St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

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st. joseph novena

Tomorrow begins the novena to St. Joseph, Husband of Mary. This is a great novena and I hope you will join us in praying for all the husbands of the world!

I’m really looking forward to this novena because St. Joseph is amazing and because husbands are such an important part of the family which is such an important part of society. Wouldn’t the world be so different if we had more husbands like St. Joseph?

Let’s pray for greater purity, strength, holiness and grace for husbands everywhere!

If you have any specific prayer intentions you can post them below in the comment section. They will be publicly visible so that myself and others will be able to pray for them.

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  1. I would like to ask for prayer for my son so that he can find a stabled job. I would also like to ask for prayer for my partner that he gets help with the drinking issues he has and that he can become a great father to his children and a better man for myself. I ask that he and I become closer as we use to be before he started drinking. that he gets his life back on track. I’m also asking for prayers for all the kinds and adults that are battling cancer. please also pray for myself that I get a better position at my current job. amen

    Thank you

  2. St Joseph intercede for my brother and I in prayer. We are looking for employment . I also ask you to pray for me I’m looking for a Godly husband.

  3. Hello everyone? i kindly request as we start the Novena of St.Joseph, please pray with me for stable marriage, i want to start my own business and be my own boss(God to expand my territories) and above all to watch over my kid and family.Amen.

  4. Please keep my partner faithful to me. Keep him whole and keep him close. Please forbid him to stray from me. Shall he love me as much as I love him. If we are not meant to be married help us to find a way out. Shall we spend a wonderful lifetime together. Amen.

  5. I ask for prayers for my son
    who was in an accident his name is Roberto Luis he has trauma to his left side arm and lost a lung and ribs, please St Joseph intercede for a good recovery for his 9 months child who needs him. Thank you, Dora

  6. St. Joseph husband of Mary. I have started this novena and am doing it devoutly, kindly help me as I am 35 years old this year in need of a husband, let my result be released in a good condition to enable me get a job, I implore you patron of workers and guardian of the Holy family kindly come to my aid through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

  7. Dear Saint Joseph,

    Please keep my partner faithful to me. Keep him whole and keep him close. Please forbid him to stray from me. Shall he love me as much as I love him. Shall we spend a wonderful lifetime together. Amen.

  8. Dear St Joseph, I am a 33yr old single female, fast approaching 34yrs. I am filled with loneliness, worry and anxiety. I earnestly seek and need a husband like you St Joseph. A spouse-a husband with the qualities of Jesus and yourself. I am a professional sinner to say the least. I have attracted the wrong type of men and I no longer desire such men. I seek and need a husband, a life-partner like you. I sincerely ask you to help me in finding a husband like yourself as I yearn to have a close-knit, faithful, humble and prosperous family like the Holy Family. I desire a successful, faithful and happy marriage free from neglect, violence and abuse. I am also unemployed and in need of a miracle as I have gone on downward spiral financially and pretty much broke. I am without skills and qualifications, dear St Joseph please assist me.

  9. Saint Joseph husband of Mama Mary I do ask an help to you. I am already 36 years old but I ‘m still single.Saint Joseph I ask you to please help me pray that and my boyfriend will have a time to talk about marriage because I want to have now my own family.please saint Joseph as a catholic women I want to have a blessed married.please saint Joseph hear my prayer.amen

  10. please my humble request we pray to our lord to bring all families together as one family starting with mine
    i also ask that you pray with me so us to get a good source of income to take care of my family

  11. Hi
    I want to request that during this time of prayer. You may help me pray for my husband who has been looking for work for the last three years but hasn’t been successful. I want to believe God to provide employment. I also want to pray that God guides his every move so that he does not end up in debts. Thank you.

  12. I hereby request that you would pray for me that i would find the right man. I am a single mother of one daughter. I desire to have another child but not outside marriage.

    Kindly pray with and for me that a christian man would come my way. One who would love and equally respect my daughter who longs for a father figure in her life. A need i cannot wholly satisfy.

    Amen to what you pray.

  13. I pray to St Joseph to bring my beautiful family back together. I thank him for all the graces and blessings that was given us.

  14. i pray to st.joseph to guide me for finding a good husband that we love and respect each other that we receives a shower of blessing in our life.
    and also to my parent,brother,sister and me give us all a good health and good life.espicially my papa please help him to have abundance harvest of his farm and so my 2 brother who has a farm also.please help us to overcome this crisis of our life make us all you lord this all i pray amen.

  15. I pray that St. Joseph touch my heart and mind for discernment, That he may not allow that event to happen if it is not really meant to be. I pray also for my parent’s health.. thank you St. Joseph..

  16. Please pray for me and my husband to be reunited again together with my daughter and be able to have a simple but happy family. My daughter also wants his father back.

  17. I am praying for St Joseph to intercede huge debt relief while my husband has left me and my handicap son with no ins, no money no car or home. My brother is taking on alot while I have no job, God bless Dennis ,and so many that are helping us during this difficult time.If it be he will of God please grant my petition.My dear Lord Jesus there is so much to pray for and be thankful for please guide this family through this storm Amen.I add my prayers to all the needs of everyone posting here also.God Bless you all.

  18. Please intercede for me St. Joseph. I pray that my husband will be faithful. that he finally get over an past relationship that didn’t have a formal closure. I hope he loves me and our child fervently that we may be able to have a simple and happy family.

  19. please pray for my voccation in life.
    i have done my MSc Biotechnology – looking for good job in Pharma companies

  20. Hello – Please prayer for my family who has endured so much in life……I pray for God’s
    grace for my love ones, now and forever. Thank you dear sweet Lord Jesus.
    God bless you !
    Thank you !

  21. Dear St. Joseph please intercede for me so that I may find a wonderful, loving, handsome, faithful husband, soon, that I can be happy with and have a family with, please intercede for me St. Joseph

  22. Please intercede for me, St. Joseph, that I may be blessed with a good, loving, down-to-earth husband with a kind and generous heart and a sense of humor. Please intercede for me, St. Joseph, that this person will respect my values and morals and that I might meet him very soon!

  23. I routinely pray to St. Joseph for my son-in-law and for my son (that he’ll be able to find a job and a spouse), but I’d like to add my husband to this novena.