Name
    *I pray for my business to grow and manage to support my family
    * I pray for all people who been abandoned by their own families to understand that God loves them
    * I pray for wisdom and prosperity in Jesus Name Amen

  43. Holy Spirit,
    Please intercede for me and my family to receive grace, peace, love, faithfulness, gentleness, guide and protect us. I ask this in Jesus Name Amen. Also for everyone in the world, bless them.
    Come Holy Spirit stay with us. Change our hearts to always Love one another. Thank you

  44. Dear Holy Spirit, please hear my prayers for your help and intercession on behalf of myself and family Amen.
    Praying for health and strength, guidance and protection, healing from negativity surrounding our lives. Grant us your protection during these turbulent times Amen.
    Holy Spirit, please help my son C get the position he so desires and that he settles down in marriage with family Amen.
    Also praying for my brother M, that he obtains a good paying job where he can use his education, experience and talents to support himself and family Amen.
    Holy Spirit, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  45. Thanking God for his mercy and forgiveness.
    Praying for the Holy spirit to dwell in me.
    Asking for God’s mercy breakthrough, restoration, protection and transformation, just lost my job and almost losing my accommodation need a miracle.
    Not finding the will of God in life, one persecution from end to another, financial breakthrough.

    After three miscarriages she has to revert to IVF. May the Holy Spirit bless this procedure and bless her and her hubby with a child.

  47. Father God, bless us with gentleness and love for everyone as you always do to us. Help me to forgive and clear all the bad memories

  48. – Sadie Moya has a Holy and peaceful death.
    – Joel Curisinche.
    – Dan Waters.
    – Rose Jamalkowski.
    – Mary Waldmuller.
    – SJB and JDH students, and graduates. May God bless them and help them become leaders in faith.
    – Stephen G.
    – Ryan.
    – Children having seizures.
    – People are fighting against addiction.
    – Terry Porter
    – M.R for healing, repent his sins and be responsible father. 
    – SJB Warrior Roy and Dale Reece for safe travel.
    + Prayer and Sacrifice for Priests and Vocations to the religious life especially for an increase in the number of good holy Priests.
    * Sincere condolences to Moya, Collin, Hurdsman,Lopez, Varnum, Slazak, Russo families. 
    Day 7 – Novena to the Holy Spirit.
    + Pray for the souls:
    • Sadie Moya. 
    • Judy Dipo Hurdsman. 
    • Veronica Lopez. 
    • Carl Varnum. 
    • Andrew Slazak 
    • Sharon Russo.
    • All Souls in Purgatory.

  49. Please pray for my lawyers Arvindra Rodrigo & Ms Samardara Mampitiye both Christians, whom I had to appoint just before I left Colombo on 21st March 2023 to take over our property case No. 229/2020 in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. I had to revoke my Power Of Attorney which was given to 2 of our previous lawyers of 8 years, because of their wrongful dealings with corrupt Government officials. I am now back in London. & Awaiting the date for the Trial.
    Thank you ,& may God bless you

  50. Prayers for my son Jordan Jacoby Simien, that he will make wise decisions concerning his future 🙏 divine protection, that he will always be in the right place at right time, and doing the right thing. My prayers for him is that God will keep him on the right path, in Jesus name Amen

  51. Holy Spirit please intercede for my daughter N and touch her and yransfor her. That she may find a job and may our relationship be restored. That my grandson may be disciplined.and Lern to tel the truth and be finishing his school work. Thank you for sustaining my son at his workplace and for the sales he is able to find. Praying the you my restore him to health and attract to him a good God fearing girl with whom he can settle in marriage.

    That all my family members who are looking for empoyment my find jobs. For those yearning for marriage may find the right partners. That the sick may be restored to health. Those with any type of addiction may overcome. In Jesus name. Amen

  52. My parents’ mental health, their growth in faith, and their marriage.

    For the mental health and growth in faith of my little sister.

    For children with autism.

    For the souls of the unborn.

    For the conversion of my coworkers and bosses.

    For the conversion of my sister and her husband, for the validation of their marriage.

    For those struggling with mental illnesses.

    For the end of abortion.

  53. I feel empty. I feel hopeless. I feel hurt. My heart actually ache. Bad thoughts come to mind. I don’t feel secure. I feel like there’s no joy left in me. Feel like I’m alive but dead. I wish to die at certain points in my life. I feel alone, sleepless. My future looks like a nightmare to me.
    I’m a good human. I follow Gods path. I have never hurt anyone intentionally. But still I’m facing this. People use me emotionally, financially, Lil bit physically and leave me to die.
    I really don’t know how I’m surviving each day. I know God is watching on me. I have done everything for the people who have hurt me. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to feel loved and cared for. I deserve a Good job. But all what has happened is killing me inside. My memory is also not supporting me. I can’t even believe in my self. Please take this burden away from me God. Nobody but Atleast i deserve love from u . I beg you for my happiness. Please help me to fulfill all my dreams and get over all my fears this time with love and care not by breaking my heart or showing me hard Times. I’m tired. If not kill me peacefully.

  54. Dear Holy Spirit, I pray for my husband. Please keep him healthy & happy. Please guide & protect him.
    I pray for Arnold who is battling pancreatic cancer and is undergoing a complicated surgery today.
    I pray for my brothers who struggle with their faith.
    I pray for the loved ones that have gone before us.

  55. Dear Annie & John,

    Kindly Pray with me for:-

    -God to Bless me with a Sanctified Marriage that remains United for Eternity.

    – God kindly protect all my children esp. Angelus from all evil attacks, traps and bondages from all enemies.

    – For God to Bless me with more Twin children and victorious upbringing on earth.

    – For God to Bless me with more responsible child minders and househelps than the previous and current ones . May God grant me more tolerance with maid’s indiscipline and negligence.

    -For God to kindly Bless me with a Noble and Highly Valuable job and businesses and for Great Success in All My Professional Careers

    Great Thanks.

  56. I pray that my son and his fiancee will find joy and happiness in their marriage happening on June 3rd.

  57. That the Holy Spirit will lift all the burdens I am carrying and give me the time and motivation to accomplish the necessary tasks I complete a timely manner. Send the joy upon me and help me fight through

  58. Please pray for my daughter and grandson that they can feel the love and joy of the Holy Spirit. They are struggling with school issues. Please allow the people handling this to show compassion. This is a Catholic school who we feel have abandoned this child.

  59. Please pray for my daughter and my grandson who are going through a very rough time. Sorry I can’t go into detail, it is very hard to explain. Praying for the Holy Spirit to descend upon them and open their hearts to his love. So that they can feel his love and get them through this very trying time. Please pray for us. May God’s will be done.

  60. Gracious Holy Spirit of God, I pray that the upcoming results of my blood work will show a normal liver enzyme level. Please give healing to my liver and every organs in my body. I praise and thank you for all the blessings, mercy and love! Amen!

  61. Please pray for my eye to be healed so that I may keep my vision without any surgeries or procedures. Please pray for my parents’ healing, graces and Sacraments. Thank you.

  62. Praying for Grandson Isaac that the Holy
    Spirit may help and heal with his speech and hearing.

  63. Thank you God for all you have given to me, especially the hope for salvation. Please help me to commit to my pillars of Prayer, Temple and Plan Do ensure that I do all things out of love for you and my neighbour. Help me to do the things that help my family to get closer to you and each ot.her.


  64. For family turmoil, confusion, and conflict that all will be resolved with love and peace and a return to God’s will and plan

  65. Holy Spirit, Bless me with being gentle towards everyone I come encounter with today and open my heart and mind to understand their situation in every aspect. Guide me and give strength in my dealings that I will make the right decisions and have continued patience. Bless my family and give Danny strength and courage as he wait and get his approval to come home. Amen

  66. Holy Spirit i entrust the situation at my work to you. I pray that You will guide me where I need to be, heal me, fill me with your wisdom

    I pray for each of my children that you will guide them and protect them in their everyday lives.

    I pray for Roel and Gricelda, Lisa and Danny and their family

  67. Please pray for our son Fredrick who is paralyzed with severe stroke for the last 18 months that he should respond to his name as a first step before other neurological changes happen . Everything is possible by God.
    He is 30 years now and he fell ill when he was 28.Holy Spirit has guided us and we thank the Lord for all the blessings in midst of this suffering. He has two sisters and this has devastated our family and we pray that we get our family back with Fredrick.
    Thank you for the prayers

  68. With the passing of my dad on 5/18/23 please bring peace and joy into our lives. I ask this in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Thank you!

  69. Prayer for protection for me and my son daughter grandson son girlfriend and her pet from all envy evil jealousy evil eyes by envious neighbors
    Protect us and our home’s properties friends always and grant us all we deserve

  70. I am praying for wisdom to know God better.

    I am praying for my children, Janet and Kenneth t achieve their goals.

    I am also praying for my husband, Benedict to receive God’s healing.

  71. My Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, forgive all my sins and hear my petition. Thank you for everything in my life Lord, for my family, jobs I ha held and those yet to come, for my son’s family, for my assets, for my friends and neighbors. Lord bless me and my son with good paying jobs, that will make us leave a happy life, bless me and my son with financial breakthrough, bless me and my family with love, Favour, good health, peace, unity, fruitfulness and abundance. Protect my whole family from any form of evil attack and generational curses.Lord fight all battles that are targeting me and my son. Give me a heart of forgiveness so that I forgive and forget all those who wrong me. Bless all those who have offered their petitions here with their heart desires. I pray and believe that it is done by the power in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, AMEN

  72. Thank you for a very important answered prayer!

    Please pray for my daughter to make the right life changing decision that will allow her to be happy and see success. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  73. Glory be to God,
    I pray to God for financial stability in my life, Job promotion or a job with better pay.
    I also pray to God to answer everyones prayers and intentions too.

  74. Lord i lift of my daughter right now who is doing her exams. Lord i pray that she will be successful. Surround her holy spirit guide her and bless her every step.Amen

  75. Gentle Jesus today I ask you to have my brother Rol i prayer for his words to be kind when spoken to family workers and friends.
    I pray for myself may I speak words of comfort and Healing to my children and take away the hurt and pain and Angerness I feel at times.
    Jesus show me your way to be kind and humble and love one another give me your PEACE. May I have a blessed day today and going forward in my daily life household chores and work give me your strength each day and comfort Amen. Thank you Jesus 🙏

  76. Holy Spirit,
    Protect my family from all evil and give us health and happiness. Help my sons find good jobs and to do good in their lives. I don,t know the plan You have for them. Help me with my eye problem, to find out what,s wrong. Give us a financial blessing so I can pay my eye surgery and for my son to fix his car. Thank You for everything dear Lord. Don,t abandon us and help us. You know what we need. I pray for all the people praying this Novena . Answer their prayers please. Jesus I trust in You!

  77. Dear holy spirit please bless heal and renew my sister unforgiving attitude and issues towards my father.
    Dear holy spirit, what ever the issue’s or problems be in my family or family tree please remove any curse spite unforgiving attitudes dear holy spirit bless heal and renew my family. Thank you

  78. Praying for a full time job and for good health.
    Pray for Hod to always guide my daughter in all she endeavors to do and to give her good friends

  79. Holy Spirit please fill our family with Thy Blessings of love, patience, discernment, good health of mind, body, soul, spirit, and grant us miracles for which we are praying.
    Bless everyone with their needs. Bless John-Paul, Ann, ther family, their Pray More Novenas Team and all us member. Bless the Church, the Pope, all Clergy, Religious, laity. Thanks very much

  80. Please pray that our children are safe, (especially from evil and danger). Especially our daughters traveling to the beach tomorrow, that they have a safe protected drive and safe & fun while there and return home safely. That our family lives and long, healthy, happy life free from evil harm and illness. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  81. Please include in Novena that I will be promoted as Director III of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority in the Philippines. Thanks in advance.

    I’ll informed you as soon as it will come true.

  82. Hi I have ACCA SBL exam on 6th of June 2023. Please pray for me to clear the paper in the first attempt.
    Thank you

  83. Dear Holy Spirit, please come and help with the issues facing myself and family Amen.
    Praying for your guidance and protection, health and strength, removal of blockages and negative energies affecting our lives, health, home, finances, jobs and relationships Amen.
    Praying especially for my son C for better and more productive job, marriage and family Amen.
    Praying for my brother M, that he find a good paying job where he can use his education, experience, and talents to support himself and family Amen.

    Holy Spirit, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  84. Please pray for my son. Let him receive all the money owed to him so he can put his life in order. Please help him

  85. 1.Please praybfor me am being vacated from the house i live due to rent arreaes.
    I dont even have money to oay for the next cheaper house that am looking for.

    My life is at the end, holy spirit comr through quickly and for my family and our children too.
    All ourblifes are at stake. So many evil soirits attacks, nightmares and haunting at night.

    2.Pray also for healing ofnmy brother. He has lacked fare to come for his appointment for eye operstion and also he his being rejected at his work brcause of his absenteesm at work and alcoholism addiction. Lord, come and rescue him and my entire family

    3. Lord grnnt me and my sisters and brothers financial and job breathrough and education breakthrough for our children and also marital breakthrougj for me and my brothers.


  86. Dear Holy Spirit
    Thank you for blessing me this day.
    Please watch over and protect my son
    And all of my family. Thank you.