From Our Family to Yours: Merry Christmas!

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We would really love to mail a Christmas card out to you and everyone else who is praying with us, but with so many people, it’s just not possible. Instead, we’re sharing our card with you here!

We hope it brings you Joy this Christmas season! Here it is!


We hope you’ve had a very Merry Christmas! We are looking forward to praying the next novena with you, and we will announce it soon!

Thank you for joining us in prayer and praying for the other members of Pray More Novenas.

God Bless you!
John-Paul & Annie

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  2. Thanks for both of u that u always do this for God only . Wis you the same. May the Lord will bless your family in every time.

  3. Annie + John-Paul,
    You are a beautiful couple! (Great photo)! Thank you for the Christmas card. Thank you so much for all the wonderful novenas you send. Have a wonderful and blessed new year. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    God bless you.
    Please pray for my sister Ann Marie, she is having surgery on Feb. 4th, she has cancer.

  4. Thanks John Paul and Anne for the good wish. i wish you all a new year full of God’s favour and blessings. may God bless you and fulfill all your resolutions for the year 2017.
    Please pray a Novena for my mummy who is sick that God may relieve the pain in her body and restore her health. Her name is Agnes.
    Thanks and God bless you.

  5. You two do a fabulous job. The Holy Spirit oozes out to you with His words you print. Your pic is just about the cutest pic of any couple I have ever seen. I pray your Noven’s stay amazingly beautiful. I pray your love in your Most Holy Marriage stick till the end of time. God bless you, for all your efforts and for your
    staff. love and prayers, Denise

  6. Thank you for your card and good wishes. Please pray for me as I go through another biopsy. God bless you both and all the people praying the novena. May God answer everyone intentions this year and keeps us safe.

  7. Thanks for the Card. May God bless you with enduring strength to continue with the good work of guiding us to pray continuously to Him. Happy new year to you and the Praymorenovenas family you have established in the world.

  8. Thank you for your beautiful Christmas Card!!! Thank you and May God send you both many Beautiful blessings also for your hard work and dedication and sharing with us your novenas!!! May God bless you both with Lots O LOve Peace Joy Prosperity and Good health now and through out the New Year!!!

  9. Father God, I fervently ask You to help my daughter Nikki in her job interview today at 2 pm. Please grant her the spirit of wisdom and knowledge. I also ask that she will pass the interview, be considered and most especially hired. Thanking You in advance. Amen.

  10. Thank you Sir,
    By seeing your lovely face and smile, am sure you all had a wonderful celebration just like ours over here at Nigeria. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New year! Remain Bless.

  11. God bless you with the continued graces in time and rewards that He has promised those who practice Charity in eternity.

    Thank you for all that you do.
    ♡ Annette

  12. Good Morning

    I am sorry but I just don’t know were else to turn too, I desperately need prayers for my daughter and her husband. their marriage is being attacked by the devil and they are on the verge of separation. My son in law is a good man, good husband and good father. my daughter seems to fall with her friends that are single and living the single life and she sees them happy and that’s what she wants. Please please I am desperate for prayers. Please also pray for my other daughter to find a house that she can call home, she needs to be out from were she’s at by February 15. lastly my husbands company is looking at closing I ask my God to please help the company prosper. and for me to give me comfort and peace in my heart to accept whatever God has in plan for my family. thank you and God bless you all.


  13. Beri ven feyi Annie wun John Paul with much love from Cameroon. And Merry Xmas from our family to yours. You are soo beautiful, may God continue to bless you more and increase your smile cause you are a wonderful blessing to us all.

  14. GOD’S blessings be upon you both, may God continue to fill you with his grace to journey the path he chose for you both, inspiring lives for his glory. Thank you both have a happy and holy spirit filled year.

  15. Thank you merry Christmas to you thank you for your peace I have had the best Christmas ever thank you again says:

    Thank you my Christmas was wonderful blessing I pray your blessing came your way as well the look on my children’s faces were blessing enough I pray to maintain those smiles as well as my husband’s

  16. Dear Annie & Paul,

    Thank you so much for your Christmas wishes. Please accept my belated Christmas wishes.
    I thank the Almighty God for the blessing that you are in my life.
    I have had several prayers answered by praying these novenas.
    Thank you so much and may the Almighty God shine His face upon you, may He bless you and your loved ones…

    Praying for you now and always,
    Georgina Ndombi

  17. Dear John Paul and Annie,
    Very beautiful Christmas Card and a beautiful couple on it.

    Please note that we appreciate your every effort that you have taken to take souls to Christ. May Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother reward you abundantly and give you blessings for the new year.
    May you remain under the Mantle of Our Lady of Grace.

    Thank you so much for the card and happy new 2017.


  18. Thank you for the lovely picture and Christmas card. You two radiate Jesus’ Love to everyone by your beautiful smiles. I just love receiving your novenas and praying with everyone. May God Bless you for sending them.