Talks to help you heal, move forward and grow closer to Christ

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St. John Paul II said that suffering is almost inseparable from man’s earthly existence. At times, suffering can lead you closer to Christ. And at other times, it can seem to lead you further away from Him.

We’ve been working on our next online retreat to help steer you closer back to Him, who is the Divine Healer.

It’s called The Pray More Healing Retreat!

It’s like a do-it-yourself retreat, but you’re not doing alone — we’re doing it with you!

We hope you’ll join us. 🙏 🤗🙏

You can learn more, see all the topics, watch a preview, and sign up for the retreat at

Here are the Healing Retreat Speakers:

You can look through all the topics they’re covering here.

The retreat begins on August 5th!

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  1. Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer. I am in the middle of financial difficulties. I prayed for a path to become available to me and a door opened.

  2. St. Monica I am praying for my two brothers , both of whom have fallen away from the Church. One is an alcoholic and the the other is currently sitting in jail for drug possession . I pray that they both realize the damage that they are doing to themselves and their families. Please ask the Lord to bless , guide and strengthen them and that there be a turnaround in their lives . This I pray in Jesus name . Amen

  3. Please pray for Candice and Daniel marriage. May their love grow and protect them from all negative temptation.
    We invite GOD in our couple.

  4. I lost my daughter to the Party of Death, BLM, and Marxism. I’ve been praying to Dorothy Day who is Servant of God to Social Justice Warriors and converted Marxists in the hope she will realize all she needs is the gospels not these leftists. But maybe St. Monica would be better. I’ve been praying for my 2 siblings with gender dysphoria to convert and it’s been decades longer than 15 years. Still no action yet. I have St. Monica beat in terms if longsuffering.

  5. Good morning , John-Paul and Annie,
    I have registered for the retreat, received an email confirming my registration and payment, then received an email informing me it would start that day,
    Wednesday 5th and the retreat material would follow the same day.
    So far,Sunday 9th, no material has arrived.
    Sorry to trouble you, but I’m keen to start and you are usually so prompt, I thought my email address may have somehow slipped out of the system.
    God Bless.

  6. Dear God,

    Thank you for guiding me to find this retreat especially in this uncertain time.
    I hope that through this retreat I can heal my soul and get closer to you.

    I would also hope that you can help heal my father who is still recovering from his stroke; help him to find your present. Please heal him not only physically but also spiritually.

    Thank you!

  7. Dear Jesus and Mary, thank you that my husband has been offered a position in the department he has wanted to work.

    Please help him to make the right decision about switching jobs at this time.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.