The Christmas Novena, 2022

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We’ll begin our next novena in just a few days now — which is, of course, The Christmas Novena!

This was the very first novena we ever prayed through Pray More Novenas — and that was twelve years ago! We thank God for you and for this community of prayer, and we pray for you every day. You are never forgotten. Thank you for praying with us.

You can share your prayer intentions with us below.

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God bless you!

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  1. Please pray for Angeline who is suffering from colorectal cancer and she will be undergoing a surgery in a few hours.
    Thank you
    God bless you all 🙏

  2. I pray for divine intervention, divine restoration, divine encounter, divine favor, divine healing in my life and family also pray for right partner, Amen.

  3. Dear Jesus and Mary, please Bless 🙏 all the children waiting to be Baptized. Please help all parents and godparents teach their children to love God.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  4. Mighty lord please help me find a job so that I may help my family and give my daughter the life she deserves
    I pray for financial breakthrough in my family
    Lord I need you in my life

  5. Father let me be able to finish my consolidation well today and my special Christmas gift is to have my license before Jesus Christ name.Amen

  6. Dear Lord Jesus and Holy Family,

    Thank-you for all the blessings and graces that you have bestowed on all relatives, family members, friends and acquaintances of my family all of our lives this Christmas. Dear Lord, please bless our nation and help us to rid the world of all terrible viruses and illnesses. Thank-you for keeping us on the right path mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. Please help those suffering. Please help us unite the country and bring an end to abortion. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

  7. Dear mother of perpetual help, please intercede for my father Xu bin. Please be with him now. Dear mother, please intercede to reduce my father’s temperature and reduce his symptoms now, and keep him safe. Dear mother, please intercede to let my dad recover from Covid 19 as soon as possible, and please keep my mum safe too. Thank you very much,
    Your daughter,
    Xu lan

  8. Lord hear my prayer I pray that the printer can be fixed and I also pray that I can go with Herb to the doctor and that Herb is all right. I also pray that Herb dad is optimistic about getting us something not pessimistic when Herb talks to him. I also pray that when I get my next meter that the points are under 200.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  9. Please pray for healing for baby Maverick who is a few weeks old and has a serious heart condition, already requiring multiple surgeries. He has had many set backs and needs God’s grace.
    Thank you

  10. Bless us with your love and care with peace and harmony, hope and faith as we celebrate your birth, give comfort to our children as they grow in this new world. Bring warmth and comfort to those without heat for their homes and fresh water to drink. Bless the orphanage and bring together those who seek to adopt. Let us open our hearts to the people of Ukraine and bless them with strength, comfort and love, amen.

  11. For health in our families and friends. For employment. For the souls in purgatory to join God in Heaven. For Pope Francis. For peace in the world. For those who need your help. For my mother with the pain in her feet, my father for his breathing issues and depression, my son with colitis, husband with his MS, brother in law who has cancer, For Bonnie with pancretic cancer, Anna who has brain tumor. For myself so I don’t have cancer. For myself so my hair will start growing back. For those traveling so they will have safe travels. For my soin in law for a successful business. Thank you for answered prayers ahead of time. GOD IS GOOD. AMEN

  12. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers for healing graces for our daughter dealing with anxiety issues.
    Prayers for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in the world.
    Thank you Dear Lord. 🙏

  13. Sweet and Mighty Jesus, thank You for yesterday, today and tomorrow. May Your most loving Grace and Divine Mercy always be with my entire family, in-laws and love ones. Praying for God’s protections, grace, mercy, guidance, sound health, favour, family liberation, success, winnings, blessings, long life, happy Christmas and a prosperous New year 2023, more taste and zeal to worship and adore God. Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary. Amen.

  14. My granddaughter is pregnant and there are problems at 35 weeks. Baby is small , not growing as fast as she was, and they don’t know why. My granddaughter’s blood pressure is high and is possibly pre eclampsia. Please pray for the health of my granddaughter and great granddaughter. The baby is about
    4 1/2 #s right now and they are contemplating inducing her. Please pray for a safe delivery and hat my granddaughter can experience all the joy that a first baby brings. 🙏💕

  15. 1. I thank God for all blessings so far and success operation of my brothers eye.
    2. We pray for him claiming his health and healing
    3. We pray for God to convert my brothers from alcohol and drugs, from hatred and violence amongst themselves and bring love and peace in our family
    4. We pray God to break the wicked and evil spirits in our family of stagnation, rejection, joblessness, marital problems and divorces, financial struggles, illness,
    5. We pray to bless our family esp this Christmas, to provide us and others with nothing
    6. I pray for a partner and a child
    7. Reinstate my Sister to work and defeat the spirits of humiliations and afflictions and rejection by her superiors
    8. Grant me and my brother and carol and mwirigi a job and bless my other brothers salary that all goes to alcohol.

  16. Dear JESUS please intercede on behalf us me& my loved ones on our holiday reunion with my son(& his wife),me,my daughter,their dad,aunt,gramps and others who we may visit with for A VERY PEACEFUL and LOVING,JOYFUL SOBER CHRISTMAS& HOLIDAY and right in to NEW YEAR 2O23 and SAFE TRAVELS AND GOOD HEALTH & ALL NEEDED HEALINGS, JESUS,BLESSED MOTHER MARY,ST.MICHEAL please intercede for each and everyone of us! XO

  17. Dear Lord,
    My prayer intentions are for: the health & happiness of my family & friends; my new marriage; Doug/Brooke/Aidan; Grandpa D & Bev; our grandparents in heaven; Adam & Abbie; Jake & Rhett; Rod & Barbara; Tom; Andrea; Monsignor Brovey; any others that have asked me to pray for them; my career & the tests I have to take; our house hunt that we will soon start; our country to be united; our world to be at peace. I ask all these things in your holy & precious name, Amen <3

  18. Pray for S she may stop drinking pray for C that she will be able to cope and find contentment. Pray for E that she may feel well and out of pain. Thank you.

  19. Anxiety worries doubts fears be lifted from me all the intentions of my and our hearts, in thanksgiving for all answered prayers and prayers to come, all the blessings and blessings to be received, all the promises and promises to be received, all the miracles and miracles to be received, for all the graces & graces to be received I pray for the graces we don’t even know we need, the grace to carry the cross with serenity, no one in family gets COVID all to be healed from COVID all suffering loss of loved ones, all who struggle with addiction, keep us all safe & healthy, dad & mom to rest in peace, Eternal Rest grant unto them I Lord & may Perpetual light shine upon them & all souls of the faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in peace everyday will get better at home at work thru my prayer life and in my prayer life co worker to stop having bad attitude toward other co workers & for all veterans & all who serve & for poor souls in purgatory, Doug continue to pay mortgage me to pay the taxes & insurance, continue to pay my bills & live comfortably Thank you Thank you Thank you full recovery from heart attack for end to coronaviras & to trust in God through all of this be healed, I ask for prayers for all whom pray for me also, thank you the Mayo Ambulance is helping pay my bill, nobody in family gets covid 19 or myself be a good day in thanksgiving thank you that echo cardiogram is good & heart is normal, that neck & blood pressure continue to be better & good continue to be healed spiritual mentally physically & emotionally, phycologically, family togetherness trust & love thank you Doug’s results were good, with Steve & Terri finances, Prayers for Sharon Sandy Tom Steve Julie myself for all our safety & health also all of extended family, for Doug, All to come back to Holy Catholic Church family will stop fighting, thank you test results for medications were good Thank you thank you stop obsessing I pray for Bruce my friend & mechanic, not to worry about taxes & money My deepest sympathies, Eternal Rest Grant unto them Oh Lord and may Perpetual light shine upon them May the souls of the faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in peace Amen stop worrying & obsessing, that’s things will get better at work everything get better at work, stop obsessing over being clean conversion of all our hearts, conversion of all sinners, make the right decisions, eventually QUIT SMOKING protection against evil
    protection against every accident
    quick help with financial difficulties, desperate medical situations and to all who are ill
    the conversion of family members and loved onesq
    protection while traveling
    protection against floods, fires, lightening and tempest
    graces for those searching for the faith not to have a nervous break down, heart attack or stroke, eventually quit smoking live by God’s will to lead us all on the right path, Cathy’s passing, may she rest in peace Amen brother’s MRI & spinal tap will be good in for Dan & Dianna thanksgiving that the praluent will be approved thru insurance for my cholesterol for Fr Gregory’s health all family members & friends to return to Holy Catholic Church not get into trouble for anything
    I surrender everything, I surrender everything Mary, Hubert Gerhard Katie everything work out with car insurance & in thanksgiving house insurance & property taxes were paid All Good be elected into office according to the Catholic faith pro life candidates thanksgiving doctors appointment was good

  20. Continued prayer for peace among men. The world is in need of peace and love in our hearts for each other. Bring families together this holiday season along with communities in the name of love and faith,amen

  21. Please pray that my daughters will find Christ in a big way. That they have an epiphany, a spiritual encounter so powerful that it changes their lives.

    Please pray that my daughter finds homes for her 11 dogs. It’s a matter of health. She has a baby and is a single mom. Her house has an odor she does not smell. She and baby need a healthy environment. I cannot even visit without getting sick. I don’t understand her obsession.

    Thank you!

  22. For peace, love, faith, humility, forgiveness, safety, empathy, understanding, gratitude, openness, wisdom, joy, full provision of all needs, God’s covering & presence, and holiness in all families and all humanity, plus grace for eternal life with God and His Angels and Saints. Amen.

    Thanks be to God, Our loving Creator and Almighty Father.

  23. Praying for healing of cough, voice, sciatica, right toe, skin, panic disorder, nervous system, digestive system, ears eyes, vocation, career, finances. Praying for good health in body, mind, soul, spirit for myself and all members of my family. Praying for protection and salvation of myself and my family. Praise God for always hearing and answering my prayers through the wisdom of His own will. Amen. 🙏

  24. I’m asking for prayers for my 11 year old daughter who is very shy and has no friends. It is so hard to not have a friend at this age. Please send her a godly friendship, and keep her away from bad influences since she is vulnerable. My daughter really wants to be friends with a boy in her class who are also alone,

  25. ~ Mary-Jo and Ten Kaly, sick with COVID.

    ~~ Hadley Walker, (21 month) was recently diagnosed with Langerhan’s Cell Histocytosis, which is a form of cancer that attacks the bones and organs of the body.

    👼🏻 pray for the couples who desire to become parents but struggles with infertility.
    💫 St. Dominic of Silos, patron saint of pregnancy.
    💫 St. Jude Peregrine, Patron Saint for cancer.
    Please intercede for us. Amen 🙏

  26. Please help to heal my marriage, so that my husband and I can find our way back to each other and no longer live like roommates. To be a family again and in love with each other so that our family is whole. Please forgive me for all the mistakes I made for hurting my husband and my children. I really want to be a better mom and wife and what my marriage and family to be healed and whole again. I Want us to be like a married couple in love again! Please 🙏 help because I feel like I’m dying inside a little everyday

  27. Dear Father,thank you for the year 2022,thank you for providing,protecting and forgiving.Thank you for enabling my children Derrick Newton and Joy join university, thank you for providing their college fee,upkeep and money for food,they shall be going back for different levels, Father be their Father,provider and protector.

    Thank you for the gift of your son Jesus,in Him we receive forgiveness, abundance blessings and favors,2023 is our year of prosperity and open doors,am hopeful in you Father, open doors for us.Guide us through,struggles are not my portion,we need money, Father provide for is.AMEN AMEN AMEN

  28. Thank you for praying for
    Cursillo Movement
    Those suffering from addictions and their families
    Those incarcerated and their families
    Ilya Addison White
    Katie Fire Dancing
    Athena Stroud
    Greg Osborne
    Maria Noel
    Briana Racine
    Those suffering from RSV and other illnesses
    Bo (Robert)
    Jodie Anderson
    Charlotte Ann bo
    Olly and Beth Crotty
    Those suffering from Covid
    Health Care Workers
    First Responders
    Vicky English

  29. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Herb’s dad is optimistic about getting us something not pessimistic. I also pray that when I get another meter the number our under 20o so I won’t have to see my doctor. Please answer those prayers.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  30. Fr. Frank Pavone and priests for Life and Pope Francis and the Vatican and bishop priests who are okay with abortion.

  31. Please pray for my son D and his girlfriend B to be married in a Catholic Church and my unborn grandson due in June. And for all expectant mothers. And everyone praying this Novena

  32. Thank you Lord for this season and beyond. Thank you for life, for graces received, for Mercy, for favors. Lord receive our thanksgiving and worship,even as we ask for forgiveness and pardon for the many ways we have hurt You, so deeply! Forgive me, forgive my parents, forgive my husband, forgive my children, forgive my siblings, forgive all Lord. Do not take your holy spirit away from us, give us the Joy and peace that comes from You alone. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  33. Please be with my father who is depressed and in pain. Please be with my brother in law who has cancer, my granddaughter who has anxiety, Bonnie and Anna who have cancer, Brother Steve who has breathing issues. Husband who has MS, son who has colitis, Daughter in law with asthma, . With my son in law to have successful business. Please also be with my mother with her feet and legs. Please be with me so I will find a job and so that I don’t have cancer. Please be with my dental issues also so I don’t have cancer there either. Please be with the poor souls in purgatory so that they will join Jesus in heaven soon. Also Pope Francis and so we will have peace in the world. Thank you for answered prayers ahead of time. GOD IS GOOD. AMEN

  34. Please pray that we will have Hope in my home and the whole world at this Christmas
    Please forgive our sins and help my son Marlon finds a job. Please help my sister-in
    law and her family gets visa for US. We Thank God for All the blessings we received this year and also the end of the year. Jesus stay in our hearts. Thank you in Jesus Name
    Amen. Alleluia 🙏🏼

  35. Most merciful Infant Jesus, I ask for your Divine intervention for my son to be married and have a family. Please remove whatever obstacles are blocking this from happening Amen.
    Also praying for your healing, health and strength, guidance and protection, and your blessings for myself and family Amen.

    Infant Jesus, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  36. My moms short term memory will improve and she won’t forget things as much anymore. And the repeat of her CT of her chest will be good. No problems found.

  37. Please pray for mental/ physical health, continue prosperity, and spiritual/ Physical protection. Also to unite me and my wife and kids sooner than later. Amen

  38. My daughter, Maggie Claire, was born with a heart defect that we didn’t know about until a week after birth. Her organs suffered greatly due to not knowing about the defect. She will need open heart surgery but needs her organs to recover before her little body can withstand the surgery. We are praying that our little girl can be healed completely.

  39. Please pray for my husband- That his heart will be healed from all his past hurt, pain, betrayal & sadness. Jesus please place peace, love, kindness & happiness in his heart. Guide his steps and lead his path to you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  40. Please pray that our only home will not be sold nor foreclosed/auctioned on January 3rd 2023. This is supposed to be a time of celebration and the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am very worried and scared of being homeless with my children. Please help me pray for a miracle that this sale will be cancelled so we can stay in our only home in Jesus name I ask and pray Amen. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and I also pray that God will also grant you your heart desires Amen. Merry Christmas to you and your families.

  41. Please pray that our only home will not be foreclosed. I have been asking for prayers so the loan will be remodified and we will be able to keep and stay in our only home. Please pray that God will soften the heart of the lender and he will have mercy and stop this foreclosure / sale date of January 3rd 2023. Please pray as my heart is in ruins. I am very scared and do not want to lose our only home. This is our only home and I don’t have any where else to go with my children. Your prayers will be highly appreciated. Please pray, as a miracle is needed to stop this sale in Jesus name of Nazareth I ask and pray Amen.

  42. For the unity and continuance of strong family, love and support..
    Jesus Mary and Joseph we pray for your love , guidance and example.

  43. I pray for my son Michael and the wife to have a child. Whatever obstacles that is preventing them from having children, please destroy it with the blood of Jesus. I pray for my son Anthony to have a good soulmate and complete his college education in 2023 in the Mighty name of Jesus. I pray for quick healing of my left knee. Thank you Infant Jesus because i know that you have answered my prayers.

  44. Fr. Nicholas Akindele will have the best candidate to assist him in youth ministry, and other areas of service at Holy Family Church and St. Alphonsus Parish in Davenport, IA.

    For Thomas, son of Samantha and Patrick, who was born on December 12 this year to have good health.

    For all people with mental health issues, suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxieties. May God heal and save them from the evil ones.

  45. please pray for conversions of sinners.

    All people to know and love Jesus as their friend, Lord and Savior. they will recognize Jesus and have relationships with him.

    We all become the best versions of ourselves and grow in holiness.

    Everyone will have a joyous and blessed Christmas.

    For Jeff Snapp and his son Erick to be reunited; they would spend time together.

    For all families and their protections against all enemies.

    Gabriel Morales will find a stable job, a loving wife, and raise a family.

    For Joel Carr to be reunited with his former wife Amy and their children; Joel would be able to pay off his debts.

    For Catharine Flynn and her family, her siblings would return to Jesus, the Church, and follow teachings of the church. Catharine would have good health and find joys and happiness in life.

    Catharine Flynn and I will grow in friendship.

    I’d have the opportunity to talk to a girl at daily Mass whom I find drawn to and attracted.

    I’d have a stable employment / job which will provide incomes to support myself, future girlfriend / wife / life partner / next best friend, and our own children, our own DNAs. I’d get married and live a family life.

  46. Dear Lord Jesus

    Please pray for me so that HD and Haerin will become Christians and let KB have a good job and let AK delivered safely and let God protect my children and I in our jobs in Jesus Christ mighty name amen

  47. Dear master Jesus
    Please pray for me to win my case here and in Freetown and for GL to pass her board exams in Jesus Christ mighty name amen and for my mouth to heal and for my implant to be successful in Jesus Christ mighty name amen

  48. I am asking for prayers for Jerry Melora who is on a ventilator and has been in the hospital for a month. His muscles are paralyzed.

  49. Almighty Father, help us all to end this year well. Hear all our yearly petitions and kindly answer us. Forgive us all our sins, and help us do your will as it should be done. Amen

  50. Praying for the guidance and safetiness of my family.
    Praying for my boyfriend, to stop smoking.
    Praying for me and my boyfriend to get pregnant. And please prepare us.
    Lord, please hear our prayers.

  51. For my son that he remembers who his is and whose love created him. I pray that he comes back to his faith and embraces who he is.

  52. Married 52 long years. We are like oil and water. I’ve been praying for 52 years for God to heal our broken marriage and I’m still waiting. Very discouraged!

  53. For my daughter who is on the autism spectrum and has seizure disorder. She had a seizure and sustained injury to her teeth. Please pray that her teeth heal and if she needs treatment, that she can handle whatever procedure is necessary.

  54. I am praying that my oldest daughter meets a loving young man to share her life with very soon. Lord hear and grant my prayer.

  55. For my daughter to recognize the value of her mother. That my grandson realize the value of mother’s. For me to do all boundaries in my family with love

  56. For the sanctity of my marriage and the unity of my family. For my husband to return to the church, to honor his wedding vows, to abandon his sinful way and be a good role model to his children. For the health of everyone is our family. For my children to know how Christ and remain in his Grace. Thank you and God Bless you!

  57. I pray for a job for my brother in law.
    I pray for my kids to stay on the right path.
    I pray for a godly man in my life.

    Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  58. My daughter, Donesha Morgan for her mental, emotional, spiritual, physical health and her drug addiction. My son, Arsenio Palmer for his mental, physical, and spiritual health. My grandsons, Damani and D’Angelo Mills for them to graduate from high school and keep them safe from all hurt, harm, and danger. That they make the right choices and surround themselves with the right people. For them to pray and ask for Gods help and guidance. Amen 🙏🏾

  59. Dear Jesus please hear my prayers for my family, that each child and parent can be respectful of each other and get along with each one. I pray for peace in each family my son and my daughter. I praise and thank you for hearing my prayers for each family and I thank you for your answer to these prayers. I praise and thank you for all your blessings on my extended family. I love you, Jesus and I thank you for all the wonderful people you have put into my life. Amen.

  60. Please pray for my 11 year daughter to find godly friendships. We have recently moved, and she has been unable to make a new friend. I pray that God will help her find a close friendship with the one boy in grade 6 class who is also alone. My daughter really wants to be his friend. Please keep her away from any bad influences because she is feels lonely.

  61. I pray for all families, my own family, for all members of the clergy, for an end of the year miracle, and for God’s will in my life.

  62. Lord Jesus Mama Mary I consecrate Valentine’s Arun’s Jeevans Jairuss families and families of Vellus siblings to the Eucharist heart of Jesus and to the immaculate heart of Mama Mary and to the divine mercy ark, bless Neha with Bank job govt job bless Nikita to be placed in the best Company of Engeering at Bangalore with high package, bless the interviewers with Holy Spirit gifts fruits charisms of Holy Spirit to select Nikita Neha for the jobs protect us from comitting sins in thoughts words deeds and in dreams, deliver us from cancer and all the ailments of body and mind, deliver us from evil spirits blocks bondages spell curse possession dominion trials tribulations afflictions apparitions infirmities traps of the devil and the demons right now,bless Vellu Judy to be with you always and with our children sons in law and grand children now and always, grant salvation for the departed souls of Mathias andAndrade D’souza family tree and geneology,

  63. Prayer for our office-mate who was hospitalised on 29th November 2022 in hospital and has been on oxygen since then. We thank God for the slight improvement in terms of moving some limbs. We trust God that in His mercy our friend will be healed. We also thank God for guiding all our activities always. AMEN

    I also pray for my brother in law who is undergoing chemotherapy that he trusts in God that he will be healed. AMEN

  64. Heavenly father, I thank you for your mercy and abundant blessings in my life my family and all people in the world.
    I pray that you may grant my children with wisdom, intelligence and breakthrough in their academics.
    My Father, I pray that you open for me a source of income, to enable me meet my children’s basic needs and pay school fees.
    I love you God, and I know you are always with me.
    My savior Jesus Christ will be received by birth as my new job is given to me.
    Thankyou Jesus.

  65. 1. Praying for peace love and joy in my extended family and immediate family.
    2. Praying for the Son Jesus Christ may be born afresh in my soul. Get a deep understanding of the word of God.
    3. Praying for peace in my country Kenya and the whole world at large and especially for peace to prevail in war torn countries.

  66. Please pray for my daughter Olivia Rose. She’s going through teen angst right now and I pray that some day she meets a nice young man, marries & has children while still being close to her faith. Thank you.

  67. I pray desperately for healing of my son’s neck. I pray desperately my niece and her boyfriend pays me the money they owe me today.

    I pray for excellent reports from my mammogram and my annual checkup.

    I pray for a deeper relationship with our God.
    In Jesus name I pray.

  68. Blessed Lord please. Hear our prayers for. Peace throughout. This. World. End. Abortions and. Help us. Learn. To. Love. One. Another. Bless. Us. All. This. Christmas. Season. And. I’m. Praying. For. My. Kids. To. Get. Better. Paying jobs their. Peace and. Happiness. Bless. Me. Also as their. Mother to. Continue on this. Journey with. Them. With. Strenght I pray. For. An. Answer. To all. My. Prayers Amen

  69. For Tyler, for peace in his life, strength to make better choices, hope for better days, understanding to know that this is only temporary, and the knowledge that he is loved beyond his comprehension.

  70. Please pray for health in our families and peace around the world. Pray for Pope Francis and the sick and suffering in the world. Pray for the homeless and those that need jobs. Pray for the poor souls in purgatory so they will rest with the Lord forever. Pray for my father who is sick and has depression, for my brother in law who has cancer, my granddaughter who has anxiety, and everyone else who is sick in our families. Please do not let me have cancer. Please be with my son in law for a successful business. Thank you for answered prayers ahead of time. GOD IS GOOD. AMEN

  71. thank u Jesus for life. i pray for ur involvement in all that concerns me in life. may i get paid for the money that has been paid everybody. fight my battles for me in Jesus name. Amen. i am free and saved. amen. 2023 will be a better year amen.

  72. thank u Jesus for all u ve done. i pray for divine healing and many more lucks as i achieve my goal in Jesus name.Amen.

  73. i thank God for all he has done for me. i pray he blesses me in this new year. for divine healing and that all that is owed to me mayb paid in Jesus name. thank you Jesus for answered prayers in Jesus name. Amen.

  74. i thank God for his blessings. i beg him for divine healing and pray that all my bills will be paid to me. and that he fights all my battles for me in Jesus name. Amen. thank you Jesus.

  75. Prayers for blessings for good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers to help our daughter with her anxiety.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in the world.

  76. Lord hear my prayer I pray that even if there is Housing open they can put me on the waiting list but not move right away that we can wait 6-9 months and that we can save our money. I also pray that when I get a new meter the blood is under 200 and normal. I also pray that my printer gets fixed today. Please answer those prayers.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  77. I am requesting for your prayers do that God can help me pass my exams in January 12th. Pray for me that he may grant me understanding as I study for the exam. Thank you

  78. Please pray for my husband good report sll pressuee diabetes normal. Remove addiction of drinkibg and smoking. Peace at home. Blessy son with permanent job good health and simple partner. Heal me of sickeness and successful hernia surgery. God bless and bring peace in my family.

  79. I am praying for my grandchildren protection from the evil deeds as their mother moved them from the church and took them to a unknown church and they are not happy with what is going on there.They are all under 15 years so they cannot be allowed to make a choice..Lord help them and protect them as this could be a cult.

  80. Kindly pray for me to get e a financial breakthrough
    I hve been living in e debts. I try to break away but every time something comes up. I feel stuck n stagnant