More about John Paul II and the Divine Mercy Feast

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Divine Mercy NovenaBl. Pope John Paul II had a strong love for Divine Mercy — something which he shared in common with Saint Faustina, who wrote about the message in her diaries.

He was the first to consider, as Archbishop of Krakow, bringing St. Faustina’s name to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints for consideration for her beatification.

One theme of John Paul II’s pontificate was, “Where, if not in the Divine Mercy, can the world find refuge and the light of hope?” (Val Conlon).

Pope John Paul II’s second encyclical, “Dives in Misericordia,” (Rich in Mercy), along with other homilies & writings, describes Divine Mercy as the answer to the world’s problems.

John Paul II said that St. Faustina brought the Easter message of the merciful Christ closer to the whole world.

And a year after he published the encyclical, Pope John Paul II traveled to the Shrine of Merciful Love in Italy, where he spoke about the message of Divine Mercy, “Right from the beginning of my ministry… I considered this message my special task. Providence has assigned it to me…”

Pope John Paul II beatified Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska on Divine Mercy Sunday in 1993, and he canonized her on Divine Mercy Sunday in 2000.

That same day, Pope John Paul II established Divine Mercy as a feast day (the official decree came a few days later).

He recalled after the canonization of St. Faustina – the day he declared Divine Mercy as a feast day, that it was the happiest day of his life.

Just five years after that, he died on the vigil of that feast. His last written words, which he wrote to be read on Divine Mercy Sunday, ended with, “Jesus, I trust in You, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

And in just a few days on this Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope John Paul II will become a saint himself.

On his deathbed, John Paul II was entrusting himself to the Divine Mercy. And in his life, he advocated for the world to appeal to the mercy of God continuously.

“As people of this restless time of ours, wavering between the emptiness of self-exaltation and the humiliation of despair, we have a greater need than ever for a regenerating experience of mercy. We should learn to say repeatedly to God with the faith and simplicity of children: “Great is our sin, but even greater is your love!” Opening ourselves to mercy, we must not be content with mediocrity and sin, but on the contrary, we must be revived by resolutions to lead a new life.” – John Paul II, Regina Caeli, April 10, 1994

So please join us in praying the Divine Mercy Novena leading up to this holy man’s canonization on Divine Mercy Sunday!

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  1. Firstly with all my love and with my soul ,I praise and glorify my triune god , The one and only true God .The GOD of love and mercy. I thank my merciful Jesus for the ocean of graces ,through his mercy he poured out upon me,those around me those i love , and the world,oh I love you my lord .I now want to spread this heavenly message from God. First in my parish,looking for new people who dont understand our loving God or see him as the compassionate gift of the father ,or dont really get the most perfect grace ,so active in the world which us catholics have our invisible , gracious holy spirit.I pray to get all Ispeak too ,through Divine mercy,to simply love love and love some more merciful Jesus ,asking the holy spirit to make up with his help for what i cant explain to those new to this mesage.My plan is to say it in the words they understand,with an loving heart showing that I trust totally in Jesus,but to use the holy bible by relating it to all things i say with humour and mercy,

  2. I pray that my sons return to the church. I pray that my 20 year old son returns home. I pray that I win a lot if money to get out if the debt situation we are in. I pray for my parents well being. I pray with thanks the time I had with my family recently. I pray for my husband give me the courage to work out my marriage regardless of the outcome.

  3. I prayed this novena for a friend, who had just come into the Church over Easter, and was getting married to a wonderful Catholic man. Her ex had refused to let their children go to the mass and wedding, and my friend was deeply distraught. But I prayed, and a few days ago my friend got married…. and her children were right at her side. That Divine Mercy novena worked a wonder.

  4. Not sure this is where to ask but couldn’t find anywhere else to send.
    I was receiving your email & they have stopped. Thought maybe I had accidentally unsubscribed but when I tried to join again it said I was already on the list. If you could help get me back on the mailing list I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

  5. Dear Jesus of Divine Mercy
    I ask for pray and devotion for my son who is trying to sell his house
    anad at the same time going for an interview for a job he greatly needs,
    I place all my prayers in you Jesus of Divine Mercy
    God Bless

  6. John paul pray for us as you now stand before the father! Thank you for all that you did to show us Gods mercy which is everything!

  7. For the sake of His sorrowful passion, Have mercy on us and those of the whole world.
    Jesus i trust in you.

  8. This is so beautiful! My 11 year old son and I have been praying the Divine Mercy Novena since Good Friday leading to Pope John Paul II canonization this Sunday! This Divine Mercy Sunday will be the happiest day of my life!!! :)

  9. I believe …with all my heart…that he saved my daughter’s friend, Stacey, a non Christian young lady in the 20’s, from death from a horrific car accident…..I prayed to John Paul and prayed hard….and I told everyone at the time to ask John Paul to intervene to save her life………..I believe he did and today she is alive and well…..