Divine Mercy Novena – JPII Edition

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This Friday is the beginning of both the Easter Triduum and the Divine Mercy Novena!

I hope you’re excited because I am! The message of Divine Mercy is a beautiful gift given to us by Christ through St. Faustina. In it’s most basic form, it is an exhortation for us to trust in Jesus and in His mercy.

Jesus asked St. Faustina to spread this message particularly through the Divine Mercy Image to the left, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Divine Mercy Novena.

We will obviously focus on the Novena and we will be praying the prayers that were given to St. Faustina by Christ through the apparition.

We will pray these prayers not only with the thousands of others who make up the PrayMoreNovenas Community but also with a multitude of people throughout the world. Let’s join together in prayer asking god for His mercy, asking for help in being merciful ourselves and trusting completely in God’s mercy! Click here the Divine Mercy Novena Prayers.

JPII We Love You!

John Paul II is going to be beatified on Divine Mercy Sunday! So, at the request  Lisa, one  of our community members, we are going to make the cause for his canonization a special intention of this novena.

Great idea Lisa! The Divine Mercy was very close to John Paul II’s heart. Let’s pray together for Mercy and for our beloved John Paul II!

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  1. For alexandra p—I pray for the complete healing of your beautiful baby. He is God’s miracle! God bless you!

  2. I have become a devotee of the Divine Mercy since February 2006. Since then, not a day passes without offering to God the recitation of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, even once. There are days that I recite twice, thrice a day especially when my load is so heavy. I thank God for being a part of your ‘pray more novenas’ and I know this is His blessings for me. Let us continue to pray for one another and God bless your (our) group.

  3. I am happy so many people pray the Divine Mercy but what is difficult for us is to practice true Love as the Lord demands of us. I beseech all to join me ask the Lord to grant us the strength to love and do His Will. Thank you.

  4. After the soon to-be-Blessed John Paul the Great is beatified, he needs another proven and approved miracle in order to be canonized. This is a rather long process and can take years. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta was beatified in October of 2003 and the miracle for her canonization has not happened. Blessed Francis X. Seelos was beatified in 2000. The miracle for his canonization was sent to Rome in December, 2010. Now, it might take another year or two for the Vatican to review. Canonizations are usually announced only once a year.

    • Here’s to Our Lord using Joseph’s healing as another miracle attributed to Blessed JPII!

      Joseph Gabriel was born seven weeks early on August 22, 2011 (Queenship of Mary). On September 8th, Our Lady’s birthday, one of the nation’s top neurologists was brought in to examine Joseph because he failed to show progress during his stay in the NICU. Along with an unofficial diagnosis of cerebral palsy, the doctor put Joseph on two medicines to stop seizures.
      The underlying insult to Joseph’s brain has affected his ability to see and hear. We are unsure if he can do either. Also, he is unable to suck and swallow and therefore continues to be fed through a tube which was surgically implanted last October. We had him confirmed on Christmas in 2011. He took the name John Paul after PJPII. He looks like our Late Great Holy Father.
      Joseph Gabriel John Paul loves when we rub his head and hold him on his side. He also loves floating in warm bath water. Much of the time however, he suffers with digestive issues. As a mother, it is hard to watch. We offer his and our daily sufferings up for souls. God can do all things. We ask for Joseph’s complete healing AND for the graces, which would have been awarded to sinners as a result of Joseph’s suffering, to be granted still.

  5. From what I understand from our diocese newspaper, Holy Father John Paul II will be canonized this coming October, some time between the 7th and 16th…..