Christ the King Novena – 2014

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Christ the King NovenaWe are very excited to announce the next novena!

It is the perfect novena to pray as we end this liturgical year and begin the next one.

This novena will give us an opportunity to re-order our lives, our hearts and our minds to our Lord.

It’s kind of like a novena for new (Liturgical) year’s resolutions!

It’s the Christ the King Novena!

Pope Piux XI created this feast day in 1925 in response to the fact that the world was becoming increasingly nationalistic and secular.

The Christ the King feast day is to help us remember that our allegiance to Christ is above any allegiance to government.

We will pray that we will be able to place God above all things in all aspects of our lives, and that He will reign supreme in our minds, hearts, and bodies.

We all want to be saints, and the first step is putting Him first!

We will start praying this Friday, November 14th!

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  1. Thank you God the Father Son and Holy Spirit. I have worked on contract for seven year and after we finished St. Joseph Novena, i was called for interview and i am hoping for the best. May our Lord be praised.

  2. I prayed the Novena of Christ the King with the intention of my baby’s baptism to go smooth without her dad’s complications whose faith doesn’t allow baptism.Surprisingly my daughter Angel was the only baby who was baptized on Christ the King feast day and her dad was blessed with over time extra hours at work. After revealing to him, he was positive about it. This is what we call miracles and power of prayers. Thank you everyone who is in Thank you Johnand Anne for spreading the word. God bless you all

  3. I’ve been praying for my girlfriend to get a new job for months, and after praying the Christ the King novena, she had an interview on Friday, a second interview on Saturday, and was offered a job that she’d been trying to get for quite some time. To God be the glory!!

    Thank you so much for giving us

  4. I ask your prayers for my two daughters. The older one Is providing a roof over my head, ( I have Parkinson’s) but she has told me that I’m a burden and that she hates me being in her home. I pray that she becomes softer. My younger daughter is depressed and has turned to drinking. She also says she doesn’t believe in God…I’d appreciate your prayers!