Novenas for Our Priests

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Priest during a wedding ceremony/nuptial mass

Priests play an indispensable role in the Catholic Church. Through the priest, the faithful can participate in the sacramental life of the Church and receive necessary graces to obtain heaven.  

But a role this significant doesn’t come without its challenges. 

Priests need our prayers to live out their vocation to the best of their ability. Offer these novenas to encourage and support the priests in your life. 

Novena for Vocations to the Priesthood 

Our Church has a desperate need for more men to hear and follow the call to the priesthood. 

This shortage not only presents challenges for the people in the pews, but for our priests as well; many parishes only have one priest carrying the weight and responsibilities of serving the faithful. 

Pray this novena for an increase of vocations to the priesthood, helping to renew your parish, your diocese, and the Church throughout the world. 

Novena for Parish Renewal

Many parishes have seen a decrease in members or in zeal among their members. They may suffer from a lack of funds or support that keeps their doors open and the priests may not feel capable of effectively serving their flock.

When a parish suffers, the priest suffers. 

Pray this novena for God to help bring new life and renewal to your parish.  Ask your priest if he has any specific intentions for the parish you could pray for during this novena.

Novena for the Anniversary of Priestly Ordination

This novena is a beautiful way to celebrate the vocation of your favorite priest by remembering the anniversary of his ordination. You can even include this in a spiritual bouquet for your priest. 

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Saint John Vianney Novena

Because he faced many difficulties in his studies, Saint John Vianney was sent to the remote French village of Ars after his ordination. Despite seeming like a man of few gifts, John Vianney served his people with great dedication and love. 

His profound love of God and extraordinary ability as a confessor renewed not only his small parish, but also the lives of people who traveled from afar to meet him. 

As the patron saint of the clergy, Saint John Vianney is a wonderful intercessor for priests.

Novena for Bishops

Bishops play a major role in the life of the Church. As the leader of their diocese, a bishop is responsible for teaching doctrine, governing the Catholics in his jurisdiction, and sanctifying the faithful–both laypeople and clergy alike. 

Our Bishops in particular need our prayers to courageously defend truth, shepherd their flock, and faithfully carry out the duties assigned to them. 

Offer this novena for the bishop in your diocese, those in your country, and those throughout the whole world. 

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