Day 7 – Immaculate Conception Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 7 of the Immaculate Conception Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Immaculate Mary, i have had two children with a man who has a spirit of prostitution. He keeps impregnating women year in year out. I pray that you may help me pray for him, that he may change. I still believe that he can be a better man and responsible man to take care of his children. I pray God may give me favour to get a man who will take care of me and my children.

  2. Dear Blessed Mother Mary I Pray for your
    intercession for the following intentions:
    That there will be no further problems in my mouth,
    and that it is just healing , requiring no more meds,
    Surgery, or any other intervention.
    That my anxieties and insomnia will be alleviated,
    by guiding me and helping me to trust wholly in
    you and your Son, Jesus Christ.
    That my Marriage may be strengthened in all ways.
    That my Daughter return to the church, bringing
    our Granddaughters for Baptism.
    For all family and friends suffering in any way.
    For K,D. To get a job soon, and to comfort his wife.
    Finally, for an end to the conflict with North Korea,
    resulting in peace with no bombs or war.
    For all these intentions, I fervently Pray.

  3. Please help me thank the almighty Lord for what he has been doing for me and my family. We are very grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ and our mother Mary. We cannot thank him enough!!! I am sending this special prayer request to everyone to pray for my father Innocent Ononaji who had a Stroke on Wednesday December 6 2017. Unfortunately his left brain was affected and as a result he has not been able to speak since that day. It is not easy for him as he cannot eat or swallow anything. He is now using a feeding tube. Please kindly pray for the Almighty Lord to sustain and be with him as he goes through this journey and let him Jesus do whatever that please him for his recovery to his speech at this time for his best intentions and sustain and be with my mother Cecilia and all the 11 children, friends and family Amen and Amen!!

  4. I had requested for prayers for an eviction court case that I went on Monday. It was a case on a very difficult tenant.
    I had prayed and asked for the interception of our Blessed Mother for a peaceful and positive resolution to this case.
    It was a miracle how everything turned out. Just what I prayed for, it was a very peaceful resolution.
    Thanks for everyone that prayed for me. The stress of this experience has been surrendered to our Holy Father through the interception of Our Mother. Praise be to God.

  5. We prayed to mama Mary to pls make the operation on Dec 8 so my son n law will be accompanied by her so he won’t be scared and alone, and that the Doctor be the best one ,and was also answered. Thank you Mama Mary for listening to our prayers.

  6. Dear Heavenly Mother,..Thank you for hearing our prayers and concerns.
    Strengthen our hearts Mother and bring us your ever last love.

  7. Dear Mary, please pray for me for financial blessings so that I can clear off my debts

    For my son Ishmail to be able to walk again without a cane

    To obtain an American Green Card

  8. Dear Mary, please intercede for us and hear our prayers. I pray that mom and dad will live long, happy and healthy lives. Thank you for being there for them in the past, and please be there for mom now so that she may heal from all she’s going through. Please strengthen and protect them both.
    I also pray that I may know what God’s will is for me. I know I have sinned and made poor choices in the past. I want to start over. If that could be with Alan, then I hope and pray that he will contact me. Please ask God to show me the way and to have the strength to accept what I must. Thank you.
    Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  9. Our lady.i pray this novena for all my intentions and situations im my life
    Keep me from needless worry.protect and guide my children.let no harm come to them.praying for my neighbours who lost a family member by sucide onnthe 12 nov.there pain veru hard.i beg you our lady to comfort them.praying for my friends and their intentions.our lady queen of heaven pray for us all.your children.thank you.amen

  10. Mother-Mary

  11. I pray that my parents can heal, find peace, find joy, and find freedom. That they may have the finances, friendships, health, and meaningful work they are so desperately seeking. That this 12 1/2 year darkness is lifted from their lives. I pray in thanksgiving for the strength that has sustained them over these past years, as well as their selflessness in helping others despite their great need.

  12. Most Blessed Mother Mary & all the angles and Saints please intercede for me. Praying for my husband to be steadfast in his faith and have a hunger for the Lord. Guide us always through the Holy Spirit to discern God’s will for our needs and that we become Holy people of God. Praying for our families to seek God first above all things. Thank you blessed Mother Mary for your intercessions and Graces.
    Amen ???? ???? ????

  13. thank you Mary/ Jesus and ALL the saints – that my medical test was free of all cancer – LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME – your child – diane/nj/usa

  14. Dear Mary of Immaculate I pray please help me to be ok especially I’m suffering now my endometriosis to cured and my allergy for more than 1month already ..Please send me your guardian angel to touch me and become me ok….Mary of Immaculate I beg you please help me to have concentration while I’m reviewing in preparation of my board exam..please please help me to have a 88% in my Nle board exam …Amen

  15. Lord jesus I place my life into your hands. I placemy financial needs into your hands.I pray for my marriage. I pray for my children and I pray for my family.

  16. Thank you, Lord for my countless blessing – big and small. I ask today for blessings on my daughter to have success on her final exams this semester in college. For you do not give us the power of fear. Please remove all of her anxiety and fear and give her the power of confidence and knowledge for success in managerial accounting. In Your Name I pray. Amen.

  17. Please protect my daughter emotionally,physically and mentally. Help her to feel at ease at school and to allow her to work to her potential. Help me to guide her through these difficult times of disrespect. I pray for our family to have peace.

  18. Immaculate Mother ,I pray for my family ‘s health & financial intentions….Pray for my constipation problems to improve…Pray for my coming eye test to be O.K(just need to increase my specs power only)…..Pray for my friends intentions..Pray for world peace ……..Thank you

    • Dear God,
      Thank you for granting my prayers through the intercession of your mother. Immaculate Mary, thank you for allowing us to get the right broker for the house that we wanted to have. I pray that the process will go smoothly and no hurdles to encounter. Please help us be Blessed financially and will promise to share any blessings that you can ask Jesus to give us. ????????????