Novena to St. Therese of Lisieux – 2014

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St. Therese NovenaWe’re excited to announce that the next novena is the Novena to St. Therese of Lisieux!

St. Therese, also known as the Little Flower, is known for devoting herself to a vocation of love.

Although she was extremely sensitive as a child, she had a conversion on Christmas Eve when she was 14, which transformed her and led her to love.

She entered a Carmelite Convent when she was very young, and she suffered through much darkness, doubt, and depression. Yet through it all, she remained faithful to God, rooted in His merciful love. She died at a very young age, 24, after a long struggle with tuberculosis.

St. Therese’s life was very simple and hidden away in prayer, but the world came to know more about her and her prayer life through her autobiography, “Story of a Soul.” She wrote, “What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love.” She described her life as a little way of spiritual childhood. And so we look to her as a guide on how to better love God and our neighbor.

St. Therese said she would spend her time in Heaven doing good on earth, and that she would, “let fall a shower of roses.” That’s one way that many people have experienced her intercession — by seeing roses while praying to her! So look out for roses while we pray this novena!

We will start praying on Monday, September 22nd.

Your friends and family can sign up HERE to join us in the Novena to St. Therese!

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  1. my little boy have tuberous scelrousis. He have tumours on his heart and Brian. Please keep him your prayers. Thank you

  2. through you St. may good lord Jesus Christ pay me back my money which i lend to keneth six million five hundred thousand Ugandan shillings only, amen

  3. Dear Little Flower,
    On the eve of the National day, please pray for France and my children!
    Bonne fête nationale, Amen

  4. God bless you St. Terese. I have had several of my prayers answered during my novena and saw roses every day blooming all around. My 2nd mammogram was clear and I have been worked into a new dentist appt today for the painful tooth issues. These are both blessings. Prayed also that I would see my father this week and he and his wife came over for dinner last night. Simple, but meant a lot.

    I am believing that you are by my side and I will see my other prayers answered. I feel grateful to you, St. Terese…

    • Thank You Jesus for answers to a Pray!!

      Please continue to pray for this intention and for

      my Family and Friend and Blessings for nother and father….

      and Veru S[ecoa; intentions….

  5. I am so grateful, God bless St Therese for she is always at our side. I saw so many roses during my novena that I knew she was with me and that my prayers will be answered. The first part of my prayer has been answered. He said yes he would go with me and when I slipped and said my true feelings , I love you. He replied give him time. I know St therese will bring us together in a happy marriage and we will honor her until the end of time. A truly devoted servant. God is good.

  6. I prayed for the successful wedding of my younger sister who’s wedding on Saturday, she had some issues with the parish where she will wed and the wedding was almost cancelled but it’s all been resolved now,the wedding will hold. I also prayed for God’s favour on my family,we applied for US visa and were given today, God is ever faithful and I thank St Theresa for her intercession. We hardly see Roses in Nigeria but yesterday I thought of giving my sister my wedding bouquet of flowers for her wedding on Saturday, mine is still beautiful!!

  7. Thank you St. Theresa for prayers answered. I was given a picture of St. Theresa with a small amount of dirt from her grave from my mother-in-law many, many years ago. I was so blessed that it was given to me. My mother-in-law’s name is also Theresa and god bless her soul.
    Thank you Jesus and thank you God for always being part of my life.
    I will always keep praying and have faith that during these difficult times in my family, financialy, we will get blessing with God’s grace cos we are going thru the worst times in our lives.

  8. Praise God!
    A day after St Therese Novena I was asked to officially resume work in my company where I work as a contractor. It has not been easy staying over 6 months without a job. I bless God for He is a Faithful God!

    • Thank You, Saint Theresa, because of your picture and the Novena, a relationship was blest and is a blessing! AND I pray always according to God’s perfect will…

      AND a successful eye surgery and a gifted doctor helped me and Jesus and you, Saint Theresa.

  9. Is she great or what??? My daughter and i we want it to celebrate my sister’s 80th birthday this pass weekend,i offer a novena to St Therese ,so all be peacefull do to some ruffles feather between some family member’s,not only went smooth,i received and view so many rose’s during the novena,that even when i was cleaning the cake stand i found six roses at the base of the stand, and i didn’t even notice when they delivered the cake. One of my friend was in awe,and St Therese got a new devotee.Praise be The Lord and honor to St Therese ,Thank you.

  10. Praise the Lord. Just feeling so happy i have been praying Novenas for a marriage partner for long, After finishing the novena to saint Therese and after a 3day fasting program, my long time boyfriend who has been apart for 2years called me and asked me to put on my facebook because i had deactivated my account, he said he wanted to send something to me. I did as he said and he tag a statues on my timeline which said he was in a relationship with me i was so surprised, he asked would you confirm or not i confirmed. I am waiting for the next step. This is just to show that the way of God is not the way of man. Thank you so much St. Therese.

  11. Thank you St Therese of the Child Jesus, I requested to St Therese to pray for me to have the opportunity to be offered a place to complete my education after the Novena I have been selected to pursue a degree in business at one of the colleges in our country. Thank you St Therese for interceding for me.

    St Therese pray for me

  12. Thank you St Therese for interceeding for me. I received my roses not once but twice and yes my prayer has been answered. Thank you so very much I am so grateful for your help!

  13. On the last day of the novena I was at a department store and a sweater caught my eye: it had a huge rose covering the whole front of the sweater. I was considering buying it just because I liked it but decided against it. Only later on did I realize the connection to the novena. I prayed for my husband’s health and his job. He got over his illness and there are signs his job will be getting better.

  14. Thank you St. Therese of the Child Jesus. I am so grateful to St. Therese for interceding for me. Before we started the novena, I listed so many petitions and knowing that my son has been scheduled to have an interview for a new job, I generalized the job/promotion opportunity for all my children. On either the 3rd or the 4th day of the novena, as I was watching a film on the TV, I saw one of the actors distributing WHITE roses to some people. There and then I felt I would have an answered prayer at least 1 of them. A day after, my daughter told me she has received an offer to work in a bank and the salary is more than what she has been receiving in her current place. In fact I didn’t have any idea that she is looking for new job because she has been preparing to do her Masters. I know greater things are ahead. THANK YOU SO MUCH ST. THERESE, MOTHER MARY AND JESUS for granting me the good news

  15. My son has been stocked with his visa problem four months to his graduation, for almost a year but after praying the novena of St. Therese our prayers has been answered. We thank God for His mercies and love to all of us.
    We need to be patient and allow God to do thing at His own time.
    God bless you all

  16. I am very grateful to St. Theresa for answering all my prayers. My urgent request for my employer was granted even before 1st October, and there clear are indications that all the others will be answered, in God’s own time.

    Thank you St. Theresa for so many beautiful heavenly roses! Thank you Lord God for giving us Saints who intercede daily for us, regardless of how undeserving some of us are.

  17. My God and Lord, I thank you for answering my prayers always. I have been blessed with a very lucrative deal that is coming to conclusion all of a sudden. Thank you Jesus, Thank you God and Thank You STL for answering my prayers with many heavenly roses. May you all be blessed and God be with you, Amen.

  18. This is wonderful experience here.
    I took a graduate course did not complete prof. gave me f. I tried to reach him unsuccessfully in the summer. At the beginning of fall I went to his office. He said he will email the work to do but didn t. Later on, I went back.again to see him, he said will email me final exam. I completed final but didn t do well. Went to his office. He said I did grade you and your grade. I said no. Then he insisted and I insisted too. Finally he said let do it now. He graded me with A. Honestly, I didnt deserve that grade. St theresa grade me not him. I gave glory to God.

  19. I prayed and asked at the beginning of d novena that my debtor pay me up before the end of the novena and he did. This was a debt that has gone messy and lingered for months with no hope of when it will b paid. Thank u St. Therese

  20. A friend was having surgery to remove a brain tumor. I told her I would include her in my intentions for the St. Therese novena, and I told her to be on the lookout for roses. She told me that after her surgery she was in ICU and, of course, flowers were not allowed. However, her nurse came in wearing the most lovely rose scented perfume. What a gift! My friend is expected to make a full recovery.

  21. I became a St. Therese follower last year when I prayed for her intersection for my parents health back to recovery which they are both doing so much better considering their age (90 and 87) my mother was in death bed doctors had told us to that couldn’t do anything and that we needed to send her to hospice care because of liquid form cancel she had in her lungs that was very aggressive. Thanks to the Grace of God and her intersection my mother will be celebrating her 87 birthday. I’m an assistant cathechist and had selected St. Therese to be our saint for the second consecutive year. This novena started the first day of our class and had been praying to her for my brother whom ‘s life seem to go no where, my husband’s company not to lay off anyone, and the anxiety of myself and a couple of family members. My husband company is holding off to sell and laid have been stopped, my parents went out to a baseball game which they not gone out in a very long time and I have been feeling so much better… I have seen roses but I don’t think presented to me directly however, the fact that all these had occur is the amazing work of our Lord Jesus Christ and St. Therese’s intersection along with the other novenas I had prayed. Thank you so much Jesus Christ, all angels and Saints and all of you for praying with me.
    God Bless!

  22. I prayed for a B1 American visa for my medical school clerkship and it was granted me instantly.
    Thank you St Therese of the child Jesus.

  23. I asked for safe travels for my son, that he finds a job, has success. so far, he arrived safely and found a job. I am praying that he succeeds in this new part of his life.

  24. I prayed the St. Therese Novena for my daughter to have a healthy delivery and baby. Her due date was Oct. 6th, but my first granddaughter came early! She was born on St. Therese feast day. We call her Our Little Flower! She’s healthy and beautiful!
    Thank you St. Therese

  25. I was praying this novena for my niece who has been in a bad relationship for 6 years. Shortly after I finished praying, my sister called to tell me that her daughter had broken up with her boyfriend. We’re so thankful! She’s much happier now and mending! Praise God!

  26. I have been asking St. Therese throughout the novena to help me to know my vocation and to follow it. I asked her to let me see roses as a confirmation that she is praying for me. I went the whole day without seeing any roses. Just as I was about to go to a music rehearsal at Church, a man parked in front of me stepped out of his car with a bouquet of roses! When I saw the roses, I took this as a confirmation of St. Therese’s prayers.

  27. On the feast day of the novena my Mom was having a heart procedure to detect if her heart was severely damage. I walked 8th blocks to the hospital and I ran into Saint Catherine or Sienna church and entered the church and I saw St. Theresa station filled with roses and I knew my Mom was going to be okay. We did get good news that my Mom heart was okay and she didn’t need surgery.

  28. Through St Theresa, i used to pray for my frnd who was jailed from abroad, but thru the Novena she was led free.
    I know more answers are still coming. Ibelieve in God the Father, Son an the Holy spirit. AMEN

  29. Roses everywhere, every day, during the novena!
    I know that my prayers were heard and that the dear Little Flower is interceding for us.
    I have great confidence that these prayers are being answered within God’s perfect Will.

  30. I prayed to St. Theresa for a new job. I got one that is just right for me.
    I prayed my Son would get approved for back surgery, after waiting for several months. He just got it approved for next week.
    I also prayed to Our Blessed Mother, Infant Jesus, and St. Joseph. So I thank them all.
    I saw red roses on our altar at church
    That was so special. Thank you St. Theresa..

  31. I just finished praying this novena and I can tell you that I have received so much. First, let me just say that praying a novena takes dedication and discipline while expecting nothing. Expectations leave room for disappointments. Evenso, I starting seeing significant answers by day three. I’m very blessed to have found this site and being a part of something so positive.

    Thank You!!!

  32. i prayed for God to put me on the right path. Last week, my business took off with the help of a woman named Theresa. Not a coincidence. I’m in awe of the powere of God!

  33. Praying for my mom who is in india and has to be operated for bypass and for a friend who just had a miscarriage for the third time Lord help them recover from their health

  34. Praying for my young teen son – new to high school – self esteem and anxiety are issues – praying for love of self to heal these pains

  35. St Therese,
    Please pray for my family. We are struggling financially and having a hard time focusing on what’s most important, our love for our blessed Savior and for each other. We are in need to sell one of our vehicles to help with our financial situation. Please pray to help us lift this burden and give our love to Jesus. In His name, I pray for your help.

  36. Please St. Therese, please answer my prayers. I pray to the Blessed Mother and to our Heavenly Father to make peace in my family! To let us all see the love ! To heal Kyra! To help us in our financial needs. But most of all that we all put God in our lives!!!!

    • I hear your petitions and I pray for them as well Judy. And I pray to St Therese for my sweet daughter, that I be patient with her, shower her with love and show her how to live a life of love like you St Therese. And if your heart of love is big enough to Grace us with a wonderful husband and stepfather for her I would be eternally grateful.

      • Please Saint Therese….send me, please, a sign as to how I should live this relationship that is holy, and what is The Will of God regarding it…
        PLEASE Also, please heal my 2 sons, and please make my eye surgery a success and that I will be great and fine before, during and after with my eyes…Please open up my stopped ears as I am concerned, as I have to have surgery on my eyes October 7..Please God, don’t hurt me or anyone I love as a result of my prayers being answered…Thank You, Jesus, Mary and Joseph and THANK YOU GOD1