“Let us run to Mary…”

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The next novena is The Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots!

Whenever we grow closer to Jesus’ mother, our mother, we grow closer to Jesus — because Mary always brings us to Jesus. 

We will start praying on Saturday, April 22nd and we’ll finish the novena on May 1st. The month of May is actually dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, so it’s a perfect time to ask for her intercession and to begin the month of May!

As St. Francis de Sales wrote: “Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.”

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You can share your prayer intentions with us all below – we’re praying for you!

We will pray for all the knots in our lives — all of our worries, pains and sufferings – that Mary, our Mother, may untie them and pray for us.

God bless you!

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  1. Dear God
    We are on our knees tor NSE to resume and change our lives. You brought it in our lives help the entire company go through the process and open their doors once again on 27th so that we can be paid in Jesus Mighty Name we pray. Amen.

  2. Please God reunite my son with his children. I wake up every day to the misery of his pain. Thankyou I hope everyone that is praying this Novena is helped

  3. I am praying for the knot of joblessness, the knot of financial burden, and the knot of debt to be untied and released from my life.


  4. I’m going through a hard time right now and I would to have a new job which would allow me to later leave the state I’m living in.

  5. Please pray for my son to be reunited with his children. The women stop punishing fathers by taking their children away.

  6. Please Mary ask your son to watch over and guide my daughters to make wise decisions and protect them as they discern their future paths according to God’s Will. Especially help Anna in her discernment about being a teacher and also watch over Abby and Kathy-all of my clients who have lost pets. Please bring our family closer to Christ and to one another . Please Mary help me not to worry and hand this knot and ribbon to you. I also pray for world peace. Amen

  7. Please pray for my son’s health and his life in general. So worried about him. Thankyou God bless you all

  8. Please pray for me I was given 3 months to vacate the premises I occupied doing business I HV no way to go and that’s my lively hood

  9. please pray for me to get more sales to be able to retain the position at my work place. please mother Mary intercede on my behalf to your son Jesus. I pray for my peace of mind my marriage is sinking I pray for happy and healthy family…Amen

  10. I need to heal please pray for me. My son needs to be reunited with his children if suffer through his pain. Pray for my children and grandchildren. Thankyou God bless you all I’m praying for you . I

  11. Blessed mother Mary, I need you and your son Jesus please intercede for us for our marriage for it to be about sharing about respect about working together about everything no more accusing yelling, not having peace . I want peace and healing for my husband and myself
    Mother also, please help my sister Connie she is going through long road regarding her health. Please be there for her. Support her and may her infection in her hip heals and for it not get worse. May they help her and for her not get worse in the place they are sending her Wrap your arms around her surround her blessed mother and help your son Jesus get rid of whatever infection she is having on her hip and for it to be healed quicker so that she can get hip replacement.
    help our unborn babies, our world, the ugliness round us has taken control of our world. May your precious bloodCover, my sister, my family, all of my loved ones my sweet Lord Jesus because right now there’s so many knots in our lives and please undo them with your strong hands. My Lord heal us mentally ,spiritually, right now physically, my lady, starting at the top of her head to the bottom of or feet. May your most precious blood cast out everything , everything that does not belong in us Jesus and cast it out of our homes our families, our children, our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren. Help me to stop being sad, lonely, depressed, because nothing is impossible for you,Jesus Christ, Thank you, my Jesus for healing us. Amen.

  12. Please pray for my son to find a young lady (perhaps in her 30s) to marry soon. He’s 41 and I would like him to have a family (I’d love more grandchildren), so time is critical as biological clocks are ticking. I’ve been praying for over 10 years. Please let it happen soon, amen.

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  16. Praying for a Positive pregnancy result at the end if my fertility process next week,

    Prayering for the speedy approval for my spousal Visa, in Jesus’s Name,Amen

  17. Prays needed for my son. Please dear Father, please help my son. Please hear the prayers of a mother’s heart. Please help my son. Please Father in your Name do not abandon him. I bring his problems to the foot of your cross. I put his problems in your hands. Please help my son. I love You dear Father and thank you for hearing my prayers. Amen

  18. Mary undoer of knots, please hear my cry and plea for a better job and give me financial stability. I pray that she may intercede so that I may get offer letter and receive favor and grace in everywhere I go. I pray that she may uplift my family from financial strain and also give my boyfriend financial wisdom and lift him from debts. Mary, our Mother, please untie the above knots for me and pray for us.


  19. For my father may his soul n those of the faithful departed
    For my mother God should continue to strengthen her and hear her crys
    For my siblings I pray they follow God and pray for thier lives
    For me I pray God should help me so I don’t lose track of him again I should remain focus on his word and pray daily

  20. please Mary undo the knots in my sons relationship and let him be reunited with his children. I pray to you for some resolution as it is torture. Thankyou Iris

  21. I pray for the deliverance from indebtedness.
    I pray for the deliverance from Money Lenders.
    I pray for protection of my job.
    I pray for promotion at work.
    I pray for financial independence.
    I pray for financial freedom.
    I prayvfor financial intergrity.

  22. I pray to our Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus, to enable me settle all my indebtedness so that I can be free from loans, Money Lenders and unnecessary financial obligations.

    That she gives me financial independence, financial freedom and financial integrity.

    That she protects my Job and gives me promotion at work.

  23. Pray for God’s mercy to undoer knots hindering me from receiving employment and finance so by lord’s favor and grace I may get job offer to places have been promised some chance a month back. Amen

  24. Pray for my families to be united. To love each other
    Pray for my husband to return to us his wife and children. Be a loving husband like before and let of his adulterous and enjoyable life.
    Pray for untangled the knots of witchcraft upon my marriage and families.
    Pray for protection for my children and guide them to excell in theirs studies.
    Pray for my health and open doors of financial for my small business
    Thank you very much brothers and sisters ffor prayer and God Bless

  25. Pray for my families to be united. To love each other
    Pray for my husband to return to us his wife and children. Be a loving husband like before and let of his adulterous and enjoyable life.
    Pray for children excell in theirs studies.
    Pray for my health and open doors for my small business.
    Thank you ver much brothers and sisters ffor prayer and God Bless

  26. Pray for my husband’s depression and for him to heartly desire to work on our marriage and decides to not proceed with a divorce.
    I pray for strength to go through separation.
    I pray to increase my business success and be able to close more deals.

  27. I pray for a miracle for healing to use my hand, leg and right side of my body better.
    I pray John has good health and contentment.
    I pray that Lisa knows I love and appreciate her and I pray her spirituality and Catholic faith grows.
    I pray for peace and good health for all my family.

  28. Am praying for financial breakthrough. Am seriously facing business challenges and am unable to pay for kid school fees. Am also praying for my children for God’s protection where they are . My first born has applied a job may she get it in God we trust inorder to pay for her en her kids bills. Mother Mary the undoer of the knots help me.

  29. Am praying for financial breakthrough. Am seriously facing business challenges and am unable to pay for kid school fees. Am also praying for my children for God’s protection where they are . My first born has applied a job may she get it in God we trust inorder to pay for her en her kids bills. Mother Mary the undoer of the knots help me.

  30. Prayers for my husband please, who is having bilateral knee replacement on Wednesday, and also for my daughter who is divorced and is trying to remarry in the Catholic Church to a wonderful man. It will be worth it in the end, but she is facing many obstacles.

    Thank you!

  31. Pray for me and my family as we are facing serious business challenges and cannot provide school fees and other needs

  32. Mother Undoer of Knots thank you for prayers answered my granddaught er graduated from nursing school

  33. Dear Mother Undoer of Knots,
    Please help my son and his wife find peace in their marriage. Help them undo wrongs and rebuild their love and respect for each other, in gratitude, amen

  34. My Petitions To Our Lady Of Victory
    Dear Mother, my Lady Of Victory who won the dedication of your friend Father Baker, please
    be my friend too! Oh Mother, be
    my cheerleader! Here are my
    To lift up FentanylFathers.org to
    become the MADD.org of
    Fentanyl education in all U.S.
    High Schools by opening doors
    for us to lead and make a living at
    this righteous cause; to spare
    grief, save lives, and minister to
    the bereaved parents providing
    them hope in their loss through
    the noble purpose of warning
    others in School Assemblies. Please bring our team the Lion’s share of the $26 Billion Opioid Settlement Money for Fentanyl Awareness Education and HIDTA Grants in every state. Raise Jack up Mother. We need naloxone help and resource grants dear Mother. I need discernment on the direction of GODclick.com for Catholic College Enrollment increasing to 1 Million, joining Decided Excellence and DetDig.com for three Properties digital representation including the best “Ai” solution.
    Please help us book Michigan assemblies in Ann Arbor, Rochester, St. Claire Shores, Brother Rice, Wisconsin, San
    Diego, and Washington, D.C. for Pilot Programs ASAP! My Mother Mary, my Lady of Victory, our Lady of The Rosary, please petition Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father for us. I seek to love you forever my Mother. In Jesus’ name I pray.
    Love, your son, your dove, your Gregory John Patrick Swan. Amen!

  35. Mary the undoer of knots, through you to our dear Lord, untie the knots of bleeding for my daughter, untangle the knots of irrational behaviour of my son from the spells of the enemy.Untangle the knots of witchtcraft in my family.Untangle the knots of curses in my family.Untangle the knots of disease in my body.Amen

  36. Through you Mary mother of Jesus, I put my family in your son’s mighty hands.May you Mary undo the knots cursed in my family by the enemy.I ask for good health, breakthroughs and love in the family.Amen

  37. Health for Pope Francis, for the poor souls in purgatory, for peace in the world, for the war to stop in Ukraine, for the sick, dying, lonely, homeless, jobless. For health of family members–father, mother, 2 brothers, son, husband with MS. For granddaughter who stutters, granddaughter with anxiety issues, for daughter in law for healthy delivery of twins so no complications for babies or herself. For son in law for successful business. Please do not let me have cancer. Thank you for answered prayers ahead of time. GOD IS GOOD. AMEN

  38. For my daughters anxiety & depression to be healed from her. Blessing if great friends for her . For my son to discern the best major & career path for him & success in college. For weight loss for my son too.

  39. Dear Jesus: Please hear my prayers: For my marriage that it will grow in faith/love, that we are happy-successful in our jobs. Please bless us in finding a good used car to care for my mother, and grandsons. Please bless our 2 adult sons and their significant other that they are happy/successful in their jobs; that their health is good and their faith will grow daily. Please bless our daughter, son on-law that they too will be happy/successful in their jobs, that their health will be good; and their faith will grow daily. Thank you for blessing us w/2 grandsons, may their health be good, and their faith increase daily too. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with, and we surrender ourselves to you completely. Amen.

  40. I forgive my mother but I would like to have a baby now that I am old. She prevented not only my marriage but my 2 virgin sisters, one of which God already called home. She over medicated my 20s and 30s because of the rare disorder I acquired at 21 which was not diagnosed and treated until 2019. Now that I am on the full dose of the home that I did not make and it is why I had 2 miscarriages already but the father was unworthy and now I have a good man who is worthy. Thy will be done.

  41. My daughter and her husband just put a bid on a house. they want to move back into the area in upstate New York in Saratoga County lovely house they can move right in . they be a lot closer to family. currently living in New Jersey . asking for prayers that that they get the house. Thank you

  42. Mama I thank you for always praying for us.. I ask you through Jesus Christ your son, for provision / a job. I pray that I may earn from the films I make may they get viewership and make us money. I ask God for a home, a good man for marriage, health children, holy marriage, good health, favour and his grace upon my life. I pray for financial freedom and ability to pay off my debt worth 3000$ please God 🙏😭😭😭. Turn my life around, don’t let my enemies laugh at me.. please.. I trust in you for breakthrough this very year.. Am really tired Gooooodddddddd. My life is a mess.. I need you only you can do this.. Help me grow spiritually, connect me to the right people and friends and provide for me so I can raje care of my family. God please 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you for answering my prayer. AMEN

  43. For Pope Francis for his health, for the poor souls in purgatory, for the dying, sick, lonely, those most need of your help. For there to be more priests and nuns and religious. For the war to stop in Ukraine. For peace in the world. For family members for better health–father, mother, 2 brothers and son. For husband who has MS, for granddaughter who stutters, for granddaughter who has anxiety issues, for daughter in law pregnant with twins for healthy babies and no complications at childbirth. For son in law for successful business. So I am not going to be diagnosed with cancer. Thank you for answered prayers ahead of time. GOD IS GOOD. AMEN

  44. For peace in the hearts of families who challenge me. Grant them mutual understanding so we can keep student-centered in our work.

  45. For Pope Francis for his health, for the poor souls in purgatory, for the sick, dying, lonely, homeless, those most need of your help. For the war to stop in Ukraine, for peace in the world. For family members who have health issues–father, mother, son, 2 brothers. For my husband with MS, granddaugher who stutters, granddaughter who has anxiety issues, for daughter in law for healthy twins with no complications for the delivery of the babies to her or the babies. For those with cancer. For more priests and nuns. Please also rid me of my stomach issues. Please don’t let me have cancer. Thank you for answered prayers ahead of time. GOD IS GOOD. AMEN

  46. Please pray for my son and his family they are going through really tough times. I love them all so much and when they suffer i suffer.

  47. Please pray for my marriage, that my children return to faith, that my grandchildren are baptized and know, love and serve the Lord. Please pray that my ex husband repents and returns to the Lord and that my nephew doesn’t transition to a niece. Please pray for healing for Shirley and Alicia and Bob. Please pray for reconciliation with my brother. Please pray for Jerome and his family and for Terry and his family. Thank you. There is the need for the families to be restored and reconciled.

  48. Please pray for my son and his family that their problems all work out. Bless them please. I am in need of healing i have been praying for years. Holy Mary my mother please help us.

  49. 1. I still want marriage , but without abuse , marriage with trust, a true holy matrimony , with love and respect. Mother Mary untie the knot that is binding my marriage ,redeem my marriage. I want a Godly spouse.

    2. let the truth sorrounding my marriage come out .Let evergrain of truth comeout . let all the falsifiers comeout . Untie the knot of false accusations
    3. Fix my husband , untie every knot of pride and every knot of bitterness in him
    4 Marriage untie the knot of brain tumor in me . Pray that l be totally healed from the brain tumour.

  50. praying to get a job, with better working terms ,environment and better pay.
    praying and trusting God for a financial break through .

  51. Blessed Mother,
    Please help me get through with my SSI
    income, only you can take care of it. Please help us get a roof on our garage. Let us get a permit for my husband to do a roof. I ask this to you Blessed Mother in Jesus Name Amen. Please forgive our sins and cleanse us. Thank you Jesus, thank you Blessed Mother, Thank you St Joesph, thank you St Anthony, thank you St Jude🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  52. Blessed Mother,
    Please help us to have increase of faith and to trust to you and Jesus all the time. Let there be peace and love among one an other especially my in-laws let me forgive them.
    Change our hearts from bitterness to love, joy and peace. Please bless my two sons, let the younger one stop his addiction, stop depression. Please heal him and find a job for him. Please help my young son with forgiveness, let him concentrate on his school, let him obey us, especially me and my husband. Let them both of them go to church and let me pray constantly. Please heal my eldest sister Merlene please draw her close to you and let her pray and increase your faith to her. Please heal in the world and Stop All violences. I ask all these petitions to you Blessed Mother and in Jesus Name Amen
    Alleluia 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️

  53. For health for Pope Francis, for the poor souls in purgatory, for the war to stop in Ukraine, for the sick, dying, lonely, homeless, all the most need of your help, for the shooting victims and their families. For my father, mother, 2 brothers, and son for health issues, for husband with MS, granddaughter with anxiety, granddaughter who stutters, daughter in law for healthy delivery of twins and no complications to her or the babies. For son in law for successful business. Please do not let me have cancer or anything bad. Thank you for answered prayers ahead of time. GOD IS GOOD. AMEN