St. Joseph Novena 2014!

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St. Joseph NovenaWe are excited to announce the next novena we will pray is the Novena to Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary!

Saint Joseph is a very powerful intercessor!

We will begin praying on March 10th — that’s less than one week away! So be sure to share this novena with all of your friends and family before then.

They can sign up to pray with us HERE.

We’re praying for you!

God bless you!
John-Paul & Annie –

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  1. Please pray for me and my husband Chet to get a Loan modification from our mortgage company with a 2% fixed interest, forgive all debts and mortgage cut in half. pray for favor with the
    underwriter. Thank You! J.S.N AND I.C.N.

  2. Thank you for a miraculous sign that my almost impossible prayer is finally going to be answered!! I’ve been praying to St Therese, St Joseph and St Andrew. And last week in one of my daily tv shows I watch. A statue of St Therese and St Joseph appeared!! The actor in the show went into a hospital chapel and yes these 2 statues were there! Then in same show yes-one of the characters last name is Andrews and they mentioned her full name. If these are not signs my prayer was heard and is going to be answered I don’t know what is. Thank you!!

  3. Lord, Jesus, St. Anthony, St. Sebastian and all the Saints,
    Thank you for listening to my prayers the past 5 days. May I ask that you help the weather cooperate for our special, momentous events this weekend. Particularly Friday and Saturday. I praise you and celebrate you always. Amen

  4. I first participated in the St Joseph Novena, and was praying that we find a house and that our house would sell.
    I also prayed the St Pio Novena, specifically for our family to put God first, draw closer to God and to each other, and that our house would sell, and we would find one to buy.
    Today we are closing the deal on a purchase, and on a sale! Praise God! Thank you, Saints Joseph and Pio for your intercession.

  5. I pray for the forgiveness of my sin.
    I pray for restoration and reconciliation in all areas of my life.
    I pray for divine grace, mercy and favor upon me and my household.
    I pray God provides us a befitting home.
    I pray God meets my siblings and folks at there point of need.
    I pray for relevance and divine grace and favor at my place of work (WHCPT).
    I pray and declare i shall find divine favor in the eyes of JOHN BOSCO ADEGBOLA O of SBL Oregun.
    I pray divine grace never departs from me.
    I pray for peace, and tranquility all over the world in Jesus Christ name Amen.

    Thank you Almighty God for answering my prayers.

  6. Our foreclosure had been cancelled during the course of this novena. Now St. Joseph is interceding for a just settlement of our home, either mortgage negotiation or short-sale.
    Have confidence that God will answer sincere prayer! Thank you St. Joseph!

  7. The intense peace and joy I have found through these few novenas I have prayed with you is incredible! These are such powerful prayers. It also amazes me how often the specified intention is the need weighing on my heart at the time! Thank you for uniting us in these prayer reminders and thank you everybody, for the praying!

  8. By the 3rd day of this Novena our house, that had been on the market for nearly a year, was in contract. Our family will be together again after 2 years. By the 5th day we had found a home in a nice neighborhood very close to the church. Thank you St. Joseph. God is good!

  9. I prayed this novena for my boyfriend who have depression ever since he moved to this new place. He had depression before, and he’s afraid that it might come back again. I think he’s getting better now, we have to face it and fight it together, and still are, but as long as we’re together, and with the help of our Lord, I’m sure we’re both will be better, and coming out of this depression.

  10. On March 8th, before the novena started we received our forclosure letter in the mail.

    We started making phone calls and I’m happy to say, on the Solemnity, the VA called and said they had convinced the mortgage company to offer a loan modification and deferment of some of the payments. Today, Friday, we received the phone call from the mortgage company saying the paperwork is in process.

    To people who doubt prayer, this is two novenas now where great thing have happened to me and others around me that prayed them.

    Praise be to God, for through Him, all is possible.

  11. Glory be to Jesus! On the feast day of St. Joseph, my Prayer request was granted. My husband has been awarded a Contract after months of suffering due to lack of money. I am so happy. Thank you St. Joseph! i cant wait for the next novena. Pls be encouraged to pray the Novenas, they work!!! God bless you all!

  12. On the great feast of Saint Joseph, I received word that we reached an agreement on the sale of my mothers home. Although she didn’t have much, she left it to me and my children and all of them need their share for things that are important to them. Thank you Saint Joseph. Now how about that other part of my special novena intention?

  13. Thank you John Paul and Anne for your ministry of prayer . Upon completeing the prayers yesterday I felt a great sense of peace lnowing that all of our prayers are answered. I now only need the humility and patience of St. Joseph to wait for Jesus’ will to unfold. Have a great feast day! Buona festa! San Giuseppe

  14. Thank you for this website. I just joined today, which unfortunately happens to be the last day of your novena to St. Joseph. I was searching the net for prayers for employment, and thank God, I discovered your website.

    Late though it may be, please include my husband and I in your prayers. We are both 49 years of age, and both unemployed. My husband lost his job way back 2012 because of new management. I, on the other hand, went for voluntary early retirement hoping to start a business of my own. Unfortunately, it was not a success, and my retirement money is already depleted. To date, we are both looking for gainful employment in order to financially support our family (we have 3 sons and 1 daughter).

    Please help us pray for employment and financial security. Our search for jobs have been long and frustrating, maybe because of our age. Most employers look for younger people.

    Thank you for accepting me in this prayer community.

  15. I pray for the woman I love…that she find a job that will provide enough to help her and her family. She needs a job as soon as possible! Thank you, God, and thank you all for your prayers!

  16. I will like for you guys to pray for me for a nice gentleman that can be my husband. And that I can spend the rest of my life with. Someone that will respect me and that loves me for who I am.

  17. I will like to pray for a Beautiful & Spirit-filled Lenten season experience this year. Also praying for good health of mind, soul and body for myself and my family especially my Mum who is on admission in the hospital for complete healing of the migraines and back aches that have been troubling her for a long time now and also praying against any form of stroke or heart disease/condition, that the root cause will be found and treated once and for all in Jesus name. Praying also for financial breakthrough in my place of work. I believe I am there for a purpose and it shall come to pass as God wills and in His words, He promised that “a labourer is due his wages” and that “by the labour of our hands we shall eat” and also “a lazy man shall not eat”. God sees all and will fight this battle for me in Jesus name. Also praying against any form of oppression in my place of work and for the right Heads to emerge and take care of everything accordingly. Also praying for emotional breakthrough; to be located by my rightful life partner and to be directed by the Holy Spirit to be at the right place at the right time and with the right person and to also be prepared and to be the right person too. For spiritual growth and a better and complete understanding of the manifestations and dreams and for Family foundations (Divine intervention). For forgiveness and Thanksgiving. For my helpers. For focus on God this year and His special favours that what is for me and my family and friends this year will not pass us by in Jesus name. Amen!

  18. John-Paul & Annie I have joined Catholic to find a God loving husband & would like prayers that my man picker is a good loving person. Thank You. Holly

  19. My prayer request has been answerred through the Novenas for me to find the person that God has for me to marry. I beleive that I have found this. It has been a long time coming. I am engaged now, We are set to marry in the next 2 months but there have been MANY conflicts during this time. His family has now begun to quarrel and try to stir things up between us. I now need desperately an answer from The Lord to now come to a mutual agreement to postpone this marriage ( IF THIS IS THE RIGHT PERSON FOR ME) or to quickly FIND THE ROOT CAUSE OF HIS BEHAVIOR AND OUR ISSUE AT HAND so we may move forward in the next 2 months to marry, BUT in complete and totally divine PEACE and JOY. I pray that God will silence the enemy that works through anyone that does not mean us well. I pray that NO weapon formed against us will prosper. I pray we will be wise to recognize the enemys attempts to stop what I feel God has put together. Please give us a decision this week.

  20. Please pray for me on my current job. I am 59 and my job is overwhelming and at times stressful. I want to retire from banking by the time I am 62 or 65. Continue to help to stay focus with no written warnings. So my manager can see I am a good employee and I do value the great customer service. Thank you

    • Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and You who are in all instances of my life with me, I want to thank You for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with You and my loved ones in Your perpetual glory. Amen

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      (a) To publish this prayer or
      (b) To circulate the favor

      This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, the request will be granted, no matter how difficult it may be.

  21. John-Paul and Annie,

    Thanks so much for this beautiful novena reminder. I have forwarded it to all in my email list with the following invitation:

    In our vocation as wives, mothers, sisters, fathers, it is so important that we pray for those “St. Joseph’s” in our lives. Those men we know who are trying to live their lives as men of God. What a beautiful example St. Joseph is to us of real manhood. Real men are protectors of their families. They have great humility and understand that it’s not “all about them” as our culture tries to teach them. Real men lead their families to God. Real men work hard to support their families. They do all this and more with love and devotion. We must pray very hard for the men in our lives because they are bombarded with images and things in our culture that want to draw them away from this beautiful vocation. Please consider praying the following simple novena over the next nine days for all the “St. Joseph’s” in your life. Please pray especially for those who are not living up to the call. This site
    has been a wonderful resource for me. I don’t pray every novena John-Paul and Annie send to me, but, I do pray most of them because they make it so simple — they send a email reminder each day with the prayer for the day and I love the intentions that they write. If you would like to receive the novena the next eight days, go to and sign up.

    I will be praying this novena for my wonderful husband, son and son-in-law the next nine days. They are all men of deep integrity and love and I will ask the Lord to strengthen them and help them to persevere and draw closer to His heart.

    Thanks so much for all you do John-Paul and Annie to draw us closer to the Lord.

  22. I need prayer that God would show me where to get a job as I need employment really bad and pray God would lead me to the job that He would have made I have.

  23. dear breathren please pray for me against any form of anxiety, incurable and terminal sickness in my life. I cover my body soul and spirit with the blood of jesus christ
    I will be going for a major health check up on the 24th of this month. ..please pray for me that everything goes well and I get a good result. thank you in jesus name.