The Holy Spirit Novena, 2023

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We’re excited to announce that the next novena we’re praying is the original novena!

It’s the Holy Spirit Novena for Pentecost!

Novenas are an ancient tradition that goes back to the days of the Apostles.

Jesus told His disciples to pray together after His ascension into heaven, so they went to an upper room along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, (Acts 1:14) and joined constantly in prayer for nine days.

These nine days of constant prayer by the Apostles at the direction of Jesus led up to Pentecost. This is when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples as “tongues of fire” (Acts 2:1-4). This pattern of 9 days of prayer, leading up to a feast day or final day, is the basis of the novenas we pray today!

Thus, the novena is an imitation of the Lord’s command to the Apostles when they prayed for 9 days in anticipation of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

And that’s why we pray all of our novenas for nine days, followed by one final prayer on the 10th day (which is usually the feast day).

We will start praying on Friday, May 19th.

You can sign up HERE to join us in prayer and you can share your prayer intentions with us all below. We’re praying for you!

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  1. I pray for the conversion of our hearts. Purify the love between Mike and I am unite us into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony with children and for the conversion of all the world. Assistance in our finances and an end to inflation.

  2. I pray for joy in my marriage and my children that as a family we may enjoy love and joy filled in us by the Holy spirit. I pray for my husband’s dues to go through, my daughters visa, my daughter’s, 2 nephews and a niece’s success in exams and my promotion. I pray for Joy in my sister’s marriage that God may restore it,good health for family and siblings, parents and inlaws. God’s favour among my children and my husband in all the desires of their hearts IJN!

  3. Please pray for my sister, my friend and I so that we may gave the funds to attend the World Youth Day pilgrimage in Lisbon.

  4. I pray for my family atlarge, esp my kids for the fullness of health and grace!
    In a special way for divine intervention for their health status!

  5. Financial breakthrough to enable my 2nd son complete his final year in college.
    My first born son to be able to establish his career. I continue to put my trust in God as he has carried me through this journey raising my children as a widow.

  6. Praying for Kindness and faithfulness amongst my children Chevy Ad and Dre.
    Lord please intercede within them gor peace and understanding.
    Praying for myself in health God’s protection be upon me amen my grandchildren for safety ness each day. Thank you Jesus for everything.

  7. Praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to heal Joe with strength so he can walk normal without any walker or cane.

  8. Holy Spirit, by the grace of God, praying to you for strength and increased faith to see a MIRACLE HEALING for Cliff’s sepsis infection for over 2 months. He is now at home on hospice getting morphine even though he has no pain. Or please convince Cliff to go to a different better hospital or go to an infection doctor asap to cure his infection.

  9. Dear Lord help me to be faithful in everything I do.
    I’m also praying for financial breakthrough, let the Holy Spirit pour over my sufferings, unlock the closed doors and tight knots.


  10. Lord I need to not to worry about my finances. We need more clients to serve so me can pay our debts. I know you will provide. Let me know in some kind of way that everything will be all right. Thank you, Lord, that my family are relying on you. For you are our source. Amen

  11. Please pray for my sister Arsenia who’s battling with cancer. She’s on chemotherapy treatment 2x a month. She needs miracle healing and financial help to support her treatment.

  12. Dear Holy Spirit please I ask for a miracle that y daughter and grandsons addiction go away. Also for my granddaughter that she not have any illness in her liver and heal my other grandaughter of her gall stones and the cysts in her ovary. Heal Mathew also of all his body and heal everyone in the world hwo is ill. Amen . Thank you Lord.

  13. Dear Holy Spirit, please give all the strength to continue to be faithful, especially in this time where evil is prevailing so much.

    Thank you Holy Spirit 🙏.

  14. Lord I pray for a financial breakthrough today.Lord i pray for a financial miracle today. Lord jesus please, i put my faith and trust in you. Please open financial doors for me today.
    Lord i pray that my daughter be successful with all her exams.
    Lord i pray for divine guidance and justice with my court matter.
    Lord please i want to go to Israel make it possible. Thank you lord jesus.

  15. I pray for the outpouring of the holy spirit i my life, in the life of my near and dear ones and through out the whole wide world yo the glory of his name

  16. That my marriage would feel the fruits of the Holy Spirit and be enkindled by them. That the negative and ugly moods traveling through our home would go away. That we would see the grace of God within us. For friends struggling to conceive a child and for another who is paralyzed and working hard to regain her strength to walk again. Come Holy Spirit Come.

  17. Please pray for healing of my brain. I was recently diagnosed with chiari malformation and have a long road ahead of me that includes a lot of testing and then brain surgery. Praying for competent and capable doctors, a full recovery and that my daughter does not have this also. As long as she is healthy and I am here with her for a long time that is what is important. Thank you so much

  18. Pray for my sister-in-law who has had cancer. Her cancer may have metastasized to other organs. Pray that the next round of scans will not show that her cancer has spread.

  19. As we go through this journey of life may the holy spirit feel me and protect me from my weaknesses l pray for the gifts of the holy spirit to flow in mel thank you lord let the spirit lead me ,guide me and protect me from all harm l love you lord.l pray for financial breathrough,for God to bring us good tenants, for my chidren for their protection and to excel in their studies this new term to be the heads,l pray for my marriage l need you lord amen.

  20. Holy Spirit, I pray to strengthen my faith in you and in my desire to love you more. Give peace and harmony to my life and this world give joy and hope. Bless Danny as he awaits his email for inspection and give courage to his will. Bless our family and keep us safe in your presence as we go through this day,amen. Thanks for blessings received this day.

  21. Pray that I find a job. I want the job that God has chosen for me. I pray for financial abundance during this time of unemployment.

  22. 1. Pass my interview and get gainful employment
    2. Financial breakthrough
    3. Settle all financial debts
    4. Holy Matrimony
    5.Good health
    6. God’s protection, favor, and all graces

  23. Holy spirit , I seek your face this week as I trust in you that you will open my womb once more.Your miracles are indeed real.May you bless me with a child dear lord. The waiting is long and exhausting.

  24. Praise of thanks for an answered prayer.

    Please pray for my daughter to make the right choice for her future happiness and continue to guide she and her dad in their relationship. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  25. Thank you Holy Spirit for your powerful intervention for helping my daughter to return to the Church. Thank you for blessing her with a job.
    Holy Spirit please help her to meet the right spouse, loving and God-fearing.
    Holy Spirit please intervene for my Dave to be baptised soon.
    Please intervene for my son to return to the Church and for my daughter-in-law’s conversion into the Catholic faith.
    Please intervene for my grandson to get his admission in the right kinder garden.
    Thank you Holy Spirit for your intervention.

  26. Untie us oh Lord the children of Patrick Ali and Mary Patrick.

    Matthew Patrick
    Jennifer Patrick
    William Patrick
    Grace Patrick
    Margaret Patrick
    Kelvin Patrick
    Mercy Patrick
    We ask this through Chris our Lord (Amen🙏)

  27. Praying for my son and his protection and guidance as he begins his life in college away from home.

  28. I ask for prayers for guidance, direction and discernment in my lift. I want to follow the Lord’s Will. I pray that I find a loving husband and start a family before I get too old. Please Lord, answer my prayer. Please help me to decide whether to go ahead and build a house. I’m so unsure. Thank you for listening 🌹 Denise

  29. Dear Holy Spirit, our breath, our guide, our partner in this life. I am so very grateful for your presence. Please Holy Spirit protect my sons from evil, strengthen their faith and guide their conversion and the conversion of my daughter in law and future daughter in law. My eldest just lost his job and suffers from PTSD from being in the Army. Please guide him to a job where he will be exposed people who will bring him closer to you Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  30. Dear Team of John Paul and Annie. Thank you for the wonderful Novenas. Kindly request that you Pray for my children Emmanuel Mugalula and Eva Namwanje. Emmanuel is a lazy boy who does not want to work yet he is 32 years of age. He has failed to get a Spouse because of his weaknesses. Kindly pray for him that all these weaknesses get out of him. Pray for that Devil of weaknesses to be burnt. Kindly Pray for my daughter Eva Namwanje and her job with Uganda Bureau of Statistics. She has an NGO she has formed and Pray that it takes off cause she is lacking funding. Pray for funding. Kindly pray for her to get a good Spouse for holy matrimony. Also pray for my health and my job with Uganda AIDS Commission. My contract renewal is next year 2024. Kindly pray for it. Kindly pray for Debts I have as well as my Projects. Construction is difficult. Pray for my Rentals that I get Tenants in them. Pray for my brother Nicholas Kasirye and his family. He has a sick daughter with Sickle cells. Kindly pray for her healing and he is financially cash strapped. Pray for my sister Betty Nankanja who is a Widow with daughter’s not working. Kindly pray for her cause she is financially cash strapped. Pray for my relationship with Aston. All this I request through the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Thank you. Judith Namusisi of Entebbe Uganda

  31. Holy Spirit,
    I pray for my eyes, to find out what,s the problem. I pray for successful eye surgery and a financial miracle so I can afford it. For my sons to find suitable jobs which they will like to work. Please release me from my depression and take away my worries and anxiety. Also for the mental and emotional health of my two sons. Give us happiness, love and peace.
    I pray for all that are praying this Novena to have their prayers answered and to have peace of mind. Jesus I trust in You!

  32. I thank God for granting me my prayer request of being confirmed at work. In the same Spirit I continue to pray for His guidance through all my life choices. Now that am working on UK I pray that at the time of application it is accepted. I pray for God’s favor and protection when I reach the foreign land to make me meet people that will help me grow and know God more


  33. Lord Jesus please, Holy Spirit please, Mother Mary please, all the angels and Saints. My daughter Kk. Her Spouse, her children, her health, her career, her work. Lord please help me. In Jesus Mighty Name I pray🙏

  34. Praying for my father who is sick that he may receive healing.
    Praying for misunderstanding that is happening in our piece of land that God may open gates to solutions and he may send us buyers to buy the remaining land.

  35. Lord Jesus, with this Holy Spirit Novena, I thank you and pray for protection, wisdom, guidance on how to pray and prosperity to me and my family

  36. My intentions are for my son and his wife to have a baby after she’s had four miscarriages. And for my nephew and niece to have their baby come to full-term. I also pray that Robert, my brother-in-law, and my cousin Bobby Junior, will get healed from the Parkinson’s disease. In God’s name.

  37. My intentions are for my son and his wife to have a baby after she’s had four miscarriages. And for my nephew and niece to have their baby come to full-term. I also pray that Robert, my brother-in-law, and my cousin Bobby Junior, will get healed from the Parkinson’s disease. In God’s name.

  38. I pray for a good job in Canada with visa sponsorship for me an d my kids.
    I pray for God’s mercy upon my life and spiritual growth.
    I pray for Divine breakthrough and a grand Breaking business idea.
    I pray for good and perfect health for me ,my kids and my husband. Amen.

  39. My prayer for healing in our marriage – that love, peace, patience, forgiveness, understanding, trust and respect would always prevail for me and my husband. Work promotion for me and my husband. Good health and a long life for me and my husband together with our children. May God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit use us all (us couple and our children) all for His greater glory thru the talents, treasure and time , God has given us. AMen

  40. Please pray for my son, John Paul who is hurting…..ask God to help him discern His will for his life. Help him to have the courage and strength to leave a toxic relationship and to find affordable housing soon.And help him to return to the Catholic Church, to attend Sunday mass and to return to confession.

  41. *I pray for forgiveness and cleansing all sins that I committed in my childhood
    *.Holy Spirit I need your protection.
    *I pray for my only one son to stay away from any toxicity drugs and become faithful.
    *I pray for my business to grow and find more customers.
    *I pray for my children to find a better job and baptized faithful Catholic partners.
    *Thank you Jesus Christ

  42. I pray for success in my new job.
    I pray to learn my new job quickly.
    I pray that my mammogram is negative.
    I pray for healing of my son from suicidal ideations, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, autism, video game addiction, and obesity.
    I pray for healing of my body, mind, and emotions.
    I pray for financial help in repairing my home.
    I pray to be safe as I travel the highway to and from work each day.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray to find an excellent dog trainer at a reasonable price for my rescue dog.

  43. Please pray for my husband to have a clear scan next Tuesday. He is battling pancreatic stage IV spread to liver, lungs and spine.We need prayers and a miracle that the new treatment work. Please pray for us.

  44. Prayers please for Frances to be free of post-Covid fatigue and arthritic pain and for Charles to have relief from shoulder, debilitating knee and back pain allowing them both to have more quality days of less pain and improved function.

  45. The grace to accept the reality of my life.
    For Emily’s healing.
    For Emily, Aidan, and Grace to fall in love with Jesus, practice the sacraments, and embrace and proclaim the Holy Spirit.

  46. I thank God for his grace while in this foreign land. I pray and declare that my India VISA will be extended to enable me to complete my studies

  47. Please pray for my son Adam for the conversion and transformation of life. May he return to the life that God has created for him to be one true man.

  48. I pray that God will pardon me and heal TobeJesus and Urenna from their sicknesses. I pray that God through the Holy spirit to help to get promotion in my workplace. I pray for God’s guidance, protection, grace and favour on my family, me, my husband and children and their families, my aged mother and my siblings, nieces and nephews, friends and well wishers. I pray for God’s healing and good health upon us in Jesus name, Amen. I pray for God’s guidance throughout our travels to the village and back to Lagos, Amen.

  49. Thank you for my son getting a new job! Still praying for another son to find his true love. And for my daughter to have a healthy baby🙏🏼

  50. Praying for my 2 unborn great grandchildren. Their mother is having a very hard time and their lives are in danger

  51. Continued prayers for good health and faithful love, and with thankfulness for God’s blessings. In His precious name, I pray. Amen.

  52. I pray may God send the Holy Spirit into my life, into my family and into Akachukwu construction company and give us the seven gift of the Holy Spirit. May God send His Holy Spirit into our country Nigeria and make justice to stand firmly, that at the end we all shall inherit the kingdom of God in Jesus Christ name Amen.

  53. I am praying for Sinema who has cancer stage 4. I pray that she be healed. She has 2 little girls that need their mother. Give her strength to overcome this cancer. I pray to you Jesus Christ. Amen

  54. Dear Holy Spirit of The Lord,
    I thank you for all the blessings and trials that learned …You always guide us to the right pathways ….Lord God I pray that our Family application for Canada PR be approved and will send us the approval letter very soon ….help us in our financial needs and give us always protection to spare us always from all dangers evils and all negativity peace and unity always filled us with your Holy Spirit to fulfill your great purpose in us amen

  55. Join me to pray for my son to pass the CA Bar exams. That he may urgently find a place to practice what he has learnt. I pray through Christ our Saviour

  56. Holy Spirit, please touch my womb that I may conceive.
    Heal me and my husband from all infirmities and make us whole.

    Help us in our business that we may Excel 🙏

  57. Dear Blessed Trinity thank you for all you’ve done. Thank you for the beautiful addition to our family. I trust you Jesus for career breakthrough and flowing resources to buy beautiful home -properties. I trust You Kesyydfor continuing strength, peace of mind & soul. To accept others and love freely
    Amen 🙌🕯️🧎🏾‍♀️

  58. Please pray for my daughter Olivia who is suffering from an eating disorder- Anorexia and depression .
    Thank you

  59. Come Holy Spirit!
    I pray for my husband and I that we will be able to adjust smoothly in our new work environment and the new place and community. I pray for our marriage that it will be strengthen even more, I pray for more patience and for a stronger faith that things happen for a reason. Thank you Holy Spirit for being with us always and keeping us safe. AMEN!

  60. Please pray for the flesh of my sons heart that when he speaks mean to his children and his Mother that he may feel what we do! Pray that he opens his heart and mind to God! Bless my other son with finances, my daughter a healthy baby and bring her back home pray for her husband to do well in his job so he can be transferred back home, pray for hedge of protection over all my grandkids, and please pray for our Lord to restore my heart and take away and help me heal from diabetes!
    in these things I ask in Jesus name AMEN!

  61. I want to thank God for answering my prayers and I believe and pray that he will surely finish what He stared in my life.
    Praying for my brothers to always believe and trust God together with their families.
    Praying for financial breakthrough though today I prayed the novena and just felt at peace.
    I love you Lord my provider.

  62. Thanksgiving for my daughter’s acceptance to college to do a course of her choice. Praying for a breakthrough for visa to facilitate her travel.
    -Thanking God for my husband’s many years of work. Praying for good health and prosperity as he enters his 2nd phase of life.
    -Thanking God for Devine favour at work and trusting in God for promotion and career growth.

  63. Praying for: safe travels for my children & their families overseas this week. Prayers for my young grandson that he be blessed with a full & happy life, always guided by your wisdom. Prayers of healing for my husband’s many health issues. Prayers for my older daughter to find love, joy, & good health in her life. Prayers of love & patience for me to help my family in their times of need.
    Thank you!

  64. Please join me in prayer for the Holy Spirit to support the success of my son’s Chris’ comic project to be launched on June 13, 2023.
    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.
    Thank you.

  65. Holy Spirit, I pray for my marriage. We are facing difficulties, it’s painful and hard every day. I humbly bow before you and ask for your kindness. Dear Lord, please perform Your miracles, give us strength to reconcile. Amen

  66. Please pray for my kids and me. My husband recently passed away from cancer. We are trying to pick up the pieces of our shattered world. My kids desperately miss their Dad, and I miss my love.

  67. Please pray for me that I don’t have cancer. I just had an MRI and now the physician wants a mammogram as well. I have a strong family hx. of breast cancer. I am very worried.
    Please pray for healing of my son from autism, severe depression, severe anxiety, suicidal ideations, sleep apnea, video game addiction, and obesity.
    Please pray that I am able to find the right therapist for him.
    Please heal my body and mind.
    Please help me to learn my new job quickly and succeed in it.
    Please heal my mother and ex-husband.

  68. Dear Holy Spirit, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, connective tissue disease, COVID, cancer and heart disease.

    Please heal our wonderful son of his anxiety. Please also heal his girlfriend of her anxiety.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please heal my chronic kidney disease.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please help the good people of Ukraine against Putin and the good people of Taiwan against Xi.

    Thank you Holy Spirit.🙏

  69. Please pray that our family be able to find a source of income. We are old couple with an 8 yrs old son that rely on us. We are going to a very difficult situation as of now hope we survive it just for the sake of our son.

  70. Please pray for my son, whose eye sight is deteriorating in both eyes. I pray that he will be given the gift of good vision – if it be Your Holy will. I surrender him to you Holy Spirit. Amen.

  71. For conversion of my family and friends.
    For healing of body, soul, and spirit of a family member who has cancer.
    For myself to have forgiveness in my heart and in my thinking towards those who have hurt me . (This has been many times and over many years.)
    For the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and understanding each day.
    Thank you.

  72. please pray for my daughter Anna Grace Kleinpeters complete healing on earth from cancer and that all of her follow up scans, blood work, xrays, leg lengthening procedures, heart and hearing test stay normal. Thank you Jesus for her amazing progress on this journey. for all of the children that fight cancer to be healed and cancer free

  73. Hi! Please pray for me in my exam season. That I may excel in all my exams and have peace of mind while I study and take the exams. Thank you!

  74. Please pray for my health
    For the contruction of my daughter’s new house, that the HOLY SPIRIT may guide her
    For Angeline who is suffering from cancer and to day she has been tested covid positif

    Thank you, God bless you all 🙏

  75. For the repose of the soul of my little brother Luke. And comfort for his whole family and all his friends.

  76. Praying for my husband who is undergoing several medical tests. Please let the test results be negative. Thank you. Amen

  77. I am struggling with the fallout from pornography use. Please pray for my complete rehabilitation.

    I continue to pray for my family business. Please pray for us to have another job lined up after we complete this one. It would also be nice to have some time off to spend time with as a family.

    I pray for my oldest- please help him plant his feet in reality and be a dutiful oldest son

    I pray for my middle son – please help him to learn to want to work and realize he is not a victim

    I pray for my youngest – please help him with his physical strength and weight

    I pray for my husband – please help him with his physical ailments and to take care of his body

  78. Please pray for peace of heart and mind for my husband he’s disturbed coz of my late working hours. For my kids who need me most in their life, for my job which is really frustrating and disappointing that our Lord may come through 🙏. Also pray for my husband to get a job so as to settle down some of the pressing bills at home. Thank you. I welcome you in my home Holy Spirit of the Lord.

  79. I pray for healing for my son who is mentally unstable. For my daughter to get a good job, and for my financial situation to improve.
    Thank you, Holy Spirit.

  80. Praying for healing in my marriage. Understanding and better communication between my husband and I. Tact, patience and maturity in handling conflicts or disagreements without it blowing up into bigger issues and malice.
    Praying for restored peace, friendship, happiness and love in my marriage.

  81. Please pray for Mia Sophia who has a soccer game try outs tonight, heal Iris, Anita, Regina,Enrique, Anthony,Patricia. For me Maria “Edith” heal my back, legs and not to be depressed.Guide dr this morning at 10:30 diagnosis and what to do when going to trip to England in June 3,I am afraid and my husband and family are getting tired of me.My friends don’t call me.I have to get rid of things find it hard. Can’t pack for trip or do house work. I am slow in everything. For the Lord to have mercy on me. Thank you and also for all family and friends Need prayers and I forgot for drs Jennifer Arnold Railli,Zinnis,Karina therapist and all involved, thanks Blessings

  82. Come Holy Spirit, Come. Fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.
    O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations, through Christ Our Lord,
    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

  83. Dear Holy Spirit,
    I pray for peace in my family . For all to have peace of mind and body.
    For the holy spirit to work in us and guide us in all our thoughts, words and actions.
    For the wedding preparations of Amanda and Rohan to go well and for us to keep good health and not stress out on little things.
    For Melvin’s eyes to heal well and to give him calmness of mind and body.
    For Anthea’s professional and personal intentions.
    Thank you Holy spirit.

  84. Please prayer for me to find and enjoy the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I struggle daily because the loss of my children and grandchildren.
    Holy Spirit come to me.