Have you met my lovely wife?

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Introducing my wife Annie Deddens…

We were married this weekend and you will be seeing more of her around the PrayMoreNovenas community.

I thought you might want to see some photos from the wedding:

We haven’t gotten the photos back from our photographer yet, so I will post more when the ‘official’ pictures are available!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support!

I mentioned that you will see more of Annie around from now on. In fact, she will be helping quite a bit with PrayMoreNovenas as we continue to grow!

Speaking of growth, we are up to 24,140 people praying together!

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  1. Dear John and Annie,


    Our very best wishes.



  3. Congratulations, JP and Annie. Even though my own marriage did not work out, I remain a firm believer in the institution of marriage, and I pray for all young couples like you for a long happy married life, blessed with many beautiful children. I assume Annie is named after St. Ann and you, after we know who, so with that combination, let the graces and blessings begin!

  4. Many Congratulations John-Paul and Annie Deddens.

    You are truly a beautiful couple and yes, Annie is indeed lovely…

    I pray that you both have a beautiful married life together, walking together in faith, unity and prayer.

    May God in His infinite mercy bless your home with peace, joy, laughter and the grace to face each new day with the conviction that He is always there for His children.

    May our Lady of Perpetual Help continually grant you her powerful intercession, Amen.

    And may St. Anthony of Padua (the patron saint of my own marriage) help you FIND true love in each other everyday of your lives, amen

    Best wishes and God’s grace,


  5. Congratulations to you and Annie . May the Lord bless and protect you.
    Ephesians5: 25-33

    Our Lady Help of Christians , pray for us.

  6. Hi congratulations to you both. What a lovely bride and dashing husband.You make a nice couple. God’s Blessings on both of you.

  7. Beautiful wedding, very pretty bride, you both make a nice couple. May you have a wonderful life together. Will keep you in prayer.

  8. May the Lord bless both of you abundantly and always as you grow together in mutual faithful love so as to be the visible sign of the union of Christ and the Church, and to live out the true meaning of Marriage and Family.

  9. John-Paul & Annie, =D

    Thank you so much for sharing your wedding photos! You both look so beautiful on your special day! May your love for each other grow stronger every day! With Jesus at the center, you can’t go wrong! Many, many blessings to the both of you as you take this journey together. May you receive 100 fold in return for all the blessings you have given us through your novena ministry, as we are truly blessed because of your good works.

    God Bless,
    Mary =D

    So happy for the both of you! =D

  10. well, well, well I must say a very big congratulation to you both, and i pray that our blessed mother Mary will continue to intercede for all of us including you people as you are both joined in holy wedlock. i pray our Mother Mary will strengthen your marriage to grow from strength to strength, in Jesus name

  11. Dear John and Anne Congratulations you are a really lovely couple Be blessed in everything you do!As christians you are relly leading by example!

  12. Congratulations John-Paul and Annie,

    Wishing you the very best life together. Will keep you in my prayers. GOD bless you always.

  13. Congratulations. I am so Happy for you. May the Holy Family bless you always. Even a modest wedding dress. A modest dress is so much more beautiful.Praise the Lord.

  14. Best wishes to both of you for years of happiness and continued growth in your love! I know you will have a wonderful life, getting married on the Birthday of our Lady – what could be a better tribute to Her?? Best of luck!

  15. Dear John & Annie,

    Congratulations to you both. Both the groom and Bride look so charming and young. May God Bless you both,and May the Lord grant you Love ,Happiness ,Wealth & Health.May you be blessed as Abraham & Sara and prduce a good generation of God fearing good Catholic Christians.

  16. John and Annie –

    May God continue to bless you in your new life together. May you always be as happy in your marriage as on your wedding day.

  17. congrats Paul & Annie,

    i wish you all of God’s blessing in your marriage. Your wedding day, nativity of our Lady was perfect. You both look beautiful together.
    May our Lady continue to intercede for you and for us all all her children, Amen.

  18. Congratulations dear John Paul and Annie.

    So glad that you got married on the feast of Nativity of our Mother Mary. God bless you both and may you both walk the road together always…in love and joy.

    The wedding photographs are wonderful…made for each other. Annie you look gorgeous and beautiful. Always keep the same smile on and may our dear Mama Mary always protect you both and keep you happy ever after.

    Luv you both…

  19. Congratulations & Very Best Wishes!!! God bless you both always.!!!!

    Thank you for the wonderful & inspirational novenas.

  20. John-Paul and Annie,

    Congratulations!! Let me simply echo the good wishes, blessings and prayers sent your way for your marriage. You are the 4th couple that I know of who got married in the past couple of weeks! Wow! God is truly blessing the Church with holy couples who love our dear Lord and his Blessed Mother.

    I am new to praymorenovenas, with the novena for marriage and family being my first to pray with you – how timely! A woman with whom I shared your service thanked me this week for inviting her to join the novena. A friend had shared it with me and I passed it on. God is truly blessing your efforts.

    May the two of you always, always trust in the Lord, seek His mother’s intercession, and be present to each other through thick and thin. The wedding pictures are beautiful! Your love for each other radiates from both of your faces!

    Many blessing for years to come!!

  21. Congratulations! May the blessings of almighty God be upon your marriage. May God make you a living testimony to glorify his name Amen!

  22. Congratulations!!! What a handsome couple you two make. May God bless you and Annie with a Holy marriage and many, many, many, years of health and happiness together. God bless you and the the wonderful work you do. Your Novenas are a blessing. Thank you!

  23. Felicitations. Heureux menage.
    Que Dieu le Seigneur Jesus Christ vous protege pour la vie eternelle. Amen. Que Maman Marie vous couvre de son manteau maternel et je prie que beaucoup d’enfants naissent de votre couple et soient baptises dans l’eglise, Une, Catholique et Universelle. Amen.

  24. Dear John and Annie,

    May The Almighty bless both of you as you journey through this life as man and wife. Your marriage is built on a strong foundation of prayers and trust, and only with His Grace and the intercession of His Blessed Mother you will always find joy and happiness. With love and prayers always.

  25. Dear John and Annie,

    You are a beautiful couple! So glad to see a couple starting marriage with such a solid faith and doing it all the right way!

    Your novenas are a blessing!

    You will have many highs in your marriage as well as storms to weather.

    As the Christian songs says….Praise him “in the storm” and hold fast to your commitment that you promised to each other and GOD!

    Bask in the Lord’s blessings from your marriage and show the world a great example of a marriage!! My husband and I are at 25 years this year. We have had great times and troubled times….offering it all up to God!

    Your prayers will sustain all marriages!!!

  26. Dear John and Annie

    Congratulations on your wedding. You made a lovely bride Annie. The love you have for each other is evident in the photos.

    May God bless you always and may you continue the good work you are doing.

  27. Congratulations Ann and Jean. As we were praying the novena for families two wonderful couples were celebrating their Golden anniversary. It was wonderful. I am praying for you too, to get there. Our blessed Mother Mary will keep interceding for you and you know what? You will have a wonderful life together, because you started on the right note-right foundation…..Be blessed