This Saint does the Impossible! The Next Novena!

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St Jude NovenaOur next novena is to a saint who does the impossible.

In fact, that’s what he’s known for… answering impossible prayers!

He’s the patron of hopeless, lost and impossible causes…

He is Saint Jude!

The St. Jude Novena is also one of THE most popular novenas of all. Why?

Well, I think it’s because he does the impossible!

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We’re very hopeful God will hear & answer many prayers during this St. Jude Novena!

But if your prayer isn’t answered, don’t give up… Here’s a good reflection on Unanswered Prayers, from Annie over at Catholic Wife, Catholic Life!

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  1. please i need your prayers for me and my husband, we almost 10 years now in our marriage but still without a child. we are trying and trying, but still not yet possible. please pray for me and my husband. Amen

  2. Please pray for me.please help me st.jude you are most precious apostle in the god.pllease solve the all problems in my life and bless my life.his parents accept our relationship and he will marry me.we can’t live without us.please help me and pray for me

  3. I prayed the St Jude novena for my husband to get a better job so he could provide for the family. He just did and will be starting this month. ..the new pay is 4 times his old salary. Thank you St. JUDE.

  4. I strongly believe all imposibilities are posible with God. Saint JUde u are the closest apostle to Jesus. Am hopeless and alone help me the sitiation that i am and to get over it soonest. In the mighty name of jesus christ i pray Amen.

  5. I thank God for my everyday life and all that I have. May God help me especialy in this trying time. There are so many things happening to me trials and temptations but i know with God everything is possible.

    Lord son of God pray for me a sinner.

  6. Why is there NO way to reach anyone at PMN??? This is the 5th day and still no novena for the last 3 days. Are you checking these comments??

  7. Please pray for my family. We are in need of a miracle. My husband is involved in a business deal going sour and we could lose everything. The deal is with a prominent Catholic family but they have no mercy for us. We have three kids- 4, 2, and a baby.

  8. Love St. Jude, always attended a Wed night novena at our church where we had a first class relic. But, did not get my Day 3 Novena yesterday and would like to make a complete Novena, If you could re-post I’d appreciate it. Thank you, Cheryl