Novena to St. Monica – 2014

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The next novena we will pray is to a very persistent intercessor! Saint_Augustine_and_Saint_Monica 200px

In fact, this Saint prayed for her son’s conversion for more than 15 years. She wept and prayed constantly with faith and hope in God.

What was the result of all those years of prayer?

One of the great saints in the history of the Church!

We will be praying the Novena to St. Monica!

St. Monica was St. Augustine’s mother and is a powerful advocate.She is the patron saint of:

  • Alcoholics
  • Wives
  • Mothers
  • Widows
  • Difficult Marriages
  • Married women
  • Victims of unfaithfulness (adultery)
  • Victims of abuse

The novena begins on August 18th!

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you!

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  1. St. Monica I pray to you so that my daughter has custody of her two children. She is a wonderful mother and I pray for her lawyers and judges that they give her what she wants regarding the children. I also pray that my grandchildren are shielded from all harm mentally and emotionally that would be cast on them from their father and his family. Please surround them with your love and protection . Give this family strength and faith.

  2. Please Dear Lord Almighty please have the court rule in favor of my daughter in her custody hearing that she has primary custody of her son and that we are still able to move with no restrictions. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost Amen.

  3. Please pray for my 4 year old daughter. I have never met her. She was abused and I got a call from CPFS that she had been removed from her mother. The mother lied to me for years about me being the father. I went to a placement hearing and submitted a hair follicle drug test and cheek swab for DNA. I passed, I am the father. My daughter has a Hare Krsna name. I want to call her Jordyn. She is being raised as a devotee hare Krsna by her mother and grandmother. They live in Texas and I live in another state. I want her to come live with me so I can raise her catholic. I want her to have a normal healthy and sane life. I want to keep her safe. There aren’t many options the state of Texas is not going to allow a child to be placed with someone the child has never met. The state of Texas plans to reunite jordyn with her mother. I have a daughter and there isn’t much I can do. I will pray and hopefully you will pray for her that she may get to be happy and healthy and may she come to meet the Holy Spirit. Please pray for my daughter.

    In the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit.


  4. Dear St Monica,
    Please pray for my daughter and her son. They need to be able to move so they can start a new life with family. My grandson’s father is trying to prevent this move. Please send me your strength and enduring faith during this time. I ask that you send my daughter the strength to handle this difficult situation. Please pray for me.

  5. Dear St Monica, You are the patron saint of victims of abuse. I have been abused by ex-boyfriend A. He is a victim of adultery, I have been suffering many abusive relationship. My brother is also a victim of adultery and abusive with me. My mother has also abusive behaviour. Please, Pray for me, and help me with this relationship. I pray for their healing and conversion. Please help. I have became hopeless. I have find hope in you. Please intercede for me. and all those who are facing such situations.

  6. Dear St. Monica ,please bless the friendship of my second son to his fiancee .Thank you St. Monica,pray for us

  7. I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God and the intercession of His saints. I prayed this novena to St Monica for my daughter’s physical healing (she was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease) and her emotional healing from an emotionally abusive boyfriend. He caused much damage to her over the last 7 months of their relationship. He pressured her over chastity and often punished her emotionally and verbally when he did not get his way. Although they had been broken up for a year and she had healed quite a bit, he was still finding ways to hurt her. I also asked for healing for myself….I have still had a great deal of anger towards him. I asked that it would not be long before she could find the man that could finish the healing process in her heart. She started a 54 day novena for the intentions of her future husband, and I did not realize it, but the 54th day happened to be the Feast of St. Monica, the day I ended my novena. On that day, she decided to get the courage to introduce herself to a young man that she had noticed last year. Apparently, he had noticed her last year as well. They started talking and began a friendship. They have since talked for hours at a time and getting to know each other , especially in regard to their faith. He has told her that he is attracted to her in every way, and he wants to pursue her in the way she deserves. He said he wants to take things very slowly and told her that when they do decide to actually start dating that he wants to be her protector….that he wants to take charge of keeping them both chaste. They pray together and attend daily mass together. My daughter said she feels as if Christ is right there behind them, at the center of their relationship. I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God for sending this wonderful young man to my daughter. I do not know what their future will bring, but he has certainly shown his authentic manhood and good intentions. I am truly humbled by the blessing.

  8. We experienced another miracle this year again with St. Monica. We have been waiting for months for an answer to the appeal of the birth parents of our foster baby who want custody of her. We decided to pray this novena again this year as St Monica granted us a miracle last year in this custody battle to keep this angel safe. The courts only rule on Wednesdays. On the feast of St Monica the courts ruled against her birth parents and we can begin the adoption process!
    Praise God! Thank you St. Monica! After a two year custody battle this angel will be safe forever.

  9. I prayed for a suitable accommodation during st monica’s novena and just 3 days into it.we got a lovely place.
    thank you Jesus.

  10. I want all of you to please help me in praising the Lord. Through St. Monica He has heard my prayer.. I also want to thank St. Monica for being merciful and taking my request to God. This novenas have never failed me… I prayed for a job and right now am headed for a training for a job.. Its a short contract bt am eternally grateful.. Amen

  11. Just found your site with the St Anne novena and followed since. Love all of the novenas we’ve prayed.
    As a grandmother of an eleven yr old GRANDAUGHTER who suffers from severe anxiety.
    I hope you will give us a novena to st dymptha. I understand she is the patron of mental/emotional troubles.
    I pray daily for relief for this precious child who has Jesus in her heart !

  12. Dear St. Monica:

    Please pray for my daughter who I dropped off at college that she return to the Catholic Church and faith in God; that she resist temptation; that she stops cursing me out and fighting me; and that she learns to respect herself.

    Also, please help me as a mother to regain a job, home, car, and financial blessings to take care of my family and others. I lost all of this and is in desperate need to reclaim all of this again.

    I have an interview this morning at 10am. Please touch the interviewer and let him see I am capable of doing this job while he also see that my past is not my future. St. Monica, please help me to find the means and finances to have my own home and car and money to pay for what I need and to help others.

    Through your intercession and in Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  13. Praying for peace of mind and heart while making important decisions concerning my family’s future. Thanking God for his bountiful blessings. Please pray for my dad to be healed and the strength to endure .

  14. AfterThedDeathOfMyHusband,IPayedToSt. Joseph ToHelpSellMy HomeAndAsUsualHeCameThroughWithFlyingColors!ThankYouSoMuchGod, ThroughTheIntercessionOfSt.Joseph! NowINeedToFindANewPlaceToLiveThatSuitsMyBudget,LifestyleAndConduciveToTheLifeChristIsCallingMeToLive. ThankYouInAdvance,Lord!

  15. Dear St Monica,
    Please pray for my daughter and her husband to have faith in God again! Please pray for all those who have abandoned their faith!

    I ask through the intersession of Our Blessed Mother and St Monica that Christ will hear my plea!

  16. Dear St Monica,
    Please pray for my daughter and her husband to have faith in God again. Pray for atheists who hate our religion.

    Through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother and St Monica I pray for Christ to hear my plea!

  17. I know this is late but please pray that what my daughter has is perfectly normal and benign and that she had that peace about it that passes understanding. In Jesus’ s name, please intercede for her St. Monica. Amen.

  18. St.Monica please intercede for me. I made a few errors in court and I was under oath. I made errors with the date the lady rented the house. I was confused. Please pray with me that Jesus and the judge grant me favor over this statement. The lady owes $970 with fees. Praying for victory over this court case in Jesus mighty name I pray.

  19. For my husband’s healing from his Ill temper.. May he seek professional help in anger management on his own will,as he ,after over 20 yrs of our marriage,finally recognizes d need ,along with family counseling,in order to keep our loving relationship strong and in harmony . These I pray to God our FATHER, through Jesus Christ ,with the Holy Spirit,and through d intercession of St. Monica . AMEN.

  20. Please pray that I will have the relationship I’ve been asking for with the man I love. May it happen for me very soon so we can be together forever.

    Thank you and God Bless

  21. Please pray for my son that the Lord guide him and protect him and keep him safe in the name of Jesus. I pray that he finds lots of work. He is a roof builder. I pray that he find a good wife. I pray that he will be able to manage his finances.

  22. I pray that our school will have full enrollment, so that we may serve the children God has sent to us with adequate resources, and so that we may give our staff a much needed raise. I humbly ask St. Monica to pray that I may lead our school with integrity, faith, and an understanding heart, brimming with love, service and the knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry it out. Finally, St. Monica, please pray for my wife, that she may have physical rest and God’s peace in her heart and mind.

  23. Please pray and agree with a urgent miracle breakthrough. Jesus I need you . St. Monica please intercede for my situation.

  24. Oh st Monica please intercede for me and ask the Lord, to reunite me and the man I love not only as my boyfriend but as my husband.We are not together right now but feel the separation was imperative to help us prepare for happily ever after with each other. I am trusting God for marriage this year despite that this year will soon end but I know he is the God of mirackes, there is nothing impossible for him, He has the power to do all things for those who have faith the size of a mustard seed. I St Monica have faith much larger than that!Please st Monica pray for me I invoke thy aid, intercede for me in all my endeavours in life, oh mother, help me to know my prayer has been heard and will be answered.
    I ask also for a financial miracle I am struggling very badly right now with not having enough to pay my bills.
    Also, for favor at work. Protect me from all the jealousy and false co-friends working against me. Give me favor with my bosses and help me to be the best employee they have!
    Lookover and protect my family.

  25. I pray that i be a good wife to my husband and mother to me children, and that my husband be a good father and husband to me. I pray for Gods grace to submit to his will and to my husband. I ask also for a total conversion of my husband to the catholic faith and that he allows our children to be baptized in the catholic church.

    Thank you God for all the favours and blessings i have received from you and for answered prayers.

  26. Praying for all of you!

    Please pray for my husband to come back home to Holy Mother Church and for the unification of all families, especially those most in need of God’s mercy. Thank you.

  27. Oh st Monica I come to you for help to intercede for me to the Lord, I am not yet married but I am trusting God for marriage this year despite that this year will soon end but I believe that He is God of an eleventh hour, there is nothing impossible for him, He can do all things at the dial minute. Please st Monica pray for me I invoke thy aid, intercede for me in all my endeavours in life, oh mother, help me to know whom my partner is, favour my partner help him, send him good helpers, let your son (st Augustine) the doctor of the church heal my parents of their sickness, help my sisters and favour them with good husbands bless my relatives. Thank for your help. Amen

  28. My husband is in need of prayer we have recently split up for his converstion open his eyes to see life through gods eyes keep all evil spirits away for him that we get back together very soon