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Ethiopia: Innocent Prayers of a Young ChildReady to Pray Another?  I can’t announce our next novena yet, but I can tell you that I think you are going to really love it! I will be announcing it very shortly because it starts in about two weeks.

However, before I do announce it I wanted to give you a chance to guess what the theme is. I’m going to give you just one hint. It may sound pretty obscure, but I’m sure there is someone out there who can guess it!

Novena Theme Hint: “GIFT”

Please enter your guess into the comment box below! Do it now because I’ll be announcing the theme very soon!

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  1. My favourite novena’s are St Antony and the Holy Spitie,
    I have reaad them on here onece but never saw them again
    I am enjoying the Immaculate Conception what will the next one be:.

  2. I love to say the Divin Mercy Novena, I feel so close to God, and to reveive the Eucharist, while receiting the Holy Rosary, that keeps family together.

  3. The first thing that came to my mind was a gift to God. What greater gift can we give him than ourselves. With ordinations to the priesthood being in April and May, would it be a Novena for the religious-Priests, Nuns, etc?

  4. My first thought for gift would be the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but it’s too early for Pentecost. What about the anniversary of the Holy Father’s election in 2005?

  5. When I think “gift from God” I think about the Holy Spirit, so my guess is a Holy Spirit novena. And I hope that’s it, because I find those novenas very meaningful. Thank you for your work!

  6. I’m guessing the gift of forgiveness/reconciliation. Maybe a Novena along that line?! But I’m looking forward to whatever it may be! Thank you

    • Thanks Mary!

      Forgiveness is very important, but that is not the theme for this coming novena. Thanks for your guess!

    • Kathleen, that is a very good guess. We are going to do the Divine Mercy Novena after our next novena! I know a lot of people are looking forward to that one!