Final Prayer – The St. John Vianney Novena

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the St. John Vianney Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank you St. John Vianney. I prayed this novena for L&R for employment with a move that would help them and their marriage and their need to be closer to family. L was called as the novena ended, for a job right where they hoped to be.

  2. Please pray for everyone who has been effected by this devastating historic flood in Louisiana and mississippi. Thousands have lost their homes, cars, all of their belongings. They have nothing. People living in their homes over 40 years never thinking they would ever need flood insurance and of course they have none. Many family members and friends have been effected. We asked and pray for everyone to pray for everyone who was effected and their is thousands. My dear God my dear Jesus please help all of those who have been effected by this horrible event that has happen. Please fill us all with your love and give us the strenth to get through all of this. We as in your name my dear God. We ask in your name dear Jesus. Amen

  3. i want to meet my boyfriend soon i hope i love him so but iam not go to tel him i do but god know i do god bless to all

  4. Thank you Jesus. I have seen your mighty hand touching my son Rapheal and my life. After praying this novena of St. John Vianney i was given a rosary at the petrol station and i believe that the rosary was handed over to me by Jesus himself and the rosary has marked the end of my son’s sickness and has brought a bright future for us. Thank you all for praying for us and praying together with us. Glory and honour is to our God who created us and he knows us by name. Amen.

  5. Thank you for your prayersSt John Vianney. We got an offer to purchase our house today and the agent says she is expecting two more offers tommorow. We continue to pray for a clear offer and give praise to God for prayers answered.

  6. I’ve always believed in God, Jesus and saints but to be honest in praying the last 3 novenas a prayer was answered. In this novena I prayed for my mother who was sick recently and we were all taking turns helping. My father was so negative and angry. I prayed to soften his heart. Today out of the blue he said now that mom is better I’m going to start being nicer to my children and grandchildren. You could have picked me up off the floor, he has NEVER said anything like that in 80 years. Thank you St John Vianney, thank you Jesus! Prayers in numbers really does work.

  7. Who knows why so many are being struck with serious illnesses.
    Christopher, age 47, stage 4 prostate cancer
    Bob and Patricia, husband and wife both stage 4 she with breast cancer he with prostate.
    also, this came at a perfect time as two young seminarians from our church depart today for the seminary.Pray More novenas is a blessing to me, a wonderful way to start my day and keep me focused.
    Thank you so much.
    BLessings to you
    P. Fredericks

  8. I offered this novena for a particular priest who has a real gift for sharing how merciful God is. I had also been praying for my mother who is quite ill with depression and failure to thrive. I especially am praying for her spiritual peace and hoped that this priest could help. I said the final prayer in the church at an hour when no one is usually around. The priest walked in and I was able to talk to him. He is truly a blessed man. Thank you, Lord, for loving each one of us and for the gift of faithful, holy priests.

  9. Thank you St. John Vienney for your interceding in my request for my son and his family. May God show favor and grace over my son and the truth set him free, in Jesus name. Amen!

  10. Dear Beloved God in Heaven,
    Please give us a president who loves this country and everything it stands for.
    Please give us a president who respects You and loves You as the one true God.
    Please give us a president who will, with Your help, restore this nation to its former glory, the way You created her.
    Please help us to respect what You have given to us and not take anything for granted ever again.
    Please God, weaken the evil and strengthen the good, both within and without.
    May our eyes and hearts of understanding be opened.
    All glory to God,
    In Jesus’ name,