Our Next Novena: For Impossible Causes

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Our next novena is to a saint who does the impossible.  

That’s seriously what he’s known for — answering impossible prayers!

He’s the patron of hopeless, lost and impossible causes… 

It’s St. Jude :)

We will start praying the St. Jude Novena on Tuesday, October 19th. We’re looking forward to seeking St. Jude’s intercession with you.

You can share your prayer intentions with us all below in the comments – we’re praying for you!

Saint Jude was one of Jesus’ twelve original apostles. He is also known by the name Thaddeus, which means sweetness and gentleness of character.

Saint Jude followed Jesus faithfully until His crucifixion, and then later worked on evangelization.

Very little is known about his life, but we do know that he died as a martyr — some say around 65AD, giving his life to Jesus Christ.

He is now one of the most invoked saints for intercession in desperate situations because his New Testament letter stressed the importance of a faithful person persevering in the environment of harsh circumstances.

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. I pray to get out of debt completely-be in a position of financial independence and take care of my family the way they deserve

  2. I pray in thanksgiving for a deeper relationship with God. I truly desire to know, love and serve God more. I want to live a life that is ultimately sold out to God and his Gospel.

    I pray for resolution of my relationship with Solomon,for the salvation of his soul and for marital breakthrough.

    For divine intervention in my family, that we might truly put our differences aside and live in love henceforth.

    For divine intervention in my businesses and career.

    For success in my Chevening application.

    For wisdom to live right and raise children who will know and love God.

    For all round success for my family.

    For the repose of my father’s soul and all other souls in purgatory.

    For every other intention in this novena.

  3. I have a impossible situation that I need God to work out.
    My sales goal is way down. I am in need of 6 more by next week and I need a miracle and so does my team. Which includes 2 more PDR.. Jesus knows. Please pray. I’m believing God for a miracle.
    All of us are struggling. Also there is a witch working against us and doing ungodly things. Pray for my grandbaby A who may be a little delayed in things. Pray over her mind that this not autism.

  4. I pray my mum and dad stick around long enough to see my kids and me succeed.i pray for me to get a good job and leave my retrenchment behind me.i pray my husbandeaves his alcohol
    After so many years of us all suffering , and gets a good job to look after me and our kids.
    I pray for peace in my and family life please for kids .
    I pray my mum gets to talk to me again.

  5. Healing of my illnesses: glaucoma, thyroid nodules, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteopenia, gastrointestinal problems, and protection from cancer. My niece good health and my nephew return to catholic faith. Thank you.

  6. Healing prayers for Sus Kadar, Geoffrey Crann, Mike Profido, Michael Palumbo, Denise Thibault, Veronica Fdz Burgos, Christine Jacobs, Cathy Roy, Patricia Lane.

    Prayers for a successful training and passing certification for my son, DC3.

    Prayer for my daughter to have a successful family weekend that she has worked so hard beginning today.

    Pray for a happy death for Marianna Latronico

  7. That my ovaries be saved and that my husbands blood be ok. That we be able to conceive our baby. That I give birth to my baby and that I may raise my baby to be a good human that believes in God and his love & compassion.

    Thank you God! Thank you St. Jude

  8. Dear St Jude,
    Your love and faithfulness to Jesus inspires me to pray even harder. I ask you to intercede with Jesus to help my husband to come closer to God’s goodness, to learn and embrace forgiveness and healing from life’s injustices he has experienced. I know this is on God’s time, and I see positive changes in him every day. One day I hope to have him at my side at Mass, and loving God above all things. He as he has the capability of deep love, as he is always doing good deeds and giving of himself for others.
    Thank you in love of God.

  9. Please pray for my grief losing my Husband. Also, for my Sons that they will become closer to me, and their lives will become better.

  10. That I remain pure in mind, body and soul. That I and all my children and their families and loved ones do God’s Will and Save their souls. Amen

  11. Please pray that my husband and I can come up with the money to keep our house from foreclosure . We are trying so hard but the bank doesn’t want to work with us. I’ve been praying for a year and the bank still won’t help us out
    Please ask the Lord to show me a way to keep my house
    Thank you.God bless all of you.

  12. Dear St Jude

    Here to express my thanks for the 6 months contract signed today. Truly grateful for your intercession. I continue to pray for good performance and contract extension to at least 2 years. Amen


  13. Thank you St. Jude. My prayers were answered in a major way. Soon I will return to work with full benefits. It’s been a long four years without insurance and an income. I didn’t extended unemployment nor stimulus checks. I needed them. God held me down. Now I am waiting on a start date to be set.

  14. My Health Issues Safety and well being of my children especially my youngest son I pray to the Lord and St Jude invoke your help

  15. Prayers for blessings of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby for our daughter till term.
    Please help her with her anxiety during pregnancy.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues especially my niece and Drew sister.
    Prayers for an end to this pandemic.
    Thank you 🙏

  16. A serious relationship with someone ready to love me fight for me care for and support me 🙏🙏
    Financial breakthrough
    Success in my academics
    St Jude intercede for me 🙏

  17. Praying to God for success in my final exams.
    That I may write and have no reason to come back for a resit.

  18. Dearest St. Jude,
    Today is your feast day and I am most thankful for your powerful intercession. I thank and praise Our Dear Lord for answering some of my prayers providing peace and comfort to me. I continue to pray for your intercession as I await for the Lord’s response to my other intentions in His time.

    I have truly enjoyed praying this St. Jude novena and will continue to repeat it as it has helped me in many ways to pray to St. Jude through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Jesus I trust You, Jesus I love You, and Jesus I thank You for Your Blessings.
    St. Jude, I humbly thank you for bringing me even closer to Our Almighty God.
    Pray for me St. Jude! 🙏🙏

  19. Lord hear my prayer I pray that when Herb calls Conviva today that they have section 8 applications and that they can either mail them or we can go pick them up. I pray real hard that they have them. I also pray that they did not run out of them. I also pray that I can see Carol tomorrow and that Kristy calls me sometime today. I also pray that when we call Samantha on Monday she is still there and that she still works there and she has something and that I can work the hrs between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. only and that’s it.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen

  20. Pray for the convention of A. Pray that my Son build a prayerful,pray for knowledge, wisdom,understanding and success in his education. St Jude pray that my Son be obedient and humble,pray that he get serious with his education. St Jude pray that my faith and trust in God grow stronger,pray that I will be blessed with a source of finance to be able to pay for my medicals and needs. Pray for all the intentions of those who are praying the pray more novena and also for the founders.

  21. Please pray that my cancer does not spread.

    For my son to meet his future wife soon

    That my daughter moves back to Ohio very soon

  22. Financial Breakthrough. I am so depressed and lonely. I fear, I am so scared. I always make the wrong decisions. What Dr.Austin said to me about my health that I have not been able to share with anyone one.

  23. Pray that my family is happy and well. May my son get a good job and find a woman to share his life with. For my finances, help with my depression and spouse. Amen. St Jude you have always come thru for me.

  24. I offer up my own lifelong struggle with mental illness and feeling like I will never be consistently happy. I pray for my parents and their health, that my mum will be healed of very serious mental illness, that my dad will be granted the best health possible. I pray for the health, wealth and wellbeing of my sister and brother, and the needs of those I know who need prayers at this name. In Jesus name, Amen. St.Jude, Pray For Us.

  25. Dear Blessed St Jude, I ask for your help in these matters I bring before you:
    Healing for Michael, Cassius from anxiety. Healing for Veronica and a home o her own. Amen.

    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen

  26. St. Jude please heal my terrible back pain! Heal me and my 2 adult kids and all my loved ones(K,A,J&J,R,M,M,M,R& all our animals and all animals& sick people! I give You all my intentions& prayers! Please answer everyone’s prayers on this novena!A special prayer for my son this week at work for safety! Help our new neighbors on both sides of us quiet down& stay quiet! ThankYou St. Jude! Protect me& my loved ones from all sickness,disease,viruses,infections,evil minded people,harm&danger,violence and all evil! To Jesus,Blessed Mother,St. Joseph&all the warring& arch Angels,St. Micheal! XO

  27. Thank you Saint Jude for all that you have done for me and my relationship with Ethan. You truly are a miracle worker. Thank you for interceding my prayers.

  28. My life is quite messed up right now and I’m trying to make it right, long story short. I’m having feelings for a man who is a friend. I would like to be more then friends but still keeping things right with God. I think he feels the same way. But he worries it’ll ruin our friend ship. So I keep quiet about my feelings. But keep praying the tide will change . If it is God’s will. God knows the unique circumstances and I turn it over to him often . I would like a future with my friend. And we’re not young. But I feel genuine love for him

  29. Please pray that my husband and I will not lose our jobs during this time as we are in financial troubles. Kindly help me to be diligent, accurate and with ease doing my job. Please protect us in any harm and danger.In the Mighty Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!!Amen🙏🙏🙏🙏

  30. 1. Successful marriage of my daughter, Ann Marie. 2. Timely arrival of all of Ann’s marital materials.
    3. Peace and reconciliation in my broken marital relationship with my wife.
    4. Divine guidance and protection for me and my family members. relatives and associates.
    5. Healing mercy for all my sick family members, relatives and associates.
    6. Protection against Covid – 19 Virus and all other deadly diseases and accidents for me and my family members, relatives and associates.
    7. The grace to live holy and pure lives for me and my family members and associates.

  31. I pray for the health and safety of my family. I also pray to have a stable, fulfilling, and rewarding job where I can add real value and feel valued and recognized.

  32. I have Mesothelioma, asking Our Lord, Jesus Christ to give me more time. I will accept this cup, I just want more time to be with my family. My wife needs 2 more surgeries, hip replacement and foot surgery. Also my sweet grandson’s father in not in the picture, which is a good thing. I am his father figure. Just more time, I accept this death and deserve it.
    God bless all of you.

  33. Please pray for me to pass my exam and get my PIN, and let this pandemic vanished! People will unite and have faith in God

  34. Dear St Jude, please pray with me for my son in law, who has a job interview tomorrow. Please pray for a job offer , and thank you for the intercession.

  35. Praying that our new office, started by my husband and I, may be flooded with clients that we may begin earning this month. Also Praying for good health and healing over my children. And that we may get a suitable nanny to take care of our children.

  36. Praying for me to love and understand Gods words lord teach me to know you better Amen.
    Praying for all my intentions in this novena🙏 Prayer to St Jude that my house to be sold and my financial breakthrough at home to be answered🙏im proclaiming it in your holy name.
    My sons for better jobs and blessings upon them going forward.
    My daughter and her husband may sort out there problem in communication and trust protect my grandchildren amen. Thanking god for. Everything Amen.

  37. Prayers for mental healing and perseverance for my son. He suffers from anxiety and depression. Over the last 2.5 years he has suffered many losses of friends and family. It is hitting him very hard.

  38. Miracle healing for my Mom! Swallowing ability to come back, Eyesight to be restored and all other physical issues restored to normal.

  39. St. Jude, I pray that may you intercede for my son Mark.
    “God, I ask that You will open Mark’s eyes, so he will turn from darkness to light, and from the power of satan to your power.”
    “Lord, please help Mark, to submit to You and resist the devil so he will flee from him”
    “God, I ask that You will put a new Spirit in Mark, soften his hard heart and make it a tender one so he will obey You and walk in Your ways.”
    “Father, thank you for the promise that my faithful work will be rewarded and that You will bring Mark back from the enemy.”
    In Jesus’ Mighty Name….Amen

  40. Saint Jude I pray for a quick intercession for my husband to be promoted and posted to the city we want to relocate too. I pray for a season of new friendships for my family. Amen

  41. I am requesting healing prayers fir myself. I had an MRI of my back as I can hardly walk because of my nerves in my legs are being pinched. The MRI also showed a cysts on my pancreas. I have a Drs. appointment with a back/spinal Dr. tomorrow to determine the course of action. Please pray that the cyst is not cancerous & the Dr. can determine what is causing the pain in my back & legs. Please, please pray for my complete healing in Jesus’ name. AMEN

  42. St Jude please interceed that I can fully let go and forgive the traumas of the past and be a woman of hope. Amen

  43. Dear st Jude friend of Jesus please help my cousin Rita to get well soon. Please help everyone from corona virus and give them peaceful life Please help everyone’s intentions in the prayer group thanks st Jude pray for us

  44. Prayer for my children to be healthy and safe. To also protect my husband and guide him especially on hard days at work. To help me at work when caring for the mentally ill.

  45. Prayer intention for our father Romeo Quiambao for complete healing
    And please keep our family, relatives and friends safe at all times and be spare from the covid 19 virus.
    Complete healing to all sick people

  46. Dear St Jude on this last day of our novena am asking that u help me intercede for my child’s school fees, she will not be allowed in school tomorrow because of non payment of fees. I am a single mom and currently not working.i am in desperate need of financial breakthrough and believing God for a miracle. Also praying for her father who is an alcohol addict: and womanizer hence making him irresponsible.

  47. Help my husband to get out of situation he is in with another woman who is a psychopath..Pray for her to realize what she is doing is very wrong.Pray for me to make it thru this horrible situation.

  48. Dear St. Jude, thank you for this gift of prayer. Thank you for the opportunity to complete this novena. On this 9th day, I pray for the gift of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I pray that you help me win all my court cases if it is God’s will. Please pray for me for financial assistance. I need money to go and visit my mother. Please pray for healing for my mother. Please bless my husband with a good job. Please bless my children and help them in there struggles. Please grant us peace in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord, amen. I pray for peace in the whole world. Help the leaders to do the right things for the people under ther care in Jesus’s name amen.

  49. Please pray for the healing of my prodigal husband and his relationship with God and for the healing of my family. Please pray for my legal situation and it’s a possibility. Please pray for favor for my attorney and anyone dealing with my case and please pray for mediate severing of the relationship between my husband and his attorney and her favor in the court system. Pray for my court date and it disappeared and become. Please pray that I am improve and find the motivation to work on myself and work on being better Please pray my entire family is healing and Garrett finds his place in the world and please pray for hope and help I don’t know about and things going on behind the scenes. Thank you

  50. Prayers for blessings of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby for our daughter till term.
    Please help her with her anxiety during pregnancy. Special blessings for good news today at doctors office.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues especially my niece and Drew sister.
    Prayers for an end to this pandemic.

  51. Lord hear my prayer I pray that next Wednesday that they are Section 8 applications in Conviva and that Samantha calls either Friday or next Monday. I also pray that I can see Carol on Friday and that Kristy calls me tomorrow to remind me.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  52. St. Jude please intercede for my son Tyler to help in stop drinking and get his life back. Help him get the job he has interview for today. Help him stay sober and get his problems under control so he can have a sober, happy life. Please all send prayers to him. Thank you St Jude and everyone for prayers.

  53. Bless the homeless, sick and suffering. give comfort to their thoughts and lead them to a safe place for shelter and food. Bless all families and keep them together in love.

  54. For my son…his anxiety and depression, that he knows how dearly loved he is and how important he is. For peace and comfort for his mind and heart and an ability to focus and care about school and improvement in his work.

  55. Dear ST. Jude help me for the following impossibles:
    I am too sickly, I have body pains all over, headaches, my blood pressure is always very high and not controlled, I am fearing of developing or getting stroke because one side of my body is already very weak and painful, pray for me that I may be healed, have spend the whole month without falling sick, pray for my children that they may be healthy and be blessed. pray for my husband to stop taking alcohol he is addicted. pray for my parents especially for my father his legs are swollen, he is diabetic, hypertensive and had stroke on both sides. pray for my mother she is hypertensive and she is heart patient with a lot of pains. Pray for my son Niwabiha John to get a permanent Job he has
    dip in Architectural engineering. With all those above kindly pray me to get ride of inherited diseases such as Hypertensive, diabetic and stroke. I will be grateful if am considered among the few to be healed. Thank you St. Jude.

  56. Dear St. Jude my friend Cheryl Lopez needs a miracle because the hospital is not helping her and she needs urgent healing and recovery from all her ailments. Please raise your miraculous hand over her and perform a miracle and completely heal her of all her ailments and make her well and whole again. Bring deliverance to her and her family and let there be peace between them all including Rambo the dog as well as the kitten. Bless protect and safeguard each member of my family brothers sisters nieces nephews relatives and friends locally and abroad and me Christine and take care of all our needs. Help me to successfully achieve and accomplish all that I have to do today and do them all well. These and all other intentions in Jesus’s name Amen.

  57. My special intention is to pray for myself..i personally go through a lot of physical and emotional trauma..i also want got to clear me of any infections a nd diseases and cancers i do not know of and all oryers battling witu sicj diseases

  58. Prayers for wisdom, grace, hope and healing for whatever is affecting my daughter, Elizabeth’s, mental well being. Prayers God would direct our paths and bring us peace. Bless her with at least 5 godly friends and the desire and opportunities to hang out with them.

  59. Praying for growth in my spiritual life, financial breakthrough for everyone in my family and a life partner. In Jesus name Amen.

  60. For the successful completion of our family house that as a family we started building and it’s still under way.
    For smooth flowing of the processes towards my diaconate ordination in December.
    For a heart to forgive and humility to forget, and to love tenderly.

  61. Praying for a holy happy Catholic marriage for me and that God will bless my marriage with HIS intended for me with our own biological children.

    Praying for forgiveness, healing, reconciliation and God’s peace within my family.

    Thank you, God bless you all.

  62. To protect my son and daughter. To help my son be safe and well taken care of at his new daycare. Help my son to be strong, clever and able to get through his day with ease and Gods love and protection. Please also protect my beautiful daughter and guide her graciously especially against people who try to hurt her and break her spirit. Help my husband at his work and May the Lord guide him to where he needs to be.

  63. Dear God on this last day of novena I pray asking for the following
    1. Money to pay for this months car
    2 money for groceries
    3. Money to meet all our needs
    4. Side business to be busy so I can make money
    5. Answer my prayer on this job I’m currently going for checks for
    6. Happiness
    7. Family blessings and protection
    8. Covid19 not to effect me or anyone I know

  64. Dear St. Jude,

    Please intercede for me that I may be able to go for confession and reconcile my soul with Jesus. I pray for all the sins in my life that I feel is impossible to overcome.

    Help me love my husband and bring him back to the faith. Bless us with the joys of parenthood, heal my uterine fibroids, help me not to succumb to the decision of IVF, bless me with the miraculous conception of twins.

    Your loving child.

  65. Dear St Jude, please help me. I am in desperate need. I am under tremendous stress and at times feel so alone and hopeless. I am asking for for healing for my husband Michael who has been hospitalized and currently in a nursing facility since December 15, 2020. I am making repairs on my home and in desperate need of financial assistance Thank you St Jude for help in this matter Amen.
    Also praying for my son Cassius for healing from social anxieties and praying that he meets a good Catholic spouse age appropriate for marriage and family. I ask for grandchildren Amen.
    Praying for my cousin Veronica for healing and she finds a home of her own Amen.

    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  66. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies,favours,good health,guardiance and protection in the family and praying for same Amen.
    Thanking st Jude for his intercessions in our various needs and petitions and asking for same Amen.
    Dear st Jude I bring my personal petition before you to intercede for me that a good and Godly man who will not ask for premarital sex may come to marry my daughter come to marry my daughter soon Amen.
    Father Lord, l know you will cause that good man to locate her soon Amen.
    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers and thank you st. Jude for your intercessions and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen

  67. To be married before end of 2021
    To get promoted to professional cadre before end of 2021
    Financial breakthrough and upliftment before end of 2021
    Move to the next stage of life..and growth and family
    All this we ask and pray. Please intercede on our behalf oh Grand Patron of impossible cases.

  68. St. Jude please bring urgent help to my daughter& I to get our landlord to bring in professional critter control into our apt bedroom ceilings& walls and finally eliminate them for good! Please come quickly to our aid! Please solve this problem for us so we immediately and ultimately have the best possible solution and outcome! Please bless us with our own peaceful homes we own near each other preferably in my son’s state in very safe neighborhoodss- even before winter 2022! Please keep new tenants quiet on both sides of us! Please help my son this week on his Military job(safety etc)! I give You ALL my prayers& intentions! Hear&answer my 2 adult kids prayers!

  69. Pray for the safety of all from this Covid virus and that I may be able to get a new job so I can support my family more back home.

    Thank you for including me in your prayers. God bless you more and praying for your health and safety as well.

  70. To protect children, elderly people and animals from abuse and neglect. Pray for my intentions, that the regrettable situation that I got myself into finds a peaceful resolve. Protect me, my children and my home from negative influences. Also, help me to find a stable income to support my family and provide everything that they need, and sometimes provide the things that they also want if its for their good. Amen

  71. For my husband who suffered a stroke almost two years ago and still has no control over his bowels
    And bladder and doesn’t talk hardly at all. He just turned 63. He also sometimes acts like a child and other times he doesn’t. Please
    Pray for him that he will regain his control of his bowels and bladder and start talking!

  72. Dear St. Jude, please pray for my intentions; I pray over my results. May I not fail, may my enemies have no reason to mock me rather the should celebrate me. I ask that u take over the wheel of my studies, please grant me wisdom, knowledge and understanding and crown my efforts with success. Amen!

  73. Praying for protections over my family.
    St Jude these are my intentions. financial breakthrough at home
    My house really needs to be sold been on the market for 6yrs send forth a buyer🙏.
    Going through stress overthinking .head hurts alot lord heal me in what ever needs healing🙏
    St Jude graciously hear my prayer Amen.

  74. Wealth, health,marriage, Devine protection, financing my proposal, multi billion contract’s for my company and mercy upon my family

  75. Thank St.Jude for giving me the intentions all these days. Now I am praying for my son to get the degree. Please help him to study hard to get the degree. Please give him good health and happiness. st Jude Please help his dad to control his blood sugar and be healthy. Thanks st Jude

  76. St. Jude patron saint of the impossible cases please pray for my health, I pray for healing of a skin itching issues, mental anguish, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, allergies, peace in my family with my children. I ask for the grace of receiving the holy spirit into my heart, to speak in tongues.

    St. Jude patron of the impossible intercede for me in my w.comp. trial case set for Nov. 16, so I can retire soon this year. Find another small school as SAA where is less stressful for me.

    St. Jude pray for me that I receive a financial blessing to buy a house or to repair the garage we live in, or move out to an aparment I can affor with section 8. This we pray in Jesus name.
    St. Jude patron of the impossible cases pray for us.

  77. Please pray that my sister’s high blood pressure get under control. That the issue with her teeth is not serious at surgery that she needs. Please pray for the intentions that I hold deep in my heart. That everyone I am praying for is always protected against evil and and any wrong doing against them. May they always prosper, have the Lord’s protection and blessing forever. May the the Lord shower them with blessings. May they have friendship, love, a home, enough to eat, financial security and good health. Amen

  78. St. Jude please help abortion minded women and men. Please help abortion workers. Please make any doubt grow into a passionate pro life protection for our most innocent humans.
    Please help those suffering from mental illnesses esp. JF, M, MH, AH and their families

  79. That if we are meant to have another child it will happen. If not, for grace and peace with Gods plan. Most of all with tremendous gratitude for all Gods gifts already bestowed upon us.

  80. I thank God for the gift of marriage

    I pray that our marriage shall glorify and honor God

    I pray for my husband to heal from a clot in his leg and from all the pain its causing him

    I pray that God shall open doors for him and grant him a job in aviation

    I pray for God’s wisdom to enable me make the best decision when it come to my career

    I pray for new oppritunies in my career

    I pray for God to enable us live a life of integrity


  81. St. Jude, I pray for my personal Financial Blessings. I also pray for people who lack peace in their families, marriages, and in society because of financial problems. I pray for a miracle St. Jude. Please intercede for us.

  82. For my family members who have left the Church, that St. Jude will answer my prayers and bring them back to the faith.

  83. Please pray that my cat Simon be cured of heart disease.
    Pray that God give me inner peace, cured of mental health problems and disability and finding a good job and relationships.

    Thank you

  84. St. Jude, I am praying that you help us in our financial needs. Praying that we be able to pay all our debts. Praying that our business will continue to grow to help our workers. I know that nothing is impossible to you. Please help us, St. Jude. Amen.

  85. Please saint Jude I humbly ask for you intercession My daughter recently lost her husband and she is having a very hard time. Please pray for her that she may find comfort with God and be able to move on with his help

  86. For my Sisters back pain and financial struggles be lifted.
    That I may get over my fear of driving.
    My daughter and son resolve their argument.